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"And freshly... errm... fucked... not more than twenty minutes ago!" she smiled and then, in a sensual growl, added, "You want to check it out?"

For a moment or two I just stood where I was, as if paralysed by the sight of the gorgeous, naked woman who smiled so invitingly at me until, as if I'd been kick-started by an electric shock, I began to tear my clothes off. When the final garment was discarded and my state of arousal became visible, her face lit up with a huge smile as she asked, "For me?"

"Oh, yes!" I gasped as, without any hesitation, I climbed on top of her and, almost immediately; it felt as if my throbbing erection was drawn into the hot, lubricated depths of her body.

"Oh, my God!" she gasped, as she wrapped her limbs around me, "That feels so good... Oh, God... I love you, Davey! I love you so much!"

It probably didn't last very long. The truth is that I seemed to lose all contact with reality as my entire being dissolved into a world of pure sensuality. The release, when it came, was like plunging into a maelstrom of astonishing sensations that seemed to go on and on.

Finally spent, I simply collapsed on top of my wife; unable to move, unable, even, to take my weight on my arms. Gradually, as the disorientation of rapture began to subside, I eased myself from her and slowly rolled onto my side as she turned to face me while we clung fiercely to one another.

"Are you crying?" I asked, suddenly concerned as I saw tears welling up in her eyes.

"With happiness, you silly sod!" she sniffed, then smiled, and kissed me again. "And why shouldn't I?

I have an adorable, generous, sexy and loving husband... and I also have a considerate lover... who may turn out to be exactly the right person to completely fulfil your... I mean, our... fantasy!"

"I gave her a puzzled look and, after another kiss, she said; "He knew it was a set-up."

"What? I mean... how? Did you...?"

"Shhh! Let me tell you, she whispered. "After we'd had dinner, we sat in the lounge... just chatting. I was trying not to drop any obvious hints or anything. I mean, he's no fool, so I'm pretty sure he'd already guessed that something more than a meal was available... but he was too nervous to make the first move. I was every bit as nervous, too. I was beginning to think that it just wasn't going to happen and then, all of a sudden, the lights started to flicker as if there was going to be a power cut.

"I jumped up, thinking I'd have to look for some matches for the candles... and he stood up at the same time and... well... I think we both did the same thing at the same time and... all of a sudden, we had our arms around each other and we were kissing!

"D'you know, I haven't been kissed like that by anyone other than you for more than 30 years? I mean, it was a little bit clumsy at first... but it was incredibly exciting!"

"So that was...?" I asked, burning with curiosity.

"No... after we'd kissed a few times, he suddenly stepped back. I wondered what on earth I'd done wrong! But then he told me that he liked you and respected you... he didn't want to do anything to betray you... and he didn't want me to, either.

"Then... I don't know... perhaps he saw something in my eyes... or maybe the pieces just sort of clicked into place... I don't know. Anyway, he suddenly said; 'But I wouldn't be... would I? Davey knows all about this, doesn't he?' And I just didn't know what on earth to say! I sat back down on the settee and he sat beside me.

"The he took hold of my hands and made me look at him while he told me that, many years ago, he'd encouraged his wife to take a lover... and neither of them had ever regretted it. He said he hated the way people called it 'wife-sharing' because it wasn't that... it was 'love-sharing.' Apparently it went on for 5 or 6 years until the other guy's work took him abroad."

"So... what did you say?" I asked, still in considerable shock.

"Nothing. I didn't know what to say. I just kissed him... then we stood up and went into the bedroom. We kissed a lot more and we undressed each other; then we climbed into bed together and... I was going to say that we had sex, but that wouldn't be fair, really. We made love.

"What I mean is, he took his time. We were able to explore one another's bodies, if you know what I mean? And he touched me for a long time. I think he knew he wouldn't be able to last long once we got started... understandable, really, because his wife's been gone for over a year and I gather there were more than two years before that when... anyway, he...errm... he brought me off with his fingers, y'know?"

"Was it nice?" I asked, before realising what a stupid question that was.

"Oh, yes... it really was. I mean, it was a bit scary at first; y'know... letting another man do that... but he was good enough to make sure I relaxed and... well... by the time he actually got on top and started to put it in me... well... all the fears had gone and I was just enjoying myself.

"He's a lot like you in many ways. For instance, there's virtually no physical difference... and he's gentle in the same way that you are. I ended up feeling comfortable with him... y'know what I mean?

"So... that first time was a bit brief. He tried to apologise... but I wouldn't let him. I told him I understood... and I was actually quite flattered."

She fell silent for a short while and I kissed her softly and gently stroked her spine. Then she asked if I was 'okay' and I told her I was incredibly happy; that I hadn't realised it was possible to love her any more than I already did, but I was practically bursting with love for her now. Then, after a moment or two, I asked her to go on with her story.

"God... I'm so lucky to have you, Davey! I mean that... I really am," she told me, then: "Okay... so we just sort of talked for a while. We talked about the 'love-sharing' relationship he and his wife had with the other man... he's never talked about it before... and he said that, if anything, it brought them closer together. He said he hadn't been with anyone else and had thought he never would. He said he was amazed when he met me the other day and found a stirring of feelings that he thought were gone forever. It almost made me cry when he said that. That was when I got your text and sent you the reply, by the way.

"Anyway... I think our emotions were pretty much in tune by then. We stopped talking and we began kissing and cuddling and feeling and fondling and then...."

"Hey! Not too fast," I protested.

"Don't worry," she giggled, "We've got all weekend to get to the details! Anyway, after a while, we started to make love again. This time it was slow and really sweet. I actually felt okay to take a turn on top but, when he started to get really excited, I let him switch and I just clung to him while he... he..." she smiled, then went on, "While he fucked me!

"He made me cum! It wasn't one of those wild, explosive things you read or hear about... it was just really good. Then I held him close until he shot another load into me. I felt so good! We cuddled for a while and then... oh, it must have been ages afterwards, I realised he'd fallen asleep and all I could think of was that I desperately wanted to hear your voice... so I went to the bathroom and called you.

"He slept like a baby! He didn't wake up until about eight o'clock and he went for a shower. When he came back into the bedroom, he was about to get dressed, but I said he still had time to spare before he left. As you can probably tell, he took the hint! It was a bit of a 'quickie,' but it was fun!

"The thing is, I remembered you saying that you wanted to feel what it would be like... you know... to feel where another man had been? So, as well as feeling pretty randy myself... I wanted that for you... and I'm pretty sure he understood that because afterwards, before he left, he said, errm...."

"Go on!" I urged.

"Well... he said you don't have to go off somewhere... unless that's what you prefer. He knows what it's like to watch... and to have someone watching... and he's comfortable with it if we are. I mean... I don't mind... it's up to you whether we do anything more at all...."

"Would you like to?" I asked

"Probably," she admitted, and then declared, "I mean... my curiosity is sorted, now... I know what it's like to have... to be... fucked by another man. I'd be perfectly happy to live off that memory if that's all you want. If you don't want me to do anything more, then that will be the end of it... absolutely and without question."

"Come here!" I whispered, tightening my arms around her and gently drawing her on top of me.

"Are you telling me to shut up and get on with it?" she teased

"Oh, no," I grinned, "I want you to tell me lots of details while we're doing this. After all, you've got three of his loads in you and only one of mine. I've got some catching up to do!"

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by Anonymous05/15/18

Voting is Turned Off, But I'd Give it Five Stars!

1. Original idea with the astrology schtick.

2. "Bull" is a good guy and finds husband a new job.

3. Wife clearly indicated she wanted "Adam", but that was only after husband spent a long time to putmore...

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