tagErotic HorrorThe Horror Beneath Ch. 05

The Horror Beneath Ch. 05


Apologies for the delay in posting; I've been ill for several months. As ever, all participants are 18 or over and I really enjoy getting feedback so please send some!


"So you think there's something unusual about this new girl?"

"Yes, Mother Superior."

Sister Corina gasped a little as the Mother Superior's tongue licked gently at her erect nipple.

They were sat on a large sofa in Mother's rooms, with Corina sat on Mother's lap, her T-shirt pulled up to her neck, exposing her huge breasts, letting Mother lick and suck on her nipples. With one of her hands on Mother's back, Corina only had one free to roam across the other woman's mountainous bosom, sliding her hand into her low cut dress and from one full, round tit to the other, gently pinching her nipples.

"What is it that makes you think this?" the Mother Superior asked, taking Corina's nipple between her teeth and biting gently on it.

"She . . . aaahhhh . . . she claims to have . . . been attacked by the Ctholoid for the first time a couple of days ago when we . . . mmmm . . . we rescued her." Corina gasped, distracted by Mother's expert tongue and mouth. "But she looks so good . . . she looks like one of us . . . as if she's been . . . ahhh, yes! . . . she's been altered by the Ctholoid cum."

"But it takes . . . hmmmm . . . much more than just one attack to produce those effects." The Mother Superior murmured, sucking on Corina's nipple. Her hand slipped between Corina's legs and beneath the tiny skirt she was wearing, finding her sopping, hairless pussy. Corina gasped and opened her legs wider, allowing Mother to push two fingers into her pussy and slowly finger fuck her.

"But she swears . . . ahhhh, fuck . . . that she's only been . . . fucked once by the . . . creatures."

"The slut's obviously lying." The Mother Superior said. She took her hand momentarily from Corina's pussy in order to push her skirt up and out of the way before she started rapidly stroking Corina's clit, making her gasp in pleasure. "If she's had enough cum to transform herself, why haven't we found her and the Ctholoid before now?" The skin at the top of Corina's pussy began to alter shape, forming a tube that grew in length and width until, in seconds, a fully formed cock, a foot long and really thick, identical to that of the Ctholoids, stood proud and erect at Corina's groin.

The Mother Superior dipped her head, leaving Corina's tits, and swallowed as much of her cock as she could, licking and sucking at it, drinking the pre-cum that leaked from the large glans.

"Oh fucking hell that feels good." Corina gasped as Mother's head moved up and down her cock, her hand stroking what she couldn't fit between her lips.

Mother looked up at the busty nun, licking the head of her cock between words. "Are you sure . . . you're not just . . . jealous of the girl's obvious . . . attraction to Jessica?"

"Of course I'm jealous!" Corina snarled, grabbing Mother's hair and forcing her head down on to her cock, making her gag and moan as she fucked her mouth. "She's hardly left Jessica's side and I haven't fucked her since we got back." Mother managed to lift her head off Corina's big cock, leaving it covered in thick spittle; her hand ran up and down its length, coating it in spit. Corina stood, her skirt now bunched around her waist, and pushed the Mother Superior back on the sofa, straddling her waist, her huge cock pointing at her. With a grin, she pulled at the sides of Mother's dress, the pliable material stretching, her big tits popping free. Mother took hold of her own tits and pushed them together, allowing Corina to slide her spit covered cock between them and begin tit-fucking her.

"That's it, baby, fuck Mother's big tits."

"You like my big cock between your titties?" Corina asked, reaching down and taking hold of the base of her dick, pushing it forward, letting the Mother Superior take more of it into her mouth. "You're just a slut for a big prick, aren't you?" she gasped, watching Mother's cheeks bulge as she took as much of her meat as she could.

Corina moved back and continued tit-fucking her, pre-cum flowing freely from her knob, dribbling down into Mother's cleavage.

Mother looked up at her, licking the drops of pre-cum from her lips.

"Fuck me." she whispered.

Corina grinned and pulled her dick slowly from between the other woman's tits and stood up. Placing herself between Mother's outstretched legs, she held her cock in her hand and aimed it at her sopping pussy, rubbing the head against her swollen lips.

"You want this inside you?" she asked her teasingly.

"Yes! I want your big fucking cock in my cunt now!" Mother gasped. Slowly, inch by inch, Corina eased her cock inside her pussy, stretching her wide, sliding her huge dick into her hot hole. "Oh fuck yes! That's it baby . . . Fuck my pussy!"

With a final push, Corina sank the last couple of inches into the Mother Superior before withdrawing and thrusting back. She began fucking her with long, slow strokes, her pert ass flexing as she moved. Mother reached up and held Corina's big jugs, pinching her nipples, her own mounds moving gently.

"That good, Mother? My big cock feel good in your pussy?"

"God yes!" Mother sighed. One of her hands left Corina's tits and stroked at her own clit as she was fucked, quickly bringing herself off, her pussy tightening round Corina's cock as she came. "Fuck me, baby . . . Fuck me!" she moaned, Corina's dick sliding in and out of her dripping slit.

Corina took hold of Mother's legs behind the knees and pulled them up, pushing them back and out. With a grin, Mother reached up and held her own legs, leaving Corina free to take a grip on her cock once more. She slowly pulled her thick length out of Mother's pussy, her cock slick with her juices, and pushed it down, pointing it at the tiny rosebud of her asshole.

"Go on!" Mother urged her. "Stuff it in my ass!"

Corina moved forward, inching her thick cock inside her butt, the small hole stretching almost obscenely wide to accommodate the big piece of meat. The head of her cock popped inside Mother's ring, making her gasp, as Corina eased more and more of it up her ass. Corina began moving back and fore, fucking her huge length into Mother's tight asshole, watching it slide in and out of her.

"God that feels so fucking good!" Mother sighed, still holding her legs up in the air as Corina butt-fucked her. "Aaaaah yeah . . . Fuck my ass . . . Shove your big fucking cock . . . Right up my ass!" she moaned.

Corina began moving faster, cramming her whole length into Mother's tight butt with each thrust, feeling her own orgasm building, her cock thickening slightly as she was about to cum, making Mother's ass stretch that little bit more, fucking her cock in and out of her asshole until, with a groan, she grabbed her cock and pulled it free. She stood up and leaned forward, pointing her heavy cock at Mother's tits just as she started to cum.

Spurt after spurt of thick jism shot from her cock head, splattering on to Mother's tits, coating them in pearly cum in just a few blasts. The thick cream began running down, over her mountainous tits, pooling in the hollow of her throat. Corina gasped as she came again and again, moving her cock slightly, sending the next huge shots into Mother's waiting open mouth and across her face, plastering her with spunk. Mother let her legs fall and sat up, leaning forward and taking Corina's still spurting cock into her mouth, swallowing her load from the source.

Corina grabbed the back of her head and forced her onto her dick, thrusting forward at the same time, making Mother gag repeatedly till she felt the head of her cock slip into her throat, taking the last few spurts of cum straight down it. Finally, she pulled her dick free, coated in spit and cum, letting Mother gasp for air.

"Mmmm . . . You know just how I like it." Mother said, taking Corina's softening but still thick cock in her hand and rubbing it across her face, sliding the cum from her cheeks into her mouth. She reached up and began scooping up the thick loads of jism that clung to her huge tits, licking her fingers clean.

"Anything for you, Mother." Corina said with a smile.

"So are you going to talk to Jessica?" she asked, watching Corina's cock quickly shrink and be absorbed back into her body, leaving her perfect hairless pussy.

"I guess so." Corina said. "Hopefully I can speak to her without that Goth chick hanging around."

"What's the girl's name, anyway?" Mother Superior asked.


"So you're the young lady that's been taking up my daughter's time, lately?" Holly asked with a smile. She stepped inside and closed the door to her room behind her.

Morenna smiled up at her from the bed where she lay. Her own torn and tattered clothes had been thrown out when she had been brought to Markham a couple of days before and she now lay on Holly and Jessica's bed wearing stockings and suspenders, a tiny lace g-string and a matching bra that struggled to contain her huge breasts. Her long dark hair had been pulled into two pigtails giving her a girlish appearance.

"You must be Jessica's mom." Morenna said, watching the older woman step closer, admiring the figure that had been given to her by the gene altering properties of the Ctholoid jism.

"Please, call me Holly." she said, sitting next to her on the bed and wantonly running her gaze over the girl, licking her lips slightly. "I have to admit I can see why Jessica's become quite attached to you."

"She saved me from that terrible creature." Morenna said. "I don't know what would have happened if she hadn't come along." Morenna ran her fingers lazily across the slopes of her big tits, tracing a line down into her cleavage, watching Holly's gaze follow it.

"Jessica wasn't the only person who saved you, you know. There was Father Adam and another woman there, Sister Corina. And it's Sister Corina I'd like to talk about."

"What about her?" Morenna asked, sliding a finger into her bra and rubbing at her nipple, feeling it harden beneath her touch.

"Over the last couple of months, since we've been here, Corina has gotten very close to Jessica. She took her under her wing, helped her become a novice in the Order, has guided her through her training. Jessica's only 18 and I'm not sure she's noticed how much Corina likes her but being a little older, I've noticed."

"Are you asking me not to get involved with your daughter, Holly?" Morenna asked. She put her thumbs under the straps of her bra and pulled them down, over her shoulders, crossing her arms beneath her breasts to keep the cups from falling away.

"You're obviously a bright girl, Morenna." Holly said, her gaze never leaving Morenna's breasts. "Jessica's able to make her own decisions, but I thought you needed to be aware that someone else likes my daughter as well as you."

"I certainly wouldn't want to hurt Sister Corina's feelings." Morenna said, slipping her arms out of the bra straps in turn, still holding the cups of her bra over her big tits. She undid the front clasp and slowly opened her bra wide, revealing her huge jugs to Holly who gasped, her eyes going wide. Morenna took a breast in each hand and lifted them up, licking them slowly, watching Holly all the while.

"Perhaps you could . . . mention it to Jessica?" Holly asked breathlessly.

Morenna changed position, kneeling up on the bed and moving closer to Holly, putting a hand behind her head and bringing her closer to her tits.

"Perhaps Jessica just prefers me to Corina?" Morenna said, smiling as Holly began sucking on her nipples, opening her mouth wide to suck in as much of her huge breasts as she could, swapping from one to the other.

Morenna reached across to Holly's own big jugs, stroking them through the blouse she was wearing before popping open the buttons one after another and pulling it apart. She grabbed Holly's braless tits, groping them a little roughly, making the older woman moan in pleasure. She leaned down further, Holly almost smothered by her big tits, which allowed Morenna to slide her hand under the short skirt Holly was wearing. She wasn't surprised to find the horny mother not wearing any panties, nor to feel her legs move apart to allow her easy access to the neatly trimmed pussy that lay between them. Holly moaned and gasped around Morenna's tits as the girl's fingers found their way inside her sopping twat, two fingers quickly buried deep inside her.

"Just like your daughter." Morenna said. "An easy slut, ripe for fucking."

Holly fell back on the bed and quickly pushed her skirt off after Morenna moved her hand out of the way.

"There is one difference between us." Holly said as Morenna quickly replaced her hand between her legs and returned to finger fucking her. "I've been wanting . . . Ahhh, yes . . . To show Jessica for . . . The last couple of days . . . Since it appeared . . . But she's been too busy fucking you."

"And what's the difference?" Morenna asked, leaning down again and sucking Holly's tits.

"This." Holly said, stroking rapidly at her clit, feeling the skin at the top of her pussy swell and grow until, like Corina, she too sported a huge, Ctholoid like cock, the glans at the head of it throbbing and dribbling pre-cum.

"Mmmmm, that looks delicious." Morenna sighed, taking her fingers from Holly's pussy and wrapping them around the thick, foot long cock. "May I?" she asked with a grin.

"Please do." Holly chuckled, gasping as Morenna eagerly took as much of her cock into her mouth as she could, feeling her tongue wrap around it as she bobbed her head up and down it's length. "Ahhh yes . . . Suck my cock." Holly moaned, leaning up a little to watch the young Goth girl sucking her dick.

"I see you two have finally met." Jessica said from the doorway, Holly and Morenna looking over at her. "And mom, where you going to keep that big surprise all to yourself?"

"I think there's plenty here to share." Morenna said, taking Holly's cock out of her mouth for a moment.

Jessica stepped over to the bed, pulling off her T-shirt, her huge braless tits moving gently with each step, leaving her in a pair of skin tight black hipsters, and knelt up on the bed on the other side of her mother. She took hold of her mom's huge cock and leaned forward, she and Morenna kissing each other with Holly's dick between them, their tongues sliding over it, licking up the pre-cum that dribbled from it.

"That's my girl." Holly said, stroking Jessica's long red hair. "Suck mommy's cock."

Her daughter opened her mouth wide and took the thick length in her mouth, both her and Morenna stroking Holly's cock as Jessica suckled on it before they swapped over, Morenna sucking on the big dick.

"Mmmm, you two are good." Holly said, reaching over and taking hold of their tits. "Such big titties you both have. Would you like mommy to slide her big cock between them?"

Jessica smiled up at her mother. "Me first." She said with a grin.

The three of them sat up and Jessica and Holly quickly stripped out of their clothes, leaving Morenna still in her lingerie. Jessica lay on her back with Morenna kneeling at her head, reaching down and helping her hold her enormous tits together while her mother straddled her waist and eased her big cock between them.

"Oooh that feels good." Holly sighed as her cock slid in and out of Jessica's cleavage. Morenna lowered her pussy on to Jessica's waiting mouth, feeling her slide her tongue as deep as she could into her twat while leaning forward and kissing Holly passionately. Holly tit-fucked her daughter, the pre-cum that still dripped from her cock acting as a natural lubricant, while she kissed her daughter's girlfriend, wondering if life could get any better.

Morenna shook and moaned into Holly's mouth as Jessica quickly made her cum, her juices dripping into her mouth and across her chin. She pulled back from Holly and whispered "My turn."

Again the three busty women rearranged themselves, Jessica and Morenna swapping places so that Holly could again slide her big cock between another pair of huge tits, this time Morenna's. Jessica lowered her pussy down on to Morenna's long tongue, moaning as it wormed its way inside her, probing and moving almost with a mind of its own. Holly began tit-fucking the Goth girl, thrusting her cock back and forth between her jugs while kissing her daughter, tasting Morenna's juices on her lips.

"I love you, mom." Jessica moaned, her hands running over her mother's big tits. "I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me with your big fucking cock."

"Oh baby, I'd love to fuck you." Holly gasped, holding her daughter as Morenna's tongue brought Jessica to a shuddering climax. "I want to cram my big cock in your tight little pussy."

"Ahhh . . . Ahhh . . . Only my pussy, mom?" Jessica asked breathlessly. "You don't want . . . To stick it up my ass?"

Holly grinned and pulled her dick free of Morenna's cleavage, pulling her daughter down on top of the Goth girl into a sixty nine. As the two big titted women eagerly licked and sucked at each other's pussies, Holly moved around to the other side of the bed, kneeling up behind her daughter's up-turned ass.

She held her cock by its base and nudged it against Morenna's head, making her look up. The Goth girl smiled and moved away from Jessica's twat, her long tongue flicking out and licking at Holly's cock, leaving it smeared with saliva and pussy juice. Holly paused for a moment, thinking of something, but in the heat of the moment it was gone. Instead, she inched forward, the huge round head of her cock splitting Jessica's pussy lips apart before she pushed her cock deep inside her daughter.

"Oh fucking hell!" Jessica moaned, her head raising up from Morenna's twat. "Fuck that's big!" she cried.

Holly pushed even more of her cock inside her, feeling Morenna's tongue licking its length as she began fucking her daughter.

"If this feels big," she said, thrusting the whole of her cock into Jessica's cunt. "Think how big it'll feel . . . Up your ass."

"Oh God!" Jessica cried, coming instantly as her mother fucked her hard and fast, Morenna's tongue lashing at her clit. "Oh fuck me! Fuck me, mom!" she moaned.

Holly did as her daughter asked and fucked her, shoving her huge cock into her, holding her pert little ass, looking down between her own big tits and watching her length slide in and out of her pussy. Jessica moaned, coming again on her mother's cock, before Holly reached down and took hold of her big dick and slowly eased it out of her.

"You ready for this, baby?" she asked her daughter, pushing her knob against Jessica's asshole. "I think I'm thicker than Corina and I know how big her cock feels up my ass."

Jessica looked over her shoulder at her mother.

"Do it, mom. Fuck my ass." she urged with a big smile.

"Fuck her asshole." Morenna said from underneath her. "I want to watch you butt fuck your daughter."

Holly grinned at them both and slowly moved forward, the head of her thick cock pushing against her asshole. Jessica moaned as she felt her mother's dick begin to stretch her butt hole wide and slip inside, willing herself to relax as Holly pushed. Holly's cock head slipped past her ring, making her gasp, and gently the rest of the thick length began to follow it. Inch by inch, Holly's huge cock forced its way inside her daughter's ass, Holly and Morenna watching as Jessica took it. Holly withdrew a little, planning to give her a moment, but Jessica moved backwards, pushing her ass back on to her mother's dick, encouraging Holly to shove even more of her cock in.

"Fuck me, mom." Jessica sighed. "Fuck my ass."

Gently at first, Holly began sawing her cock in and out of Jessica's ass, but urged on by her moans of pleasure, she began fucking her faster and harder, cramming as much of her cock up her daughter's tight ass as she could with each thrust. Jessica moaned as she came once more, her ass gripping her mother's cock tightly as her muscles clenched, triggering Holly's own orgasm.

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