tagMatureThe Hot Mom Ch. 06

The Hot Mom Ch. 06


Monday after school Kevin did not have practice and he had some time to kill seeing how Jimmy was spending all his time with Mary Beth. His mother was still going to be gone for maybe another week or two so he got a wild idea into his head. He pulled into a parking spot across the street from the office she worked at.

There were only two cars in the small parking lot, Angela's and either her boss's or co workers vehicle. He watched as a nice looking well dressed lady stepped out and got into the other car and drove off. He got out of his truck and did a bee line for the office, Angela was bent over putting some papers in files.

"So this is where you work." He said aloud making her jump up.

"Kevin what are you doing here?" She asked pulling her clothes back down and catching her breath.

"Just thought I'd stop by and see where you worked." He said.

"Well now you know I'm an accountant, my boss is out with the flu and the lady that just left works with me too. We take turns leaving early when things are slow, today was her turn." She explained sitting down behind her desk.

Kevin came around to stand to the back of her chair and rub her shoulders in a slow shoulder massage that made Angela melt. She was getting lost in the moment when the phone rang and it was Al telling her about something he was doing at work and how he was going to be late.

While she was on the phone Kevin stopped rubbing her shoulders and went to the front door. He turned the sign from open to close, and then he closed the blinds in the two front windows. He returned to Angela who was still talking to her husband on the phone and resumed massaging her shoulders. Then he let his hands slide down to the front of her blouse and he slowly unbuttoned it until it was half undone. He undid the front clasp of her bra and fondled her firm breasts making her breath heavier as she talked to her husband.

She looked up at him pleadingly trying to get him to stop what he was doing and he reluctantly did stop. She sighed a breath of relief and continued to listen to Al ramble on about what he was doing. Kevin dropped down to his knees and turned her in her chair so he could have access to her legs. He roughly pulled her down in her chair enough to where he could hike her skirt up.

She was wearing stockings that went up her thighs and were held up by a garter belt, he undid the straps on each one. Then he seductively rolled each stocking down her leg, pulling off her heels until they were off. He then pulled her panties down off of her and then he pulled her legs up making her grunt. He ran his tongue over her wet slit making her moan aloud.

"Is everything okay honey?" He could hear Al ask over the phone.

"Yes, oh yes everything is fine. Al I need to let you go I have a very important client just come in." She said hanging up with him. "Oh god you are so naughty."

"And you are so wet." He said now eating her pussy with more vigor.

Kevin continued his oral assault upon her pussy and then he fingered her with three fingers, Angela held onto her legs from behind the knees so she could give full access to her pussy. Within a few minutes she was humping her pussy against his face and cumming like an explosion went off in her pussy.

Kevin stood her up and bent her over her desk, she instinctively spread her legs apart and he pulled her skirt up over her waist. Then he slid his hard cock into her pussy fucking her from behind over her desk. She knocked several items and papers off of her desk as his hard thrusts pushed her forward and then pulled her back. She had never had sex other than in a bed and the things she was doing with Kevin were bringing out her wild side. She would of never have thought to have sex at work, now she was cumming like mad as Kevin pounded his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Kevin oh god this is so bad, oh don't stop make me cum again." She moaned aloud.

She was moaning and wailing as loudly as he fucked her that anyone walking by could hear what was going on inside the office. Kevin looked down and smiled when he saw her small brown eye, he had never tried anal yet now had Angela bent over a desk, helpless in a way. He waited until she had another orgasm and then he fucked her nice and slow not wanting to cum.

He looked at the top of her desk for something he could use as a lubricant, then while she was not paying attention he opened what drawers he could. He found a large bottle of hand lotion and squirted some on his hand. If he used enough it work as a good lubricant he squirted some all over her ass and rubbed it in with his hand.

"Oooohhhh that was cold baby, what are you doing back there?" She asked him.

"You are about to find out." He said squirting more onto her ass.

He now pushed a big gob of lotion to her asshole and rubbed it over it, and then he slid his finger in rubbing the inside of her asshole with it. Angela moaned aloud when she felt his digit intrude into her ass just a little. She had never let Al try to do anything with her ass, yet now she was so horny and she let Kevin explore it.

Then he pulled his big hard cock out of her pussy and he squirted some lotion onto it greasing his cock up with it. She now realized that he was going to try to stick it into her ass, she tried to stand up to stop him. Kevin put one hand onto her back to push her back down onto the desk and he put the head of his cock to the entrance of her ass.

"Please baby I've never been fucked in the ass, don't do it." She pleaded.

"How do you know that you won't like it if you don't try it, I'll go slowly okay?" He said to her taking his arm off of her.

"Okay, but go slow." She said to him, she could have stood back up to stop him but she did not attempt to.

Kevin slowly pushed the head of his cock into her very tight asshole and she moaned aloud, digging her long nails into the desk. He waited for a minute or two then he slid another inch and then another inch. He loved how warm and tight her ass felt and Angela could not believe that once her asshole adjusted to his cock it did not feel that bad. After about five minutes of gentle pushing Kevin had his full length into her and he was now gently fucking it in and out of her ass.

They were both now getting into it as there loud grunts of passion were filling the office. Angela could feel his cock push onto her g spot from her ass and had another orgasm then Kevin could not take it anymore and shot several loads of his hot cum inside of her.

After the two of them were done they got redressed and picked up her office, Angela felt uncomfortable with the combination of cum and lotion oozing from her ass. She stopped Kevin at the door, it was dark outside now and she was not worried about anyone seeing them.

"Kevin do you think I'm a slut?" She asked.

"What do you mean; I told you that I think I love you." He said dumbfounded.

"It's just that I'm a married woman, I'm having the hottest sex I ever had with a much younger man and I'm doing things I never ever thought to do with my husband. I just feel like I'm becoming such a slut." She said looking down at the floor.

Kevin took her into his arms and held her tight for several long moments, and then he lifted her face to him. He kissed her long and soft on her beautiful lips, they stood making out for a long time before they stopped.

"I don't think you are a slut, we are both exploring sexuality together, I think it's very hot that you are doing things that you have never done before. I love you." He said to her.

"You got to stop with that love you talk." She giggled. "I guess your right, when I come over Wednesday I have something I'd like to try that I never done."

"Oh I can't wait to see what your dirty little mind comes up with." He said as they both slipped out and she locked the door.

The team ended up having a game on Tuesday night and once again Jimmy had a hot hand, Kevin joked that he should start charging for all of the pointers he gave him. Jimmy had to admit with the acceptance of both parents over the impending future birth of his and Mary Beth's child he has felt like he is on cloud nine.

After the game everyone on the team went to the local pizzeria to have free pizza and wings to celebrate. The whole town was behind the team and was very hopeful they would continue to win and bring home a state championship.

Jimmy and Mary Beth stayed for an hour and she feigned that she was tired so they could leave. He walked her home holding hands with her; even though it is cold it has yet to snow.

"Jimmy I have a surprise for you but you have to be quiet." She whispered as they approached her house.

"Okay." He whispered back.

The two of them crept into her father's workshop off of the garage; it was connected to the house so it was heated. As soon as they entered they began to kiss passionately and hold onto each other tightly.

"This feels so good to finally get you alone, since we told our parents it seems like I can never get you alone anymore." He said to her in a soft voice.

"I know I miss you so much and I miss something else too." She said playfully grabbing his crotch.

"How are we going to do it in here on this hard floor?" He asked her.

"Climb up that ladder and see what is up on the top shelf." She said to him.

He climbed the ladder and saw on the shelf three foam mattresses used for camping and a couple of sleeping bags. He tossed them down and the two of them made a makeshift bed on the floor. They made out for a long time just savoring the time they had together.

Mary Beth whispered in his ear for him to make love to her and he pulled off her cheerleader bloomers, then her panties. She left the skirt and the rest of the uniform on and she pulled him down on top of her.

Jimmy slid into her warm pussy and the two of them made love on the floor of her dad's workshop. Her saddle shoes were hitting him in the ass as his thrusts became faster and more urgent. Mary Beth let a soft moan barely audible signaling that she had just came. Jimmy buried himself as deep as he could into her warm pussy and he too was shooting large amounts of his jism into her.

The two of them lay out in the workshop for another half an hour and then they put everything away. Jimmy then walked her to the front door holding her hand and they entered the house.

"Hey Jimmy, I see you got Mary Beth home safely." Her father said coming to the door.

"Yes Sir would it be alright with you if I called my parents to come pick me up?" He asked her father.

"No, I will take you home." Her father said to him making the young man nervous.

"Oh okay sir." Jimmy said nervously.

"Honey could you bring me down my gun and some ammo, I already got the shovel and the lime." He said with a huge grin.

"Daddy would stop scaring him." Mary Beth said slapping his arm. "Good night Jimmy."

She kissed him quick on the lips and then ran up to her bedroom, Jimmy followed Mister Johnson out to his truck. The two of them drove but not to Jimmy's house they drove to Mister Johnson's construction site where his company was building a new health center.

In front of the trailer he used for an office was parked nice four wheel drive SUV, he got out of the truck and waved for Jimmy. They went over to the SUV and opened it up and started it. Jimmy saw that it had very few miles on it and it still had that new car smell.

"Well kid you will need a safe vehicle to drive, I talked it over with your parents and they agreed that if I buy it you will have to register it and insure it. They said you can take the money out of your savings to do so." Jack Johnson explained.

"Sir thank you for the gift, but I really can't accept something this expensive from you." Jimmy said humbly.

"Okay first off you can either start calling Jack or after you get married Dad even, secondly a guy I did a lot of work for could not pay all of his bill so he signed this vehicle over to me to cover some of what he owes me. Now I like you Jimmy so if you want to stay on my good side you will be the smart boy I think you are, thank me and take the keys." He said firmly enough.

"Thank you." Jimmy said relieved.

"Now I know you will be responsible no hot rod ding, you have my daughter and my future grandchild riding with you. If you do anything stupid while driving like a lot of these other hooligans does then you will see the other side of Jack Johnson and you won't like it very much." He said putting his arm around him and handing him the keys.

"Oh no sir, I will drive safe with Mary Beth and the baby." He said feeling the big strong arm lead him back to the truck.

"Of course if you were smart you would have worn a condom, oh well what is done is done." Jack mumbled as they got back into his truck.

"Yes sir, I will go to motor vehicles and the insurance company right after school." Jimmy said trying to change the subject.

"Good, now let's get you home." He said driving him home talking about basketball the rest of the way.

Wednesday came and Angela stopped by to see how Kevin was doing, she called him on her cell phone to tell him to be naked and waiting for her upstairs. She pulled up to the house; she was wearing a tight business suit as she went up the walk. She went upstairs and entered his mother's bedroom where he was waiting.

"So you want to try something new tonight." He said to her.

"As soon as I get undressed, then we will try something new." She said.

She took off the tight jacket to the suit, then the blouse, followed by her bra; she slipped out of her shoes, and then pulled the pants down and then her panties. Kevin was already erect when she walked over to the bed she climbed up on the bed and straddled his face.

"I tried to doing sixty nine with Al once but he came before me." She said. "I think you can handle it better."

Kevin wasted no time and began licking her delicious wet pussy that was in his face; Angela took his hard cock into her mouth and sucked on him. The bedroom was now full of the slurping sound the two of them were making. Kevin especially enjoyed whenever she moaned with his cock in her mouth as the sound waves vibrated through his cock.

When her orgasm was building she stopped sucking him and humped her pussy hard against his mouth. He grabbed on hard to her thighs to hold her in place as she jerked his cock off fast and hard until she finally came. She slowed down masturbating him until and let him lick her until her orgasm had full subsided.

The she slid down facing the mirror on his mother's dresser, her wet pussy leaving a trail down his chest and stomach. Then she mounted him in the reverse cowgirl position, Kevin was surprised when she did this. He loved watching her reflection in the mirror and how her face twisted and turned as she rode lovingly on his prick. She was moaning loudly as she leaned back to where she was almost laying on top of him.

He supported her as much as he could and thrusted his cock upwards to meet her thrusts. She had one hand on the bed to support herself and her other hand was now rubbing her clit.

"Oh fuck this feels so good, so dirty." She moaned. "Oh fuck me Kevin fuck me harder."

He did the best he could and soon enough she yelled out she was cumming, Kevin could no longer hold his back either and he too was cumming. Thick jets of milky cum filled her pussy and she climbed off of him it oozed out onto his mothers sheets.

"I better change these Saturday." She said kissing him.

"Yeah because my mom called tonight she will home Sunday, she is cutting her time off short. She says she feels much better though." He explained.

"That's good, now we are going to have to figure out how we can get together still." She said to him getting up to go to the bathroom to clean up.

"We'll figure something out." He said to her laying there still naked.

He watched her get dressed, and then she kissed him again and was gone back to her family. Kevin felt alone and empty after she left, he also was worried that it would be harder to spend time alone with her. Even though the age difference between them he could not help to love her.

Angela too was troubled on her way home; she and Al had been together for a longtime. Yet he never truly satisfied needs in bed, she always lied and told him he did yet with Kevin she was fully satisfied. She also knew Kevin did not understand when she told him that she loved her husband and family, yet she desired to explore sex with him.

She did have feelings for the young man, it was not love though, it was lust, deep inside she knew she had to stop seeing him.

Yet the sexual being in her had to see him, it had to continue being satisfied by him, she had to continue fulfilling her lust.

Next Chapter: Sharon returns early to find Angela and Kevin together and has a long talk with Angela.

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