tagBDSMThe Hotel: His Arrival

The Hotel: His Arrival


The desk clerk made her way around the counter and then picked up the ringing phone. She introduced the hotel in a professional tone and waited for the reply.

"Yes, sir." she paused, "Yes, yes there is..." she continued.

Denna picked up her day planner, standing by the large sectional in the hotel lobby, she was about to leave when she looked up.

"Are you Denna?" the desk clerk asked, in a polite tone, standing in front of her.

"Yes." Denna looked at her puzzled.

"Come with me, please." The desk clerk smiled and then turned waiting for Denna to follow.

They arrived at the front desk and Denna stood at the counter as the desk clerk walked through another door, returning with a bag that had been zipped to a close. She placed the bag on the counter, typed on the computer keyboard and then scanned a key card.

Denna stood quietly and stared at the bag, wondering what it would have to do with her.

The desk clerk handed her the key. "Your guest has already checked you in and is waiting for you. Here's your bag, enjoy your stay with us." She smiled politely, lifting the bag up waiting for Denna to take it.

"Your room is located on the top floor, you take those elevators," she pointed. "...and then it's the 5th door down on your left." The desk clerk drew a line on the map of the hotel, showing her the way.

"Thank you." Denna smiled, trying not to look surprised and then turned to walk toward the elevators.

Once in the elevator she felt her heart start to race. When she arrived at her floor, she took a deep breath. Now standing in front of the room, she slipped the key into the card slot, releasing the lock to the door. A few short steps in and she faced a large bed. The blinds were pulled almost to a close, as Denna looked around the large, penthouse-style room.

"Hello, my little pet." Denna sucked in a breath, half startled.

She glanced toward the corner of the room from where his voice came. His face in the shadows, only the crossed form of his legs had shone.

She answered without hesitation. "Hello, Sir."

"Go into the bathroom, put what's on in the bag and return to the middle of the floor." He paused.

Denna bent down to picked up the bag, as she started to turn. She hesitated for a moment and saw another pair of crossed legs which were on the opposite side of the bed.

"Scoot, right now! Don't keep me waiting." He bit out firmly.

"Yes, Sir." Denna answered, taking her eyes away from the mysterious guest, as she headed toward the bathroom which had shone a hint of light coming from the door.

Denna entered the soft-lit bathroom and then closed the door behind her. An oval shaped mirror hung over the sink and behind her, a full length mirror was mounted on the wall.

Denna unzipped the bag and reached for the silk, coiled ribbon. She laid the shiny, thick, red material on the spacious counter top. At the bottom of the bag, her black velvet collar lay next to two short wooden sticks. She smiled brightly and then took them from the bag, laying them next to the ribbon, as she quickly undressed and placed her folded clothes in the bag.

Denna stood nude, trying to gather her thoughts as she stared into the mirror. Her nipples were hard; a dark red from her obvious excitement. She picked up her collar and put it around her neck, attaching the clasp, as she smiled proudly in the mirror at the double, silver heart-ring that hung from the apple of her throat.

Twisting her hair up above her head, she stabbed one wooden stick through her hair. The other slid in behind it, placing an X at the top of her head, holding her hair tightly in place. She turned and looked down at the different sized, red ribbon. Moving her fingers through it she knew she had to be quick, he was waiting.

She tied one short piece of ribbon to each wrist and then took two more short pieces, tying one to each ankle. Grasping the rest of the ribbon off the sink, she then laid the rest of the long ribbon around her neck.

Leaving the bathroom, candles were now lit on a small dining table off to the left, when she entered the living room part of the penthouse which had six high-back chairs pushed under it. Subtle music was playing and the blinds had been pulled to a complete close. Sandalwood, vanilla and the fresh scent cinnamon filled her senses as she came to a stop in the middle of the floor. She folded her wrists behind her, placing them at her lower back, and then stared at the head board, waiting.

"I wondered how and where you'd place the ribbon, my little pet. I'm very impressed." He said, in a low heated voice.

"Thank you, Sir." Denna replied with a smile, listening to his boots, scuffing against the floor toward her.

"Feet shoulder length apart." He said in a low tone beside her ear. "Bend over a touch your toes." He continued.

"Yes, Sir." Denna replied as the ribbon around her wrists gathered in a pile at her feet while she slowly bent down to touch her toes.

"Did you enjoy your task, my little pet?" He pulled the ribbon from her neck, as she bent over, and then he knelt down on one knee.

"Mmm, yes Sir, I did." Denna answered softly, as she watched him grab the ribbon on her wrist and tie it to the ribbon on her ankle, repeating it with the other, leaving enough space between them to move, but not enough for her to stand up.

"And how did you do?" He rose from his bent knee and ran his hand over her exposed cheeks.

"9 minutes Sir, the desk clerk cut it short." Denna softly sighed, feeling his long awaited touch.

"Did it excite you listening to the sounds of the lobby as people passed through it?" He asked, moving in front of her hanging head.

He took a large piece of ribbon and wrapped it several times under Denna's breasts and then tied a knot, securing it at her back. Another long piece was wrapped several times over her breasts also tied and then connected to the knot at her back.

Denna's breath became deeper, more controlled as he worked the ribbon around her. "Yes Sir, my ears picked up so many sounds, ones that I never thought were there." She swallowed, as he leaned over her back and rubbed the palm of his hand against her cheek, almost preparing her.

"And when you touched, did that heighten it?" He then moved again; Denna watched his boots circle her once again, a thread of ribbon dragging along the floor behind his feet.

"Yes, Sir." Denna took a controlled breath.

"Then we shall use the task again, only I will choose a different location next time." He hummed with approval, as ribbon appeared before her eyes. He tied it securely around her eyes, snuggly at the back of her head, just below the wooden sticks that held her hair in place.

"Thank you, Sir." Denna blissfully sighed, feeling the darkness take over her whole body.

"Do you think that I should reward you, even though you didn't finish the full 10 minutes?" His voice filled her ear with a firm curiosity, while Denna struggled to find the correct answer.

"Yes, Sir, I do. The desk clerk stopped me from completing the task." She tried to answer strongly, feeling the darkness of the silk blindfold around her eyes, and then thought of the mysterious guest that still sat in his chair while she waited for his reply.

The silence continued as he walked around her. And then a sudden touch of his hand, his finger place against her already wet lips. He slid them back and worth, smoothly gliding her wetness over them.

"Yes, I think you're right my little pet. I'm going to reward you." His low voice dropped with an approving sound of him licking at his lips, as his fingers enter her pussy. "I know what a good girl you are and I believe you would have finished that task, had she not approached you." He stated with certainty.

"Ohh... thank you Sir." Denna softly moaned when his fingers curled inside, pressing, gripping as they slid in and out. "Ohh... uhh... Your pleasure is my pleasure Sir." She struggled to say, moaning, squeezing his moving fingers, as the pace began to quicken.

"I will give you a choice, my little pet. Would you like your pleasure to be quick or would you like your pleasure to last for however long I decide to take?" He growled again when she squeezed at the question he asked, making her pussy tighter around the two fingers he now had inside her.

Denna was breathing quicker, swallow, licking her lips as she tried to concentrate on his words. She pushed back into his hand inviting him to take more, feel more and touch the very spot he was deliciously teasing.

"Answer me or I'll take the choice away." He firmly laid his palm on her ass, warming it with the print of his hand.

"Oh... mm, uhh... Sir, I...don't want it to end." She stammered, barely able to finish the words before she moaned again; her left cheek stinging and then warming, as he stroked her wet channel, slowing his fingers.

"Good choice. You're such a good girl, my little pet." He growled with approval and then slid his fingers free of her.

Denna heard him stand behind her, as she exhaled from the sudden void left. She felt his eyes on her redden cheek as he rubbed the other. Another smack and his hand came down, sending an electric sensation straight through her, coiling inside where his fingers had once been.

The sounds of his boots scuffing the floor were heard again, as his hand dropped off her cheek, leaving her suspended in anticipation. She heard him walk across the floor, stop, and then the sound of him returned, getting closer and closer to where she stood. She felt her legs, they were becoming weak. Her head a little heavy from hanging in the same position for a while, but her wetness took her mind off the position she was in. She loved being exposed to him, but now wondered in the back of her mind, who the guest was that sat next to the bed. The stranger had been so quiet, not a slight sound was heard from him. She thought about asking, but knew to be patient; he had a plan already in motion.

A long silence began. He was thinking and reading Denna's body language, listening to her every breath. He knew her mind was racing as well as her heart, as he watched the muscles in her thighs and cheeks twitch while she tried to maintain her balance for him.

A cool, hard tip was placed at Denna's open folds and before she could take a breath or process it in her mind, it began to vibrate. "UH!" she finally gasped.

He deliciously began to slide it back and forth along her slit, as he started to speak. "We have company, my little pet," He paused and took that moment to press the cold, round, vibrating ball against her pink swollen nub. "I will have an extra pair of hands," he then took the ball away and placed it against the hard tip of her right nipple. "I will also have an extra mouth," the ball was then taken away again and placed at the edge of her lips where she could smell and taste her desire that covered it.

She felt the vibration against her lips, but couldn't muster a sound. Her voice had suddenly become trapped in her body with no way off getting out. His words yet so simple, struck the very core of where her body breathed. She was supposed to thank him right now, but she couldn't find the words to speak it and as though he sensed it, his soothing words came.

"There's no need to speak. You'll only speak this time when your body is crying out because it has found no other way to let it out. Tonight you may cum as many times as you like and as often as you like without my permission."

The last three words that he spoke, 'without my permission' caused Denna to softly whimper. She knew this reward well. He was pleased with her, ready to give her as many orgasms as she could take or that her body would allow.

He took the ball away from her lips and touched it to the base of her neck. A slow delicious trail started as it extended all the way down the line of her spine to her tailbone. Right there, he stopped for a moment before dipping it down in between her cheeks, returning it to the little pink bundle of satin flesh that awaited his touch. He pressed the vibrating ball against it, taking her breath once again. The pressure caused her to suddenly suck in as many breaths as she could to catch up with her heart.

"Oh yes, that feels so good Sir...." Her voice trailed off as she gripped her ankles, as if to hold on.

He took the ball away for a moment and then she felt his fingers part her wet folds. The vibration now rubbed the stem of her excitement, in slow and steady little circles.

"Uhhh!" her body jerked and Denna suddenly came without warning, her knees buckling, losing her ability to stay balanced.

"My, my... the blindfold in the lobby has defiantly had a desired effect." He growled above her.

He quickly grabbed the satin double-knot at her back and held it tightly in the clutch of his hand. "Hang on, my little pet..." he watched Denna shake with intensity for a moment before taking the vibrating ball away.

He knelt to one knee just off her right shoulder. "...here, brace yourself against me." He said, pulling her toward his shoulder.

He reached down and untied both satin ties at each ankle. He then pressed the open palm of his left hand to her lower back. With his right hand, he laid his palm flat to her chest and slowly rose to his feet, helping her rise to an upright position. "Very slowly now, I can't have you passing out on me just yet." He softly spoke as Denna rose to a standing position, little by little.

Denna now upright, she felt him touch the tops of her shoulders, as she gathered her thoughts. "Take a few deep breaths," he whispered in her ear. "Good, now raise your arms above your head and take another deep, long breath." He continued.

Denna locked her fingers above her head and listened to the long silence.

"Good girl, now relax." He said, breathing against her ear, as Denna felt his fingertips lightly touch the back of her spine, ass and then down the back of her thighs.

His arm moved against them, "Take a breath," he said and when she did, he scooped her off the floor, circling his other arm around her back, holding her tightly in his arms.

He walked more than a few feet and Denna realized it wasn't to the bed that was only a few steps away. She listened to him breathe, as he carried her and then finally he came to a stop. With a slight tilt forward, which felt like she could've been dropped, a cold surface finally touched her cheeks, as he set her down. She pressed her hands against the surface and waited for him to speak.

Denna then felt his open palm at the base of her neck, "Lean back, my little pet." He said with a soothing tone.

When Denna relaxed and let her head fall into his hand, he gripped under one of her arms and gently pulled, scooting her across the cold surface. He released her neck as her head met with the surface and then she felt her body relax.

He grabbed her wrist and pulled the right one up above her head; the ribbon tightened. Repeating with the other, the same secured feeling captured her left wrist. When he removed his hand, she attempted to move them to test the tension, with no avail.

Denna felt him grasp her ankles. The toes of her feet went to the edge of the cooled surface as he pulled one to the right and repeated this with the left ankle, spreading her wide open. She wiggled her toes feeling the tension, and laid there in silence. The cool air touched her wet center as her mind raced and her heart pounded like a mad drum. She was bound and now wondered where in the room the mysterious guest was.

He softly exhaled against Denna's ear and then licked the outer rim, pulling the lobe into his mouth with a small tug. His warm breath gave her the chills which peppered her uncovered skin in patches. The goose bumps were like a path down her body as it affected her.

"Your body is the best reward for me and how you give it to me." He growled low and deep against her ear. "So beautiful, such an amazing display." Denna felt her nipples become instantly hard, listening to the primal words that spilled from his lips.

Denna jumped when she felt warm drops of liquid fall into the dip between her collar bones. The liquid then moved, splashing her breast, as it ran off and down the side. A series of drops then tapped on the tip of the opposite nipple. Around and around the erect tip, her breasts began to heave, as it moved down towards the slope of her stomach.

A subtle sigh left her lips when his warm hand made contact, sliding against the wet liquid that was left on her breasts. Smooth caress after smooth caress, the heat began to warm her skin. Her breath caught suddenly when more drops were felt, deliciously splashing on the inside of her thighs, as the warm liquid slid toward the open lips of her pussy.

And then his hand, it glided along her skin, rubbing and stroking her tired thigh muscles. Denna's legs relaxed more, dropping open further as she slowed her breathing to a pattern of deeply inhaling and exhaling.

"That's it baby, relax for me." His voice was like a knife and it was cutting through her like butter.

The drop of liquid returned, now splashing against the erect bud of her excitement, each drop felt like the flick of his tongue and like the juice of his saliva, it fell down into the open center of her labia. Denna shook from the sensation, wishing for his mouth to consume her heated flesh at that moment and arched her hips up to meet the repeated strikes of the wetness that fell onto her.

That was all the invitation that was needed and suddenly his mouth was covering her lips. Sucking, tugging and then capturing the flinching pink button into his mouth, he held it between his teeth. Before she could gasp from the sudden contact, an equally warm and wet mouth captured her right nipple, causing her to jolt from the surprise.

"OH!" Denna gasped and then pulled her wrists against the silk ties that held her in place. It was the mysterious guest that had remained so quiet.

Denna pressed her teeth against her bottom lip, holding her breath, trying to absorb the double sensation. The mysterious mouth moved to the other breast, licking around the redden circle before taking the whole nipple into his mouth and then sucked the liquid from it, as if to gather all the taste he could.

"I wonder how long you'll last this time, my little pet." He breathed warm air against her open folds and then sank his tongue inside, curling it up, licking the inside of her painted tunnel. He growled into her flesh when he felt her squeeze his tongue. The wicked tone he had always made her body react, like a flick of a switch, he could do it at anytime.

"Uhhh," Denna softly moaned, when the mysterious guest flicked her nipple quickly, while pinching the other.

Denna felt the void as his tongue slip away from the squeezed muscles of her center, leaving her with only the sensation of it once being there.

His boots scuff the floor again, but with only a few steps, she strained to listen. Suddenly a loud slap hit his pants and she knew what it was. "His tongue looks so good flicking over my nipples..." The sound of the slap and the ownership of his tone brought the voice out of Denna in sudden desperation.

"Oh, Yes! These are yours Sir." Denna whimpered when the mysterious guest moved his mouth away, only to grab both nipples between his fingers pulling them up with a small twist.

An unexpected slap landed on the flat part of Denna's mound and she cried out not from the pain but the pleasure of it. "Oh!"

"And this?" he rubbed Denna's soaked labia with what she knew was a cold piece of leather. "Who's pussy is this?" he growled roughly, patting it with the leather tip, striking it a little harder and then ending it with one quick hard slap.

"Uhh... Yours Sir, it's your pussy!" Denna blurted out on ragged breath.

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