tagLesbian SexThe House Facing the Ocean Pt. 01

The House Facing the Ocean Pt. 01


Marta had never explored this part of the country before. She had heard her friends mention it as a holiday destination, but she wasn't intrigued to explore it. As she drove along, the roads got emptier and the inhabited places were sparse. With ten miles to go, Marta was convinced that her satnav was leading her to the middle of nowhere; she expected to find the outskirts of a town but instead, there were only endless green fields.

Finally, the satnav woman informed her she had arrived; it was a house, built on the rocks, just a few yards from the ocean. A place that looked peaceful, yet dangerous; who would seek such seclusion from the outside world? The nearest house was at least five hundred yards away and the nearest village was five miles to the east.

Marta gathered up all her courage and rang the bell. She was buzzed in; the front gate was moved aside, so she could park her car inside the property. The house looked modern and expensive; it seemed like it belonged to an affluent Scandinavian suburb rather than a remote area next to the Atlantic.

A young woman was waiting for her at the front door, wearing a maid uniform from the 1970s and a black leather collar. Marta didn't recognise her; although she had golden hair and blue eyes, it wasn't Kelly. "Welcome, we've been expecting you," the woman greeted her and extended her arm, "I'm Elle," she added, and Marta reluctantly shook hands with her. "Allow me to take you inside," she said and took Marta's coat and purse.

The minimalistic, yet modern decoration was present indoors as well. Marta admired the design for a moment until Elle returned and pushed her gently to step into the living room. Kelly was waiting there; she was even more seductive than the photos showed. Her eyes were mesmerising and her flawless slim body looked amazing in her leather trousers. Marta remained frozen for a moment, having no idea what to do but Kelly took her out of the tough spot by hugging her. "Welcome, I'm so thrilled you came."

"Thank you for inviting me here," Marta said awkwardly.

"Please, have a seat," Kelly offered and then turned to Elle, "Bring us a lemonade and go upstairs to finish what you started," she ordered.

"Yes, Mistress," Elle obeyed and left, heading for the kitchen.

"Elle is a dominant in training," Kelly explained, "Every so often, she's exercising her skills and sometimes, she's just my pet. She said she would stay for two or three months but come next Saturday, and she will have completed a full year here."

"I see," Marta mumbled, unable to think of something else to say.

"That being said, I won't make you submit to her. Julia does but it's her choice."

"I don't think I have a problem. Either way, she looks hot."

Elle returned with two glasses of lemonade and left instantly.

"So, are you prepared to begin? I have to say, I have genuinely enjoyed our conversations these last days."

"That's accurate for me as well."

Kelly smirked, "You nervous?"

"A bit."

"You're trembling," she noted, "Do you want to begin?"

"Absolutely," Marta replied before lowering her eyes, "Mistress."

At that point, Marta's heart was pounding hard and cold sweat was taking over her body; she hadn't been that anxious since she went on her first date, back in high school. Kelly's discreet, yet intoxicating, scent, had covered her nose and Marta was completely frozen, like she had lost control of her body. She moved her arse slightly to the front and Kelly detected it.

"What do you want to do, little girl? Why are you hesitating?" the young woman said with a smirk on her face, "Don't be shy."

Marta was indecisive, fearing that Kelly wouldn't interpret her move the right way but she went on with it. The space in front of Kelly was vacant; the coffee table was a good three feet way. The older woman fell on her knees, inches away from the blonde's legs.

Kelly grinned, satisfied with Marta's braveness, "Next time I ask you a question, you answer. With words," she said with a strict tone in her voice but immediately she caressed Marta's face; even the slightest touch from her new lover was enough to make Marta shiver with excitement.

"Yes, Mistress," Marta answered with a low voice, still feeling uneasy calling Kelly "Mistress", even though she had been more than willing to, during their message exchange.

"Stand up and strip. Take everything off, underwear too."

Marta hadn't stripped in front of anybody for years and her Mistress' command gave her additional nerves. Reluctantly, she stood up and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to her ankles. Her shoes were thrown away and then came her shirt's turn. The more she removed, the less confident she was about her body; she feared Kelly would reject her.

"Palms on your hips," Kelly barked an order when Marta, almost instinctively covered her naked breast with her hands.

Kelly inspected her newest conquest; she got behind Marta and cupped the older woman's big-sized boobs. Her long and slim fingers pinched Marta's nipple and Marta reacted with a muffled sound. Soon, Kelly's hands travelled in all of Marta's body, ending up between her legs. Per Kelly's orders, Marta had shaved all of her pubic hair, leaving her labia completely bald. Kelly gradually pushed a finger inside her submissive and moaned with satisfaction when she realised how wet Marta was.

Marta tried to move her pelvis and ride Kelly's finger but the young woman halted her. After some slow fingering, Kelly's finger was soaked and she brought it in front of Marta's mouth. "Clean it, my pet," Kelly whispered, and Marta tasted herself on her Mistress fingers.

"Is it the first time you taste yourself, little pet?"

"No, Mistress. Two days ago, you told me to fuck myself with my dildo and then suck it clean. That was my first time."

"Such a good girl," Kelly praised her, "I would love to have your tongue between my legs but unfortunately, I'm on my days so we'll have to wait another day or two."

"That's a pity, Mistress, but I can wait."

"Until Elle comes to get you, how about you take care of my feet?"

"Yes, Mistress, I'd love to," Marta agreed and she wasn't lying.

A couple of years back, she had formed a brief relationship with a stockbroker. He was boring and arrogant, and a workaholic who didn't devote enough time to her but he had an upside; he was a foot fetishist and introduced Marta to a new world of pleasure she didn't know it existed. Since she switched to the lesbian side, she was keen to make her partner feel the same way she did when she received foot worship, even though she had never touched another woman's feet and had literally no idea how it was like in the giving role.

As a result, she went straight to work when Kelly gained her seat again. Her feet were well-shaped, and she had taken good care of them; perfectly clean with pedicured nails which were polished red. Eager to please her new lover, Marta started licking fast. And then came a revelation; she thought men were odd, to say the least, for sexualising female feet but at that time, while she was worshiping Kelly's, she realised they weren't that crazy after all. Not only did she like the act itself, but it was degrading enough to push her deeper into the role of the submissive.

"You are a bit clumsy but your eagerness is very much appreciated," Kelly commented when Marta finally stopped, "I have no worries though, I know practice makes best."

"I will try hard to improve, Mistress."

"I know you will."

Elle joined them shortly afterwards, and she had brought two accessories with her; a blue puppy collar with its leash and a ball gag. "Elle will take you upstairs and get you ready. Then, you will have some time to get acquainted with my other pet. Understood, pet?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"You said you didn't have a problem with Elle so when I'm not present, you obey her orders unless they clash with mine."

"Understood, Mistress."

Kelly made a signal to Elle to hand her the collar and the leash. Marta instantly lifted her hair to allow Kelly access to her neck. The young woman secured the collar quite tightly, but it had a clip rather than a buckle, so it could be easily removed. It was made from leather and although it was tight, it hugged Marta's throat quite nicely; she liked it. Kelly hung the leash and before she passed it to Elle, she pulled Marta close for a very wet and passionate kiss; the older woman was completely sold from that moment onwards.

"Open your mouth sweetie," Elle said playfully and Marta obeyed, letting her gag her with the rubber ball.

Eventually, Elle took the leash and began walking, so Marta crawled behind her. She was taken upstairs to a spacious bedroom which was also decorated in black and white.

"I'm going to plug your arse. Trust me, I know how it feels and I'll make sure it won't hurt. Typically, you will wear a tail but the plug is a little bit bigger. Your gag is loose enough so you could take it off if you need to say the safe word," she explained and Marta nodded in agreement.

Having a toy stuck in her bottom did make her somewhat nervous but she didn't have much time to think about it as seconds later she felt cold lubricant applied on her rosebud. Elle indeed did her best to help Marta with the first time; she massaged her sphincter with her fingers and then inserted her middle finger slowly. She moved it in and out and although at first it was a unusual feeling, Marta began enjoying it. As soon as Elle decided Marta had loosened enough, she pushed the toy inside her. When finally the plug was in position, Elle, rather surprisingly, kissed Marta's right arse cheek and caressed her before adding, "You did well, little pet. Now put on the stockings that are on the bed. I'll go rinse my hands."

The stockings Marta had to wear were of excellent quality and she really liked their soft touch on her legs. Elle got back from the bathroom and before they left, she raised her skirt and showed her arse to Marta; she was also wearing a plug, but hers had a pink jewel to the one end. "All of Mistress' owned slaves wear a plug," she explained. Next, she put an Alice band on Marta's hair and headed her to the attic which was in essence, a enormous bedroom. A huge cage was located next to the window. The cage wasn't tall enough for her to stand inside but it was very spacious and it had a big-sized mattress at its floor, covered with red sheets and some pillows on top of it. Marta could identify another woman in there, but she merely caught a glimpse of her as Elle took her to the toilet which had a squatting pan instead of a modern toilet.

"Raise one leg and take a pee."

Marta thought that her humiliation was complete by having to perform that but it didn't matter because she was starting embracing her new role; she wasn't a middle-aged history teacher anymore. She was Kelly's slave.

Elle wiped Marta's mound with a baby wipe and took her back to the bedroom. She unlocked the cage's door and removed Marta's leash and gag. A signal told Marta to crawl inside and when she did that, Elle locked the door again.

"Have fun, sweeties," Elle said with a wink and left.

"There's a key inside the pillow on the right," the other slave explained, "It's for emergencies in case we have to get out."

"Oh, I see. I'm Marta, by the way."

"I know who you are, and I've been waiting for you. I'm Julia."

Julia was in her early forties and had stunning dyed red hair and blue eyes. Like Marta, she wore a puppy collar, stockings and an Alice band but unlike Marta, she had a proper tail. She crawled towards Marta and hugged her; like her Mistress, Julia was also wearing an intoxicating scent. Instinctively, they kissed. Her mouth was sweet and her hands moved expertly on Marta's body.

"I know you have a ton of questions but I'll let you know about some basic stuff. When we're alone, and unless we're not punished, we can do whatever we like; even fuck each other with a strap-on. But there are three things we cannot do under any circumstance; one, we don't unfasten our collars, two, we don't orgasm and three, we don't remove our plugs."

"Easy to remember those rules."

"Now, if you think you can control yourself, I will gladly eat you out."

Marta chuckled, "I don't think I can."

"I can," Julia said with pride.

Marta licked her lips, "May I?" she asked with a smirk.

"Oh yes."

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