tagRomanceThe House Husband

The House Husband


by BrettJ © 2013

Simon Canavan was preparing a lovely meal for his family. He quite liked being a house husband. He was a neat freak, so cleaning and doing laundry wasn't an issue. He was very organized, so everything in his home was precisely where it should be. He had been a chef for nearly 5 years, so he quite liked cooking for his family and their friends. He even had time to read or watch television or play music, because he was always so ahead of schedule. As far as Simon was concerned, being the man who took care of every detail of the household was ideal.

The circumstances that led up to it had not been quite so ideal. He remembered it all as if had been yesterday and not almost two years earlier.

As far back as anyone could remember, Simon had been a "foodie". His mother had started teaching him to cook at the age of 8 and by age 11, he could make dishes even she had not mastered. He made all the bread and rolls for their home. Luckily, Simon also played a number of different sports or he would have been a little butterball.

When it came time for school bake sales, Simon's desserts always sold first. He took Home EC and beat out several of his female classmates. It might have made him unpopular save that he was always able to help the girls and by age 14, he was tall, tanned, blonde and gorgeous. He also had a beautiful voice to go with his athletic build and some girls actually swooned in his presence. When school dances came around, he had more girls inviting him then he knew what to do with. He didn't go to a lot of dances, for it was the one chink in Simon's armor – he could not dance. He took lessons and managed to do all right, but he would never be Gene Kelly.

It came as no surprise to anyone that Simon pursued a career in cooking. He was made to be a chef, he loved everything about food. He actually graduated the course ahead of time for he was so skilled, he was actually better than some of his teachers. He had an excellent palette and a good imagination. His food was wonderful and when he did his apprenticeship, he was usually left on his own to create.

His employers benefitted greatly from their non-interference. Word got around about his cooking and people started coming in to taste the food. Once they had, they came back, over and over again. Simon's dishes became the talk of the town and he was approached by a group of investors who were willing to stake him to his own restaurant. As he was now a full chef, it was an opportunity he was not going to turn down. "Simon's Bistro" opened six months later to rave reviews. It became the place to go for excellent cuisine and superb service. He would have settled for nothing less.

Several of Simon's customers were stunning, exquisite women. His social life took a nice upturn and he dated women of style and substance. These women were impressed with his skills as a cook and he in turn, learned from them as regarding his sexual prowess. He didn't date as much as he would have liked, due to his work commitments. When he did, everyone went home with a smile on their faces.

The disaster that irrevocably changed the course of Simon's life turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

His restaurant, his pride and joy and the source of much of his happiness, had a huge fire. His Bistro was burned right down to the ground. In one fell swoop, Simon lost his life's work. All of his staff were out of jobs. The insurance money would help when it came in, although he was told that likely would not happen overnight. It might take a year or more to rebuild. Simon felt the weight of the world on his broad shoulders.

He was at the insurance company doing some of the seemingly-endless paperwork when his life changed again. He looked over to see one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen doing as he was, filling out endless reams of paperwork. He looked at her and she looked at him and they both smiled. She looked vaguely familiar to him. When she was done, she got up and walked towards him. Even her gait had an erotic quality about it, somewhat like a lioness stalking her prey. She was tall and imposing and regal in her demeanor. Whoever she was, Simon wanted to know her better.

She sat in a chair beside him while he was filling out what seemed like the thousandth form. "You're Simon Canavan, aren't you?" She said as the corners of her mouth lifted into a breathtaking smile. "I ate at your restaurant a number of times and thought everything was wonderful. I'm very sorry about what happened," she said as she offered her hand. "I'm Angelique Carter,"

"Yes, thank you for your kind words," Simon smiled back. He was almost intimidated in her presence, she was that beautiful. A tailor-made suit, expensive Jimmy Choo heels, expensive gold earrings and one of the most stunning visages ever known to man. She was a dark-haired goddess with curves and long legs and class. How had he never known her before?

"How is it that we never met before?" Simon voiced that very question. "I would have remembered someone as devastating as you, I know that."

"Flattery, I love it," Angelique smiled. "I used to keep to myself when I would come to your place, on the times I could get my ex-husband to loosen the purse strings so we could enjoy your food," she told him. "Why does it seem that the people who have the most money seem to enjoy it the least?"

Simon laughed; it might have been the first time since the tragedy. "I know that when I had money, I tried to balance enjoyment with frugality. Now, it isn't an issue. I lost most of my money in the fire, it was all tied up in the Bistro. All I have now are my savings until the insurance pays out. I can afford to eat at Arby's and that's about it," he told her as he signed yet another document.

"I finally got hubby to loosen the purse strings," Angelique smiled. "I hired a shark attorney and divorced his ancient ass. We were married almost 25 years and I thought he'd change – no idea why!"

Simon blinked as he looked at the vision sitting beside him. "25 years? You must have been sixteen, you can't be ..."

Angelique placed her hand on his knee. "I was 22 at the time darling, so yes, I will be 47 in about six months. I think the old girl has held up pretty well, don't you?"

"No, I think the beautiful woman defies age," he complimented her and hoped she would enjoy it. She was nearly ten years his senior and he would have placed them at the same age, her possibly younger. Now more than ever he wished he still had his restaurant. He would have invited her to a meal that would have been the crowning achievement of his gastronomic career.

"You do know how to flatter a girl," Angelique smiled at him.

"You're hardly a girl and I am sure you get compliments like that all the time," Simon continued. He hoped his hands wouldn't cramp from all this paperwork. "If I still had my restaurant, I'd invite you for a meal that would have much of my passion in it. Sadly, that isn't so right now and it won't be for a while."

"You mentioned that before, why the delay?" She asked. "The fire was months ago."

"They suspect it was arson," Simon answered. "At first, I was a suspect but I'm debt-free and my Bistro was a big success. Now they're looking at one of my competitors or one of my investors. Either way, they can't pay until it's concluded," he said. "I've been offered jobs in other establishments, but I want to hold off. I have enough to live on. Besides, if one of those competitors did burn down my place, how could I ever work for them?"

"A valid point," Angelique smiled at him. "Wait, were you inviting me to dinner just then?"

"In a roundabout way, yes," Simon laughed. "I wouldn't presume to invite a lady to my home on the first date and it's not very lavish, I spent most of my money on my business," he explained. He would have done anything to keep this lady's attention just a while longer. Of course, at that moment the Claims Adjuster told him he had completed every piece of work needed. He had no further excuse to linger.

"I think you're probably trustworthy, but listen," Angelique smiled as he stood up. "As it so happens, I do have a lavish home with a huge kitchen and I don't cook a lot. My daughter does most of that. If I'm not being presumptuous, why don't you come to my home and cook for me there? We can have a nice meal and get to know each other a little better," she said to him with a tone that implied interest. "If I know my daughter, Olivia has stocked our pantry with enough food for an exceptional meal."

"So, you're asking me to cook for you, is that it?" Simon chuckled. "People used to pay a lot of money to have me do that, you know."

Angelique leaned close and, to Simon's surprise, bit the corner of his ear. "I'm sure I can make it worth your while," she purred. "Show up a bit before 6 and I'll also provide a nice wine. I find a good wine makes life so much more sensual," she said as she wrote down her address. When Simon looked down and saw it, he realized who Angelique's ex was and just how much money she likely had. Still, she walked away with a lovely bounce and it was all he could do not to drool. He shook the cobwebs from his brain and returned to his place to shower, shave and change. Simon wanted to look good for Angelique but not overdo it. He decided on a nice turtleneck and dress pants. He wanted to impress and still be able to move about the kitchen.

When the time came to leave, he called a taxi. It was money he didn't have to spend, but if he and Angelique were going to be drinking, he didn't want to drive himself home. Her residence was as spectacular as he had thought it would be. She buzzed him in and greeted him with a hug and kiss. He was once again stunned by her beauty. She had changed and was now wearing a very playful outfit that had faux leopard patterns on the skirt and the collar as well. Even her shoes matched and they had a remarkably high heel. She walked well in them and her sensual sway was now a very sexy wiggle.

"Let's see what you've got here," Simon smiled as they entered her kitchen. It was almost as large as the one at his Bistro. He rummaged in the cupboards and fridge, wanting to be attentive to Angelique while still foraging for their meal. "What about a nice Boeuf Bourguignon, would that appeal to you?"

Angelique clapped her hands and smiled. "Heavens, yes, please! I've had that at your restaurant. I'm a woman with curves darling and I'm an unashamed carnivore. I do so like ... meat," she teased. Every word the gorgeous brunette spoke seemed to be laced with sex or innuendo. Simon didn't mind that in the least. He started the preparations for their meal while she poured them some wine. She stayed close as he prepared their food. With anyone else, he would have found it annoying. With Angelique, it was a nice feeling and her presence added something to the task at hand. She also smelled and looked incredible. To have a body like that at her age and to be so rich, what a winning combination!

When they sat down to eat, Simon had to force himself to concentrate on their meal. It was good and he had outdone himself and yet, all he could focus on were those dark brown eyes of Angelique's and how fantastic she looked. Were he not a gentleman, he would have loved to rip those clothes off her incredible body and take her upstairs and fuck holy hell out of her!

"That was a wonderful meal darling," Angelique complimented him. He found himself astonished by her appetite. "You've also been a lovely dinner companion and I think it's time for me to pay for my meal," she smiled sweetly. She came over to his chair and straddled him lap. Lifting his chin, she stared him squarely in the eyes. "Would you like to take me upstairs and fuck the holy hell out of me?" She said with a naughty lick of her full lips.

Simon couldn't believe this dark-eyed temptress. In addition to all her other attributes, was she a mind-reader as well? She leaned close and let her expensive manicured nails graze his cheek. "You haven't answered me, but I'm sure you're a man of action. You're handsome and charming and you've been staring at me all night as if you'd like to rip these clothes off me. There's a lot more of me under this outfit, so let's go upstairs and fuck, shall we?"

Simon nodded and took a final mouthful of a lovely Pinot Noir to combat his dry mouth. He let his new friend lead them way because one of the best parts of Angelique was her walk. The house was impressive with real oak banisters and impeccably decorated. As if reading his thoughts again, she said "My daughter. The house was nice, but my ex had all the taste of a lumberjack. Olivia has an artistic bent and she's made this house a home for us," she explained. "All the same, I'm glad she isn't home tonight. I don't intend to be quiet."

Simon liked her attitude; he found her disarming and charming. Her bedroom was opulent and she used a dimmer switch to adjust the lighting to suit her complexion. It almost looked like an intentional seduction. Angelique moved close to him, kissed Simon's lips softly with just a touch of her tongue and moved away. The dress fell down and she kicked it to one side. In expensive bra, thong and real sick stockings with suspenders, she was every inch the vamp. She came back to his arms and he wrapped his around her. "You're strong," she gasped as he hugged her tight and nuzzled her neck. "I like a strong man; you'll need to be for what I have in mind."

Angelique led him to the bed and before Simon could make any further moves, she began undressing him. "I love undressing my lovers, it turns me on," she told him in a low, husky voice. "I love how fit you are. You're like Apollo, bronzed and beautiful. God, look at that cock! I need that; I haven't been fucked in almost a year!"

Simon was sure his jaw had hit the floor. He would have thought a woman this incredible had them lining up at the door to court her. He thought better of it after a few seconds of contemplation. Perhaps her beauty or her wealth or the combination intimidated men. It had been she who had invited him to dinner, perhaps she was a very selective, take-charge woman. It mattered little because that very beautiful woman was now kissing his body and ... taking charge.

"You're so firm and muscular all over," Angelique told him. "Just what a woman needs and you flatter my ego. I'm going to enjoy you and then, you can show me if you're as creative in bed as you are in the kitchen."

Trying not to gulp, Simon nodded and let the glorious goddess taste and caress his flesh. She could have made her fortune by giving massages; her hands were as marvelous as the rest of her. When her mouth reached his cock, she reached up and stroked him gently while staring at him. She took his cock in her mouth and started sucking and rolling her tongue around the shaft. Not once did she look away and her mouth was like warm liquid as she sucked. She moved up and down a little, but her technique was more serpentine and she seemed to like licking and twirling her tongue. Simon didn't cum. He could have with no problem, it just didn't feel right. He wanted to pleasure her and make her cum and then they could fuck. For the first time in years, Simon was going to unleash himself on a woman. With Angelique, he just instinctively knew she could take it.

Angelique stopped sucking and moved up on the bed. They were face-to-face and she kissed him. She had to have been lying about her age, there was no way she was 47! She didn't have a wrinkle or even a laugh line, her body was perfect, impeccable. Playfully, he flipped her over so he was now on top of her. They kissed again and Simon decided to put his all into pleasuring this woman.

Simon took her body and did anything more to it than he had ever done to a woman. Starting at the top, he let his fingers graze her forehead and worked down. Her cheeks were touched gently, her lips were kissed, he grazed Angelique's neck and her ears. He moved close and with deft hands, unclasped her bra and removed it. Breasts that were glorious and free and so full came alive under his manipulative hands. Simon kissed and sucked each nipple while fondling them. He didn't pay too much attention to them, just enough. His mouth and hands moved down her body, stroking the sides of her while appreciating the smooth, taut stomach with an expensive silver piercing. There was not one iota of this woman that was not perfection. Further down he went and she assisted by lifting up her hips so that he could remove her thong. Her pussy had only a tuft of dark fur and was heady with sensual, almost spicy aroma. He made his next move.

Simon moved into her pussy and began to make love to it. He licked every square inch while his hands did not neglect her stocking-clad thighs. His mouth was covered with her viscous fluids and he relished the taste of her. Simon went for more and he could feel her fingers tangled in his hair and digging into his scalp. It was her way of letting him know not to stop, not that her yelps and moans of pleasure weren't telling him that as well. He moved down and caressed her legs and flipped her over. He massaged her back and even licked her ass before turning her back to face him. He pulled her close and kissed her hard, knowing she wouldn't mind tasting herself on his lips.

"No man has ever made love to me with his mouth the way you just did," she said, embracing him tightly. "I lost count of my cums. Okay lover, I'm going to fuck you, you're going to fuck me and we're going to make love. I want to experience it all with you, first up – me fucking you!" Angelique pushed Simon on his back and put a condom on his cock. She mounted him and looked down into his eyes. He loved the near-insane look in her eyes as she slid down on his cock. She was so tight and so hot! Angelique began to fuck him – to really fuck him – and Simon just had to do his best to keep up with his beauteous lover.

"Christ, what a beautiful fucking cock," Angelique said through gritted teeth. "A girl could get used to a man like this; the guy it's attached to isn't too bad either." Her body slammed down against him and Simon felt her body moving and twisting. He liked the sheer, heated way she enjoyed sex. He didn't want to cum just yet, but Angelique was a demanding lover. It was his turn to do something.

Simon decided he had to be an equal partner in this sexual escapade. He flipped Angelique away from his cock and got her on all fours. She turned her head and grinned back at him. "You want to be fucked, I'm going to fuck you," he said to his new lover. "Hang on gorgeous, you're heading for the ride of your life," Simon boasted.

Simon knew that he had to put his all into this, not that he hadn't been so far. He got behind her and braced himself. He grabbed her hips and inserted his cock into her pussy. She began moaning and moving back against him, so he picked up the pace. Once he saw that she could really take it, Simon unleashed himself. He began to fuck her furiously and slapped her ass every so often. She seemed to like that and called out "Fuck my cunt hard, you motherfucker, make me feel it!" Every time he spanked her ass, a new slough of obscenities spewed forth. This woman was the hottest thing he had ever fucked and that was likely true of her previous lovers as well. How could any sane man give this up?

Simon made sure to pace himself because he didn't want her cumming before he did. When he felt her body shake in release, he allowed himself to cum. She was so fast that he almost didn't get time to blink. She removed the condom from his cock and licked him clean. "I was hoping you'd cum in my mouth earlier," she giggled slightly. "I'm a bit of a cum slut."

Simon smiled and watched her put on her robe. "We need some coffee, and then, we're going again, lover," she said as she went downstairs. She was back in ten minutes with a tray containing a carafe and mugs and such. They had their coffee and talked.

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