tagLoving WivesThe House Husband Ch. 06-07

The House Husband Ch. 06-07


Note. I have carried forward from previous chapter

"It's not a case of me not being able to hack the house husband role, you know that's no longer a problem. What is the problem is your attitude to me. It seems that you no longer respect my opinion, and take every opportunity to criticise and mock me! I have been taking this shit from you since March and I am not prepared to continue as we are right now. You have shown me little or no respect and I have to ask you this right now. Do you still love me?"

She looked surprised at my question and said. "Don't be stupid! Of course I love you, it's just that living with you lately has been suffocating me! You challenge every decision I make, you do not consult me about kids any more, you make all the decisions about what they wear, what we do as a family at weekends. I am superfluous and it annoys the hell out of me. "

I was about to respond to the last when she totally floored me by saying.

"I have decided we need to spend some time apart! We are too close to things here to see the bigger picture and I intend to take the kids on holiday alone. You will remain here and perhaps the separation will give you time to reflect on our marriage. Over the last few months, you have threatened me with divorce, slept in the spare room when we have the slightest argument and have generally been a boor! I want to take the time to re-establish my bond with my children and you being around will only be a hindrance."

This really did shock me! I pondered over her words and looked at her still deciding what to say.

Finally, I said. "Are you serious? You really intend to do this, you will leave me behind while you swan off on holiday with the kids?"

She stood there looking at me with the contempt etched in her face. Her eyes were bright and shining and she showed no sign of affection. It was as if she was waiting for me to forbid her or something. When I just said. "Very well, if that's what you want but it's not too late to change your mind."

She simply nodded and said. "How many times do I have to say it! You are not welcome! The kids and I leave as scheduled tomorrow morning."

She went upstairs and could hear her lifting the cases I had packed in readiness for our holiday and when I went in it was to see her removing all my neatly folded clothes from the cases and throwing then on the floor.

She looked at me and said. "You might as well take them and while you are at it, move all the rest of your stuff into the spare room for that's where you will be sleeping until I make other arrangements about the children's care."

"Hold on there!" I said with more anger in my voice than I intended. "What do you mean other arrangements, I'm their father and I have been their carer since all this began six months ago. I intend to continue to look after them and will be seeking custody of them when we divorce! Because, make no mistake about it, that's where this is leading to. I have had counsel that I will more than likely be awarded custody should we divorce and will in all probability be awarded the family home in the settlement! You will even be required to pay me alimony! So think carefully before you take this next step, once you leave tomorrow there will be no going back!"

I was bluffing, I had not sought any counsel about our marital situation, but she was not to know that. I thought that the threat of losing her kids would at the very least cause her to pause and reconsider.

But no, she looked at me, the anger was etched in her face and she said.

"I also have been advised that I have good grounds for getting you declared unfit to care for my children! I'm sorry that you have taken us down the divorce route so precipitously. I had wanted a trial separation to see if there was anything between us worth saving. We may still have been able to make our marriage work, but your unreasonable behaviour clearly makes that a waste of time!"

This last statement was like a cold shower drenching me. My anger evaporated and I admit she had me worried. This argument was getting out of hand and I forced my self to try and placate her. I needed time to consider what grounds she could possibly have to get me declared unfit to care for our children and so sought to defuse the situation by saying.

"I suggest we both calm down and take tonight to think about what we have just said. I may have been hasty in what I just said. You must know that I still love you and don't really want us to separate. I'm sure when we have both had a chance to reflect on what's just been said, we will regret them."

For her part, she also must have been having second thoughts and perhaps time to think as she replied in a softer voice.

"I don't need time to think it over. I don't want a divorce either and have also said some things that I am deeply sorry for. Please forgive me and forget what I said about you being an unfit father. I have no grounds for saying that, you just made so mad when you started talking about divorce. I still intend to go on holiday without you. I think we both need to have some time apart and reflect on our marriage."

"OK. If that's what you really want, just you and the children, then it's fine by me. Please keep in touch and let me know what you're up to. You know how to contact me if you have any problems with the car or anything else for that matter."

I picked the rest of my clothes from the floor and took them to the spare bedroom where I spent a restless night. I kept thinking about what she had said about me being an unfit father. What possible cause could she come up with. I knew her well enough by now to know that she did not make idle accusations. If she was contemplating divorce, and I'm sure that's where this was leading, she would want to ensure she had custody. She would not want to pay me alimony either, she was too tight fisted to do that if she could prevent it. As a racked my brains, I could not see how she could engineer the result she desired. I would need to be very careful and try to find out what she was planning.

The next morning after breakfast she completed the packing and while I loaded up her car and then explained to two very disappointed children that I would not be going with them, she spent some time in my room on the computer.

I waved them off with a very heavy heart and returned to the house to clear away the breakfast dishes. As I did this mundane task, it occurred to me that she had spent a very long time on the computer. I wondered if by chance she was stupid enough to leave any evidence of what she was planning behind.

I logged onto her e.mail account and bingo. I found what I was looking for. It was contained in an e.mail to Pat Cairns. She must have been confident that I would not discover her password that she neglected to delete her sent items mailbox.

It opened quite simply,

'It worked!' Anne had written, then went on, 'I did as you suggested and engineered an argument with Gordon. It was really very easy. Please remind to thank Peter and Judy. That 'accidental' meeting with them in the restaurant was handled beautifully and the idea about the article served it's purpose. You should have seen the look on his face when I brought the cane down on her tits last night. He was furious with me for participating, he is dead against any form of S&M, so my getting involved really worked him over.'

I paused for a moment to collect my thoughts. So she had set out deliberately to provoke an argument, but why? Why an argument now when we were already on shaky ground. As I read on all became clearer.

'As we discussed on Thursday, I will be alone in Paris, apart from the kids that is. But I look forward to being able to spend the whole night with you, uninterrupted. As you know, I was really pissed off when Gordon insisted we not attend any more parties but had to agree with him because of the custody issue. I cannot permit him to gain custody, they're mine and I want them with me. He doesn't realise it, but he really is a submissive soul. I had hoped that he would stand up to me and insist on coming with us on holiday. If he had then maybe there would be a chance for us, but he rolled over as usual. The problem is, I found my true self at your party. I love sex and I love being demanding and getting my way, it's just a pity that he does not share my need for more excitement and variety in our sex life.'

So there it is I thought, she needed to be in control and wanted to be fucked on demand. I clearly could not match her expectations, so she had decided to dispense with me. The only flaw so far was that I till had no indication of how she intended to secure custody of John and Pamela. So I read on.

'I need to discuss the custody issue with you. You said on Thursday that you may have a solution to that problem, but refused to be drawn further. Have you had any more thoughts on this matter, because if you don't, I have prepared a Plan B that will bring Gordon back into line for a little longer.'

Plan B, I thought, what the fuck was she planning that would make me get involved with her again. I also pondered, what did Pat Cairns have on me that could be used to deny me custody? I still could not see what it was that would cause my custody not to be granted.

'I must go now or he will be in here wanting to know what I'm doing. I can't wait to feel your tongue on my clit, you really are the best, better even than Gordon and he is good in that department. See you tonight, Love Anne'

I sat back and reviewed what I now knew and drew up a plan of action.

First, I needed top get to Paris and try and get some definitive proof of her affair. Up to now all I had was this e.mail and suspicions. I needed more than that if it came to a custody battle!

To get to Paris, I needed my passport, money and transport. My little Honda had proved very reliable but I was concerned that it was not up to that journey without some major servicing.

Anne always kept the passports in her side of the desk I was now sitting at. I tried it and found it locked. It took me two minutes to break the lock and in searching for my passport, I also found my credit and debit cards. Money and passport problem solved, now for the car. I phone call to Sam Rawlings, a quick explanation as to the why and wherefores, and my Car Dealer client sorted that problem. He told me he would have a car delivered within the hour and it was.

I quickly packed a small bag with the essentials for a short stay and got ready to leave. As I was about to leave, I remembered the camera and packed that as well. I would need proof and what better than a camcorder to record what was happening in Paris. I locked the house and drove off with more resolve and confidence about what I was doing than I had in months. It felt good to be if not in control of the situation, to have a workable plan to address the problem.

I managed get on the first available ferry from Dover and soon found myself heading for Disneyland Paris resort. I knew which hotel to find my family in and it was about eight thirty in the evening when I arrived at the check in. As I approached the desk, the lifts opened and out walked Anne with Jim and Pat Cairns. Thankfully, they were so engrossed in their own little world that they did not see me. I watched as they entered the bar and thought to myself, enjoy it while you can. I stopped at reception and asked for a spare access card to my room. The receptionist checked her computer and said. "Your wife told us you would not be coming, but it's no problem, you were already pre-booked. Here is your card, Room 568."

I thanked her and told her not to mention my arrival to my wife as I wanted to surprise her. She assured me that she would be very discreet, so I slipped her ten Euros for her trouble.

I checked my watch, it was now after Nine, so John and Pamela would be well asleep. I knew Anne would not leave them unless they were sound asleep, even so I made sure to be very quite as I entered the room. The small bedside lamp was illuminated so there was no need for me to switch on more lighting. It was a family room with a large king sized bed and two single beds as well. I checked John and Pamela, they were sound asleep and looked as angelic as only small children asleep can. As I looked down at them, I wondered what the future held for them. I could not spare them the pain to come, only make sure that it was with me that they shared it. I also noted that the room had a connecting door and that prompted me to make a mental note to check with Reception who had booked the adjoining room.

I hid my small bag at the back of the chair where Anne was unlikely to see it and slipped out of the room. I did not want to be in there when she returned. I went down to the bar using the stairs to avoid bumping in to Anne and the Cairn's. Keeping a close eye out, I slipped into the bar and found a quiet corner that was in semi darkness. I ordered a drink from the barman, whilst I casually surveyed the room. They were not in the bar, so I assumed they were still at dinner so I took the opportunity to make a quick call on the house phone to Reception. The Receptionist confirmed that it was a Mr & Mrs Cairns who had checked in for two nights and they were in Room 569. I had to grin at the irony, room 569, the 69 part was probably what Anne was especially keen on.

Armed with this information I wondered why only two nights, then it struck me, As Publisher and Editor of a medium sized magazine, both Jim and Anne could not be absent from the office for much more than a day or two. Jim Cairns must be holding the fort while Anne was on holiday.

Suddenly, they were there, in the bar and still so engrossed with themselves that they had no inclination to look for familiar faces. Why should they? Anne was sure her husband was safely back in England with no money or passport to enable him to go anywhere. The Cairn's had no reason to be worried if anyone they knew saw then, so the were not on their guard. I watched as they talked and when small table near to where they were sitting became vacant, I made my way to it. It was screened from them by one of those large planters that hotels and offices seem to favour and there was little chance of them spotting me.

I eavesdropped on their conversation and was unsurprised that it their conversation was of a mostly flirtatious nature. Then Anne changed the subject and asked if they had any solution to her custody problem. Somewhat sheepishly, Jim said.

"You know that one of our party rules is that photographs are strictly forbidden?"

He paused as Anne nodded her agreement, then he continued. "Well that's not strictly true. Pat and I like to relive some of the better moments afterwards, so we video the action in certain rooms when it's out turn to play host. We have one particular clip that could be of use to you. It shows Gordon having sex with two women and with a little editing may help you resolve the problem."

"Are you sure that he would not be able to prove that the clip had been altered?" Anne asked excitedly.

"No, that's practically impossible, but I'm sure that you would be able to manipulate Gordon just with the threat of exposing him as a multiple cheat and drug user. After all the woman who successfully engineered this little get together should be able to con someone as gullible as Gordon."

I watched as Anne smiled and said. "If the video is as good as you say, he won't know what hit him!"

I slipped away at that point, I had all the information I need now. All that was missing was proof of her infidelity. Proof that I hoped to get later tonight.

I went out for a walk as I waited for impatiently for them to get down to the deep and dirty. It was about eleven when I eased back into the Reception and a quick look in the bar confirmed that they had gone. I waited another half an hour and quietly entered our room. The kids were still sound asleep and I noted that the adjoining door was half open, as I had hoped. I knew Anne would want to be aware if the kids were to awaken. Not a normal happening but they were in a strange bed.

I could hear the sounds of passion emanating from the other room even as I eased the camera out of my bag and powered it up. There were actually two doors separating the rooms. The one on my side was fully open and the other just about three inches. I moved to the connecting door and eased the door slightly further open. Fortunately, the door was opened towards the bed and I could see everything even in the subdued lighting available.

Anne was lying on her back, naked apart from dark coloured stockings. She lay there and pulled her legs open and up until her knees were pointing at the ceiling. Jim Cairns was standing beside her stroking his hard cock with one hand and caressing my wife's tits with the other. Pat Cairns joined them. She was also naked but had a large black strap penis swaying back and for the as she approached Anne. She hesitated and waited until Anne turned her attention from Jim's rampant cock to gaze at the weapon that Pat had strapped on.

Anne had never been one that into toys. Sure she liked the vibrators I bought for us, so I was amazed when Anne said. "Oh good, you brought some toys! I so wanted to try that out at your house on Thursday, but it's so fucking big, Gordon would have been bound to notice how loose I was. As it was, he commented on wet I was. But enough of him, I want you to fuck me with that monster, I want it up as far as you can get it. Maybe later we can try a double penetration with you Jim? But for now let me suck you off while Pat has her turn at my pussy!"

I kept the camera rolling through sexual gymnastics on display until the battery warning light came on. I had the foresight to bring a spare battery with me and quietly moved to retrieve it from my bag.

I changed the battery and returned to the action in time to record Anne receive Jims sperm full in the face. He just kept pumping spurt after spurt onto her. It was on her face, up her nose and into her eyes and Anne just kept using her fingers to guide the fruits of balls into her mouth and swallow it all. I reflected to myself, she never once did that for me. I was at once jealous and at the same time repulsed by her actions, I certainly had an erection and longed to burst in and fuck my cheating wife one last time. The rational part of me overruled my second brain for once and I backed off. I left them to it for now and went and sat next to my children and watched as the slept oblivious of the shit that was coming their way.

After about forty minutes, I heard a change in the sounds coming from next door and went to see what was happening now. This time Anne had the strap on dick and was fucking it up Jim's arse, much to his obvious discomfort. Pat was lying under him with her pussy thrusting up at his face. I watched and recorded this for a little while and it was becoming obvious that they were nearing exhaustion. I had marvelled at Jim's stamina, after all he had been fucking two highly sexed women for the best part of an hour. He must have ejaculated at least three times. I lost count of the orgasms Anne had, but it must have been five or six big ones and a few where it was hard to tell as they were so close together.

I retreated and packed my things away and vacated the room. I had decided that I would stop over another night to see what else they had planned as there were some comments from Jim as the wound down their activities that they had a surprise planned for Anne on the Sunday night.

I was very tired and dozed in my car until morning. I found a little café open for early breakfast and had a leisurely breakfast. The Café had a clear view of the Hotel car-park and around ten I noticed Jim and Pat plus Anne's and the kids board the Hotel Shuttle Bus to the theme park. I knew they would be gone most of the day, so I returned to room 568 and took the opportunity to shit, shower and shave. After completing my ablutions, I looked longingly at the bed and decided, it's paid for, so I might as well make use of it. I must have slept a good four hours. I awoke suddenly in a bit in a bit of a daze before I remembered where I was and why. I arose and noticed Anne ad left her laptop on the table. It was still powered up and logged on, so I took the opportunity to check what she had been doing.

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