tagErotic HorrorThe House Party

The House Party


There is an old house on the outskirts of town. It just sits there and looks menacing, like something out of a horror movie from the Hammer Films days. It gives you the shivers to look at it. It looked perfect for a haunted house or a party though, so I decided to call some of my friends and have three big, strong guys go with me to see it and decide if it could be used or not.

I wanted to do something absolutely outrageous for Halloween this year and having a party there just might be what I was looking for. I was tired of tame parties where it's as much fun to sleep as it is to drink or dance. I figured the three of my friends to that would be best to call would be Creeper, a DJ and he would be able to tell me if there were good hookups for his music equipment, Tazangelbabe, Taz for short, because he does a lot of hunting and can take care of any critters that might be in the house, and Juicer because he'd be the bartender and could help me set that up.

I called them and had them meet me at the house that evening. I wasn't too happy about it being at night, but I figured I had nothing to be afraid of with them at my back and it was the only time that we all had free at once. Since it was an old house and I didn't want to get too dirty, I was wearing my favorite hip hugger jeans (they look like they're painted on my ass), a black half shirt that says "Goddess" in red lettering and my standard favorite six inch heels. Black ones, of course to match with my shirt. Little did I know!

I got to the house just at sunset and I saw that they were already inside, their cars in the driveway and flashlights playing around inside. I walked up to the house, my six inch heels clicking on the broken tile of the porch and opened the door. The inside of the house was dirty and there was trash everywhere, some of the windows had been broken out, in short it looked like what it was, an old abandoned house.

I followed the sound of voices into one of the other rooms and found the three guys together looking around and discussing the possibilities. Creeper was looking at the walls and trying to decide which would be better for his equipment, Taz was scouting the closets for critters and Juicer was trying to decide which room to use as a bar.

"Hey guys," I said, "you started without me!" They looked over and their eyes widened as they took in my attire.

"Damn, Pepper, you look good enough to fuck." Creeper said.

Taz and Juicer nodded their heads in agreement and all three of them stepped closer to me as if to get a better look or maybe scent. I was surrounded but I didn't feel any anxiety these were after all, my friends and I had fucked with them before. "These old clothes?" I said, "They're just my looking at an old house clothes. I can get them dirty and not have to worry about it."

The moon was out by now and suddenly I noticed that all three of them looked different from how they normally did. Creepers eyes were red now and it looked as if his teeth had suddenly grown an inch or so. Taz looked as though he was straining to hold something back. When I looked at Juicer's hands, I saw that they had claws now and he looked at me and licked his lips. "Yes, you do," he said and his voice was different, deeper and more raw than it normally was.

Quietly, Creeper crept up behind me and bit my ass, through my jeans.


"Uh...guys ... you feel OK? Damn, Creeper, that fucking stings! If you're not feeling well" my voice trailing off uneasily, we can do this tomorrow.

I heard Juicer's deep voice behind me say, "We feel just fine, babe."

All of a sudden, Juicer stretches his neck out toward the ceiling and lets out an ear splitting, bone chilling howl.

Then, with a move that was like lightning, Creeper grabs the collar of my shirt and rips it off my back, letting my tits bounce free. With one hand, he grabs my hair and pulls my neck back, exposing it to his one inch needle sharp fangs. With a hiss he sinks them deep into my neck. Behind me, I can feel a high body heat and fur brushing the skin on my back, my feet are lifted off of the floor and my heels fall to the ground.

With his long, razor sharp claws, Juicer reaches down the back of my jeans and shreds them from my body. His eyes take on an evil glow as my tan little ass is exposed. At that point, crouching down in front of me, Tzars tongue is licking over his teeth. He takes a long, sharp claw and slits my little red G-string off, exposing my pussy to their hungry gazes.

"Here your G-string." Taz growls at me and holds it up before throwing it off into a corner of the room.

With a move that I never even saw, Creeper grabs my hands and ties them together using a cord from a broken lamp that was in the room.

Juicer's claws wrap around my waist and he raises me higher into the air and they hang me from an old chandelier hook in the middle of the room's ceiling. For a second or two, they all just stand around me, looking up and down my naked body. My arms are stretched over my head and I am helpless before them.

Creeper comes up to me, licking his lips staring at my ample breasts, he sinks his teeth into the soft flesh. It gives way and the blood starts to run, filling the room with a metallic scent that drives Taz and Juicer into a frenzy.

With one quick move, the Tasmanian devil bites down between my legs piercing my pussy lips with his fangs. Like a lion tearing into a fresh kill, enjoying the taste of the fresh blood in his mouth, penetrating me with his long, rough tongue.

The scent of blood in the room has caused Juicer to completely wolf out, and standing 9 feet tall, he has to bend his head down to fit in the room. With his claws still wrapped around my waist, he shoves his tree trunk cock deep in my tight, tan little ass and I let out a scream as my ass is stretched to its limits. With heavy breathing grunts, he violently begins to stroke in and out of me.

Taz works his way up the front of my body, sucking, licking and biting my other nipple, he slides his finger in and out of my cunt, pulling, fingering. I am dripping wet with cum already even though I am terrified.

My whole body starts to quiver and shake, I don't care anymore that these are three monsters I am fucking. I'm just getting the best sex of my life! Tears of ecstasy are running down my face as I cum harder with each stroke of the cocks invading my body and the teeth on my breasts, drawing blood and driving the three monsters further into frenzy.

The room starts to swirl as Creeper sucks the blood from my shoulder, he starts biting his way to my neck drawing blood at each bite mark, sucking and driving me crazy.

Taz has one nipple in his mouth pulling and licking, all at once he shoves his cock into my wet squishy pussy and starts to fuck me with long strokes opposite of the ones that Juicer is taking in my ass.

With the devil pounding my pussy into submission, the werewolf reaming my ass beyond belief and the vampire sucking the blood from my body, I start to convulse in ecstasy. My pussy juices are flowing down my thighs now as my ass is being pounded into paradise. The biting on my neck intensifies every feeling that is going through my skin.

Taz is still biting my nipple hard in his teeth and the feelings start growing more and more intense with every moan and scream. I am coming almost constantly now and beg them not to slow down, to fuck me harder, I want to feel them cum in me and fill me up. I wrap my legs around Taz’s head and reach for Creepers cock, which is floating in front of my amazed face. I swallow it all as he wraps his hands around my head and pulls my face into his crotch, all the way down to his balls. I almost gag and choke but I don't stop. Sucking it as hard as I can, feeling him start to shake, he cuts me from the ceiling, grabs me in his arms and throws me on the old bed in the corner of the room. Then he takes the bandana off of his head, blindfolds me and ties me to the headboard. Taz quickly gets underneath and shoves his cock back into my pussy as Creeper kneels over my face and slides his cock back into my mouth. Juicer growls at the two of them, being deprived of the ass he was fucking is not making him happy and he loses it for a moment almost attacking Creeper. He then sees my ass stuck up high in the air, dripping blood and slick with all of our juices, he bounds over to me and shoves his cock deep into my ass, making me squeal around Creepers cock and squeeze my pussy tight, which causes Taz to start pumping in and out even more strongly.

I can feel their cocks expanding and getting ready to come in me, my body convulses with pleasure and Juicer starts to howl. I can feel his cock so deep in my ass, it feels as though it's almost in my throat. Taz bites down again on my nipple and Creeper holds my head still as he fucks my face, his nails digging into my skin, drawing more blood to add to that which is already covering my body. I am coming constantly and I know that the three of them are getting close to their own orgasms.

Taz lets go of my nipple to push himself so far into me that I can feel his balls trying to get into my pussy. His hot wet cum splashes my insides and runs out of my pussy around his cock, soaking his balls and the bed, filling the room with the animal scent of his cum.

Taz's coming sets off a chain reaction like a nuclear bomb, Creeper's cock expands in my mouth and throat, almost cutting off my air supply. Then I feel the hot jets of his cum streak down my throat and coat my tongue. As Taz is still pumping his cum into me, Juicer starts to howl and cum. I can feel his cum inside my well reamed ass. It's so hot that it almost feels like it's burning me.

With one last shove down my throat, Creeper spurts one last jet down my throat and pulls his cock out of my still swallowing mouth. I couldn't swallow all of his cum, it's too much and some runs out of my mouth and drips onto the bed.

Taz is done now, I can feel his cock shrinking inside of my pussy.

I feel Juicer's monster cock expand even more to take up the room left by Taz's now softening cock. Taz slides his cock out of my pussy and he just holds me for a moment, catching his breath.

Juicer shoves me forward off of Taz and onto Creeper who is doing his own catching up. My arms are suddenly freed from the tie and I pull them under my body to hold myself up, so that he can have better access to my ass. It is well reamed and a little sore now. He shoves into me one more time as he finishes coming deep in my ass. He collapses on me, his cock shrinking and with a soft audible "pop" the head of it slips out of my ass.

I lay on my side on the bed, recovering from the best sex I have ever had. Surrounded by warm fur, my head on Creepers thigh, I fall asleep.

I wake up the next morning, disoriented, with Creeper, Juicer and Taz all leaning over me with expressions of concern on their faces.

I am sitting on the floor in the old house and I don't remember how I got there, I just remember asking them if they felt alright and suggesting that we could do this tomorrow.

"Did you sleep here all night Pepper?" Creeper asks.

"I guess I did." I said, "I must have been way more tired than I thought that I was."

"Well, Come on." Juicer says, "We'll take you to get some coffee and then make sure that you get home OK."

Taz takes my hand and pulls me up, I'm stiff all over but I brush it off as it must be from sleeping on the hard floor with my back against the wall. They surround me and walk out of the room with me. It is a bright sunny day and the house doesn't look nearly as menacing as it had last night.

I think, ˜What a dream that was!™

As we walk out of the room, Juicer looks back and sees something red in the corner of the room. It's my G-string and it's ripped in two. I look at him and he smiles wolfishly.

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