tagGroup SexThe Howling Wind Ch. 02

The Howling Wind Ch. 02


"There are many perks in my senior position..."

After Dane and I made rough love hours ago, I couldn't help but feel excited and strangely relieved after those passionate words drooled from my lips: I love you. As his sphincter stretched so lovingly to take my body into his, I was left in awe and amazement. He was bottling up such fervent sexual energy that shouldn't be wasted, instead be released twirling around the steamy body of a partner who longs to please your flesh.

At the same time, I was head over heels for Ava, my 18 year old Latina sweetheart. For a senior man like me, she always treated me sweetly like I possessed the sexiest body in the world. To me, I observed different loves for each of them. Ava met me on the bus in the school parking lot at 4 PM. Her school was hosting some games for basketball, tennis, and a track meet, so the parking lot was overflowing with buses and parents from all over.

It became so perfect. Whenever I drove for an after-school activity, Ava would always sneak on board to keep my company... But, it got crazy when I would be at her school; the buses are parked in the closest, darkest corner to the road, giving easy, unseen access to the buses. Ava would ride her bike from her house to the school, hop over the fence into the bus lot, then sneak onto my bus.

That night, I was resting my eyes in one of the furthest seats in the back of the bus, wrapped in a fleece blanket, until a harsh rapping on the passenger door ensued. My heart almost leapt through my chest with excitement. When I got to my feet and peered over the seats, there was my little girl, standing forlorn in the lot, struggling to see into the pitch black vehicle. As smile grew across my face as right behind her, a gigantic, masculine shadow grew. Out of the darkness, Dane's face appeared, however, Ava remained unaware. We were two horny old men playing a harmless trick, simply teasing our sweet student. As my hand landed on the door lever, Dane fluidly wrapped his muscular arms around Ava's rib cage, swinging her body over his broad shoulders. Before she could scream or cuss, his paw-like hand squeezed her lips shut until they swelled reddish.

I continued to smile as Dane swiftly carried our grand prize up the bus stairs then plopped her into a three-seater. We had no intentions of hurting her, just breathing life into her wild, teenage fantasies. On the bus ride earlier, all Ava could whisper about was Dane's "horse cock" and how much of a crazed stud I seemed like when Dane and I were together. With 53 students on board, Ava and I struggled to contain our voices. As explained before, high school students don't give a rat's ass about what anyone says or does on the school bus. They just want to go home, in most cases.

"It looked like your hands were pretty busy," I snickered, keeping my eyes on the road. "I wanted it to be as emotional as possible."

"Believe me," the slender Hispanic girl cackled with ear buds tucked into her little ears. "You surpassed a stereotypical romance novel, I can tell you that much. I've never witnessed other people have sex before either. It's pretty intense in the third-person perspective."

My eyebrow rose at my sudden interest. "Well, be prepared tonight. You're going to have plenty of 'firsts' with Dane and me. Just play along with whatever he has planned. All three of us are going to enjoy this."

"For all the years I've known you and Dane, I know you two are sly fools! We'll see what you've planned for me. I'm actually excited for our little love fest..."

After that conversation and being roughly handled by Dane hours later, I'm sure doubt was rampant in her mind. As she lay on her back in the seat, Ava fluttered her eyelashes and smirked.

"What are you horny, dirty old men going to do with an innocent, little girl like me?" she teased, pushing her right index finger seductively through her pink, smooth lips.

Dane and I glared at each other for quite some time before reality set in. Within seconds, he and I were naked and stroking our hardening packages as Ava began to slip her clothes off. Both of their bodies had me licking my lips and silenced. While Ava's pussy was shaved, Dane's body remained in pristine condition, donning a thick, black pubic mane around his beautiful organ.

"I've never seen an innocent girl finger her wet gash so deep and feverishly like you were." Dane pointed out in an authoritative voice, stroking her exposed folds. "I never would've thought two old men fucking would evoke any attention from an eighteen year old harlot like you. You're gushing and I barely touched you!"

A groan slipped from Ava's lips as Dane continued teasing her aroused body. I stood back and watched in awe, still gentling fisting my cock. This time, I couldn't help but to feel jealous of some other man making my baby girl shutter under his grip. The unsightly tension must've been obvious when Ava looked me in the eye and begged for the both of us to fuck her at the same time. All three of us responded alike: "We've only seen it in porn, never been close to doing it. It couldn't hurt much to try it though!"

"I want Robby to be in my pussy since he's always been my wild stallion." Ava growled as she tugged me into her seat. I was glad she understood my protectiveness.

"Mmm... I get to take your tight ass, sweetie? No problem!" Dane reveled, excitedly.

On Ava's command, she motioned for me to lie on my back in the seat. My cock was standing at full attention with veins throbbing along the shaft. She straddled me with her sexy Barbie doll legs and smashed her wet pussy against my hard-on. Ava's hot flesh wrapped around my shaft perfectly like a fitted glove. I glanced over her shoulder, watching Dane gently insert himself into Ava's virgin rosebud. A groan rumbled in her throat as she took his entire length. Slowly but surely, Dane started to pump his hips while mumbling some words of pleasure.

"Whoa, honey!" Dane exclaimed, thrashing into her. "You've got the body of a goddess. Mmm...your little hole is milking me for all I'm worth!"

As Ava rocked on both of our cocks, her soft cocoa eyes melted my heart while she smiled down at me. Every few seconds, she'd whimper or bit her lip to encourage our thrusting. Her long curly locks poured onto my face as she shuttered from her first climax of the night.

"Keep going, Robby," Ava whispered with desperation. "I need your warm milk inside me."

"Can I cum too?" Dane moaned, spreading her cheeks and pushing himself deeper toward her center.

"No!" Ava surprisingly growled. "You need that for later! Just stay in my ass and wait."

I knew I couldn't hold out any longer. Watching Ava hungrily lick her lips as my best friend and I barbarically ravished her fountain of youth pushed me over the edge. Within seconds, my cock gushed rope after rope of hot spunk into her belly. I blacked out for a minute, but I remember hearing Ava's squeal of a second climax as I unleashed mine. Then, I felt the weight above me fluctuate to a heavier weight. When my eyes fluttered open, Dane warm, sticky lips pummeled against mine. I was pinned underneath my 'Great' Dane, who managed to maintain his erection from before. Ava was right about one thing: Dane's cock DID belong on a stallion.

He pushed himself in between my legs, in a similar fashion as we made love earlier that day. Dane's sky blue eyes glistened in the faint rays of the parking lot lights. His fingers probed around my flush, swollen balls and tight, unused hole. He rubbed my rosebud until it turned into a fiery red. I groaned as Dane leaned down sneakily and gave my puckered hole a few hungry swipes with his tongue. Deeper and harder, his hot, soft tongue wiggled its way into my virgin canal. As his tongue provided quick lube for our mating, I saw Ava feverishly fingering her little gash in the corner of my eye. Before I knew it, Dane was standing over me, nonchalantly fisting his cock and pulling a condom out of its wrapper.

"No, no, no!" I stopped him in his tracks, a little hurt that he wanted a barrier between my insides. "I want to feel ALL of you as you are. I want to be bred by my stud entirely."

Dane seemed surprised by my boldness. He turned around to Ava and handed her the unused condom and wrapper, chuckling to himself.

"You don't need any of that with Robert and me," he smirked, motioning his fingers like scissors. "We had our potent swimmers taken care of a while ago."

Returning his attention back to his bitch, Dane started rubbing the head of his cock against my inflamed, fleshy hole. A growl rumbled in his chest as his bestial instincts were prompting him to continue without recourse. Our eyes met and his body relaxed in its intense stance.

"Rob," Dane whispered in my ear. "Your eyes are like a puppy's who's about to be swatted with a newspaper. I'll be gentle, I promise. It will sting during the first thrusts, but the pain quickly dissolves into indescribable pleasure that will have you begging for more! Take my hand and relax."

His giant, soft paw took my hand into a tight grip. When Dane asked me if I was ready, I reassuringly nodded. His cock dwarfed mine by a few inches, so I kept debating with myself if he would fit inside me. The pain only lasted for eight seconds, I counted. Gentleness flew right out the window as I howled out "Fuck me!" so loud the people in the town over could hear. The sensation hit me like a brick wall as an orgasm robbed the breath from my lungs. Dane kept pumping his hips, roughly grinding me against the sweaty seat. His swollen sac slapped against my hairy hole as he went to town, cursing and grumbling about how amazing my body was.

"Ooo, Rob!" Dane panted, ravishing my hole. "Your tunnel is tight enough to squeeze the cream out of me. I feel it coming!"

In seconds, I became an old man's lover, sealing the deal with an explosion of calming endorphins. Dane cried out as he came, slowly shooting each hot, thick load into my love tunnel. His manhood went semi-limp inside my cum-coated rosebud, still writhing whenever I wiggled underneath him. After a few moments of recovery, Dane collapsed in between my legs with a tender smile. Our lips rubbed twice before meeting for a kiss, sending weakening chills down my spine. We were panting still, straining our worn, old hearts with sheer arousal that only twenty year olds could survive. His soft, furry stomach and manhood brushed against mine, ensuring me of our closeness.

Dane slowly pulled out, in fear that I would erupt from the searing pain again. His torrent of man milk flowed from my basin and pooled around my hairy hole and ass cheeks. As Dane stood, with his flaccid cock swinging between his legs, Ava was striving for her sixth climax. He grinned at the horny teen, going onto his knees and burying his head into her sensitive spot. I couldn't clearly see from my angle, but as soon as his head was in that spot, Ava erupted like a windup toy, thrashing underneath Dane's tongue. When I sat up, Ava was already slipping from reality. His tongue was caressing her little flower petals as she struggled to keep quiet.

"Dane, deeper," my little girl moaned, massaging Dane's head in between her legs. "Then, take Robby's impregnated, little hole. You can't let it go to...waa...WASTE!"

As Ava shuttered and whimpered from her sixth high, Dane kept his attention on her precious love button. Her folds were glistening from her sweet nectar as she came repeatedly. Watching Dane's tongue disappear into her canal made my cock throb, praying someone would do that for me.

"Little girl," Dane laughed, taking one last lick. "Your cunny reminds me of sweet, sugary honey. But, I could snack on you all day without tired of your taste. Now, let me take care of my Robby."

I was only called 'Robby' by Ava, her pet name for me. But, Dane using it? His playfulness with my name me shutter as he bent down in between my legs. Dane's groans were driving me wild. His soft, plush tongue drew a circle around my puckered hole.

"Rob," he glared up at me with his cold blue eyes. "I'm glad we're open to share things like this. It satisfies most of my cravings for human touch...I hope it does with yours."

I craned my neck out and pecked him on the cheek, giving him a reassuring smile. Then, Dane continued jabbing his hot tongue into my hole, causing my sphincter to writhe excitedly. I came so suddenly, it came as a pleasurable eruption to me. My hot torrent of cum gushed over his face, covering his fat, red cheeks and hot lips along with his eyelids. Some of the hair on his head was a little matted from my geyser splashing wildly. A monstrous groan rumbled in his throat with contentment. Coating Dane's face reminded him that I was still in control. But, he and Ava didn't seem to mind.

I was exhausted then. Being sixty-seven years old and not used to multiple, explosive orgasms, my body couldn't tolerate much more. It was 9 PM when we finished our escapade. For the remaining time, we played around with each other and toyed with Ava until she came for the eleventh time. We still had fifteen minutes left together, but Ava remembered that Dane and I need our rest to drive all of those teams back to their schools. After Dane cleaned up, she forced him into one seat with one of my blankets and me into another, right across from his. The teenage girl slipped her clothes over her clammy, sexed skin. Dane and I peeked like horny puppies in our seats and she came to kiss us both good-bye. She went to Dane first, poking his nose with her tongue out.

"I'm sure it's every girl's wild dream to be slammed with a cock like that! Although my ass stings a bit, you two made me come hard tonight. Goodnight, my overgrown, human puppy!"

Dane chuckled as she planted a kiss onto his forehead. The two nuzzled and whispered some things to each other before she pulled away. Then, she leaned down to me.

"Another wild night...only I was treated to two delicious rods this time. Thank you for arranging this, Robby. You're making my senior year unforgettable and I hope I could find some way to enhance your experience as you have mine. I'm gonna go take a hot shower before my mother realizes that I haven't called yet! I love you, sugar bear."

Our lips locked for a hot, slippery kiss that lasted for a while until Ava finally pulled away. She had on some pop band shirt with tight black skinny jeans complimenting her curvaceous figure. Her untamed curls were flying behind her as she hustled down the bus stairs, calling out to us to drive safely and that she'd see us tomorrow. In the darkness, the sound of oxygen rushing to fill Dane's monstrous chest cavity took place of silence. After a few moments, I wobbled to my feet, adjusting my eyes to the obnoxious glint of the lame, yellow lot lights shining down. My heart was thumping into my ear drums as Dane struggled to pull on his pants in the dark.

"You know," I started, throwing my clothes on and turning on the bus. "We have more trips here this week."

Dane moaned with longing as he headed back to his bus across the lot. "You think we could keep it interesting until Friday? Three more times?"

Students poured out of the gigantic school building, stampeding like wildebeest in desperate search of their watering hole. Their gauche laughter and nonsensical gibberish echoed across the lot, bouncing off of the rows of school buses and trees, as they made their way toward their designated buses.

"With the internet, our possibilities are endless!" I called out to him, with a gruff chuckle.

He smirked back at me with a friendly wave as he nonchalantly strolled to his bus, greeting the school children, as if nothing kinky were on his agenda. I watched Dane walk alongside the students and coaches until he disappeared into the darkness. At that moment, a revelation hit me: my two friends were whores hidden in perfect sight and I was slowly becoming one of them. But, I found myself growing restless, eager for more free time the next day.

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