tagFetishThe Human Cow Auction

The Human Cow Auction


She is bought into the auction ring and a hush settles over the rows of men standing around on the circular tiers. The auction master next to me asks me if I'm impressed? Just a few minutes previously I had told him I was going to leave as the standard of cows on show wasn't interesting me. He'd told me in advance that It would be worth my while coming tonight but the stock on show hadn't made good on his promise. Until now. I reply to him that I'm going to stay to see this specimen and he walks down the steep steps towards the auction ring, knowing that he's got a potential buyer.

I had turned up to the human cow auction after it had started. I knew that the stock on offer gets better as the night progresses and that it wasn't worth getting there until at least nine. But since then I hadn't seen anything that took my fancy. The cows on offer were old, scrawny or overfed. I didn't mind cows that were mature, thin and athletic or carrying plenty of meat but these were different. I looked down on a couple of lots that were just not up to scratch. The condition of the muscle and hide was poor, the udders offered very little milk when they were drained with hand or machine and the owners selling them hadn't taken much effort to get them into good condition for sale.

As these poor cows were led round the ring there were a few inexperienced buyers who got excited and paid over the odds when they saw the bull come out to service them. As part of the selling routine the cows were paraded on two legs, then on four, then placed onto the rostrum that rotated to give the buyers a good view as their physique was probed to show the quality and condition of the meat. On the rostrum the cows udders were milked as they hung down below their bodies, the teats being pulled low to show the spray and then linked up to the milker for two minutes to prove the volume produced in full flow.

After the milking the bull was bought out. The tawdry cows got both scared and excited at this point. They could quickly see what was coming. The bull was a big, young, lean, well-muscled man and was led into the ring by the chain round his neck. The cows were chained by the neck to a post and the bull was walked round the cow a number of times as his large heavy cock grew into a thick hard pole, much bigger than any cock the cows had been taken with before. He was eager to roughly take these whimpering cows as they glanced excitedly and nervously round them to see where he had got to.

Suddenly the auction handler dragged the bull to the cow and snagged his neck chain to the same post the cows were attached to. He quickly mounted the cows from behind, grabbing hold of their haunches and plunging his massive cock deep into their cunts. They bucked under his sudden weight and astonishing penetration, mooing wildly and groaning under his bulk and the invasion of their bodies. The bull just did his thing, banging the cows until he filled them with his cum, arching his back as he muscularly shuddered his completion. The pleasure of the cows was the last thing in his mind but, time after time as he covered them roughly, their bodies spasmed from his servicing, many of them over and over again during the time he plunged his huge member in and out of their soaked pussies.

The show the bull gave was usually enough to make the rookie buyers part with their money. They stupidly thought that they would be able to experience a relationship with the cows like the one they saw. Little did they know that it was about much more than the quick show in front of their eyes.

This night the bull had some problems with the second to last cow. All night the quality of the stock hadn't been good and now the demands of his role and their lack of appeal meant that it took almost a dozen circuits round the cow before he could muster a hard enough erection to service the scrawny specimen. The cow still shuddered with feelings she had never felt before when he finally began to pump her hard. But it was clear that he was almost at the end of his servicing limit that night as he rode her with little enthusiasm. His lack of stimulation meant it took a long time before he could finish, by which time her petite frame was wracked with sensations that were beyond her ability to handle. The bull may have been well below his passionate best but that mattered not to the cow as the prolonged use of her as breeding stock left her in a collapsed pile as he finished his job and was led away spent.

The vets were quickly on the scene and they dragged her limp gasping body from the auction ring. The buyers were all fixated on the ring at this spectacle, they had no idea of the real dynamics of the night and the bidding was frenzied as the second rate specimen was sold for a fortune to a sap.

The penultimate cow had then been bought into the ring. She was the old cow that I had turned in for sale as I entered the livestock auction house and could now see her being dragged into the ring. I was getting rid of my cow because of her lack of condition. She had been kept superbly and this showed in the fact that her condition surpassed by far any of the other cows that I had seen prior this evening. Every buyer looking down at the auction ring strained to improve their view of this amazing specimen. She looked beautiful beyond their imaginations but I know her real condition. She was not providing as much milk as she once did and was finding it difficult to cope with the demands of me taking her at least three times a day. I knew that her heart was not in it any more and despite my affection for her and her still being in love with me as her farmer I know it was time to acquire new stock.

She was paraded and milked. The crowd were transfixed at her quality. But, the last bull covering had prolonged the evening well beyond schedule and the auction handlers had been keen to speed things up. Their haste meant that the bull was far from recovered by the time his part in the auction display was due. He was dragged out to service my old cow and he couldn't manage to rise to the occasion. The crowd at the auction all have their money at the ready to bid but the bull's lack of ability to perform is holding up the proceedings. The crowd got restless and began to murmur their frustrations. The hum was audible, the tension palpable and despite the stunning quality of the cow the bull wasn't go to be able to fulfill his purpose. The auction master looked up at me and I walked down to the ring, stepping under the railing and lowering myself into the view of the assembled crowd. The hum stilled and I walked up behind the cow, sending the bull away with a quick glance. He was dragged from the ring and I removed my clothes quickly, The cow tried to see behind her, unsure of what is going on and unable to see me.

I grabbed hold of her full sweet rump and rubbed it hard, slapping the flanks and showing the crowd her fine toned rear. I leaned forward and whispered into her ear that it's her master. I felt her cunt get even wetter against my groin as I told her that she is going to get ridden one last time. Her legs immediately push back, desperate for me to cover her again. My cock isn't like the freakshow bull but it's bigger than most and she wants it bad. I push into her slow and long, she takes the length and I feel her shudder at the girth but before long she is lost in the feeling as I ride her hard in front of the onlooking buyers. It doesn't take long before she begins to buck and moan, mooing wildly as she comes time and again. I take this slow, knowing that I'll never have her again and by the time I thud into her hard as I finish she is making more noise than the rest of the cows that night put together.

The bidding is frenzied, the buyers see her qualities and they understand that her owner has given her away and the have seen the reaction she can give to her owner. As I dress and leave the ring for the circular stands the money is still going up. The bid has long passed the auction house record and it takes a while for the momentum to peak at an extraordinary sum. The bidding finished and the auction master comes over to me with the payment for my old milk cow.

I tell him that I'm not happy. He said there would be stock worthy of exchanging my cow for but so far tonight I have seen nothing and my cow was by far the best specimen that he had sold for months. He says not to worry, there's one more lot to be shown and he promises that I'll like what I see. There is a buzz around the arena as the buyers realise there is another lot on the way. The tension is mounting and I wonder whether it is worth hanging around. Then the lights are lowered and the audience realise that they are about to see something special. The handler brings out a cow the likes of which nne at the ring has ever seen before.

She is a perfect specimen, long legs, wide strong hips, blemish free smooth skin, toned musculature, a graceful gait in her step as she is led around the ring and her hair is long and golden. It is loose around her shoulders and covers her torso and obscures her face. By this time the auction master has entered the ring and he pulls her hair back into a pony tail, exposing her exquisite face, the high cheekbones revealing her good breeding. Her uncovered body is a work of art. Her breasts are very large, yet firm and upstanding, her nipples stand out long and erect from the slightly puffy areolae. She is paraded and her taut young body is a vision of perfection. The auction master was right, this is worth waiting for. She is led onto the rostrum and her flanks are caressed to show her condition, which is immaculate. Before the handler can even place a hand on her hanging udders and teats the milk is already flowing, first in drops then in a thin stream. Her body shudders as he takes hold of her teats and pulls a gushing stream of milk from her.

When the milk machine is attached to her teats the suction is stopped before the two minutes are up. The glass collection vessel is full and the automatic cut off switches off the suction. There is more milk coming out of her beautiful teats than any other cow the auction house has sold. She shudders with pleasure again as the suction cups are removed and moos longingly for the attention to carry on.

The auction handler drags her over to the breeding pole and chains her on. She is young, only just a full adult and doesn't understand what is happening. This is her first time at auction and the routine is new and confusing to her. The buyers know what is coming next though and the crowd drop to silence again as they await the bull. The wait is prolonged as he fails to show for first thirty seconds, then a minute, then another minute. The crowd don't utter a word and the tension grows thicker than a hot summers night. Then the crowd lean forward as one when the bull is pulled into the arena. He is reluctant, clearly exhausted and uninterested in more servicing. yet his resistance suddenly stops as he sees the golden haired cow chained to the pole. His body changes form, his frame rising and his senses sharpening. It takes no further effort to pull him over to circle the pole and he walks around the cow, enthusiastically following the handler. On the second circuit his cock begins to twitch and grow heavy, the cow's astonishingly lithe body clearly raising his body from it's subsidence.

The cow looks up at the bull and doesn't understand what is going on, I see quickly that she has never been taken before and her confusion at the sight of this young virile body and his huge member bewilders her. His cock is rising to attention, slower than normal due to his previous work and I move into action. She needs no further display and I want her for my next milk cow and maybe even as breeding stock. I walk back down the steps into the arena, dropping into the ring through the railings and I approach the cow. I walk straight up to face the bull and he quickly backs off, the handler pulling him away. His cock is now fully erect and he wants the golden haired cow badly but he sees that he'll never get the chance.

I reach down and grab the chains around the cow's neck, unclip her from the pole and lift her to her feet. She is unsure of who I am but I look her the the eyes and shrug the coat from my shoulders. I wrap my coat round her, pulling it round her back and taking a quick feel of her firm rump where the coat doesn't quite cover her buttocks. She self-consciously tries to pull the hem of the jacket down to cover her ass and pussy but I lift the garment just up over her rump and take a good hold of her fine flesh, she turns her head to look at me and I slap her ass hard, she starts but deep down she knows she belongs to a new owner.

I walk her out of the arena, passing the auction master and giving him the money he paid me earlier for my old cow. He takes it without a comment.

I own a new cow, the finest I have ever seen, she nuzzles up against me as I walk her away with me and I know that she will satisfy me.

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