tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Humiliation Of Jen Ch. 07

The Humiliation Of Jen Ch. 07


Recapping the characters:

My Ma, Pa, older brother Jethro and younger sister Trixie

My Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Shirley, and their 2 sons, Stan & Billy

My cousin Dirk

My boyfriend Bobby

Sonja, the bitch cheerleader


I had a restless night knowing that the photos I had so stupidly taken of myself were now in the hands of my Uncle Jimmy. He was lecherous at the best of times, so I dreaded the thought of how he might behave with the photos in his possession.

The following day was Friday and finally the big night of our orchestra performing at the concert in the stadium. You are probably thinking that with all the distractions I have had over recent weeks that the whole night was a disaster for me. Well much to my surprise, and no doubt yours, I played the violin beautifully. I hate to admit it, but I think the previous evenings intensive practice with Aunt Shirley ensured my mind was focused.

It was a shame my Ma and Pa were on holiday so they missed the concert, but the rest of the family came along. Aunt Shirley even managed to drag along my Uncle Jimmy. He was even complimentary about my performance. At least I think he was when he said I was a girl of many talents. I even got the chance to introduce my boyfriend, Bobby, to my Uncle and Aunt. I was a bit concerned at how my Uncle might react, but surprisingly he was rather cordial. It was a good night and for awhile I forgot all the other dramas that were going on in my life. That was until Uncle Jimmy brought me back to earth.

"Don't forget you have cheerleader training with Sonja in the morning. 10.00am sharp right here at the stadium."

"But Uncle Jimmy," I whined, "You promised to do me a deal."

"Yes, and I will. When I am ready. But Sonja is all committed for tomorrow and you are not going to let her down. She told me she is so looking forward to it."

"I bet she is," I snarled, fighting to contain my anger.

Saturday morning did not start well when I had to hitch a ride with my Neanderthal cousin, Billy, so he could drop me off at the stadium. We drove in silence, which suited me well.

Finally Billy spoke. "Are you going to wear your cheerleader uniform? I might come in and watch cause you look so cute."

I gave him an incredulous look, but bit my tongue and then looked the other way.

"You have a cute arse. We could all see it when you were dancing at Nicholls State." Billy giggled like an imbecile.

I felt embarrassed but refused to let it show. "Shut it, Billy," I snapped.

Fortunately we arrived at the stadium and I quickly exited the car, slammed the door, and stormed off. To my relief Billy drove away. The stadium was all locked up but Uncle Jimmy had told me I had to go to one of the side exits, and sure enough it was unlocked. As I entered the stadium I was all riled up and felt as if I wanted to strangle Sonja. Doing practice to be a cheerleader was about the least thing I wanted to do with my life at that moment, especially with Sonja who had been nothing but a bitch from the outset.

"Well if it isn't my star protégé," Sonja's voice beamed out as I entered the empty stadium. "I hear you made quite an impact at Nicholls State."

"It was totally degrading," I snapped back angrily.

"But I heard you really enjoyed it. Showing off your cute little butt. And such a distraction to the opposition you even put them off their game. Who would have believed it? Miss goodie-two-shoes develops into a little slut," Sonja laughed.

"I am not a slut," I smouldered, "And I did not enjoy it one little bit."

"That's not what Olivia told me."

"Who the fuck is Olivia?" I was getting angrier by the second.

"Remember the buxom blonde who walked in on you in the locker rooms. That is Olivia, who just happens to be a friend of mine. And from what she tells me you were behaving like a total slut, sitting in the locker room with your legs wide open. She tells me you looked awfully aroused, and that randy little bitch would know. She has fucked most of the Nicholls State team."

Sonja was laughing out loud and enjoying watching me squirm. I wanted to protest my innocence, but it is hard when you are feeling so guilty.

"Fuck you," I retorted. Not a very eloquent response but it is hard to think when you are both angry and embarrassed.

"Dear oh dear. Such language from an A+ student. However as much as I am enjoying our little raconteur we need to get practicing as I have a lunch date with Stan."

"Stan? Not my cousin Stan?"

Stan was Uncle Jimmy's oldest son.

Sonja nodded. "He is cute," she beamed.

"Cute!" I echoed incredulously. "He is about as cute as a dim-witted gorilla, but with a lower IQ."

"Ohhhh," Sonja pouted. "Is someone jealous? Did Jen fancy him all for herself?"

"You have got to be joking. Are you out of your mind, you stupid bimbo?"

My last comment made Sonja scowl. It obviously hit a nerve.

"Get changed," she snapped, "I haven't got all day."

I turned around to pick up my gym bag but it was not there. It has to be, I thought, foolishly turning around a second time as if I had somehow missed it. To my horror I then realised I had been so angry with Billy I had stormed out of the car without thinking of grabbing my bag from the back seat. Then I had a bright idea of how to turn it to my advantage.

"Oh dear. I seem to have left my bag in Billy's car," I chuckled. "Damn shame, but looks like it is no cheerleading for me today."

I turned to walk towards the exit.

"No matter," Sonja responded. "I guess I could always get Stan to take me around to your Uncles. He tells me he has got some great shots in his photo album he can't wait to show me?

I froze on the spot and a chill went down my spine. There was no way I wanted her to see those photos of mine. The whole college would know about it in record time and I would just die from humiliation.

"Sonja. I have not got my gym clothes." I tried to sound polite even though I was seething inside. "Do you want me to practice in my dress?"

It was a very hot and humid Louisiana day and I was just wearing a summer knee-length dress and sandals.

"No," Sonja cooed. "Take your dress off."

"Take my dress off. You are joking, right?"

"Not at all. The stadium is empty and there is only the two of us. I would have though this is pretty mild compared to your performance at Nicholls State."

"All right," I interjected. "I get the picture."

The last thing I wanted was to be reminded again of Nicholls State.

"I don't suppose the locker room is open?" I grimaced.

"No darling. Just drop your clothes down here. I am sure they will be fine. I promise I won't steal your dress, especially as I wouldn't be seen dead in it," Sonja added sarcastically.

Bashfully I turned my back to her, kicked off my sandals, then took hold of the hem of my dress and pulled it over my head. I was now standing in just my bra and panties. Slowly I turned back to face Sonja. I tried not to be embarrassed, telling myself we were both females. I just prayed no one else would walk into the stadium.

"And the rest," Sonja added nonchalantly.

What?" I exclaimed.

"We don't want your bra and panties getting all sweaty. You have to wear them home afterwards."

"Well thank you for being so considerate of my wellbeing, but I will keep my underwear on."

"Take them off, now," Sonja demanded.

I closed my eyes and tried to weigh up my options. But all I could think of was those damn shameful photos I had taken of myself. I had to work out a way of getting them back from Uncle Jimmy before the whole town had seen them. I figured getting on the wrong side of Sonja was not the brightest move at the moment.

With a deep sigh of resignation I reached up and unclasped my bra, letting it fall forward and slide down my arms onto the floor. I felt deeply humiliated, but forced myself to grasp the waistband of my knickers and quickly lower them to the floor. When I stood up I was totally naked, Sonja's eyes were roving over my body as if she was evaluating me like something she was thinking of purchasing.

"Right!" She finally clapped her hands. "Let's get underway. We will start with the fitness test."

"No," I groaned.

"Don't be a pathetic slob, Jen. Now here we go. One, squat down and place your hands on the floor. Two, push your legs out behind you. Three, do a push up. Four, pull yourself back to a squat and five, stand up."

I wanted to protest, but as soon as she began counting I quickly followed her instructions.

"Now keep going, Jen. You should be good for at least forty repeats now."

"Forty!" I managed to gasp while throwing my body into the squats. The squats were bad enough when dressed in gym clothing, but far worse when naked. My boobs were bouncing up and down and around, and then got squashed under me when I did a press up. It also felt so degrading to be squatting down and kicking my legs out knowing my buttocks and pussy were so exposed.

I desperately tried to keep focused on the squats and ignore the display I was putting on. I was half way through the target of forty I was determined to achieve when I became aware of movement behind me. Initially I thought it was Sonja, but then I realised she was standing beside me wearing a wicked grin from ear to ear. Frantically I spun around and screamed in shock and humiliation. My cousin Stan was standing about twenty feet away soaking up the view of the obscene gyrations I was putting my naked body through.

He had not entered through the doorway to the stadium as I would have noticed, so he must have been sitting up in the stadium seating where the lighting is not turned on therefore I had not noticed him. To my horror I realised he had seen me undressing until I was nude, and then had obviously come down for a closer look when I was doing my fitness test.

I was totally mortified. The thought of any male seeing me totally naked was a nightmare, but made far worse that it had to be one of Uncle Jimmy's boys who were both total creeps. I stood there, frozen in panic. I am sure my brain could not deal with the predicament and just shut down.

"Hello, my little stuck-up cousin" Stan drooled. "I bet you are glad to see I came along to keep an eye on you."

"Of course she is, Stan," Sonja added, fighting to suppress her giggles. "She is so proud to show her body off to you she is not even making an attempt to cover herself up."

With Sonja's comment my brain kicked back into gear, and I realised I was staring wide mouthed at Stan but had not thought to bring my hands up in front of my boobs and pubes to at least make an attempt to salvage some modesty. Frantically my hands snapped up in front of me and my eyes began scanning the stadium for somewhere to flee. But everything in the stadium was locked up, with the only unsecured door leading outside. As desperate as my plight was I was not about to run naked outdoors.

My eyes searched for my clothing, but only my sandals were still lying in the pile where I had discarded everything I was wearing. I realised Sonja must have placed them in the bag she still had slung over her shoulder.

"Give me my clothes bag, you bitch!" I vehemently protested.

"Are you sure?" Sonja smiled.

"Of course I am fucking sure, you stupid bimbo."

"Well, okay then. If you insist." Sonja opened her bag and began to remove my clothing. "It is just if you put you clothes on then the cheerleading practice is finished, which means Stan and I can go back to his pa's house to have a look at those photos he is keen to show me."

"What photos?" Stan queried.

"Well I haven't seen them, honey. But I believe they may just reveal something of your sweet, innocent little cousin here."

I closed my eyes in shame.

"Still wanting your clothes?" Sonja smirked as she pulled my clothing from her bag. "Here you go. Here is your bra and cute little cotton knickers. I thought only little girls wore them these days."

Sonja was intent on ratcheting up my humiliation, and she was doing a damn good job of it.

"I don't want them," I blurted out, not believing I was turning down the chance to get dressed and get away from the prying eyes of my decrepit cousin and his bitch girlfriend. However it somehow seemed preferable to Sonja and Stan viewing the photos from my camera. I am not sure why, but my brain was hardly functioning logically.

"You don't want them?" Sonja grinned. "Such a slut. Do you want to stay naked and show Stan and I your bouncy boobs and your sweet little pussy?"

"No!" I responded in outrage at the thought of Stan ogling my body even more than he already had.

"No, what? No you don't want your clothes, or no, you don't want to be naked?"

I was flustered and embarrassed beyond belief. I gulped down some big breaths and tried to think rationally. I was literally between a rock and a hard place. I was so aware of the two sets of eyes riveted on my body. Even though I had one arm over my breasts and the other in front of my pubes it was barely concealing my nakedness.

For a long while I just stood there, my mind in turmoil. There was something very unsettling about having Stan and Sonja staring at my body. It was having an impact on me emotionally in a way I couldn't begin to fathom. I finally made a decision.

"No, I don't want my clothes," I uttered in a whisper.

"What did you say?" Sonja grinned. "Did you hear what she said, Stan?"

"Nah. I heard nothing."

"I said I don't want my clothes back," I repeated louder.

"You mean you want to stay naked?" Stan's eyes lit up at the unexpected pleasure of being able to turn the tables on me.

I looked down at the floor in humiliation and said nothing. But Stan was not about to let me off the hook.

"If you want to stay naked, then you have to ask proper like."

"I don't understand," I mumbled.

"Boy. You sure are dumb. Ask us politely if you can stay in the nude."

I continued to stare at the floor, humiliation flooding over my body. "Please can I stay in the nude?" My voice was barely audible.

"Look me in the eye, and speak proper so we can hear ya." Stan demanded.

Slowly I raised my eyes until I was staring at the tall, rugged frame of my cousin. It is no surprise that people say he is the splitting image of his father, Uncle Jimmy. He must have been a foot taller than me, and his size coupled with my nakedness made me shiver with vulnerability.

I took a deep breath. "Please will you let me stay in the nude?" I repeated as loudly as I could.

"Of course we will, since you asked so nicely," Stan smirked, and I could hear Sonja chuckling beside me.

I was flushed with shame.

"Put your hands behind your back," Stan added.

"No!" I pleaded. "Please don't make me do that."

I desperately wanted to retain what little dignity I had.

"Put..your..hands..behind..your..back," Stan repeated slowly but firmly.

I resisted briefly before relenting, slowly letting my arms fall away from my body before I clasped my hands behind my back. Stan was standing no more than two yards in front of me and my fully naked body was now totally revealed to him. I could vividly see Stan's eyes roving from my breasts down to my pussy, then back up to my breasts again.

"You may be a stuck up bitch of a cousin, but your body ain't half bad," Stan was nodding his head in approval.

"Hey babe," Sonja interjected tersely, "Remember I am your hot girlfriend who will do anything for you."

With that Sonja stuck her finger in her mouth erotically and sucked on it. It was a clear and disgusting indication that she was the trash cocksucker I knew she was.

"Yeah, I know that baby. She's nowhere as cute as you. You know you have a body that most girls would die for. And I would know, wouldn't I babe." Stan winked at Sonja.

"I don't you damn forget it." Sonja was trying to look angry but the barely suppressed grin on her face indicated it was all an act.

"I won't baby. It is just that the last person in the world I thought I would see nude is my eighteen year old frigid cousin, and goddamnit I am going to enjoy every minute of it."

I could not believe I was just standing there on display while the two lovebirds were having their verbal exchange. I actually winced when Stan described me as 'frigid'. I wanted to protest but my acid tongue had already got me in enough trouble in recent weeks so I remained silent.

Stan turned his attention back to me, and this time his eyes focused on my pubic triangle. "Don't you know that guys like it when girls shave their pussy? There is nothing like licking a bald pussy. But then I guess you are too much of a stuck up snob to worry what guys think?"

"Of course she's too stuck up," Sonja couldn't resist chiming in.

I was crestfallen. I should have been angry, but instead I just felt humiliated.

"Open your legs, Jen." Stan quietly commanded.

I looked at him and blinked several times nervously, then slowly shook my head from side to side.

"Open...your...legs, Jen," he repeated slowly.

My heart was pounding so hard I almost thought I would faint. I shuffled my legs open about six inches.

"Wider, Jen."

I groaned, but incredibly I did as he requested and slid my feet wider apart.

"Holy smoke, that's incredible." Sonja sounded incredulous. "I can't believe she actually did it."

"You like being naked in front of your big cousin Stan, don't you Jen?"

"I most certainly don't," I quickly protested.

"Then why are you nipples so fucking hard?" Stan raised one eyebrow.

I quickly glanced down at my breasts and was mortified to see he was right. My nipples were sticking out and rock hard. I think I blushed from head to toe with shame. Instinctively I brought both of my hands around and cupped my breasts.

"Put your hands behind your back like I told you," Stan commanded.

I felt like a naughty child being scolded by an angry parent. For several moments I held my hands over my boobs in defiance, but then relented and clasped them behind me again.

For what seemed an eternity Stan just stared at me, soaking up the sight of my naked body. He was clearly enjoying himself a great deal and was in no rush to end my ordeal.

"I asked you why your nipples are so hard, Jen?" he finally uttered.

"I don't know," I pouted.

I truly could not comprehend why my body was reacting this way. I was being humiliated by Stan and Sonja. But I could not deny there were other feelings beginning to modulate through my young body. It was exquisite torture standing naked in front of the two of them. I realised I was having the same feelings I had when I revealed myself in front of the mirror. The realisation hit me like a hammer blow.

"Are you getting excited?" Stan goaded. "Is that your dirty little secret? My little prim and proper, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, cousin actually gets her rocks off being seen naked."

"Oh my god. You are right, Stan" Sonja added excitedly. "My friend, Olivia, is a cheerleader at Nicholls State and when she walked into the locker room after the game your slut of a cousin was sitting there with no panties on and her legs wide open so anyone could see her pussy According to Olivia she looked awfully like she was aroused."

I closed my eyes in shame. "I wasn't," I protested weakly.

Stan ignored my protest. "Is that so? Who would have thought it? My little cousin is a closet exhibitionist. That is so damn unbelievable."

When I opened my eyes again Stan was standing right in front of me, less than a foot away.

"Am I right?" he queried, while staring at me intensely.

"No," I responded feebly, my voice sounding like a croak.


Without warning Stan raised his big mitt of a hand and squeezed my cheeks. Then to my shock he kissed me on my puckered lips, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I immediately reacted by trying to pull my head away but Stan's hand gripped my firmly.

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