tagRomanceThe Humper Game Pt. 02 Ch. 02

The Humper Game Pt. 02 Ch. 02


Author's note:

This is, in all its seven parts and their many chapters, one very, very long story. If long stories bother you, I suggest you read something else.

No part of this story is written so as to stand on its own. I strongly suggest that you start with Part 1 and read sequentially—giving up at any point you choose, of course.

All sexual activity portrayed anywhere in this story involves only people at least eighteen years old.


Eventually Monday morning did arrive. I was given a room to report to, in the staff office wing. This was something of a surprise to me. But I thought there are a lot more offices than staff members who need them, and I discovered pretty quickly that there was more to these offices than I had yet met.

I was sent on, with brief directions, by the person at the door monitor's desk. I went to the specified room, which was on the second floor. The other wings I knew didn't even have a second floor. I knocked on the door, heard, "Come on in," and entered.

Mrs. Lanigan was sitting behind a small desk. She got up and came around to me. When I had met her before, she had been seated, and my impression was that she was at least as tall as I was, but I now discovered that she was two or three inches shorter. She was quite a few years older than I was, apparently more than I would have guessed before, and to my mind a very beautiful woman.

She took my hand, and said, "Welcome, Phil. And yes, for these sessions it's Phil and Bella. If, say, I'm on door duty at the girls' wing, or any time you should meet me after this week is up, you will address me as Mrs. Lanigan, and I will call you Morris. It's going to be up to you to remember this. I'll have to be rather severe if you call me Bella at other times, but you should know that this is always something of a hurdle, for all concerned. It is harder for those in more regular contact than you and I. So, how do you respond?"

"Hello, Bella. I'm very pleased to find you here. Given things I was told, I had expected it, but I'm pleased none the less. Beyond that, you're going to have to continue telling me what you expect me to say and do. If it's inappropriate for me to tell you that you're very attractive, I hope you'll overlook it."

"Especially since you didn't actually tell me that? Of course."

She led me over to a sofa at one side of the office, and we sat down. "What do you expect from this session, Phil?"

"From what has always been said about this week, I expect you to give me instruction in making love. No doubt verbal instruction, but as this has been referred to as a hands-on or practical session, quite a few times, I presume that at least part of the process involves my following your instructions and making love to you. And I know that I'm then to practice with some chosen partner, not chosen by me of course, from my class.

"I assume, but really don't know, that usually the student is less experienced than most of us actually are this year. The gym game was presented as an innovation, but of course it may not have been, or there might have been other games in past years which would have the same effect. I would have thought this might make your job more difficult, but I don't know enough."

She took my hand in hers. "You're absolutely right. It was an innovation, and we don't know whether it will make things easier or more difficult. I gather that you were among the most successful at it, and that your success carried beyond gym class. So some of the time, I will be asking you questions about your own experience, even with the notes I was given on partners you had, forfeit girls you visited, and so on. I do know, for example, that almost from the beginning, you engaged in foreplay, in the form of kisses and caresses and cunnilingus. Most of the boys, if they did any of these, didn't start out that way. Please tell me why you did."

I thought back a moment. I had almost asked what cunnilingus was, but then had realized that I had been taught the term at some point. And in context it wasn't much of a jump. "The first time, actually, I didn't—not exactly. Jenny and I had been friends, fairly close, though we had kind of fallen apart over time. I didn't know that she had a crush on me, in freshman year, and she didn't pursue it because there didn't seem to be any point. Romantic relationships were frowned on and stymied if necessary. That first day in the game, we may have kissed, I'm not sure, but not at length. But she was in fact only technically a virgin. From what she said, she had a lot of experience, all auto-erotic." See, I could use technical terms, too! "So she came without foreplay. At the end, she was rather taken aback by the mess—we both were, but she far more—and she cleaned me up with her mouth. How could I not at least try to reciprocate? So I did. Cunnilingus if you will, but not aiming to stimulate.

"Later that day, Claire—excuse me. Jenny is O'Malley, and Claire is Delaney. I'll try to keep remembering to use last names. Delaney was forfeit, and rather emotionally depressed because of what had preceded, but she was quite willing for me to proceed according to the rules. Not only willing, she said she would rather it was me than a lot of boys who might eventually show up. Not exactly eager, though. Anyway, her dreams, before she decided to try to come here, were of losing her virginity as part of a romantic process, fine dinner, flowers, I don't know what else. She asked me to kiss her for a while, as being about all that could be done in that direction. I was certainly more than happy to do so. She was one of my own main daydreams, in past years. I wasn't attracted only to her appearance, but also to her personality and manner and, well, everything about her. So, there being no one waiting or, as far as I knew then, even observing, we kissed for a brief few minutes.

"The next forfeit I visited was Dearie. She had been thoroughly brutalized, and somewhat traumatized, by Wagner as he performed anal sex on her. She was really hoping to escape notice, but when I approached her she was willing to abide by the rules, however distasteful it might be. She had, it seemed, watched me with Delaney, and she warned me not to expect her to kiss me. I wouldn't have offered, as it happened, because she was always so standoffish that I would have been sure she would reject such a suggestion.

"We talked a bit, and it occurs to me that you didn't mention that in your list of foreplay, but I wonder whether the biggest difference in my approach from, well, everyone else was that I almost always tried to talk to the girl first. So, um, she was afraid of sex and especially of losing her virginity, partly because she had overheard her mother and an older sister talking about how painful that was. There was more to her fear, but I think it's not mine to tell, without her presence or explicit permission.

"At any rate, I offered to eat her pussy, not as serious arousal, but simply in the hope of relaxing her and providing some lubrication. And my offer was stated in those terms. On thinking about it, she agreed that it might help. In the end, I think it must have helped a lot. She expressed gratitude to me for being gentle, but also said that her best hope had been 'not absolutely awful' (or maybe 'unbearably' or something), and that I had somehow made it actually a little good. And that really meant a lot to me.

"My next visit was to Bolton. She had seen me with both Delaney and Dearie. She was really rather cheerful at the prospect of my screwing her, which won't surprise you that much if you know her, her approach to life in general is cheerful. She said she hoped I might do one or both of the activities she had observed, and so I did both. She was already kind of turned on, though, whether just from the situation or from watching I'm not sure. She wound up with a screaming orgasm, which I stifled with my hand before it drew a crowd. Everyone else, except these three forfeits and me, was off watching Wagner and his gang pounding Ms. Miller, and I guess no one heard. Ms. Miller was, of course, the fourth forfeit, and she was busy being pounded.

"Anyway, I can't think of what else I can say in answer to your question."

"That's much more than I expected you to say, but it's helpful. I know that—. Excuse me. The staff members try not to descend to gossip, but we have a responsibility to keep track of the students' lives in various ways, and sometimes there is not much difference. About the time of the class you've been describing, there was a great change in the way Barbara Dearie related to people. You understand, we were concerned about her deep reserve, as she was, and is, an admirable young woman in every other way I know of. And suddenly she became somewhat outgoing! We thought that her sudden change was a very good thing, but since we didn't understand it we were concerned about that, too. I think you've just cleared up a mystery that had us a little worried. The explanation which was suggested, that Wagner's performing anal sex on her was somehow the cause, simply did not seem likely to anyone."

"There was more to it than that, though I think I was somewhat involved at all points. I think you, someone on staff I mean, whom she would recognize as having grounds for wanting to know beyond mere nosiness, will have to ask her, but I think she will be forthcoming to the right person asking the right questions. She's aware of the personality change, too, and she is generally very happy with it, but it's still sometimes hard for her."

"Thank you. But that's rather off the topic we need to pursue. Your—may I say your harem, since others seem to describe them that way?—all of them seem to be devoted to you, not just sexually but certainly in that. I gather that you can't be making a lot of the mistakes boys your age are apt to make. But our job now is for me to try to instruct you. I'm merely pointing out that the level of instruction needed in this case may be somewhat different than many would need.

"So. What I want you to do now is pretend that I'm a young woman from your class, with whom you have been assigned to have sex, one way or another. If I interrupt to offer critique or suggestions, please listen and try to follow them, but otherwise it is Phil making love to Bella. Please begin by kissing me, now, as you, personally, would the girl in such a case.

"But before you begin, I must stress something I should have said earlier. There are some rules you should keep in mind in these situations. The first rule is that your partner's enjoyment and satisfaction should come first for you. And yours for her, of course.

"The second is a bit more complicated, to state and to do. You need to listen carefully to your partner, at all times. I don't mean only to what she says—that too of course!—but everything about her. Noises besides speech, the movements of her body, anything that may give you clues to what she is thinking and feeling. Sometimes you must ask her, and that's fine, but what you can learn by attending to her is more important."

I did my best. We sat and kissed, after the first few minutes pretty intensely. As she pressed more closely against me, my hand found its way to one of her breasts, and as I stroked it through her clothes the nipple stood up and became hard. I moved to the other, with similar results. I backed off enough to say, "Here I'm in a bit of a quandary. In the gym game, depending on the situation, I either removed the girl's clothes, or she did. Rules of the game. And I removed mine, likewise. It was only then that any kissing or fondling began. With the girls, um, my harem you're calling them, we haven't started off sitting together, we've been standing, and generally most of the clothes would be off at this point. Should I pull you to your feet and treat you as I've been treating them? If not, um, I find this a bit awkward as a position for going on."

"Try what has worked in the past. Perhaps later we can see what might work as we are."

So I stood, taking her by the arm and gently but firmly bringing her up with me. Now we could face each other, and I took her in my arms and kissed her again. My hands wandered to both breasts, and I caressed them both. In a moment, I reached down under her blouse and for a few moments caressed the breasts through her bra, then unfastened the bra and moved my hands to the breasts under the cups.

She moaned a little and kissed me harder. I unbuttoned her blouse and then slid it down her arms and off, and then the same for the bra. She moaned more as I bent to kiss and suck on the nipples. I pulled off my shirt and tossed it on top of hers, then embraced her more tightly, kissing her on the mouth again.

By this time we were both breathing faster. I knelt, and pulled her shorts and underwear down, untying the shoes and picking up her feet out of them one at a time, removing the socks.

I stood and embraced her again, kissing her, while one hand went to her pussy. She was very wet, as I had known from the crotch of her panties as I had pulled them off. I stroked as best I could, then sat her on the couch.

At this point, she spoke up. "Mostly, there's nothing to criticize about what you've been doing, and so no reason to interrupt. But that last bit suggests that a lesson is in order. I'm very sorry to interrupt things, and I assure you that none of my reactions have been feigned in the least.

"You were about to kneel down and begin using your tongue, weren't you? Go ahead and kneel. That way you can see what I'm talking about."

I did kneel, and she gave me pointers regarding female anatomy. She did warn me, "Different women respond differently. What I'm telling you derives partly from what helps me, and partly from a knowledge of what's most common. You still need to pay attention to your partner. I think you have already been doing that." She pointed out physiological signs of arousal already visibly present in her external genitals. She indicated the areas that were most sensitive, those that definitely needed lubrication, whether from inside the vagina or from saliva or other external substances. She had me touch and stroke in various ways, telling me what was helpful and what wasn't. She said that most of what she was saying applied both to stroking with fingers and to stimulation with tongue and lips. How hard to caress, with fingers or tongue. (Those are different, she said, because the tongue, lacking bone, is generally softer.)

At that point, she had us stand up, and told me to kiss her and enjoy her breasts again for a little while, and then proceed as I had, taking into account what she had told me. I first fingered, and then licked and nuzzled. From her nonverbal noises and her breathing, and the motion of her hips as I caressed, I was pretty sure that she was near to coming, and I wasn't sure whether I should continue as I had been, or move on top of her and come in. I decided to continue. With the girls, I had often been able to bring on an orgasm and then later another when I was inside, and after all Bella could always stop me and tell me she wanted something different. I was trying to take advantage of what she had told me.

The orgasm, when it came, was somewhat extreme, or so it seemed to me. Her noises weren't very loud, but they sounded urgent and desperate, and they went on for a while. Finally they wound down, and she said, "Phil, please, if you're considering continuing with that, don't. That was wonderful, and I want you inside me now. But in any case, you need to know, after and even during an orgasm there's usually a little while when those sensitive areas are very sensitive indeed, and almost anything you might do with tongue or fingers will hurt or at least be uncomfortable. Women vary in this, but that is very common."

I positioned myself on top of her and let her guide me in. By this time, of course, I was way beyond ready myself, but I tried to relax and slow down some for her. I kissed her, once, at length, but soon she shook her head, ending the kiss. "Phil, some women will want that at this point, and I might if things were a little different, but right now it's just distracting. Please, pay attention first to what you're doing inside me." So I thrust in and out, trying to rub areas she had mentioned earlier, as far as possible. I wasn't at all sure I was going to last, with the sensations around my cock increasing as her own urgency and tension increased. Finally, I found myself unable to hold back any longer, and I buried myself in her and ground against her. She began to come too, then, as violently as she had earlier.

When we both were done, and gasping somewhat for breath, she said, "I hope that in the end you find a woman who can treat you that well. For now, let's get dressed, and then we'll have some time to discuss what you've learned."

I did what I probably would have done with any of my girls, namely stole a few kisses and caresses before I got up. She didn't correct me regarding this.

We got dressed and moved back to the desk. She said, "I think it will work better if we begin with your own reactions. How do you think it went?"

"I was always very conscious of your dual role. Any time I was the least unsure about what to do, well, with someone else I would have asked or else just forged ahead. But I dithered, with you. I appreciate your telling me not to lick any more, since that was your preference. I was dithering then, and probably would have continued as I had been doing in hopes of making it good for you another time. I know that it was good for you, both times, as it was. I almost couldn't hold back long enough."

"You showed considerable skill, even ignoring what I stopped you to instruct you in. I did enjoy it, pretty much all of it, and if I were quite a few years younger, and not married and devoted to my husband, I might be very jealous of your partner and your harem. I hope that what I showed you will help you ignore what doesn't matter very much and focus on the places that do. That's in terms of the physical part of the act only, though, and in a lot of ways that doesn't matter all that much. You do seem to have a good grasp of the fact that this activity involves relationships, even in a relatively transient encounter such as yours and mine. In the end, as you continue in longer-term relationships, that perspective is most important.

"And while your relationships with the girls in your harem are long-term compared to ours, they all will end with the end of this year, if not before. Some may be resumed sometime, somewhere else. Maybe very soon, but they will be different.

"The only specific critique I have is that your partner, not only this afternoon, may prefer to undress herself, or to undress you while you undress her. Be listening.

"All right. We have another hour or so. First, I give you your assignment for this afternoon. You are to return here, to this office. Through that door is a small bedroom, by the way, and you should use it. But wait in here until your partner arrives, then go with her into the bedroom. Practice the activities we've already engaged in. I don't mean to be giving you a detailed agenda, I mean make love to her, using all of the techniques you used with me, in a way that will be appropriate for the two of you.

"I should say, this is not my regular office, merely one I am using as your instructor. Do you have any questions for me at this point?"

"I can't think of any, except who my partner is going to be, and I know you won't tell me."

"That's correct. Then, will you please take a few minutes and tell me anything more about your range of sexual experience. It may help me over the rest of the week."

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