tagRomanceThe Humper Game Pt. 02 Ch. 06

The Humper Game Pt. 02 Ch. 06


Author's note:

This is, in all its seven parts and their many chapters, one very, very long story. If long stories bother you, I suggest you read something else.

No part of this story is written so as to stand on its own. I strongly suggest that you start with Part 1 and read sequentially—giving up at any point you choose, of course.

All sexual activity portrayed anywhere in this story involves only people at least eighteen years old.


As soon as we were back in Samantha's room, well, after a couple of enthusiastic kisses, Samantha sat down in a chair. "Phil, I have two things I want to talk about, and if we don't talk now they're going to distract me so much I won't be much good to you. OK, that's an exaggeration, but can we please talk first?"

"Any time you think we need to talk, that comes first. I mean it."

"Thank you, I know you wouldn't just say that. By now I really do know why you've had this little harem when no one else has had anything like it. The rules tell us to be courteous and considerate, but you really do it! 'Rules? I don't need no stinkin' rules!' Thank you!

"But the first thing is this, and I have to explain a lot, so please don't interrupt. Sometime in the last two days, today I think but it's kind of blurring together in places, you called me Sam. And I almost interrupted to tell you not to call me that, and I'm so glad I didn't! When I was little, my family called me Sam, and when I started to school that's what I went by, too. And then some girls teased me about it. They said it was a boy's name, and that it must mean I was really a boy, or that I wanted to be a boy—they didn't always say the same things. Well, you know little kids, I would think.

"So I started insisting on Samantha. I told my teachers and my parents I was through being Sam forever, and when my parents called me Sam I just ignored them, pretended I didn't hear, until they either remembered or got so mad that they said Samantha Elaine Bruja. Then I would pretend that I hadn't heard all the other times. I was just so stubborn about it that in the end I won, and I've been Samantha to everybody ever since. Or Bruja, of course. And if I heard some other girl, usually also Samantha, being called Sam, it just made my guts twist up until they really hurt. I'm not being figurative there, either, or exaggerating even one little bit, it really and truly made me feel sick.

"But anyway, you just said it that once, I don't know why you did it. And it bothered me. But then, I thought and thought about it, ever since. And I realized, I told you that you have a right to call me most anything, the most awful names, but you're always considerate. And then I realized that somehow I've really changed, inside, thanks to what happened with Wagner and his friends, but even more thanks to you. And I really want to be Sam to you, and maybe to everybody. Will you please call me Sam from now on? I know you'll forget a lot, and that's fine, and if you do don't waste two seconds worrying about it, but please start trying to call me Sam and think of me as Sam. I think Samantha died that night I helped them abuse poor Maggie Brown and got raped myself for it, and I'd just as soon she stayed dead."

I got up from the bed, where I had sat down as she talked, and went to her and stood her up, then sat down in her chair and pulled her into my lap. She had been holding back the tears, but now they started. I said, "Sam, I'll call you anything you want. I don't know where it came from that once, either, I don't remember saying it. I did know a Samantha in grade school who went by Sam. But I know better than anyone that you're a totally different person. The old Samantha wouldn't have been sitting there at supper trying to figure out what she could do for Jenny, wishing she could think of something. And a million other things, too. But I will try to remember. Sooner or later someone will ask me why I'm doing it and probably whether they should, too. The first question is easy, you asked me to, but you'll need to clue me in on the second. Right now you said you haven't made up your mind on that one. And that's fine. Let me know whenever you do."

I just sat there holding her in my lap for a couple of minutes. I eventually said, "There were two things, Sam. And the second?"

"I'm worried about Jenny. I know, in a way that's ridiculous, she only asked me to be her friend because of you, and just today, but everything there was about her at supper says something's very wrong. And even if she weren't your really good friend, and even if she hadn't gone out of her way to be nice to me at lunch, I'd be worried. I'm glad you asked her earlier, but I feel like we ought to do something. 'We!' Listen to me! I mean I feel like you ought to do something, and I ought to push you to do it and make it possible somehow.

"OK, that's not helpful, since I don't know what you can or should do. I just want you to know that if something comes up, don't hesitate one moment on my account. Please.

"Oh, and I'm glad she flashed you, there in the lav before supper. I'm sure you enjoyed it, and maybe it means things aren't so bad after all."

I sat there holding her for a minute. "Sam, dear, thank you. If I could think of something to do, I would do it, and I admit I wouldn't check with you if there didn't seem to be time, but I would have worried." And I just continued to sit a little longer.

And there was a knock on the door. Sam got up quickly, saying to me, "It's my room, I'll get it," and opened the door. No reason not to open it wide, at that point, of course. Jenny was standing there, looking really distraught. She said, "Samantha, can I talk to Phil? Please?"

"Of course! Come on in! I'll go off to, I guess at this point it will have to be the cafeteria, or down by the monitor's station. Can one of you come for me when you're done?"

Jenny came in and came up to face me. She spoke to Sam. "No! I didn't mean you need to leave, or that you can't hear. Really!" She was sounding almost frantic.

I stepped up to her and just held her. I looked at Sam over her shoulder, and she nodded at me. So I just stood there for a minute or two. Jenny didn't seem like she was about to burst into tears or anything, but she was tense and maybe even shaking a little.

"Jenny, we can stand like this as long as you need, but maybe you'd rather sit. And take as long as you need, but if you need to talk to me, you're going to have to talk."

She put her arms around me and hugged me very tightly. Finally, she said, "I'm not even sure why I'm here. I need to talk to somebody, and everybody's busy, but you kind of invited me and promised you'd stop and listen even if I came at a bad time." She seemed to come into focus for the first time, and glanced around the room. "And it looks like it wasn't that bad, you don't seem to have been in the middle of anything hard to interrupt. Is it still OK?"

Sam, bless her heart, was the one who answered, instantly. "Jenny, he told me what he'd said to you, and said that if you came needing to talk we would stop for you, even if we were in the middle of screwing or whatever. And I said I was glad. You looked even more like, like things were broken, there at supper than you had at lunch. I don't want to be nosy, but if we can help, either or both of us, we've both been worrying and wondering how we could. Really! We had just been sitting and talking about a couple of things, but the main one, literally just seconds before you knocked, was that.

"And I know you don't know me that well, and you don't feel comfortable around me, and it's really understandable. I meant what I said about going off to give you two privacy."

At that point, Jenny did begin crying. She leaned back so she could look straight at me and said, "Phil, you think I'm attractive, don't you?"

"What, you think I was pretending since the third week of this year? There are more beautiful girls in our class, but you're lovely, and you've turned me on over and over just looking at you. Are you saying your partner thinks you're not?" I used his name, but I'm going to leave that out, just as I left out the names of most of Wagner's little gang. "He would have to be crazy!"

"Not really crazy, but—. It's like this. Last night he left me in my room, without kissing or touching me at all. He did what was required this afternoon, but no more. And after all, all he had to do was let me get him off! He went off to another boy's room. His boyfriend." (She added that name, too.) "He's gay. He can manage to do things with me, but he doesn't want to. He doesn't find me the least bit attractive, he said that, and just because I have breasts and not a cock. He said, 'Don't wave those udders at me, I'm not your baby.'" She was crying in earnest, now. "He went off again tonight. And I just can't bear being there alone in my own room, hearing couples all around me, one more night. Or at least, not without venting, which I guess is why I'm here."

I thought about what I could do. I had an idea. "Well, it's against the rules, and I'm freely offering something that's not mine, but you can stay here tonight." Behind Jenny, Sam was nodding hard, over and over. "Only, Sam, it's a lot to ask. I don't really understand these few threesomes they referred to, and we aren't officially one. And no matter what, there just is not room for three people to sleep together in one of these beds."

Jenny's jaw dropped. "You would let me stay here all night? I could grab a couple of sheets and a pillow, or something, and sleep on the floor, if it really is OK with you. You two." She let go of me and turned to look at Sam. "Would you do that? I don't know why, but being in here with you two screwing just feels a whole lot different from hearing happy noises from all the other rooms, and way better."

Sam said, "I think that's not quite what Phil meant, and if it was, it shouldn't have been. Someone will have to sleep on the floor, and I think it's fair for it to be you. Fine. But first, someone who does love you and thinks you're beautiful and wonderful is going to have to do something for you. You may get kept awake by hearing him with me, too, but if you think you can bear that without any attention from Phil, you should be able to do it a lot better if you get a turn first. And I've been hearing about how generous you've been about sharing him out. If you think I won't do likewise, think again!"

I said, "This is a problem that matters beyond what happens in this room tonight. I want to go see if I can't talk to someone and get heard. It may not do any good, but I have to try. Is it all right if I leave you two here for a while? I hope it won't be very long, but I can't guarantee that, any more than I can guarantee that it will do any good."

Sam reached into her pocket, and handed me her key. This was something like a declaration of absolute trust. We had been told, often the first year, at least once at the beginning of each year since, never to lend our keys to anyone. This also meant that the two girls couldn't even go down to the lavatory together while I was gone, as the doors stayed locked whenever they shut. I was touched beyond belief. I grabbed her and gave her a quick kiss. "Thank you. I'll try really hard not to lose it." I was actually more worried about getting it mixed up with mine. But trial and error should give me the right one, if I did.

I went down to the hall monitor's desk. A woman I had seen around but never met was on duty. She looked at me inquiringly. I said, "I'm not actually going out. I hope. I'm Phil Morris, by the way. I urgently need to talk, briefly, with my instructor. Instructress. She's Bella Lanigan. You can phone her, can't you?"

"We're not supposed to do that except in emergencies. Is this really one?"

"Well, it's not like a fire or explosion. But if I recall, a dictionary definition of 'emergency' is something like an unforeseen circumstance requiring immediate action. It is that. Please."

She pulled out her phone, pushed various buttons, pushed more, and waited. She identified herself and said, "I'm really sorry to interrupt. Phil Morris is here, and he says he urgently needs to talk to you." She listened for a few moments, then handed me the phone.

I stepped a few paces away, carefully staying on the girls' wing side of the desk. I tried to speak fairly quietly. "Bella?"

"Phil, this is a particularly bad time. I hope it really is important."

"I'm sorry about the timing. You have a meeting early tomorrow of the instructors, or something like that, isn't that right?"

"Something of the sort, yes. What do you need?" There were somewhat strange noises in the background. Bella's speech was also not her usual diction, almost as if she were having to breathe after every couple of words.

"One of my friends, Jenny O'Malley, is right now in Samantha's room, in tears. Her partner, it turns out, is gay. Last night, he abandoned her immediately after supper to go off to his boyfriend's room for the night, telling her she had nothing whatever to attract him. Tonight, the same. Now, I know there are these threesomes, though I don't know details of how they work. For tonight, O'Malley is sleeping in Samantha's room, and I think they're going to take turns with me, at least to some degree. I would like to request that something be done to formalize this, and I was afraid if I left it until I see you after breakfast it would be too late, for at least one more day. I know we're violating the rules, but Jenny really is falling apart."

There was a pause, broken by more noises. Bella's voice said, "Thank you for notifying me, and I agree that you had no better approach, though this one was not a good choice either. But I will see that it gets brought up. Goodbye."

There were some clunks which I could only interpret as the phone being set down. I'm sorry to have to admit that I continued listening. There were more noises of movement, and a series of moans in Bella's voice, and then what I could easily recognize as orgasmic cries, Bella's version. I looked carefully at the phone and broke the connection, and then stepped over and returned it to the monitor.

"I'm afraid I eavesdropped, Morris. I don't think that was the right approach, but you didn't really have any knowledge of how else to do it, did you? You're a brave young man. Probably you should have asked me what you asked Mrs. Lanigan, first, but I'm just as glad you didn't."

She was a grandmotherly type, and I had heard her name when she spoke to Bella. "I also eavesdropped. You're Mrs., or Miss, or Ms. Voorhees. I don't know what you usually do, though I've seen you. But I'm pleased to meet you."

"Mrs. Voorhees, yes. I'm part of the housekeeping staff, and other things as needed. No one would want me instructing someone like you in sexual activities, so I cover here right now."

"Housekeeping? You heard what I was saying to Mrs. Lanigan, you said. I have a girl expecting to spend the night sleeping on the floor. We were going to get a little bedding, but the floor is awfully hard and cold. Do you have any suggestions? I know I would be grateful."

She told me where a cupboard was with some spare couch cushions, and suggested that those might work. She did ask, "If you can, would you make sure there's a sheet on them, and also do your sexual activities in the regular bed? Those cushions can be hard to clean, when stuff gets into them." I gratefully assured her that we would do that. I went around her, up through the cafeteria doorway and around the corner where she specified, and came back with a long cushion and a shorter one, each almost as wide as that bed. She waved me on, and didn't even check me out and back in again.

I came back and unlocked Sam's door, brought my cushions in, and gave her back her key. Someone had indeed collected bedclothes and a pillow. I wondered whether two pillows might be desirable, then decided to let Jenny make that decision.

I told them about my talk with Mrs. Voorhees, and about my call to Bella. I didn't see any point in trying to keep her name from Jenny. Jenny was tearfully grateful to me, and I had to point out that we had no idea whether anything would come of it.

I also told them, "This is not to go further. From the call, it became clear that Bella was on her back in bed being screwed, I assume by her husband. And, in fact, since she failed to hang up and I kept listening, I can say that she had an orgasm almost immediately after she put the phone down. I wonder whether she failed to hang up on purpose."

We all needed the lavatory by this time, so we went off together. I needed a toilet this time—even if there had been urinals—and I was the one slowing us all down. On the way back, Jenny hurried off to her room, quite a bit farther along, returning with a change of clothes.

We got ready for bed. Jenny hadn't thought to bring her toothbrush, and was about to go back for it, but I just handed her mine. Sam smiled fondly at me but didn't comment. When we were undressed, none of us made any move to put anything on for the night. We quickly got the cushions covered and arranged for Jenny. Sam told her, "If you don't mind, you're up first. I'm going to get him all night."

I was up and very hard already. I told Jenny, "I know we're really supposed to practice what we were taught today, but that's not what I want from you. The last three times I had with you, you sucked on me. I know you learned a lot today, but even so." I said in an aside to Sam, "This was last week, when nothing else was practical. Jenny arranged a schedule so that I got it enough to last me for a long time. I don't mean I didn't enjoy it, every single time." Continuing to Jenny, "And in any case, I really don't want you to do the thing where I come all over you and make a big mess. There's no shower in here, and I don't really want to brave the shower room with all that. If somehow you really want that, then maybe later in the week, or thereafter.

"But I am curious. Did you successfully navigate deep throat? Or are you one of the whatever percentage who can't do it without throwing up or constantly wanting to? I don't want you to show me now, either way."

"I managed it just fine, thank you. And I look forward to showing you sometime. So, what are we going to do? Since it seems you're definitely taking charge, this time."

"Start by just stepping up and kissing me, then, and after that follow my lead."

We kissed, at length, but she was still tense, not able to enjoy it. I finally said, "OK, lie down on the bed, face down." Jenny looked at me a little anxiously, but did it. I straddled her hips, resting some of my weight on her butt, and bent over her and started massaging her shoulders and back. I had no skill in this area, but I didn't think what she needed was the massage as such but some loving attention with no demands. After a few minutes, she really had relaxed noticeably. I was starting to be afraid she might just fall asleep. I thought she hadn't slept much the night before. Of course, Sam and I hadn't, either.

I should add, there were plenty of noises from the rooms around us. In addition to the ones you might expect, there was quiet talking, and occasional laughter, too. I'm not going to say this again unless it made a difference, but you can take it for granted.

I told her, "Please roll over now." When she did, I lay down next to her and kissed her. Just got my arms around her, and kissed. She said, between kisses, "You are so nice to me! The back rub really did help, and you're not pushing me to get it over with, even though you've got someone else you owe attention to. I don't know whether I'll come or not, anyway, and I really don't care. I want you to go ahead."

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