The In-Laws


I heard Sue tell Kay it was time and without hesitation Kay lay down beside me and took my cock in her hands. Kay was licking and rubbing all over my meat and then Sue joined in. At this point Jean so close and Sue instructed me to take her mom's clit into my mouth and suck as hard as I could. With that Jean began to scream; Sue your husband is fucking me so good with his tongue, I'm cumming, this fucker is making me cum, oh honey his tongue is so good, your husband is making your mom cum. Jean continued wailing out Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! Lick my cunt, keep licking your mother-in-laws cunt, keep licking, and keep licking! She repeated it repeatedly. Again she arched her back, tightened her legs around my head, and gave me the last bit of her cum juices.

Kay had a grip on my cock like a vice; I broke free and rose to my knees. I instructed Kay and Sue to lay to the left and right of their mother. I took my meat in my hands, placed it at Jean’s cunt lips, and pushed into her. She squealed and began a wild bucking motion; back and forth, her hips were moving at an incredible pace, Jean was bucking so wildly I could barely keep my cock inside her.

I pushed maybe 8 inches or so into her and begin a slow in and out rhythm finally getting about 10 inches into her when she began to beg me to slam fuck her cunt, repeatedly asking me to slam it deeper inside her. I quickly stopped and pulled my meat out l leaving Jean whimpering and moaning for me to put the fucker back into her. I then instructed Kay to taste how sweet her mom's cunt juices were and she eagerly complied. As I pulled away from Kay, she fought to keep a grip on my cock. Breaking free from her again I slide it back inside of Jean and picked up the pace where her and I had left off. As Jean and I pounded each other I abruptly stopped again, pulled my drenched cock meat out, and instructed Sue to the same as Kay had done. Sue eagerly began to mouth my juice soak meat, as she worked it with her mouth she was finger fucking her pussy into a shattering orgasm.

Again, I slide my cock back into Jean, this time I was determined to finish her off. The pace again went to an extreme speed, Jean was fucking and bucking so wildly, I could hardly keep her on the ottoman. Begging me to slam it hard into her, I increased the strength of each downward stroke. Jean stiffened and ordered me to slam it in hard, I complied and it sent her body into convulsive spasms. Three hard jerks of her body and she was screaming for me to drive it into her again harder. I gave her what she wanted and again her body twitched and shook from wave after way of spasming orgasm. Jean was digging her fingernails into her tits and nipples so hard that red whelps appeared as I slammed it back in one last time. This time not a word came from Jean, her body jerked and twitched four or five times. Wrapping her legs around my hips to draw me in as far as she could handle, she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me with such a deep wet passionate kiss it made my head spin.

At that point, Kay demanded her turn at me. So we lay on our sides in the floor in a sixty nine position and started eating each other like we were two starved animals. Kay loved being eaten and loved being ass fucked, within five minutes Kay was cumming all over my mouth and face. Jean spoke up and said she had never cum like that before tonight but before the night was up, she was going to have her cunt eaten and felt my cock in her mouth.

After cumming, Kay said she had to have it in her ass. She lay on her side and I pressed the head of my cock to her cunt. I no sooner pressed into her pussy she cum again. She began telling me she had never cum before and within a short fifteen minutes she had two earth shattering orgasms. She meekly asked me to try and work it into her ass; so I slide my meat in and out of her pussy a few times to get it nice and wet and then placed it at the rim of her ass. Her ass opened up and she lunged against it, I pushed nice and slow, so not to rip her, but she begin wiggling her ass around in circles and demanded for me to shove a little more into her. As I stroked it in and out of her ass I pulled and slid it into her cunt. I alternated back and forth from her cunt to her ass. This was driving her crazy and again it wasn't long before she was screaming and yelling that it was happening again. With a few more strokes, she let go of another orgasm. As I continued to fuck her ass I felt my own building and waiting for the very last moment and began squirting five or six streams of pearly white cum on her ass.

For the next three and half hours all of us where in every position that we could thing of. At the end Jean said she had cum nine times, Kay declared she had eight and my darling wife beamed up to say ten.

Sue asked her mom what she thought, Jean took her head in her hands and kissed her on the cheek and told her she had never been so full and fulfilled in her life. Jean made a final statement that I didn't understand-- "He's the one, he'll be the one to take over." At this point, I had no idea what she meant, however; in the following visits, I would be finding out the truth about that.

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