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The Infatuation


Katherine had had a busy week with work. She had been at a small working conference at Lake Placid, in New York State, up in the mountains. Autumn had started to descend during the 10 days she had been a resident in the hotel, resulting in the trees starting to change colour, the leaves turning reds, oranges and browns. For anyone who has not been there, words cannot describe.

Lake Placid is a small town built on the banks of two lakes, Lake placid and Mirror Lake in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. Both are so called because they are so tranquil, hardly a ripple will touch the waters surface. A previous winter Olympics venue, the area had recently been awarded the prestige of organising a prestigious winter sports event. As such, Katherine had been invited to discuss, and tender in the development of the resort prior to the competition in a couple of years time.

By profession, Katherine was an artist, and had developed her business as an internal designer, designing and creating internal artwork, and had a reputation for quality, outstanding work, and had been asked to participate by a major contractor; whom Katherine had worked with on previous projects.

The hours of meetings had been fruitful and she had gained two new major contracts. To celebrate, Katherine had decided to stay for a few days longer to relax, enjoy the walks around the lake, the spa of the hotel, and too unwind after such a hectic period of time of meetings, discussions and generally being the polite confident business woman. Also, she felt that the views would inspire her in her designs, as she walked, and made sketches, took photographs.

Katherine had graduated form art school in her early 20's. Whilst she enjoyed art, and design, portraits, paintings had never been her forte. Instead, she preferred painting, designing of furniture, decorating rooms and internal design. It was this line that Katherine had become very successful. As such, she was now in her early 30's and a successful business woman. Katherine, was, is one of those lucky females; from afar she is considered to be very attractive, but as you close in; you realise she is also very pretty close up. Around 5'8 in height, Katherine was slender, with soft gentle curves, highlighted by her blonde shoulder length hair, reaching down to her bra strap at her back. Her eyes were blue, sea blue from the waters of an unspoilt topical island. At work, she dressed; smart, professionally, but always with a sexual edge. She preferred full length sleeved blouses, always worn with the collar open, and maybe a blouse button unfastened, two if she wore a camisole underneath. Often her blouses would be sheer, allowing the soft intricate lace patterns of her sensual lingerie to be visible, especially if she wore a tight tailored blouse. Having shapely calves herself, Katherine often wore knee length skirts, and always in heels. In the cooler autumnal months, the heels could be attached to leather boots, reaching to her knees emphasising her firm shapely calves.

Her only pleasure of the past few days would have been Miranda, her room maid. She was petite, courteous and curvy. Her cream uniformed dress didn't really do her any favours, apart from her exposed legs, chunky with white ankle socks and her white slippers. Several times she had sat in her room, and watched Miranda as she had made up her room, cleaning, remaking the bed, and all the other duties that a chambermaid performs.

Each time Katherine had been fortunate enough to have been present, she had been allured by Miranda; her petite figure, her politeness, and those chunky yet shapely legs. Not fat, but muscular, probably from a combination of the skiing that goes on in these parts during the winter months, or the walking, hiking that she may do in the summer months. It had turned out that she was studying biological sciences down in New York City, and worked here in the holiday for the extra money. Katherine had spent several moments pondering, wondering what Miranda wore underneath, what she wears off duty.

Despite being the confident business woman, artist; during the time she stayed at the hotel, she became timid, like a little child when ever they see the strict teacher. Every time she saw Miranda; Katherine felt her heart miss a beat, felt her breathing go restless rapid, felt her body respond. Quite simply, Miranda had a hold over Katherine, and she did not even know it; as Miranda had an effect in a way over Katherine, which she hadn't felt for some time, for some considerable time.

Yet, here she was, in the same lift as Miranda, as she felt her cheeks blush, felt her nipples expand, harden into the soft silk bra that she was wearing, Trying to look away as she stared. Suddenly Miranda looked up, a soft smile on her lips, as Katherine blushed a raspberry crimson. Here she was, Katherine the professional business woman cringing every time she saw Miranda going about her duties.

Having arranged the few extra days in the hotel Katherine was feeling good, confident, on top of the world. The only thing she really needed now was an orgasm. Not any old orgasm, but one that had been denied for several days. The sight of some body, some one always heightening her sexual desire; her state of arousal to almost a primeval need.

The balcony of Katherine's room faced south, over looking Mirror lake, the lake still, living up to its name as the reflection of the mountains, trees shimmered up on an almost still body of water. In the distance she could see the mountains. Katherine placed a chair inside the room, the door to the balcony open. As she sat, watching the morning sun rising over the mountains, the sunbeams glimmering soft oranges and reds through the trees feeling the warmth of the sun on her body, nude; exposed.

She looked at the clock on the wall, almost 9:30am, and smiled smugly. Knowing in 5-10 minutes, there would be a knock on the door. Her hands started to caress her form, as she cupped her breasts, caressed towards her nipples, pinching them and pulling them away. Her eyes closed, as her breathing became light rapid, her lips called out her name, "Miranda Oh god." Her fingers caressed her breasts, gently rolling her own nipples between thumb, and forefinger.

Feeling the warmth of the sun, oh her nude form, Katherine's hands continued as she slowly started to make love to her own body. She cupped her breasts, teased her nipples, as she pulled them with her thumbs, forefingers. Her body shivered, as she gasped, sighed loudly as her body responded. As she leant back in her chair, her left hand continued to tease, caress her breasts, each in turn, in her mind, it was not her own hands that were applying the pleasure, but rather, another's.

Her right hand reached down to her labia, brushing her hand over her freshly trimmed mound, as she stroked her folds, her labia, the lips of her own fanny. They responded softly, quivered, to her touch as she lightly drew a line from her clit down her lips to her anus, before rising along the other labia, drawing soft circles as she continued to heighten her already aroused body, as soft sighs emerged from her lips. Katherine was aware of her own arousal, feeling her lips covered with her sticky pre-cum.

Slowly Katherine continued to tease herself, to torture her own body, sexually, as she reached for her small vibe, pre-placed on the side table. It was one of those small purse size vibrators, small, but with a wicked vibration on the tip, as the room woke up to the sound of the buzz.

Katherine moved the vibe from the table, placing it on her breasts, her left and then right; using the tip to excite her already hard nipples, as she cupped her left breast. She bent down and just touched the tip of her nipple with her tongue, gasped calling out the name, HER name. The room continued to be full of the buzz, before, gasping, she leant back.

She could feel her fanny lips moisten; aroused, as her folds moved on their own accord as if processed by a demon. Slowly her eyes closed, the warmth of the sun on her form, she bought the vibe into contact with her clit, letting out a loud gasp as her body shuddered to the vibrations sending shudders through her nervous system.

Katherine was now beyond caring, her second thoughts cast aside, as she wanted to cum. She wanted to cum hard, and she wanted Miranda to see it, to see that she was the centre of her thoughts as she came violently in her hotel room, the girl who had her cringing watching.

Forgetting her well thought out plan, now in the execution, Katherine's need became more human, more wanton, as her pussy, her cunt needed to be filled, her spot touched massaged till she came. Reaching for the larger toy, she sank into the chair, her legs over the arms, exposing offering her wanton pussy to the sun, to herself as, with the small vibe on her clit, she reached for the deluxe rabbit, and eased it in. With the shift rotating, the ears buzzing, she dropped the small vibe as she exhaled deeply; with each thrust of the rabbit, feeling the gyrating shaft fill her, wantonly, the ears sending pulses of pleasure through her clitoris.

"Oh God, Oh fuck, Miranda take me."

Now in a dream state, her eyes closed tightly, feeling the warmth of the sun on her eyelids, unaware of Miranda having entered the room, Katherine continued, wantonly as she pleasured herself with her two toys, her mind totally oblivious to her surroundings in the room; to Miranda's presence.

Miranda could not see the details as she was looking at Katherine from the side and back, as Miranda stood on the right hand side of the room, Katherine sitting on the left hand side, facing the balcony. Miranda watching as she lay in the chair, the room filled by the buzzing of the toys, the heavy deep breathing of Katherine.

Listening to Katherine, Miranda froze, full of embarrassment as she heard her name, she now realised why Katherine seemed to be staring at her every time they met, was she was the centre point of Katherine's lust and desires?

Shocked, embarrassed at the sight before her, Miranda's cheeks were flushed, as she saw this woman, sexually pleasure herself, to openly fuck her self in front of Miranda, To make the moment more intense, it would seem that she was the at the focus for this attention, the object of this woman's desire, cravings; as she heard Katherine call out, cry out her name as she fucked herself, her orgasm obviously building up.

Miranda wanted to leave, but she could not, she was intrigued, shocked, disgusted, and embarrassed. But also Miranda was intrigued, as she watched the sight in front of her, aware of her breathing becoming more rapid as she witnessed, became a voyeur as this woman fucked herself so openly. Despite wanting to turn, and withdraw back to the safety, the sanctuary of the hotel corridor she could not move, aware of her body responding to the display before her. But was this planned or coincidence, Miranda wondered, albeit briefly.

Wanting to see more, Miranda stepped forward, her heart beating wildly, loudly knowing she should leave, but unable to bring herself to do so. Her view still impaired, she stepped closer till she could see Katherine in her full nudity, her eyes closed her hand with the rabbit as she forced it, the wetness audible over the soft buzz of the toy, seeing Katherine starting to tense, as she leant back in the chair.

"Oh god, Oh fuck... Fuck Me Miranda..."

With that, Katherine's voice broke into a serious of gasps, groans as her body released the orgasm she had denied her self for several days, dropping the rabbit onto the floor as she her hand cupped her pussy, her labia as she held her self, her breathing slowly returning to normal, unaware of Miranda's presence, as she relaxed in the warm afterglow.

Miranda was glued to the spot, aware of her own state of arousal, watching Katherine's breasts move with each breath, as Katherine's body fought to regain the normal composure, her breasts moving less with each laboured breath.

Slowly, as Miranda turned, to head to the door, she heard the voice, the question still ringing in her ears.

"I hope you liked what you saw Miranda."

Miranda froze.


Katherine walked towards Miranda, who instinctively turned round to see Katherine, nude approach her, a soft smile on her lips, her body still showing signs of her arousal.

Mirada gulped, as Katherine stopped.

"Did you enjoy what you saw Miranda?? Did it arouse you?"

Miranda just nodded, her body over whelmed with a mixture of emotions, of fear, of embarrassment, of nerves, of arousal.

At last, Katherine had regained the upper hand in Miranda's presence. No longer was Katherine the quivering nervous girl, that was Miranda before her, her nervous embarrassment only made Miranda more appealing to Katherine, who was back to being her confidential self.

"I'd better leave, return to my duties Ma'am, I'll come back when you have errrr refreshed yourself after your activities."

Miranda was though still spell borne, under Katherine's spell, as she looked at Katherine. Nervously, her breathing rapid, light, shallow.

Silence descend into the room, the only sound was that of the birds preparing to fly south for the oncoming winter.

The pairs of eyes locked, one confidently, the other softly as she felt intimidating by Katherine's stare, her nude form, Katherine's arousal, and her own intrigue. Seconds ticked by.

Slowly Katherine realised this, as she held out her right hand, softly cupped Miranda's cheek, as she spoke.

"Thought you were going to return to your duties Miranda?"

Miranda visibly shook as Katherine touched her cheek, softly pressing her palm against the flushed flesh, her fingers caressing Miranda's silky hair.

Miranda nodded, she tried to speak but no sound emerged, just a swallowing of air.

Katherine continued to smile softly, as if to reassure Miranda. Her left hand moved, slowly touching Miranda's flesh around her pendant, her amber pendant, letting her fingers softly caress, explore Miranda's flesh. The eyes were still locked together.

Miranda shivered as she stood glued to the spot, feeling Katherine's hands softly explore, caress her cheek, cupping her cheek with the palm of her hand, the smell of Katherine's arousal reaching Miranda's nose.

"How much did you see Miranda?"

Miranda starred, paused as she thought briefly before replying, "About 5-maybe 10 minutes."

"And you stayed, watched me as a voyeur?"

"Errrrr yes I guess, if you say it like that.", her voice deep, heavy.

"So why didn't you leave? Why have you not left to return to your duties?"

Miranda paused, as Katherine's palm moved down and to her right, as she pressed her palm over Miranda's right breast, making Miranda flinch, and for Katherine to confirm that Miranda's nipple was rather prominent."

"Well, intrigued I guess..." After a paused, Miranda continued. "I saw how you looked at me, the other day in the lift, I saw you staring and you were not subtle Katherine." She paused briefly "It was as intense as the men in clubs, mentally undressing me."

This was Katherine's turn to blush slightly, as she realised Miranda had caught her starring, as she had mentally undressed Miranda."

"What were you thinking Katherine, when you stared at me?"

Katherine smiled as she replied, her hands moving to the zip of Miranda's dress, slowly starting to grasp the zip, and ease it down, making Miranda gasp, step back as she was taken aback my Katherine's boldness.

"What you would look like without the passion killing uniform Miranda"

Still hypnotised by Katherine's spell; Miranda stood there, almost volunteered to assist Katherine to remove the dress, easing it down her shoulders, wriggling out of the dress, as it pooled at her white ankles, exposing the white cotton bra, and thong.

The two girls looked at each other, neither sure what would happen next, as Katherine had second thoughts, whilst Miranda was unsure, she was aroused, she had been since she saw Katherine masturbate. She was also intrigued when she heard Katherine call out her name, realising she was the object of Katherine's desires, fantasy.

With out really aware of what she was doing, Miranda reached behind her with both hands, and unclasped her simple white t-shirt bra, easing it forward, exposing her self to Katherine.

Katherine gasped, taken back by the sudden turn of events as Miranda opened her self to her, exposing her pert breasts, the nipples aching for the sky. Slowly, Katherine regained control as she reached out cupped Miranda's breasts, teasing the now erect nipples. As she caressed those breasts that less than an hour before had been a desire, a fantasy, Katherine nudged forward, taking small little steps.

Miranda gasped, as she felt Katherine's Advance. Slowly she stepped back wards, unsure, until her back was met with resistance, as the closed door stopped her retreat.

"Ever been with a girl, a woman before?" Katherine asked softly shyly.

Miranda shook her head, slowly shyly. Miranda's thoughts returned to those evenings where she had watched porn, or had seen pictures of two girls kissing on sites like u-tube, her feelings of disgust, repulsion, but also of intrigue, curiosity.

"Oh god..." Miranda sighed as she pressed her breasts into Katherine's grasp. Her head arched back, to the side, as she sighed, her eyes closed tightly.

Accepting the invitation to her neck, Katherine leant forward, softly bringing her lips to bear, as she kissed Miranda's neck softly, using her lips, her tongue to arouse the obvious erogenous zone.

Miranda became more assertive grasping Katherine's cheeks with her fingers, and moving their heads allowing the lips to meet, to kiss softly.

The kiss was intense, passionate as they sucked each others lips, nose, as the passion rose, escaped, the room filled with the sound, before they finally broke apart.

Both women gasped, fighting for breaths as they tried to regain control, composure, the ice having been broken. This time it was Miranda who took control, grasping, pulling Katherine's hair as she pulled her lips to her own, and kissing softly yet franticly, her other hand cupping Katherine's cheek, in return, Katherine cupping Miranda's cheek.

Katherine's lips continued to kiss, lick Miranda's body, taking her time as she savoured the moment, each kiss as if it were her last. Trapped against the wall, her head arched back, Miranda gasped, her body responding to the touch, the gentle caresses, the soft nibbles, as it seemed that her entire body was kissed, worshipped as if she was a goddess.

Slowly Katherine worked her way from Miranda's neck, down to her breasts, her upper abdomen. She knelt before Miranda, her hands caressing, her finger nails softly raking the flesh, as she tongued her navel, suckling, tugging briefly on the subtle stud. As her hands found the waistband of Miranda's thong, Katherine looked up. Miranda's eyes were still closed; her breasts were flushed, pert, as her nipples reached for the sky. Her breasts, chest inflated deflated rapidly as Miranda fought to control her breathing.

Miranda jumped, brought back to the sudden reality as she felt her thong slide down her thighs, feeling the sharp breath of another on her clit. What was she doing she thought, in a room of a guest, allowing her to remove her last item of clothing. Did she really unclasp her own bra? Did she really allow the guest to remove her uniform? Miranda's mind was in total confusion, the only thing that she knew for certain was the pleasure she had so far encountered, she wanted the pleasure to continue, she wanted to continue, and she needed to continue, even if she was discovered, sacked.

As Katherine pulled the thong down to Miranda's ankles, she saw Miranda lift her left foot; slowly Katherine removed the thong from the left ankle. The right angle followed, allowing Katherine to remove the thong completely, they were both now nude. Katherine just stared at the sight before her, Miranda's small labia, fanny in front of her, all natural the wisps of her hair already matted, laid flat from the weight, stickiness of her own arousal in the confines of the gusset of the thong.

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