The Interview


When the New_Times sent me to the set of "Toys Not Boys" to interview newcomer Bridget Young I was very hesitant. I do not do fluff pieces and I do not interview porn stars. I did rent a few of her movies before heading to Southern California to conduct my interview. I did not see anything special about her performance to warrant my interest and I still could not understand why the New_Times was interested in doing an interview with Miss Young. From my research, I found that Miss Young mainly performs with other women and likes to use sexual aids, both in giving and receiving. I had to admit that watching Adult Movies is something I normally do not do; and a scene with two women does not normally interest me. But there was something about her performance that had me wet. I found myself reaching for my battery-powered boyfriend, the one I keep on my nightstand.

After my long flight to LA and checked into my suite at the Bonaventure Hotel and prepared for my interview with Bridget Young. Before going to bed, I checked out the movies available to rent. As part of my research, I checked out the adult movies and found that from the twenty movies listed, nine featured Miss Young. I then realized that she was probably the hot thing in the industry.

At 9:00 the Studio had sent a car to pick me up and take me to the set to conduct my interview, below is the result of my interview.

Amy: Hello Bridget I am glad you agreed to conduct this interview for our magazine.

Bridget: It is my pleasure. These interview also help me, so the pleasure is mine also.

Amy: So I have to be honest with you. I do not normally watch Adult Videos so until just a few days ago I did not who you were or how you got your start. So, lets start at the beginning. How did you start in Adult Movies?

Bridget: I do not understand "Starting in Adult Movies?" I do movies that are geared towards an adult audience but I did not start one day doing these movies. It would be like asking John Wayne when he started to do Cowboy movies.

Amy: Okay I understand. Okay when did you start doing modeling and movies?

Bridget: Well that is hard to explain also. Let me tell you my background and let you decide for yourself when things began, will that be okay?

Amy: That works for me.

Bridget: Okay, I was in high school working on a student newspaper. My mom worked at Dutch Girl Magazine and submitted one of my advice columns to her editor. She liked my work and offered me an advice column in the magazine.

Amy: My notes show that you were born in Holland, is that correct?

Bridget: Yes, I just came to the United States a few months ago.

Amy: So what type of magazine was Dutch Girl?

Bridget: It is like your glamour magazine. Fashion tips for young girls and stuff. I did a column that was mainly "How to" advice. You know things such as how to braid your hair and such. Besides writing the column I also modeled for the pictures. It was a lot of fun.

Amy: So that is how you got into modeling?

Bridget: Well sort of. You see the only modeling I was doing was for my advice column. Some of the pictures required some nudity and I was okay with that.

Amy: But this magazine was designed for young girls why the nudity?

Bridget: Well it is hard to give advice and demonstrate how to shave with out do some nudity. Everyone is a little more open in Amsterdam so we did not think anything about it. Along with pictures for the column the magazine offered the how to advice in a video format that we posted on the magazine's website.

Amy: What type of how to pictures did you do that required nudity?

Bridget: Well how to shave was probably my first one. First, it was shaving underarms and legs and then pubic area.

Amy: Didn't your parents have concern with pictures and videos of you shaving your pubic area?

Bridget: No, not at all. You would have to spend some time in Europe to understand. And I also remember the first time I shaved myself and how when I nicked myself it hurt for so long. So, by showing girls how to do it right would save them some pain.

Amy: What other how to advice did you give that required nudity?

Bridget: Well besides the shaving, the part on feminine hygiene was the next one where my genitals were the main focus.

Amy: What type of "how to" was this series?

Bridget: Most of it was around your period. You know how to put on a sanitary napkin, how to insert a tampon, how to douche.

Amy: That did not seem a little strange?

Bridget: Not at all. We timed the photo session around my period and just took pictures of what I would have to do anyways. We went through a whole box of tampons for the session trying to get the perfect shot. I had to keep inserting and removing. People don't realize how many pictures it takes to get that perfect shot. Or how long it takes. I also went through several types of tampons. Some with applicators and some without. There are some from Eastern Europe called Blutsteckers, which means blood plugs. They were these big cotton balls with a wooden ring. They were terrible. You also had to use this belt with a string that ran between your legs and through the wooden ring to keep it in place.

Amy: They sound like something I would not wear. You also mentioned something about douching.

Bridget: And then the douching set took a long time. You wouldn't believe how many types of douches are out there. Some with disposable bottles some with a bulb that you squirt and some with hoses that connect to the water spigot. At one point, I had over a liter of water inside me as I tried to shoot a huge stream across the bathroom.

Amy: It seemed that you got very involved in your work.

Bridget: I tried to be as informative as possible for these girls.

Amy: Was there anything you would not do?

Bridget: No, if girls had question and the magazine thought I should do it I did it.

Amy: When did you start doing other work outside of the Dutch Girl magazine?

Bridget: Well an American producer seen my article I did on masturbation and wanted me to do a video for him.

Amy: The Masturbation series was for Dutch Girl.

Bridget: Yes. It started with mainly using your fingers or rubbing against something and then moved to vibrators and dildos.

Amy: Was this set hard to do?

Bridget: Yes for several reasons. First, I did not do much masturbating at the time so I had to have some of the other girls at the magazine show me what they did. At this point, all I was doing was rubbing my clit. I learned about using the water faucet and showerhead. I must have had a dozen orgasms while doing the piece.

Amy: It sounds like you had fun?

Bridget: Oh yes a lot of fun, but also a little painful. I never did any insertion when I masturbated. So the first time I used a dildo I still had my hymen.

Amy: So you were still a virgin at this point?

Bridget: Yes, I was. So, I had trouble inserting the dildo until my hymen broke.

Amy: So you popped your own cherry?

Bridget: Is that what you Americans call it?

Amy: Yes and as I remember, it was a little painful.

Bridget: My was very painful and I bled a lot. I made a big mess and all of it was all on video. The pictures in the magazine did not show me pooping my cherry.

Amy: Popping your cherry.

Bridget: Oh sorry, popping my cherry. Again, like the famine hygiene series I used several size dildos and vibrators, which took a long time. In the magazine there where only about six pictures of me masturbating but the video was about thirty minutes long. And included my cherry popping scene. Some of the dildos where pretty large and even with my hymen broken I still had trouble inserting.

Amy: Was this video designed for the girl who read your magazine?

Bridget: Well that is when I found out that my little "how to" videos where becoming popular not only with the readers of our magazine but of some of the girl's brothers and fathers. I was soon getting offers to do other videos from outside the magazine.

Amy: Is that when you came to America.

Bridget: Yes right after graduation I came to America to do my first video.

Amy: Do you remember your first scene?

Bridget: Yes. I played a schoolgirl and I had a teacher who seduces me. She did most of the work. I kind of just let her do things to me. Most of my early work I play the young innocent girl.

Amy: What kind of things do they do to you?

Bridget: Well they go down on me and make me cum and use vibrators and dildos on me. I remember the first time this older woman who was playing my Aunt used a strap-on dildo on me. I had never been fucked before it was like getting my cherry popped all over I was sore for days.

Amy: I notice that most of your scenes are with other women. Why is that?

Bridget: Because it is fun most of the time. In fact, I have never been with a man. As long as I can make movies with other women, I will be happy.

Amy: So do you consider yourself a lesbian?

Bridget: No not at all. I would someday like to meet a man and get married and have a family. I like playing with other women but my heart will be with a man.

Amy: How many movies have you made?

Bridget: About 100. That includes the "how to" ones I did for Dutch Girl.

Amy: That is a lot of videos are you famous back home?

Bridget: I am not a big star but I have girls who know me from the magazine and their parents know me from my videos. I sign autographs for all of them.

Amy: What is your current video about?

Bridget: It is called "Toys not Boys." I am in a girl's school and after a girl gets pregnant, the school is trying to find a way to keep it from happening so we start using sex toys on each other. I like this because it is like my "How to" video that I first did where I get to demonstrate how to use different toys. In the European version, we even have a cherry-popping scene, but that scene is edited out of the US version.

Amy: Well I see that they want you on the set. I want to thank you for this interview.

Bridget: I am glad you came out. I hope this makes a good article.

This is where the interview ended. As the driver took me back to the hotel, he handed me a package and told me that Bridget had asked him to give it to me. I went upstairs to my room and opened the package. It was a videotape of her scenes from her Dutch Girl "How to" videos and some of her scenes from her adult career. As I watched them, I found myself very aroused and began fingering myself as I watched Bridget's young wet pussy on the screen. And sure enough, her famous cherry-popping scene was included.

I have an open invitation to join Bridget when she goes back to Amsterdam. I wonder if the New_Times will pay my expenses for another story.

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