The Intruder


Jane hated it when Shona was gone for the weekend. The noises are so much louder when she was alone. Jane and Shona had lived together for the past two years, sharing a house, sharing expenses, and sharing their bed. Normally when Jane or Shona became a little frightened, all she had to do was to get into the other's bed. They would then cuddle, usually ending the night making love.

Jane tried to imagine being in bed with Shona. She closed her eyes, running her hand over her breasts as if Shona was caressing her large, full tits. Jane squeezed her nipples, feeling the rush of electricity racing through her body. Jane's breathing began to deepen, her breasts heaving on her chest. Jane thought of Shona's long fingers playing with her lips, teasing her pussy. Jane bit her lower lip, her fingers slipping into her wet muffin as her other hand began groping her sensitive breasts. Jane could almost feel Shona's tongue on her nipples, sucking her tits as her fingers plunged deeper into her wet pussy. Her hips bucking, Jane fingered her pussy harder as her hand groped her tits through the thin satin of her baby doll nightie. She was about to cum, forgetting about her fears when she heard something inside the house.

Jane froze, her fingers still inside her quivering tunnel. She heard the door knob turn. She lay still in the bed, holding her breath as the tall stranger quietly walked into the room. Jane felt her body shake with fear as the stranger walked past in silence, his face covered with a thin ski mask. He walked around the room, Jane wasn't sure if he had noticed her. She lay there in silence, afraid to even breathe. She felt her heart racing, afraid that he would hear it pounding against her chest.

Suddenly he turned towards her, walking to the side of the bed. Jane closed her eyes, afraid to look. She felt a sharp point of cold steel on her neck. She opened her eyes to see the flash of a knife blade, the point sliding down her neck. She looked up, into the eyes of the intruder. Her body shook with fear. In an instant, the intruder's hand was over her mouth, the blade hard on her throat.

"Keep quiet. Don't say a word," he whispered in a firm tone. "If you behave, you will be all right." Jane's eyes widened as he slid his hand off her moist lips and down her neck. His hand continued down, on top of the sheets. He felt her large breasts through the bed sheets, squeezing then feeling their fullness. Jane nodded her head to his order, hoping he would just leave her alone. He grabbed the sheets as his hand slid down, pulling them off of Jane's trembling body. Her nipples were hard, either still from her earlier fantasy of from fear... it didn't matter, the hard flesh poked through the thin material of her nightie.

"Mmmmmmmm, what do we have here?" the stranger said, groping at her tits. Jane felt the roughness of his grasp, almost hurting her as he squeezed and pulled at her large breasts. She started to move away when he pressed the blade harder against her throat. She became rigid with terror, the point nearly piercing her skin. "We can't have any of that!" he said forcefully. He reached into his back pocket, pulling out several ropes and scarves. He quickly tied Jane's hands to the bed posts, then her ankles, her legs spread wide. Jane felt exposed, open to his every glance. "One more thing," the stranger said, tying a scarf around Jane's eyes, "This mask is getting too hot."

Jane heard him pull the mask off, breathing more freely. "Now you just lie there quietly," he said softly. Jane heard him walking around the room, opening closets and pulling out drawers and shutting them hard. Jane didn't want to invite more trouble so she just lay there in silence. She tried to control her breathing so as not to draw further attention to her 38D breasts. She wished she were still covered by the sheets, her nightie doing little to hide her body from the eyes of the intruder. Jane then heard him walk back towards the bed. She held her breath as he sat on the edge, his hips lightly touching her arm. She closed her eyes, hoping to awake from this nightmare when she again felt the knife on her cheek. It slid down her face, under her chin, down her chest to her cleavage. She trembled with terror, her body beginning to sweat. She felt his breathing just above her breasts, his hot breath stimulating her still hard nipples. "You like it, I see," he said calmly. The blade of the knife pulled at the right strap of her nightie, cutting the thin material. Just as quickly, it cut the other strap. She then felt the blade catch the top of her nightie, pulling it down her chest, exposing her heaving breasts. His hands lightly ran over the large globes of flesh, squeezing her.

"What are you doing?" Jane pleaded, "Please stop!!!" The intruder just laughed, pulling her top down further. Suddenly she felt his hands at the hem, pulling her nightie off her trembling body. Jane felt the cool air of the air conditioning blowing across her, hardening her nipples even more. Jane fought the restraints, pulling at the ties as her body twisted in the bed. She then felt the point of the blade pressing on her mound, the blade slipping under the thin waistband of her panties. She froze, hoping against hope as to what would occur next.

With a quick upward flick, the stranger cut through the waistband of her knickers, then with another, flicked them off her, opening her pussy to him. Jane tried to scream, but was quickly gagged by his hand. "Don't say a fuckin' word!" he snapped angrily. Jane squeezed her eyes shut, even though the blindfold kept her from seeing anything. She nodded to the intruder, feeling his hand on her mouth and his warm breath on her face.

"Maybe I need to stuff your mouth with something," the stranger said. Jane shook her head, expecting a gag of some sort. Instead, she heard a snap and then a zipping sound. "No, NO!!!!!, Please, N..." Jane's mouth was suddenly filled with a hard, fleshy cock. She was tempted to bite it until she felt his hand grabbing at her hair. His hips were thrusting, sliding the hard rod in and out of her mouth. She was almost in tears, his hand groping harshly at her tits, squeezing the soft flesh. Jane felt his cock grow harder, thicker in her mouth as her lips gripped the thick shaft. The cock filled her mouth. He thrust hard, nearly gagging her with his cock. She tried not to enjoy it, but it was bigger than almost any she had had before.

The intruder slid his hand down her neck, groping at her tits. He pulled her hard nipples, sending bolts of electricity through her body. Sliding his hand further down, over her belly, he felt the wetness of her pussy. His fingers teased at her lips, then rubbed over her clit. Instinctively, her hips lifted off the bed, reaching for his fingers, wanting to feel them inside her.

Jane started to moan, but caught herself, not wanting to give in to the pleasures this intruder was giving her. She quit sucking, opening her mouth.

"Suck my cock, you bitch!!" he screamed, ramming two fingers deep into her. His forcefulness startled Jane, her head began bobbing back and forth quickly. Uncontrollably her hips began bucking against his fingers. She felt him thrust his hips faster, fucking her mouth as his fingers fucked her wet pussy. Jane was about to cum, her orgasm reaching its peak as he plunged his fingers deeper and deeper into her. She bucked her hips, fucking his hand, when her orgasm suddenly erupted inside her. Jane moaned aloud, her cum squirting out of her cunt and onto his hand and the bed. She knew it was wrong, but she wanted him inside her, she wanted to feel that thick cock deep in her cunt, but she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction.

His cock popped out of her mouth, "You fucking arsehole!" Jane screamed at him, her body twisting in the restraints. He climbed into the bed, untying her legs. Jane knew what was about to happen, half wanting it, half wanting to kick him and run.

"Who's the fuckin' asshole now, bitch?" he said, ramming his thick, hard cock deep into her cunt.

"Oooooohhhhhhhh," Jane screamed as the cock stabbed deep into her, stretching her walls. The intruder thrust again and again, pounding her hard. ‘Oooohhhh God," Jane moaned, feeling his hard cock filling her, stretching her as no one else had done before. Her hips rocked back and forth, reaching for him. He grabbed at her tits, squeezing them hard, bracing himself as he slammed his thick cock into her tight cunt. He felt her cunt gripping him, trying to hold him in. His hands squeezed her tits, lost in the large fleshy globes of her chest

. "Fuck me, fuck me you cunt," he screamed, thrusting his hips hard, slamming his hips against hers. He grabbed her legs, lifting then to his shoulders. "Ooooohhhhh fffuuuucckkkkk," Jane moaned as her attacker threw himself down into her, pounding her hard. She felt his cock throb inside her tunnel, twitching against her walls. Jane's body tensed then exploded in a spasm as her body erupted in another , massive orgasm. Her cunt squeezed the thick cock, gripping it, wanting to hold it inside her. Her hot juices flooded her tunnel, squirting out as he pistoned in and out of her.

Jane could feel her hot juices running down her thighs and onto her legs, down the crack of her bum. She could tell he was about to cum when her hands slipped out of their restraints.

Jane swiftly grabbed the knife that was lying next to her, holding it to the intruder's gut. He stopped in an instant, the sharp point pressing into him. "Lie down, you arsehole," Jane said angrily. She tied him to the bed, using some knots her father had taught her while sailing. The stranger tugged at the ropes, but that only made them tighter around his wrists. Jane sat on him, straddling his waist, playing with the knife above his chest.

"Be careful with that!" he yelled at Jane. His breathing deepened as Jane slid the knife down his chest. Jane laughed, running the point over his nipple. She could feel his cock under her. She rocked back and forth, rubbing her lips over the soft cock. She could feel it becoming harder, pressing against her wet slit. She leaned over, letting her large tits fall onto his face. He opened his mouth, taking her nipple in, his tongue flicking over the hard nub. Jane grabbed his head, pulling him into her tits, his mouth sucking and tonguing her. Jane moaned as he sucked her flesh. She rocked harder against him, feeling his cock become hard again. Jane moaned loudly as he buried his face between her tits, pressing his cock against her arsehole.

"You want it, don't you, you fuckin' cunt?" the stranger snarled. Jane looked down at him, smiled.

"No," replied Jane hotly, "it's you who wants me. You want to fuck my arse."

His eyes widened. He felt his cock grow even harder, wanting to be inside her. Jane raised her bum, grabbing his cock. It twitched in her fingers. Jane slid her fingers up and down the thick shaft, loving the feel of its hardness. She placed the head on her button, wiggling her arse back and forth.

"Ooooohhhhh God!" she moaned as the thick head forced its way into her tight rear entrance, spreading her open. Jane had to work the cock in, letting it slide in and out, little by little. She had never felt suck a thick cock in her arse before. Jane rocked her hips back and forth, feeling the cock slip deeper and deeper. He began thrusting his hips, driving his cock into her rectum.

"Oooohhhh fffuuuucckkkkk," he moaned, thrusting hard. The thick cock plunged all the way into Jane, stabbing deep into her back passage. Jane screamed as the cock plunged into her, her arse filled as never before. She rocked her hips, letting his cock slide in and out of her. Jane leaned forward, resting her hands on his chest, her tits swaying against him. Her nipples rubbed against his chest hairs, stimulating the rest of her body. Jane rocked hard, he thrust his hips hard, fucking her tight arse.

"Ooohhhhh God, yyyeeeessssssss!!!" Jane screamed as he fucked her hard, his hips slamming against her. Jane felt his cock stretching her arsehole, filling her. His cock throbbed and jerked inside her. "Fuck me, you bastard, fuck my frigging arse!!" Jane yelled, bouncing up and down on his hard, thick cock. Jane could feel his cock throbbing, ready to explode inside her.

"Oooooohhhhhhhh sshhhiiitttttt, I'mmmm cumming," he screamed . He thrust his hips again and again, slamming his cock deeper and deeper into her arse. "OOOohhhhhhhhhhhh," he moaned.

Jane's body tensed, her back arched as another orgasm ripped through her body. Her body shuddered as wave after wave of electricity exploded through her. Jane felt his cum hitting against her walls, filling her bowels with his hot juices. She also felt the knife in her hands. She fell forward, bringing the sharp blade down onto his chest while his cock continued filling her with his hot cum. The blade slid easily into the handle of the knife, until the hilt slammed against the intruder's chest.

Jane lay there breathing heavily, his cock still throbbing inside her back passage. She could feel the warmth of his cum inside her, beginning to ooze out onto her thighs. He slipped his hands out of the restraints, wrapping them around her, holding her tight to his wet body. He kissed her head again and again, his hands caressing her trembling body.

Jane lifted her head, looking at him, "Oh God Geoff, that was wonderful!" Geoff smiled, holding his lover to his body. He caressed her, wanting to feel all of her on his fingertips.

"Oh Jane, I love you," Geoff whispered softly, kissing her glowing face. Jane laid her head on his shoulder, kissing him tenderly. Just before drifting off to sleep, Jane thought how much she loved it when Shona was gone for the weekend.

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