tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Italian Boss

The Italian Boss


Chelsea was pushed hard against the door of the suite. George was frantically fumbling for the key to his hotel room while groping at her breasts. Chelsea's green dress was bunched up around her hips and she was furiously rubbing her clit. It was sore and wet from when he had attacked her in the elevator. His cock was still hard and pushing against his expensive dress pants. Finally, George was able to unlock the door and the two lovers stumbled into the large room.

George was a successful lawyer specializing in international law. He was in Italy for a few days to secure a new client. Mr. Nico had been very impressed with his dossier and was happy to hire him. George was so excited about this that he hadn't been able to control himself. He had fucked Chelsea silly against the glass elevator and now he watched as she slowly walked to the large king size bed that was in the middle of the room. The room had rich red walls with expensive paintings hanging along the walls. The floor to ceiling windows overlooked the city and there were two doors against one side of the room. One door led to the large bathroom that had a walk in shower built for two along with a large Jacuzzi tub. The other door led to an office that was set up exactly how George needed it to be laid out so he could keep up with the assignments from his other clients.

"You are so fucking gorgeous. How the fuck did I get so lucky?"

Chelsea grinned. She had removed her dress and was standing in only bra and panties. The material was green lace and she looked like a goddess with her fiery red hair and green high heels. George began to undo his tie and then groaned when his cell phone rang. Chelsea pouted a bit and sat on the edge of the bed. Whenever his cell phone rang, he had to drop everything and answer it. She knew that his clients were extremely important and even though it was almost two in the morning, he had to attend to business.


George nodded as he listened to the other end of the conversation. Chelsea watched and listened.

"Yes, she's here. Let me ask her. No, I understand." George put the cell phone down and looked at Chelsea.

"It's Mr. Nico. He has a request."

"What is it?"

"He wants to come and watch me fuck you."

Chelsea blinked and thought hard. She wanted to do everything that he asked, but this was different. Fucking on the elevator was such a turn on, but the men watching weren't in the same room as her. She saw how George looked at her. He looked worried that she would say no and at the same time had that lusty look that meant he desperately wanted her to say yes.

"Anything for you George."

George picked up the cell phone. "Come over now. She said yes."

The couple waited a few minutes until Mr. Nico arrived. George answered the door and the man entered. Mr. Nico was only two years older than George, but they were very different. Mr. Nico was on the shorter side with blonde hair and blue eyes. He wore an expensive suit, but did not wear a tie and had the top button of his shirt undone. Last time Chelsea saw him, he had his entourage surrounding him. This time he was alone.

"Come in sir." George firmly shook his boss's hand and led him to a high back chair that was facing the bed. Chelsea was still sitting on the bed, but had removed her bra and panties. She kept her high heels on, a little fetish that George loved.

"Hi Chelsea. You make George very happy, I can tell. Pretend I'm not here. I won't touch you or anything. Let's just say I want to make sure my new lawyer is being fucked properly by his mistress."

George walked over to Chelsea and kissed her hard. He tugged hard on her nipples and moaned when she unzipped his pants. The moment his pants were undone she yanked them down along with his boxers and then sucked his cock into her mouth. She was so horny that as she moved her mouth against his cock, she climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees. She moaned as George reached over and began to finger her. He fingered her with one hand while the other pulled off his tie and shirt. Once he was naked, he grabbed her and forcefully pushed her onto her back.

Neither one of them noticed Mr. Nico in the corner, but he was staring wide-eyed at his personal porn movie. Chelsea was so hot and he loved seeing her cheeks hollow out when she sucked George's cock. Now she was flat on her back with her legs touching her ears. Her pussy was bare and it just made Mr. Nico's cock leap in his pants.

George sank his cock into her pussy and began to thrust. Chelsea suddenly came hard. She knew she needed to wait, but when she glanced over and saw the man watching her she couldn't hold back. She cried out.

"You like being watched don't you? You love him watching you get fucked by my thick cock?"

Chelsea could only nod. She came again and this time closed her eyes and screamed. She had never been so horny in her life and she had lost completely control. George grunted and fucked her faster. He didn't care that she had broken the rule of who was allowed to cum first. All he cared about was that his boss was watching him fuck his mistress and she loved it. He grabbed her hips and pulled her deeper. He was close to cumming, but wanted to see if she'd cum again. Suddenly Chelsea held her breath and began to squirt. It was a strong gush that landed all over his stomach. Her pussy clamped down on his cock and pulsed. George couldn't hold back any longer. He pulled out and came all over her breasts. Thick ropes of his fertile cum landed on her breasts. Chelsea was panting so hard and her whole body was shaking. George collapsed on the bed and looked over at his boss.

"I'm glad she satisfies you. If you ever want to share her I'd be very happy to oblige. Knowing how well she fucks I doubt you even let her look at other guys. We'll be in touch."

Mr. Nico smiled and left the hotel room. Chelsea opened her eyes and saw how happy George looked.

"Was that O.K. baby? I know I came first. I couldn't hold back. I'm sorry."

"It's fine. When I get my first paycheck from Mr. Nico I'll buy you a diamond clit ring."

Chelsea grinned.

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