The Ivory Club Ch. 06


Tyrone was openly taunting the pitiful Peter who was watching in fear and humiliation as his wife readied herself to be raped by this convict.

Jane had grabbed Tyrone's cock and, instinctively as any black cocking loving whore would do, she placed the head up against the entrance to her pussy. Tyrone then pushed in, growling in determination to get in as much of his cock as possible.

"Oh yes, that's it. Your pussy feels so god damm good. Take my cock bitch, you know you want to..."

"Ahhhhh, it is too big. Take it out. It hurts. It hurts..." was all Jane could mutter, as her hands came up on to Tyrone's taught muscular stomach and tried, with no luck, to push him off.

"That's it bitch, take my cock in you pussy, you gorgeous whore." Half of his cock entered. "My God you are tight, your husband clearly aint been fucking you properly."

"Oh Lord, it is so big, it feels like it is splitting me into two. Please be gentle I don't think my poor pussy can handle it, it is so big. Oh god..."

Jane looked down and saw half of Tyrone's black cock sticking out her pussy. The contrast between her white body could not have been sharper. A white woman and a black man. A small petit white wife and a big black rapist. The comparisons could go on and on. All of this was so wrong, it should not have been happening. She wanted to be a good wife but there was something that drew her to the forbidden black fruit. True, this time she had no choice, even if she had wanted to escape. Just as she had been with Smith in the back of the limo, she was effectively being raped. The fact that she enjoyed the attack was irrelevant, this was forced sex. She had wanted to be fucked by Father Ambrose, however she had never budgeted on satisfying two black rapists.

For Tyrone and the others, such considerations were insignificant as he spread her stocking clad legs wider with his muscular arms. He wanted her as wide as possible for the final assault on her pussy.

Then, with one brutal push, the remaining seven inches were forced up her tight cunt. Jane screamed. She had accommodated 14 inches of black cock, she felt like the tip was at her throat.

Leaving her no time to get used to his size, Tyrone started to pound her. There was no finesse, just brutal primeval fucking. Tyrone would withdraw almost the entire length of his member then brutally thrust it all the way back in.

"Ohh, ohh, too big, it hurts... Oh please be gentle, it is tearing me apart. Oh God, you are raping my pussy. I am married, oh oh oh ..."

Tyrone responded by pounding her even more fiercely, marvelling at the way her big breasts jiggled up and down in response. For Jane, Tyrone's size, and the fact that she was being raped and thus fulfilling one of her fantasies, familiar feelings of arousal and desire were emerging. Her slutty body was responding to the attack. She was a whore that needed the power that black cock offered.

"Oh p-please, be gentle, yes, yes, that is good..."

Tyrone smiled and carried on fucking her hard, noting the way she now began to thrust up at him

"Oh yes, fuck me harder, rape my married white pussy with that big black cock of yours. Oh God, show me no mercy. I want to feel it..."

And Tyrone did just that, fucking her like the whore she had become.

Jerome walked over to her, not wanting to feel left out of the proceedings, went over to the other side of the table, and without any warning, shoved his cock down her mouth. He too was naked and there were now two big black muscular rapists on either side of Jane. They both wanted her to service their big dicks.

"Suck my cock, bitch."

And she did, she was now satisfying two giant black cocks and for the first time she was being gang raped. And she was loving it.

Father Ambrose now stood up and he also got naked and, dick waving in the air, walked over to the Jane. He started to maul her tits, enjoying the spectacle of the gangbang. The rapists were going at full speed, eager to take as much pleasure out of her tight body as possible. Instinctively Jane reached out and grabbed Father Ambrose's cock in her hand and started to rub it. It was her duty to satisfy him. To bring him pleasure.

Father Ambrose smiled, this was a good opportunity to continue with Lucy's story...

After Tyrone had finished with Lucy's mouth, Jerome wanted his fill of married white pussy. Lucy's special night on her honeymoon was far from finished.

Lucy very quickly found herself tied up on her bed, hands behind her head tied to the bed frame. She was now helpless and at the mercy of these thugs. And her pussy, to her everlasting shame, was soaking wet as a result.

She was still dressed in her silky transparent pink babydoll nightie, white stockings and heels. Her tits had spilled out and they were heaving in anticipation. She knew what was about to come. She was about to be raped. They had ordered her to spread her legs as wide as possible in order for her to be ready for the forthcoming attack. She had obeyed without hesitation. As she did, she noticed that her pussy was soaking wet. All you could hear was her breathing as Jerome stripped off. She was terrified at what she saw. She had never seen a body so black and muscular. He could have been a boxer he was so big. His cock was at least as big as Tyrone's. She did not think she could handle such a cock, despite her pussy having got wetter and wetter at the prospect.

Jerome crawled up to her spread legs and looked down – she was one fine bitch. She was still wearing her g-string – well, not for long. He grabbed and ripped it offer pussy. Lucy screamed. The rape was about to begin. He placed the head of his enormous cock at the entrance of her tiny cunt– just seven days ago she had been virgin, now she was about to take her first black cock. Looking up at this ape of a man, the beautiful Lucy panted with fear, it was her worst nightmare coming true, as well as her darkest fantasy...

Jerome managed to get his the head in. "Ahhh, no take it out, it is too big. Please, help..." she screamed, looking at her husband, who was helpless, tied up.

Jerome then managed to get seven inches on. "God damm, this bitch is so tight, it's like she's never been fucked before. That's it bitch, take my cock in your married white pussy. Don't worry I am going to stretch it good. You will enjoy it soon..."

He then thrust all 14 inched in.

"Ahhhhhh.....please, no. it is too big. P-please, stop. Stop raping my poor pussy with that big black cock. It hurts. I am married. Oh p-please, be gentle. Oh oh oh..."

Lucy was babbling and much of it was incoherent, she was stuffed like never before and Jerome had started to pound her. He needed to take his pleasure in her tight white body and her feelings were obviously irrelevant.

"Take that cock bitch, you know you can handle it. It is what you want. It is what all you white bitches want, to be fucked hard by some big black dick. That's it, take it". He then, with his powerful arms, lifted her legs in the air so that her feet, which still had on her white heels were pointing upwards. This allowed him to penetrate her pussy even deeper.

He was still kneeling up so that he could have a good look at his victim's face, which was still one of shock and awe at the vicious pounding she was being forced to endure. Her massive tits were shaking up and down in response to the assault and the frame of the bed started to bang up against the wall. It had never done that when David had fucked her, Lucy noted.

Jerome now pounded her vigorously for a few minutes. Nothing was heard other then the bed banging up against the wall, Jerome's grunts and poor little Lucy's delicate little screams.

However, it wasn't long before the violent rape started to have an effect on poor Lucy's body. Her pussy was beginning to respond, as she knew it would. It had been wet before, now it was positively dripping. And instead of the screams of protest, little mewing noises of appreciation were coming out of her lovely mouth. "Ohh, ohh, ohh..." was all you could hear from Lucy now. Jerome noted this. He had noted that her pussy was wet when he entered, but now was positively dripping with desire. The bitch was beginning to enjoy the attack. Jerome drove his advantage home.

"Tell your husband what is happening, look at him and describe what I am doing to you."

"Oh no, p-please. Oh God please be gentle. You are fucking my married pussy too hard. Oh oh oh , it is good. Deeper, fuck my married pussy deeper..."

"Tell him bitch! Tell him what it is liked to be fucked by some big nigger cock."

Lucy turned her head to look at David who was now horrified at the change in demeanour of his bride. No longer merely the victim, she was beginning to enjoy the attack.

"Oh David, he is fucking my married white pussy with his giant black cock. Oh he is fucking me hard, like I have never been fucked before. Oh oh oh... it feels sooo good, oh David, he is so big, I think he is going to split me into two. Oh oh, fuck me harder. Ohhhh...."

Jane came. She came because she was being raped. More importantly, she was being raped by some big black dick. She should have felt ashamed, but she didn't. She had never had an orgasm like that before, it felt wonderful. She had always wanted to be taken roughly, but this had been better than anything she could have possibly imagined. And it confirmed to her what she had always secretly feared: she was a slut. And she was a slut for black dick.

Of course it was humiliating for her poor husband who was being forced to watch his wife get properly fucked and in a way that he could never possibly manage. But never in his wildest nightmares could he have imagined that being raped by two black men would provoke her to feel aroused. And for her to cum! It was disgusting. It was wrong. It was not possible. Unless of course, instead of marrying the sweet innocent woman he thought he had married, he had actually instead married a whore. A whore for black cock. And that could only be the possible explanation as the cries from his whore of his wife got louder and louder and she seemed to be in a constant state of orgasmic bliss.

Lucy was indeed in a state of constant orgasmic bliss. She was now totally oblivious to her husband and the only thing she was aware of was the wonderful big black cock that was pounding away in her once tight cunt. "Oh God, that's it, fuck me hard, rape me with your big black cock. Oh God, that feels so fucking good." Was what you could hear from the once shy bride.

Jerome was of course delighted. He now dropped her legs and leaning up started to hammer away for all he was worth. Lucy in turn spread her legs for her attacker, determined that he should derive as much pleasure from her tight married body as possible. She also thrust up to meet his lunges, determined to drain the considerable spunk that she knew his cock would provide.

"That's it bitch, take all of my cock. You love it, don't you? You love the fact that you are being fucked for the first time. Your pussy was so tight, but my good old cock has stretched it out good for you. Tell me bitch, is it better than your husband's?"

Without thinking, Jane answered, "Oh y-yes, it is so much better. Your black cock is so much b-bigger than my husband's. It feels sooo good. I didn't know fucking could be so good. Ooh, harder, please, fuck my married pussy harder. Oh that's it, rape me..."

And as Jerome did, he came, he could not hold out for any longer. Her tight white pussy was some of the finest he had ever had. Sweat was now pouring over his face and body, the exertions and the situation had made him tense with desire. As his considerable muscles tensed, this giant of a black man released torrents of spunk up the young bride's petite tight white body...

Back in the church, Tyrone had cum in Jane and now the roles were being reversed. Jane was now placed face down over the table so her delicious arse was facing up and out. Her legs were spread and she was servicing Jerome's great member who was fucking her from behind, slapping her up turned cheeks as he did. Father Ambrose had moved over to Jane's head and stuffed his cock down her mouth and ordered her to suck it.

With Jane servicing two giant black dicks, Father Ambrose continued with the story...

Lucy was untied and ordered to get on all fours on her marital bed and to face her husband. She was now looking directly at David, she tried not to catch his eyes, so ashamed was she that she had cum many times in response to Jerome's attack on her pussy. She was ordered to spread her legs and arch her back so that her anus could be on display. Tyrone wanted to break in the bitch's married virgin arse.

He walked behind her, lubricating his dick with some of Lucy's expensive hand cream – David had bought it for her during their honeymoon only a day or so ago. Now it was being used to lubricate a rapist's dick as he readied himself to sodomise his poor wife; bad luck or what, hey?

Tyrone looked down at her creamy white buttocks and her innocent white stockings. The bitch was some whore, cumng like that in response to being raped. He started to spank her arse and her cheeks rapidly turned a deep shade of red. Lucy responded by thrusting her arse out to meet the spanks and groaned. She liked to be treated rough. In fact, the rougher the better.

Tyrone then looked at David and said, "I am now going to fuck you wife in her arse. Her virgin arse, I assume. I am sure you won't mind."

On hearing this Lucy groaned, it was true, she had never been fucked in her arse before. It was something she had wanted to try, David of course had never been interested – he was too prudish to try such a thing. He told her it was sinful! Well, she did not care, although she was not a little concerned with having such a big dick break her tight ass.

She looked back at Tyrone and tried to plead with him, "P-please don't fuck me in my ass, your dick is too big. Please fuck my pussy instead."

"Shut up bitch, you are in no position to argue. You will take my dick up your pretty little ass, whether you like it or not."

Tyrone then placed the lubricated head of his mighty weapon at the entrance of his young victim's arse and pushed. At first it seemed that it would not yield, so tight was Lucy's bottom. But, with great determination, he managed to get the head in.

"Oh God, take it out. P-please, you are hurting me. You are raping my poor bottom. It hurts, stop...

Tyrone said nothing and instead spanked her arse cruelly. He then pushed seven inches of his fourteen inch cock up her virgin arse. Lucy screamed and she lost her strength and her head fell on to the bed. She could not believe the pain in her behind. It was like nothing she had felt before. She was being ripped in to two by this cruel rapist. It was not natural for a man of such size to take such a small woman's bottom. But he was doing it in any event, without asking her and taking what he thought was rightfully his.

David in turn looked at the filthy erotic tableau taking place just a couple of feet away. It was frightening to watch this enormous 6ft 6 brute of a man take his wife's arse from behind. She looked to small next to him, and him, so big and ruthless. He could not believe his wife had enjoyed having her pussy raped by these brutes. Surely she would not enjoy this...

Tyrone had now managed to get all 14 inches of his weapon up Lucy's tender arse. It was so tight it felt like a vice was gripping his cock and that it would rip his skin off if he tried to move it. Lucy had for now stopped screaming and was instead breathing heavily, trying to get used to the great length in her tender married bottom.

Tyrone leant forward and grabbed her hair to yank her head up. Her body was still sagging forward, however, Tyrone wanted her to be looking directly at her husband when he raped her bottom. Indeed he wanted to humiliate the man further, as if raping his poor wife's arse was not humiliation enough.

"Tell your husband what is happening, bitch", he yelled "Tell him exactly what I am doing to you."

Lucy, who was in an immense amount of pain with so much cock up her tender bottom, had no choice. Her attackers were ruthless and she had no choice but to obey. And yet a strange feeling was beginning to develop. The deplorable attack in her most private of parts was beginning to generate now familiar feelings or arousal – these seem to be generated by the complete domination and subjugation of her body at the hands of big black men and their big black cocks. For sluts like Lucy, it was a perfectly natural feeling and, as she would discover, it was futile to resist such a feeling.

Looking directly at her poor husband, Lucy licked her lips, "Oh David, he has got his big black cock up my poor bottom. Oh David, it feels so big. He is going to rape my bottom with me his big black cock. Oh David, he is doing it, he is fucking my bottom with his giant black dick. Oh oh oh, my bottom is so tight, and he is fucking it so hard. Oh oh oh..."

Tyrone had started to move his cock in and out of Lucy's virgin arse and he was not doing it gently. Far from it. He wanted to stretch the bitch's arse and the only way he could do that was by being rough with her. And he correctly suspected that the whore would respond to such treatment. As such, he started to spank her bottom, which elicited all too familiar sounds of groaning from the whore of a wife.

"That's it bitch, take my cock up your arse. Take it all, you can handle it. That's it you black cock loving whore, you are doing great. Fuck my cock with that tight married bottom of yours. Show your husband what a whore he has married. Make him proud, you fucking bitch..."

Lucy had actually become oblivious to her poor husband, despite David sitting only a couple of feet away and Lucy looking straight at him. The only thing on her mind was that great cock up her tight bottom and the way it was fucking her. She had been amazed that such her small body could take a big cock up her tight pussy, but in her ass also? The fact that she could do this made her feel like such a satisfied slut.

As such, her mouth was now open and there was a continual sound of groaning coming from it. Her eyes were also wide open in astonishment at the attach and her massive tits, which we hanging out fully from her delicate babydoll, swung back and forth with each of Tyrone's violent thrusts.

"Oh oh oh, it is so big. You are fucking my bottom. You are raping my poor bottom. Oh oh oh..." Lucy screamed. "Oh p-please, go harder. Fuck me harder. I am your whore. Fuck my bottom like the bitch whore I am. Oh that's it, fuck my ass harder..."

Lucy began to thrust her bottom back to meet Tyrone's thrusts. She was loving being arse fucked and could not get enough of his bog black dick.

David's shock and sadness at seeing hearing this was only matched by Tyrone's joy. The bitch well and truly liked to be raped in whichever hole they chose. He now started to fuck her with even more ferocity. His massive muscular body tensed up in determination to fuck this bitch hard. He looked so big compared to the tiny Lucy and her tight married body was causing him to get close to his climax.

Lucy in turn was already cuming. The viciousness of the attack was causing her to cum even more intensely than when Jerome had fucked her pussy.

"Oh God, that's it, rape me harder. I am cuming. Rape my tight bottom with that big black cock, I love it, I love it..."

Tyrone could not hold out much longer. With one great lunge, and looking directly at Lucy's husband, he let out a torrent of warm spunk up the hot bitch's arse. He screamed out loudd in utter satisfaction at successfully raping this young wife's virgin arse.

Once he had satisfied himself, he removed his still erect cock from her tender arse. Lucy remained subserviently on all fours, waiting for her attackers next command. She sensed that Jerome would also want to fuck her ass, but Tyrone also wanted to be fulfilled at the same time.

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