tagMatureThe Jake Chronicles Ch. 04

The Jake Chronicles Ch. 04


Letter from the author: This story is about a young man who dominates older vulnerable women. This chapter has some incestuous overtones. There is not any actual incest, but I wanted to warn you as a reader in case that is not for you. To those who find these things exciting, enjoy. Comments are always welcome and e-mail feedback is always appreciated.


The next morning Leigh woke up and was lying in her bed still half asleep. She rolled over and felt the slight ache in her ass from the pounding Jake had given her the night before. She clenched her ass and reveled in the pleasurable pain, remembering the satisfaction her orgasms had given her. She heard Josh moving around the house and realized her bedroom door was open. She was covered with a blanket that lay at the foot of her bed, and not her bed covers. She worried that her son had seen her in this condition last night. Had he covered her, or had Jake when he left. She quickly hopped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom to put a robe on. She walked toward her bedroom door. She could feel the dried cum between her ass cheeks and on her legs that had escaped her ass and dried. She caught her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was disheveled. Her make-up was smeared and she generally looked like a used up tramp. She reached the door and tried to close it quietly. However, just then Josh left his room and spotted her in the doorway.

"Good morning sleepy head. I was wondering if you were ever going to get up." said Josh.

Leigh turned and looked at the clock. It read 12:14.

"Must have been an eventful night huh?" he said with a knowing tone to his voice.

"Josh! Stop that." She snapped at him. Then she closed the door. She leaned against the door mortified. He must have seen her. "What must he think of me?" she thought.

She undressed, depositing her nylons and lingerie in the hamper and took a shower. When she was cleaned up, she headed to the kitchen to get something to eat. She was sitting at the table in her robe when Josh entered and joined his mom. Leigh was leaning forward a bit in her chair when Josh noticed her robe was open at the top and he caught a glimpse all the way down her robe, including a clear shot of her large breasts. He had never noticed his mom in this way, but after seeing her outfit and the condition she was in when he got home, he now noticed how sexy she was. Suddenly he comprehended that it was his mom he was think about in this way, and he shook himself. He stood up and excused himself, telling his mom he was going to meet some friends for lunch.

Josh didn't really have plans; he just needed to get out of there so he would not have such thoughts about his mom. He got in his car and headed out. He called Jake and asked him if he wanted to have lunch. Jake told him he was not ready to go anywhere yet, but that Josh should come over while he got ready and they could go after that.

Josh was really bothered by the thoughts he had about his mom. However, he could not shake the image of his mom in her sexy lingerie last night and the great shot of her tits he just got. He arrived at Jake's and Jake let him in. As Jake got ready, Josh kept thinking how bad it was to have those disgusting thoughts of his mom. Jake noticed Josh in deep thought and spoke.

"Where the hell are you?"

"Huh?" Josh said, snapping out of his daze.

"What are you thinking so hard about?" Jake asked.

"Oh .........nothing." Josh answered, not wanting to tell Jake the truth.

"OK." Jake replied, and he left the room to go brush his teeth.

The whole time he was in the bathroom, all Josh could think about was his mom asleep in that outfit, her ass exposed, and how excited he had gotten when he went back to his room. Then, to see her tits in the kitchen, his cock had begun to get hard immediately. He wrestled back and forth in his mind with this.

"Earth to Josh." Jake voice penetrated his thoughts. "I'm ready to go."

Josh shook himself back to reality again. "Oh, OK, let's go." He replied.

"What is going on with you?" Jake asked. "You have been somewhere else the whole time you have been here."

"Just something on my mind, never mind, let's go." Josh told him.

Jake just shrugged it off and they began to leave for lunch.

Suddenly, Josh just grabbed Jake by the arm and said, "Dude, I have to tell you something, but you have to promise not to say anything."

Stunned by his actions, Jake turned and looked at him. "What is it?"

"I don't know how to say this, but I have to tell someone about it, or I am going to blow." Josh replied.

"What? What is so important?" Jake asked again.

"It's my mom; I keep having dirty thoughts about my mom." Josh blurted out. Not stopping to get a reaction, Josh continued. "I came home last night, and she was asleep on her bed wearing this totally sexy outfit, and her ass was sticking out and she had obviously been fucked." Josh caught his breath and continued. "I left her room and went to my room and all I could think about was how sexy and hot that outfit was, and how nasty she must have been with whomever she was with. My dick got hard and I was totally turned on"

Jake stood there with a grin on his face. He knew exactly how nasty she had been.

"Dude, this is not funny." Josh snapped at him. "Then this morning, I saw her in her robe and I got a perfect shot of her tits. I got a woody."

Jake wiped the grin from his face. "Don't worry about it man. You're a guy, of course it was a turn on." He assured him.

"No, Dude, I should not be turned on." He told him.

"Why not?" Jake asked.

"Because, it's my mom, and besides, she is old." Josh told him.

"Your mom is pretty hot......" Jake advised him. "...and older women are the best."

Josh was a bit stunned. Realizing what Jake had just said, Josh questioned him, "How would you know?"

"I have had a couple of older women." Jake informed him.

"Who?" Josh asked, not believing him.

"Just a couple of older women I know." Jake told him.

"Older?" Josh questioned. "Like how old?"

"Mrs. Mueller for one. You know, Aaron's mom?"

"Bullshit!" Josh barked at him.

"No, really" Jake swore.

"No way. You are full of shit; Mrs. Mueller is not like that." Josh said.

"Dude, Mrs. Mueller is the nastiest bitch you will ever meet."

"No Way!" Josh said

"I can prove it. She wants me so bad; I could get her to come fuck you and me right now." Jake assured him.

"Prove it!" Josh challenged, figuring Jake would back down for sure.

"OK." Jake replied.

He grabbed his cell phone and dialed. "Hello slut," Jake spoke into the phone. "I have a friend at my house who would like a piece of you, get something slutty on and get over here and take care of us." There was a short pause and then he hung up.

"She'll be here in a half hour." He told Josh.

"You are so full of shit Jake." Josh said. "There wasn't anyone on the other end of that call."

"Well, if you don't believe me, have a seat and we'll find out." Jake instructed him.

Josh sat down on the couch and waited. As he sat there he again started talking to Jake, "This doesn't help me with my feelings about my mom."

"Maybe not, but at least you can channel your feelings somewhere else." Jake told him.

Looking for anyway out of the situation, Josh rationalized that Jake might be right. They sat there watching TV for about 40 minutes when Josh realized the time.

"See, I knew you were shitting me, no one is coming over, let's go eat." He teased Jake.

"Be patient." Jake assured him.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. Jake got up and opened the door. He returned to the living room with Victoria in tow. She was wearing a long coat. Her nylon covered legs stuck out below her coat and her sexy high heels clicked on the tile floor as they walked in front of Josh.

"You know Josh don't you Mrs. Mueller?" Jake said.

Victoria was not embarrassed at all, she was so happy to hear from Jake, that she just wanted to get started. Besides, another young cock was always welcome.

"Yes, hello Josh, it has been a while. How are you?" She asked

"Fine thanks." He replied.

Jake moved to his chair, leaving Victoria standing in front of the young men.

"Let's see what you wore for us Mrs. Mueller." Jake said.

Victoria unbuckled her coat, and removed it, dropping it in a heap in the floor behind her.

"Oh my gawd!" Josh spouted.

"You like?" Victoria asked with a coy look.

"Uh huh." was all Josh could say. He just stared at her.

Victoria was dressed to impress. Her big fat tits spilled over the top of a satin half cup red bra. She had on a matching satin g-string. The thigh high stockings disappeared into the high heels he had already seen.

Josh's cock sprung to life immediately. He adjusted it in his pants and Victoria noticed. It always thrilled her to have that affect on young men.

"Not bad." Jake commented from his seat. "Now come over here and suck my cock you dirty slut."

Josh watched as Victoria walked to Jake and knelt between his legs. She bent over and unzipped Jake's pants and began to swallow his rod. Her big round ass was on full display for Josh and he just admired it. He just watched as Jake abused her while she sucked his cock.

"Oh what a good little cock sucker you are. I had forgotten how well you do this Mrs. Mueller." Jake teased.

Victoria bobbed up and down on Jake's cock furiously. Josh watched and began to rub his throbbing cock through his pants. Jake grabbed a handful of hair and began forcing Victoria up and down harder.

"See Josh, Mrs. Mueller is a cock sucking slut." Then he lifted her off his cock and looked right at her. "Aren't you Mrs. Mueller?"

"Yes." She replied.

"Tell Josh what a dirty whore you are." He instructed her.

She turned and looked at Josh, "I am a dirty whore."

"Tell him how much you love young hard cock." Jake told her.

"I love it, I love hot young cock. I need it" She told Josh.

"Take out your cock." Jake told Josh. "Show it to her."

Josh unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard shaft. It was not as large as Jake's, but it was not small by any means.

Still holding her hair, Jake pulled her back and spoke into her ear, "You want to suck his cock you dirty slut?"

"Oh yes." She replied.

"Well go do it." He told her.

Victoria crawled the short distance to the couch. She grabbed hold of Josh's cock and swallowed it. Josh let out a loud groan as she took it all the way in. She slowly began to slide up and down on it. Josh was in heaven. He was not too experienced, so it was not long before he was cumming down Victoria's throat. He grunted and groaned as Victoria swallowed every drop.

When she was done, she let go of his cock and looked at him seductively as she wiped the corners of her mouth and licked her lips, "Mmmmmm" she moaned.

Josh just sat and stared at her.

"Not bad huh?" Jake asked him.

"That was fantastic." Josh answered.

Victoria ate up the compliment.

"That's nothin'" Jake told him. "What she really likes, is a cock in her ass don't you Mrs. Mueller"

"Mmmm hmmmm" Victoria reacted.

"Come over here slut. Bend over the chair." He ordered.

Vitoria stood and walked to the chair. She pulled her panties off and tossed them at Josh. Then she leaned over the front of the chair and held onto an arm with each hand.

Jake immediately buried his cock in her hot moist cunt. Victoria let out a gasp as it slid all the way in.

"I like to lube it up with her pussy before fucking her ass." He told Josh. Then he slowly fucked her pussy for a few minutes.

"Tell Josh how much you want my cock in your ass." Jake ordered her.

"I want it. I want his big hard cock in my fat ass." She said as she looked right at Josh.

Josh's cock began to get hard again. Jake removed his cock from her pussy and placed it at her puckered asshole.

"Tell me what you want."

"I want your cock in my ass. Please, don't make me wait. Give it to me." Victoria pleaded.

Jake obliged, shoving it all the way in with one stroke.

"Yes!" Victoria screamed. "Oh Jake, I have missed your cock. Fuck me! Fuck me in the ass ..... hard."

Jake did just that. He quickly slid his cock almost all the way out and then forcefully drove it back in.

"YES! Again." She cried.

Jake did it again.

"Harder! Faster!" She yelled.

Jake sped up. He fucked her hard and fast for the next 15 minutes. She screamed with pleasure the whole time.

Josh was now stroking his cock and watching as his friend's mom got ass fucked right in front of him. He watched her tits dangle back and forth below her with each penetration. He was so turned on. Then the weirdest thing happened. He began to imagine his mom in Victoria's place. This must have been how his mom looked last night. He couldn't understand how that thought was turning him on so much. He imagined his mom saying all the nasty stuff Victoria was saying.

"Deeper! Faster! Victoria screamed. "I'm Cumming!" Her body shuddered and shook as she screamed more obscenities. "Yes, fuck my ass, cum inside me! Tell me what a dirty whore I am!"

Jake grunted loudly and deposited his cum deep in her bowels. He seemed to cum for ever. Each thrust deposited more of his seed in her and she loved it.

Josh was more turned on than he had ever been. He was about to cum when Jake's voice startled him.

"You want a turn?" He asked.

"Hell yes!" Josh answered, letting go of his cock.

Jake ordered Victoria to lie on the ground. "Have at it dude." He told Josh.

Josh jumped off the couch and moved between her legs. Victoria looked at him and winked, "Give it to me big boy." She quipped.

Josh didn't need any more encouragement. He shoved his cock in her and began to fuck her furiously.

Victoria encouraged him, "Yea baby, fuck me. Fuck me good."

Josh looked at her and watched as her big fat tits jiggled back and forth with his force. This made him remember seeing his mom's tits this morning. He watched them jiggle and imagined they were his mom's. Victoria noticed him staring at her tits and began to play with them.

"You like my big titties Josh? You want to watch me play with them." She asked.

Josh just nodded his head. Victoria mashed them against her body and pinched her nipples. She pulled up on the nipples, stretching them high off her chest. The sight was too erotic for Josh to take. He could feel his orgasm coming. His already quick thrusts sped up. Victoria noticed and gave him some more nasty talk.

"Are you going to cum?" She asked.

"Uh huh." He grunted.

"I want you to cum all over my big fat tits Josh. Would you like that?"

"Yes!" he grunted back.

"OK, do it baby, take your cock out. I want to watch it spew all over my tits." She pushed them together and waited for his climax.

Josh pulled his rod from her and stroked it frantically. The cum shot from it like a rocket and spilled all over Victoria.

"Oh yea, I love hot cum all over me." She told him, as she rubbed it into her skin.

Josh finished cumming, and collapsed backwards, lying on the floor.

"I told you she was a nasty bitch." Jake said to Josh. Then he instructed Victoria to leave. A bit disappointed, she gathered her things and exited the house.

As she walked over Josh's body she looked at him, "Give me a call if you ever want another ride. Jake has my number."

Josh just laid there and watched her leave.

When she had gone, Josh got up and put is pants back on and sat on the couch.

"Did that help you forget about your mom?" Jake asked.

"No!" Josh blurted out without thinking.

"Really? Why not?" Jake inquired.

"Because I kept imagining she was my mom. I kept thinking that must have been what my mom was like last night."

Jake smirked a bit, remembering that that Josh was right. Leigh had been quite the dirty little whore last night.

"Don't laugh man. That's my mom. I can't think of her that way." Josh shouted.

"Even when you were fucking Mrs. Mueller you were thinking of your mom?" Jake asked.

"Yes. I can't believe it either." Josh snapped.

"You are twisted." Jake joked.

"Fuck you!" Josh said back with a chuckle.

The two of them got dressed and finally went to have something to eat.


About a week later, Jake was getting an itch for Leigh. However, not wanting to show weakness, he waited for her call. A couple days later, his cell phone rang and he answered it.

"Hey cowboy, Josh has plans tonight, you want to come over give this nasty old broad a whirl?" she asked.

"I guess. What time?" Jake asked.

"I don't know. I'll call you when he leaves." She told him.

"See you later." He replied, and then he hung up. He thought to himself, "Boy is she in for a little surprise tonight."

When Jake arrived at Leigh's that night, she was in a long black silk robe. He entered the house and she led him to the kitchen.

"You want something to drink? She asked.

"No, I am only here for one thing. "What's under that robe?" He asked.

Leigh untied the belt and flashed it open. She had absolutely nothing on underneath.

"Perfect!" Jake said. "Let's fuck."

Leigh closed her robe and ran passed him and toward the bedroom, giggling all the way. Jake trailed her, walking all the way. When he got to her room, Leigh was bent over the bed with the bottom of her robe thrown up over her hips. Her ass was on full display.

Jake pulled his cock out and held it, "Aren't you forgetting something?" he inquired.

"Oh sorry." Leigh apologized, standing and moving in front of him. She dropped to her knees and began sucking his dick. Jake began fucking her mouth aggressively.

"You dirty little slut. I love watching you suck cock." He told her.

Leigh just continued to take his cock in her mouth, loving the feeling as it slid down the back of her throat. When Jake was completely hard, she stood up and removed her robe. He bent her over the bed and slid his pulsating unit into her swollen pussy. He fucked her slow and deep, making her beg for more.

"Don't tease me." She pleaded. "Give it to me harder."

"You are a nasty little slut aren't you?" Jake mocked her.

Knowing exactly what he wanted, Leigh said, "Yes, I am, I am a dirty whore, and I want your big fat cock in me hard and deep."

Jake just continued to tease her with his full length, slowly and deeply. When he had her really begging for it, he got really nasty. "Guess what little secret I found out." He asked her, putting his cock all the way in.

"What?" Leigh moaned.

"The last time I was here, your son told me he found you after I left." He informed her.

"Oh no." She replied.

"Yea." Jake continued, as he drove his cock in a bit more aggressively, but no faster than before. "He said you looked all used and abused. He even said he could see you were covered in cum."

Leigh wanted to act mortified, but Jake kept teasing her with his cock. He would push it in hard, then pull it out slowly. In hard and out slowly. His torment was driving her crazy. She pushed back each time he pushed in.

"But do you want to know the best part?" He asked, as he sped up a little bit.

"What?" Leigh asked a bit irritated, wanting him to finish her off.

"He said you looked really sexy." Jake said.

Leigh didn't have a response. Jake expected her to be surprised. However, she just pushed her ass out to get more of his cock. Jake took advantage of the situation. He sped up his pace and talked more.

"You like that huh? It turns you on doesn't it?" He asked her.

Leigh didn't answer. Jake fucked her a few more times, waiting for a response. She didn't say anything. Jake pulled his cock from her.

"Answer me." He snapped.

"No, it doesn't turn me on." She replied, not wanting to talk about this anymore.

"Liar!" Jake said. "You know it makes you hot knowing he thinks you are sexy." He put his cock back in her pussy.

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