tagMatureThe Jake Chronicles Ch. 06

The Jake Chronicles Ch. 06


Letter from the author: This story is about a young man who dominates older vulnerable women. If you find this offensive please find another story. Comments are welcome and e-mail feedback is always appreciated.


The next class session that Jake had with Keri was a couple days later. There was going to be a test. Jake saw Keri enter the class and noticed she was wearing a skirt as always. However, as she sat down he noticed that he could not see a blouse under her business jacket. He wondered to himself if she was naked under it. Keri passed out the test and returned to her desk. She seemed to have a little more wiggle in her movements today.

Jake was sitting on the top row of the lecture hall against the back wall. He knew there was no need to take the test now that he was sure he would be receiving a passing grade now. So he decided to have a little fun with Dr. Paulson. He grabbed his cell phone and punched in a message and sent it to Keri's cell.

Keri jumped a bit and hurriedly retrieved her phone from her briefcase when the tune rang out. She apologized to the class and immediately changed the ring to silent, then read the message. "Hello slut, are you naked under that skirt like I instructed?"

Keri secretly looked up at Jake and nodded. It felt so good to be naughty this way for Jake. She could feel her already hard nipples and her pussy begin to tingle.

Her cell lit up again. She opened it. "Are you naked under your jacket?"

She sent a text back. "No, but I don't have a bra on."

She felt so naughty. She squeezed her thighs together trying to give her pussy some pleasure. She had only put a silk spaghetti strap camisole on this morning under her jacket. Her heavy breasts had been bouncing under her jacket all morning, causing her nipples to be constantly hard. This made her feel very sexy in a dirty, slutty way.

Jake sent another text, "You dirty whore!" Keri just blushed as she smiled to herself.

Jake's phone light up, "Thank you." The text message read.

Jake decided to turn up the heat. He sent another, "Would you like me to fuck that wet pussy of yours after class?"

"How does he know my pussy is wet?" Keri thought. "Stupid question." She answered herself.

"I would love that." She answered back. She looked at him longingly as she watched him retrieve her text.

Jake sent back a text. He looked at her and winked as he pressed the send key.

Keri pressed the "read" key. "Only if you put your finger in your pussy right now."

Keri was stunned. She never expected him to ask her to do that while she was in class. She looked up at him in horror and shook her head.

Jake immediately sent another.

"NOW!" read the message.

Keri looked around the room. All her students seemed engrossed in their tests. She slowly and non-chalantly pulled the hem of her skirt up. She reached under it and slid her finger between her slick hot cunt lips. It felt so good. She wiggled it a bit then pulled it out and slid it back in. Her pleasure almost made her forget she was in class. Another text came, "pull it out and show me."

Keri pulled her finger free, placed her hand next to her face and pointed the finger to the sky. Jake could see it glistening from her juices. He winked at her again and sent another text, "suck it clean."

Keri read the message. She looked at Jake and mouthed the word "NO". Jake just gave her a knowing glare. Keri had no will power, and did not want him mad at her. She again scanned the room for anyone looking, and then slid the finger in and out of her mouth quickly, cleaning her juices off. The taste only made her hotter. She couldn't believe how hot she was. She wanted Jake's cock in her so badly; she was almost willing to do it right in front of her class. She squeezed her thighs together again trying in vain to relieve some of the tingling in her clit. Her nipples were achingly hard. With each movement they rubbed mercilessly on the silk material covering them, making them more sensitive. Her pussy was now steaming. This back and forth lasted for a while longer, causing Keri to almost lose her mind with lust.

Suddenly one of the students stood up and approached her. She sat paralyzed as he came nearer. "What was he doing? Had he seen her?" she thought. Then he stuck his hand out and handed her his test. He just turned around, walked back to his desk, gathered his things and left the room. Keri sighed with relief.

One by one all the students turned in their tests and left. Jake acted as if he was working hard on his test until the last student was gone. The door closed and Keri immediately walked to the door and locked it. She pulled the blinds down on the small window in the door. When she turned around, Jake was at her desk and he was unzipping his pants. Keri almost ran to him, pulling up her skirt as she came up to him. She bent over the desk and pushed her big round ass to him.

"Hurry, I don't have long before I have to get to my next class." She told him waiting for his cock to fill her.

Jake had no plans to hurry. He would again exhibit his control over her. Jake just stood looking at her with his hard cock in his hand. Keri lay bent over the desk for a few moments waiting. She looked over her shoulder at him.

When their eyes met he spoke, "I'm waiting."

Keri knew what he wanted, but she didn't have time for that. "We don't have time." She told him again. Besides, she needed his cock in her right now. "Come on baby; give me that big fat cock." She begged him.

"I'll give it to you as soon as you get on your knees like the dirty whore you are and blow me." He told her as he held his rock hard cock in his hand.

Keri knew it was no use to argue. If she was going to get fucked, she was going to have to do it his way. She knew she should just get up and leave, but her need for his cock outweighed her need to be on time for her next class. The middle aged PhD. turned, dropped to her knees and swallowed his cock. Jake grabbed her head and fucked her face hard and deep. Keri eagerly tried to please him. All she could think about was getting that big beautiful cock inside her cunt. She grabbed his ass and shoved his member deep down her throat, grunting each time it hit the back. She sucked and licked his cock veraciously, loving every second of it.

Still holding her head, Jake pulled it slowly toward his body until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. As Keri felt his cock moving to the back of her throat, she relaxed her throat muscles to allow it to slide down. Jake held her there for quite some time, not allowing her to move back. Keri tried several times to move back to no avail. Jake just liked the feeling of power it gave him. Not being able to do anything else, Keri began to just move her tongue from side to side on the bottom of Jakes throbbing cock. She could feel the pulsating veins that kept it rock hard. Jake enjoyed the new sensation for a moment, and then pulled her off of his cock. He pulled her to her feet and bent her over the desk. Keri again pulled her skirt up over her plump, wide ass, spread her legs and presented her womanhood to him.

Jake mounted her slowly, pushing just the head of his rod past her lips. Keri moaned appreciatively. Jake little by little pushed it in until it had filled her hungry cunt. He proceeded to tease her. Knowing she was in a hurry, he pulled it out and drove it back in slowly. Each time he bottomed out, he wiggled his hips, grinding his pelvis into her ass.

Keri was beside herself with lust. She needed to cum, and this was not going to get her there. "Come on baby, fuck me harder. I need it. Give me that big fat cock hard and deep." She pleaded.

"Beg me!" Jake snapped.

"Please, please fuck me harder." She begged. All she could think about was her need to cum. Her career, her reputation as a respected college professor and her feminine confidence all meant nothing to her at that moment. She just wanted to be taken, and taken hard.

Jake liked his old broads like this, desperate, begging, needing him. He got off on the control. He could make them do or say anything when they were to this point.

"Tell me what a dirty slut you are." He teased. "Tell me how much you love my cock."

Keri did exactly that. "I am, I am a slut. I am a dirty slut for your magnificent cock. Give it to me. Take me, take any hole you want, just fuck me like the whore I am." She pleaded.

Jake needed no more encouragement. He grabbed hold of her wide hips and proceeded to pound her pussy into submission. Keri moaned and groaned as quietly as her passion would allow. She didn't want anyone outside to hear what was happening in the lecture hall.

"Yes, yes, harder, harder. Fuck my juicy cunt. Make me cum." She cried in a hushed voice.

Jake continued his assault until Keri announced her orgasm.

"I'm cumming!" she said as her body convulsed.

Jake never stopped. When he could see she was over her first climax, he pulled his cock out. It was covered in her juices. "Spread your ass for me!" he commanded.

Keri reached back and split her plump ass cheeks, exposing her rosebud. Jake placed his cum covered cock at her entrance and plunged it in with one stroke.

"Uuuuuhhh!" Keri moaned with pleasure.

Jake loved the feel of her ass. It was tight and silky smooth. It felt tremendous. He began to slowly move in and out enjoying the pressure it bestowed on his throbbing unit. Before long he was moving faster and deeper. Keri encouraged him all the way.

"Your cock feels so good in my ass. Faster, deeper, give it to me!" she said. Her second orgasm was building. "Keep going. I'm gonna cum!"

Jake was fast approaching his own orgasm. After a few more minutes in her ass, he pulled his cock out and ordered her to her knees. "Open your jacket." He demanded "Show me those big fat tits."

Keri unbuttoned her jacket as Jake stroked his cock, keeping his orgasm right on the edge. After opening her jacket she reached down and started to lift her camisole up to expose her tits.

"No, leave the top on. Push them up for me."

Keri placed her hands under her heavy breasts outside her top and pushed them up as instructed. The flesh of her tits spilled out over the top of her garment, forming a magnificent display of cleavage. Her nipples were rock hard, sensitive and visible through the thin material of her top. The display was more than Jake could stand.

"Aaaaaahhhhh!" he grunted as his climax surfaced. His cock shot a load of cum out and it landed on Keri's top. The next shot also landed on the silk material and began to soak in. Shot after shot landed on Keri until he was totally spent.

Keri loved the feeling of his hot cum all over her. She was still turned on. She wanted his cock in her again, but that was not to be. Jake ordered her to clean his cock. She opened her mouth and inserted his still hard cock. The pungent taste of her own ass was different, but exciting. She sucked his cock as it softened until she could no longer taste herself on it. Jake pulled his cock from her mouth and pulled up his pants. He left without a word, as always leaving a still horny Keri wanting more.

A few minutes after he left, Keri looked at the clock. She was already late for her next class. She looked at herself. Cum covered her silk camisole and she could feel it on her face too. She reached into her purse and pulled out a package of tissues. She tried her best to clean herself up. She concealed the mess on her top by closing her jacket. She gathered her things and hurried to her next class.

When she arrived, only a handful of the students were still there. She tried her best to conduct class, however the smell of Jake's cum filled her nostrils the whole class period and the rest of the day. Try as she did, she could not get the thoughts of the young stud out of her mind.

Now that Jake had Keri on the hook, it was time to play a little cat and mouse. He ignored her in class, and he ignored her calls. He loved to watch the anxiety build when he did this to these desperate sex crazed middle age women. He had done it to Victoria and Penny, as well as others, and each time they had begged for his attention. Keri was no exception. Her calls got more frequent and the begging got worse. He watched as her conservative dress got more and more risqué trying to entice a reaction from him. She would leave him messages about what she was or wasn't wearing under her clothes, and how she wanted him to do all kinds of nasty things to her. She even went so far as to accost him in the hall of the English building, making a spectacle of herself as she rubbed herself against him and begged him to come to her office and take care of her needs. Luckily for her, no one else was around, or the rumors would have spread like wild fire. When this happened, he knew he had her right where he wanted her, willing to try anything.

Jake called Keri a few days after the incident in the hall and told her he would be over later that night. He told her to be ready for a surprise and he expected her to wear something slutty. Keri was so excited, about finally being with Jake, that she went out and visited the local lingerie shop, bringing home the naughtiest things she could find. She showered and prepared herself and eagerly waited for the doorbell. When it finally rang around 9PM, she raced to the door. However, her total excitement wilted in a flash when she saw what awaited her on the other side of her front door.

"Hello slut." Jake said, "Meet another one of my sluts. Her name is Victoria."

The smile on Keri's face washed away as her eyes took in the woman standing next to Jake.

"Who the hell is she?" Keri spat.

"I told you, she another one of my sluts. She likes women as well as my cock." Jake told her.

"Nice outfit." Victoria told Keri.

Keri had answered the door ready for Jake. Her high heels were red 5 inch stilettos. Her black fishnet stockings were held up by a red satin garter belt with black trim. Her black g-string panties were pulled up over that. And her matching red and black satin bustier hugged her plump figure tightly, and the half cups held her tits up and left her stiff nipples exposed. Victoria's comment made Keri realize what she had on, and she immediately raised her arms up to cover her exposed tits.

"No need to be shy hon." Victoria told her as she opened the full length coat she was sporting. Under it Victoria was wearing matching dark purple satin bra and panties, along with black seamed stay up stockings and purple stilettos. When Keri noticed the competition was not really competition at all, but rather a carbon copy of her, her defenses relaxed a bit. In reality, she found Victoria quite attractive and with that outfit on, pretty damn sexy. Keri hoped she looked as good in her outfit as Victoria did.

"You going to invite us in?" Jake asked.

"Oh.......sorry, how rude of me, come in." She told them, not being able to take her eyes off Victoria's body. Keri had thoughts of being with a woman many times in the past, but never had any close friends that she felt comfortable enough with to try it. She would never have gone out on her own and done that with a complete stranger. She was not sure if her extreme horniness or Victoria's pure sexuality was the reason for the feelings rushing through her right now, but whatever it was, she liked how it felt.

Victoria handed Keri her coat and as she and Jake walked by into the living room, Keri continued to watch Victoria's full shape wiggle provocatively as she walked away. She hung up Victoria's coat and joined them in the living room.

"Would either of you like a drink?" Keri asked.

"No one is here for a drink." Jake told her. "Now you two get over here and suck my cock."

Jake was sitting on the couch and Victoria was right next to him. She leaned over and began to unzip his pants and lower them to his feet as Keri scurried toward them not wanting to miss any chance to play with Jake's magnificent cock. Keri crawled between Jake's legs and Victoria stayed on the couch hunched over Jake's lap. Victoria grabbed Jake's swelling cock and began to suck it into her mouth as Keri looked on. A few moments later she lifted her mouth off it and offered it to Keri. Keri lowered her mouth onto the slick, rock hard pole until her moth came in contact with Victoria's hand that was still wrapped around it. Victoria began to guide Keri up and down his shaft as she stroked his cock with her hand. Jake just watched as these two horny old broads shared his raging hard cock.

Soon Victoria released his cock from her hand and Keri replaced it with hers. Keri enthusiastically continued her oral masturbation of Jake, and Victoria turned her attention to Keri. She reached under Keri and started to manipulate her dangling tits. Victoria squeezed them and aggressively pulled on Keri's hard, sensitive nipples. This caused Keri to let out a muffled squeal and shake with pleasure. This spurred Victoria to continue. She played with Keri's big full tits as they dangled below her much to Keri's delight. Soon Keri's pussy was leaking profusely and she was squirming with pleasure.

Victoria noticed Keri's ass sticking up and wiggling up and down, and decided it was time to move on. She stopped playing with Keri's tits and moved behind her. She placed her hands on the inside of Keri's thighs, and pressed against them as if to say "spread them." Keri moved her legs apart. Victoria moved Keri's g-string to the side and nestled her face between Keri's large round ass and began to lick her sloppy cunt.

Keri moaned favoably pushing her ass in the air to help Victoria gain better access. Victoria felt this and her pace picked up. Victoria's tongue darted in and out of Keri's love canal, and she used her fingers to massage Keri's swollen clit. This produced more wiggling and moaning from Keri as her orgasm rose. Her pleasure meant more pleasure for Jake as her pace picked up and she sucked his cock long, hard and fast. He watched as the two women became the sluts they loved to be.

"That's it Mrs. Mueller, lick professor Paulson's dirty cunt." He instructed. "Make that nasty slut cum."

Victoria's motions quickened again, as Jake talked dirty to her. She was a tramp for his filthy words. Victoria's hand feverishly rubbed Keri's clit and her tongue relentlessly fucked Keri's pussy.

Jake's cum was soon rushing to the surface as his balls tightened and released a huge load. Just before he erupted, he pulled Keri's head off his cock by her hair and held it up away from his unit. Keri continued to stroke it and he sprayed his hot thick cum all over her face. The filthy slutiness of this, plus Victoria's magnificent tongue had Keri screaming with delight as her orgasm soon exploded through her. She pressed her ass into Victoria's face and her entire body shook as she enjoyed every second of it.

When she was done, Jake pushed her back and told Victoria to help get Keri cleaned up. They both willingly scooped his cum from Keri's face. They licked their own fingers and to Jake's delight they began to feed each other his love juice. They licked it off each other's fingers and then started French kissing without needing any instruction.

Keri couldn't believe how good Victoria's kisses felt. The tenderness of her lips and tongue was extremely erotic. Her hands began to roam Victoria's soft voluptuous body. She found Victoria's big round bra covered tits. She squeezed them assertively. Victoria's nipples were hard and Keri felt them in her palms. She found them with her thumbs and forefingers, pinching them roughly.

Victoria moaned approvingly into Keri's mouth. The two broke from their kiss and Keri took the initiative. She kissed down Victoria's neck and into her plentiful cleavage, never stopping her fondling of Victoria's tits. She came across one of Victoria's nipples poking through the silky material of her bra and nibbled on it with her teeth. She alternated between her nipples with her teeth and her hands, causing Victoria to gasp and moan with pleasure.

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