tagInterracial LoveThe Joy of Joylene

The Joy of Joylene


The counter was steady, much more steady than my feet, or was the floor filled with marbles? Somehow it was impossible to walk straight, but leaning against the counter made it easier to stand up for a moment. I looked around but the bar was filled with smoke, actually making my eyes dry, itching and the air was heavy to breath. What was going on here? Was I really that drunk after two glasses of whiskey, or was I going insane? Was it allergic perhaps? I moved slightly, and people looked at me with disgust. I tried to explain that my head was clear as crystal, but my body just wouldn't respond to the commands my brain was sending out. I heard my own deep dark moaning as I tried to speak, and suddenly I felt the counter slipping from my hand, as I fell to the dirty floor. I could see it rushing towards my face in an increasing pace, and I thought "This will hurt".

- - - - -

The roof was white, with a rather long crack going from the wall near my head towards the center of the room where it disappeared into nothingness. I looked at the crack realizing that it was moving from side to side, from crisp sharp to utterly blurry, and I closed my eyes again. I took a deep breath, and opened my eyes again. The crack was still there, but more or less motionless this time. My head felt to small, or had my brain grown from learning something new? I couldn't tell which, just saw my eyesight get redder with every beat of my heart. I couldn't hold my eyes open anymore, and everything turned black.

My dream was short, a faint memory of a kind smile, an analgesic drug, a glass of water and the emptiness in the black void of my thoughts again. I opened my eyes, the crack was still there, this time motionless, slightly blurry but there, getting sharper with each breath.

"You are awake."

A warm female voice suddenly broke the silence, the voice of an angel which made me cold in my stomach, empty in my chest. Was I dead? Thinking back I could recall the floor coming towards my face, and the darkness after that. Did I really fall and break my neck? I found myself staring at the crack as if it was the threat of my own life, and how it disappeared close to the center of the room. Was this heaven or hell? I couldn't tell, I just couldn't tell.

A shadow came over me, and I thought that it was the answer: I was in hell. The shadow suddenly smiled at me, and as my eyes adjusted to reality I saw the face of a woman appear in the shadows of her long dark brown hair. Her eyes were brighter than any I had seen before, and with her eyes in mine I could hear her speak softly with her angels voice.

"I was worried that you were seriously injured."

Injured? Her voice came like a blanket over me, warming me instantly and I began to realize what had happened. I had become drunk, although I only drank two glasses of whiskey I must have rushed it, and I hadn't eaten anything before that either. The alcohol must have jumped up in my head in no time, and knocked me down like a baseball bat.

"You're probably wondering where you are. You're in my apartment, just around the corner from the bar where you injured yourself yesterday. My name is Joylene."

I looked at her face as she sat down next to me. The sunlight from the window lit up her face and I saw how her eyes became brighter in her dark skinned frame. I was a bit surprised, but her calm voice made me feel at ease. I looked into her eyes, and tried to talk, but nothing came out right. She placed her finger on my lips, and smiled.

"You had to much to drink yesterday, and no one else would even bother to look if you were all right or not. When you didn't wake up, I checked your pockets for an id, but you were not carrying any, so I had two of my friends carry you to my apartment. You have been sleeping about 20 hours, so you had me worried."

I moved my hand towards her, but couldn't move it far. When my hand fell down it landed on her naked thigh, and I felt her smooth skin against my fingertips. She smiled as she placed her hand on mine, and caressed the back of it.

"20 hours?"

My voice was dry like the driest Martini, and the olive was stuck in my throat.

"Yes, it's already getting late. It's Saturday, and you can stay here until tomorrow to gain your strength back."

Her angel voice was the last thing I heard before my eyelids became to heavy.

- - - - -

I laid motionless as the warmth wrapped me with it's security. The waves of motion in the air was rocking me as I rested, the sound of music in the distance. All was there to enhance my peace as if nature wanted to treat me with it's best after the errors I had made. I watched the red sun go down in the horizon as it was about to vanish beyond the ocean ridge the music got more intense, the beat got heavier and the vocals got darker, more guttural. The sun remained hanging on the edge, pulsating with it's intense red light, and the ground began to move underneath me.

I opened up my eyes. The room was dark only lighted by the red neon signs from the street outside, music beating from a nearby disco. "Where am I?" was the question my mind was trying to answer with the little input the room gave. Slowly, as the pace of the rocking bed, the memories of a kind woman took form, the gentle smile, the sparkling eyes, the warmth of her hands. In the middle of all memories, a sharp unavoidable yet indescribable knowledge: the bed was rocking? I tried to understand the cause, as my eyes started to adapt to the darkness of the room and the flashing red light. I wasn't alone in bed was the conclusion to my dizzy observations. The woman was laying a few inches from my left shoulder, actually using my left arms as her pillow, laying on her back moaning silently as her body moved uncontrollably. The situation was unreal, almost embarrassing, yet without a movement, I remained still gazing at this beautiful woman as she kept on moaning next to me.

"Forgive me."

Her whisper wasn't meant for me, it was spoken to someone else, perhaps a religious God or a dream lover. Her body stopped moving, as she tried to regain control over her panting breath. I watched in the corner of my eye as she tried to be still, but then without saying a word, she turned towards me, placing her cheek on my shoulder, pulling her knee up over my leg, and as her knee came to meet my crouch I felt for the first time how much my body had reacted to her play. All I could do was hope that she didn't notice it too. For moments that seemed like an eternity, my ears were concentrated on her breathing, and it remained peaceful and even, no apparent change, in the next moment I felt her knee rubbing my hard member. Gently at first, then more and more intense, and with my concentration still on her breathing I could hear that she wasn't disliking it, nor intended to stop. Her breath became deeper, breathing through her open mouth, intentionally or not, straight over my left nipple.

I could feel her hand move nervously, then stop, move again, stop. Lower and lower each time, until it reached my thigh. I could almost hear her thoughts as she fought herself whether or not to continue, and suddenly her wicked side won as her hand took the place her knee had just moments earlier, graceful and considerate. Her fingers surrounded the thin fabric that was separating her hand from my growing pole. I opened my eyes just so much that I could see her, yet knowing that to her I would appear to be sleeping, and her dark skin was steaming in the red light. I laid motionless feeling as her fingers were exploring my growth, by barely touching forcing me to grow even more until the head reached out into her fingers. I closed my eyes, and felt my heart pounding in my chest as her fingers kept touching the soft surface of the head. I couldn't risk looking, and my nerves where like strings on a violin. I felt her moving slightly next to me, suddenly feeling her tongue on my nipple, circling it slightly before she moved out of bed, letting go of my body.

I could hear her move away from the bed, and the sound of running water from the kitchen or bathroom. I opened my eyes again, gazing towards the sound, and saw her walk to the bed again. She was wearing a thin red baby doll, or perhaps it was white colored by the red light. Her eyes were glowing in the dark even during those moments when the neon lights weren't lit, making her look almost possessed. She walked towards me, gracefully as a cat, still with some hesitation in her steps. As time passed she finally stood by my feet, still unaware of the fact that I was awake and watching her through the narrow opening between my eyelashes. I watched her kneel and like a panther slowly move up between my legs. The blanket was still covering my lower body, but I could feel her pulling it down, revealing more and more of my naked body until I could feel the air cooling my thighs a bit. I could see her eyes fixed on my crotch and she moved slowly closer until she could sit on her knees before she began to lean down.

Leaning on her hands next to my hips, she came closer and closer to my manhood, moving slowly not to wake me. Her wavy dark brown hair fell down on my thighs, covering the lights from outside to reach her face, and I saw the darkness reach my crotch. Her nose touched the thin fabric of my pants, and I could hear her inhaling. For a while that was all she did, just took my scent into her care. I was amazed about her boldness, but also the way she inhaled me as if I was some sort of drug. For a long time she kept inhaling me, her breath getting deeper with each breath, at the same time as she began to rub her nose against me, in small circles. It was a mysterious ritual she was performing, but so erotic, so passionate, so intriguing and I couldn't help feeling my manhood growing beneath the tip of her nose. I began to rise for her, and as she moved in wider circles, she suddenly touched the head, which felt like a bolt of lightning through my body. Yet she didn't react to my body's movement as she continued to rub her nose against me. I could feel her hands moving over my hips, and her slender fingers pulling my pants down underneath my balls, her nose holding my cock down towards my stomach.

She moved back, and as her face came into the light, I could see that her eyes were fixed on my erected cock. She was licking her lips, making them soft and moist, while her fingers were gathering in my groins, her thumbs caressing my balls gently, moving to press the root of my standing pole. Her fingers working around the base of the growth, as she gently lean forward again, opening her full lips, and before her face was covered in shadow, I saw the tip of her pink tongue reaching out to greet me. She moved her fingers slightly, changing the angle of my cock, so that the tip of her tongue met the nerve underneath my head, and slowly she began to lick it, up and down the half inch long area. I could hear her moaning as she tasted me, and I closed my eyes enjoying her touch and trying not to show her any signs of me being awake. The situation was so unreal, yet I wouldn't want it to stop.

"Turn on the light."

Her whisper was like a shiver in my spine, but it was inevitable. She knew that I was awake. How long had she known? I moved my right hand slowly up to the nightstand, found the a switch and a pale light began to glow above my right shoulder. The soft light forced the shadows from her face, and she smiled as she continued to lick the small area underneath the head. I looked at her, greeted her smile and licked my dry lips.

"Don't say a word, don't move an inch, please."

She was pleading like a thief catch in the middle of the act, yet with a glow in her eyes that said more than her words did. They told me that even a word from me now would break the magic spell, and neither one of us wanted that to happen, so I remained silent, only to lean my head back into the pillow as her tongue began to circle my head. With no reason to cover my reactions, I moan from the depths of my throat.

"Yes, it feels so good."

Her voice like a sensual whisper of thick cotton against my ears, at the same time triggering the back of my spine with magical intent, making me grow even more in her slowly moving fingers. The words coming from her like a ritual from a strange religion, yet so familiar to her, and spoken without hesitation. Spoken in perfect tempo, in a dark voice to enhance the expectation, the feelings, the weave of passion in my loins and I feel how my head is aching as her fingers darts areas around my cock and balls.

"High love of you Goddess, let your powers work through me your humble servant to convert this unknowing soul. Let your strength and wisdom guide me in the act that I'll do in your honor, and let all of your undying passion be shared in the flesh this room holds. Let my womb be your tool in the ceremony of love until it is blessed with the cream of love in my innermost sanctuary."

Her preaching made me grow with every syllable, and her fingers kept making me harder. The pale light in contrast to the flashing red light was electrifying. My body was tense from all reasons possible, with this incredibly desirable woman kneeling between my legs, her devilish fingers making me harder, larger than ever before. The head of my cock was shining between us, and she looked into my eyes as the words kept coming from her mouth.

"For you lover I deliver all of my given love to please you and to drain you from all of your juices. Your body will obey all my commands as the Goddess will give me all the skills of love making in each movement of my body."

While she was speaking, she leaned down towards my raised hips, and met my cock with her lips in a perfect match, and with that her words stopped as her tongue feathered my cock with rapid light brushing movements. Our eyes were fixed in an invisible bond, as a tight thread between them forcing our eyes to remain in each others. My breath was as rapid as the speed of her tongue and I almost felt nearby fainting as she stopped.

She placed the tip of my cock against her forehead, letting it slowly move down her nasal bone, and with her slow motion my breath calmed down. Her lips met my cock and I saw how I began to disappear in between her lips, met by her demanding tongue and I tried to lower my hips to the bed, but I couldn't. Her mouth was all I could see, all I could think of, and the thought and sight of her lips sliding further and further down the shaft was all that existed. Her lips stopped when she had taken in half of me, placing her hands on my legs, and forcing me down to the bed, letting me slide out. The sheets felt slightly cold against my lower back.

My chest hurt and I pushed my head back into the pillow. Breathing was almost impossible, the air felt cold and rough as I inhaled and exhaled. She smiled at me as her lips left my cock, and she began to whisper again, that hot sensitive whisper that penetrated every cell of my body.

"I've seen the expectation in your eyes. Your going to be rewarded eventually, your flesh will sink deep into me and you will unavoidably spray your nectar into my flower."

She began to move upwards while continuing to drive me nuts with her voice.

"Afraid that I'll make your thick cock chocolate brown? My flower caressing every area of your manhood, giving it the color of my dark brown skin, marking it forever?"

I could hear how my breathing stopped as her words spread through me, feeling at the back of my head as the short hair began to rise, and suddenly her mouth against mine as she kissed me passionately. Her lips broken contact, and she whispered as she moved even further up.

"Don't worry lover, I'm as pink inside as any of the white ladies you've seen. See for yourself."

She turned around, and sat down on top of my face, her legs parting more and more. Her musky scent covered my face and I heard her say with a slight shiver in her voice.

"Taste me."

The sweetness of her mouth returned to my eagerly waiting manhood, and I felt her hand surrounding my shaft. Before I had even had the chance to enjoy the heat of her shaved passion, I moaned out loud when she began to forcefully stroke my cock with the head between her lips. I lifted my hands to her hips, and my face to her darkness. With my nose, I parted her to open find the treasures, and I felt her juices against my lips. She was wet, extremely wet, feeling her juices flow down my chin and neck. Her intense treatment of my cock continued but I felt her stop when my tongue found her smooth clit. She tasted a mix of sweet, sour and strawberries, and as I began to teasingly lick she forced herself down into my face.

"Please, I can't wait no more."

I lowered my hands to her breast, and began to lick her fully and forcefully while my hands cupped her breasts, kneading them with her nipples between my fingers. She rested on top of me, motionless as she received all I gave, and I could feel her breath against my cock. The more I licked, the more I needed to lick her as if it was a drug I was addictive to. The smooth surface of her hard clit, the surrounding walls, and the warm juices flowing from her with each lick was tantalizing to an extreme level. I found myself panting into her elegant pussy, feeling my chin against her shaved vulva.

"Oh God."

The words came from my mouth without any hesitation.

"No, I'm your Ebony Goddess, and you're doing aaaaallll that soooooo ......."

The strength in her voice just vanished in a loud moan. I felt her thighs shivering against my cheeks, against my shoulders and her hot breath against my cock. Suddenly she moved away from my face, quickly moving down to my hard cock, and with her back to me she sat down over my hips. With shaking hands, she guided my cock to her wet pussy, and she screamed out as her tight hole was filled. She placed her hands on my thighs, and began to ride me quickly. Our union laying in the red light showing me everything of her luscious body engulfing me over and over again. Her hair flying around her head, reacting to each of her dark groans.

Finally moving from my horizontal position, I grab her shoulders with my hands, sitting up behind her, I move her to the side, still with her wrapped around me, I reach around her, filling my hands with her breasts I begin to ram myself up into her demanding pussy. Finally, I find words in my mouth, and with each paced thrust into her a word slips from my throat. Words coming in short sentences, without thought.

"Oh Joylene. It feels so good. You pussy is so hot. I'm so horny. I want you. I want to cum. I want you. I want to look at you."

With a sigh from us both, I changed her position so that she laid on her back, as I was just moments earlier, and I stood on my knees between her legs, holding her ankles in my hands. With my eyes in hers, time stood still for a moment before I felt her hands guide me to her heat again.

"Come on lover, give me all of you."

I began to thrust into her, over and over again, licking her feet as I kept looking into her dark eyes. The salty taste of her toes made me feel virile. The dark woman was like a slender panther that I needed to tame, and each thrust got us both closer to the goal. The instance when fire and ice, water and earth, air and vacuum suddenly united in a glorious fusion. I release her ankles, watching her pull her legs to her sides, making her legs stand tall as dark pillars of protection next to the temple of her love. Leaning on my arms, I came closer to her and I watched her mouth open silently before she wrapped her legs around me and screamed out. Her pussy started to cramp around me, eagerly sucking me deeper into her, and with a few short thrusts her walls caresses made me explode. Ever string in my muscles forced me into her, and for a moment my orgasm waited causing my loud scream before the release finally came over me. I could feel my muscles contracting to force all of my white cream into her screaming body.

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