tagBDSMThe Knotted Rope

The Knotted Rope


"Are you ready?" Derek asked me.

I checked my bag once more, then nodded nervously.

"Yeah. Yeah, I think so."

We had each gotten the same text the previous week, telling us to clear our schedules for the weekend, that we were going on a trip. That was all we were told. Questions would be unthinkable. So we had packed anything and everything we thought we might need. It wouldn't do to be unprepared.

I glanced at the clock.

"We should go," I told my husband. "She won't like it if we're late."

He nodded his agreement and we locked up the house. It wasn't a long drive to her apartment, and soon enough we were climbing the stairs to the front door. We let ourselves in, as usual, and stepped into the short hallway beyond. We dropped our bags by the door. There on the floor in front of us, our collars were waiting, matching circlets of soft black leather with shiny silver buckles. We knelt as one to put them on and remained on our knees, eyes downcast, waiting. She would have heard us enter, but she liked to make us wait.

The seconds ticked by, minutes, and I heard footsteps. I dared not look up. A pair of shiny, black, spike heeled boots moved into my field of vision.

"You are late," she told us.

I bit back a protest. I was sure we weren't late, but it would be worse if I argued with her.

"Yes, Lady," Derek murmured.

"At least one of you has remembered your manners," she said. "I had hoped to have some play time before we left, but it looks like I'll have to cut it short. Come. Leave your bags."

She turned and began stalking off. We stood to follow and I lifted my eyes to look her over. Her boots hugged her legs up to mid thigh and matched the only other piece of clothing she wore, a slick black corset snug around her slim waist. She wore her long blonde hair in a braid down her back, and one pale hand tapped a slender riding crop against her leg.

Jillian, our friend, lover, and - once she had discovered that we were into it - our mistress. Lady Jillian, we were to call her, or less formally, simply Lady.

She led us into a bedroom and gestured to the bed. We knew what she wanted and hurriedly stripped down to nothing. I could see that Derek was already excited. Lady Jillian saw, too. She stepped up to him and cradled his balls, sliding a long nail the length of his cock.

"Eager to get started, are we?"

"Yes, Lady," he replied.

"Well don't be in too much of a rush, boy.You won't get to finish here." She shoved him onto the bed and he scrambled to his spot, face down across the width of the mattress. I lay down next to him.

The riding crop came whistling down on me first. I cried out, in pain, shock, and pleasure.

Lady Jillian tutted at me.

"I have neighbors, remember, girl. If you can't be quiet here, what can I expect in the hotel room?"

"I'm sorry, Lady," I apologized. "I will be quiet."

She struck Derek, and he gasped. I bunched up the bedspread to muffle my cries as she snapped the crop on me again, then again. The cool leather slid gently up my spine, sending shivers of delight through me, then hit Derek again. She struck us for a few minutes, gradually intensifying the blows, beating our backs and thighs, buttock and arms, until my skin burned with a gentle heat. It was an oddly comforting sensation.

She abruptly flipped me onto my back, then grabbed at Derek's hair, hauling him up to a kneeling position. She peered down at his dick, inspecting it, and ran a hand over his shaft.

"Still excited, boy?" she murmured to him. "Now tell me the truth. Are you hard for me, or for your wife's delicious tits?" She reached over and flicked one of my nipples.

"Both of you, Lady," he told her.

"Does it turn you on to see a woman between your wife's legs, to see a woman's tongue in her cunt?"

Derek groaned a little.

"Yes, Lady."

"You know what I'm going to do, boy?" she whispered. "I'm going to whip her tits red, and then I'm going to make her eat my pussy while you stare at her perfect little ass." She pulled him off the bed and stood him at the foot, facing us. She took his hands and placed them on his thighs near his now full erection.

"No touching," she admonished.

Lady Jillian pulled me around to lay properly on the bed and drew my arms above my head, wrapping my fingers around the bars of the headboard.

From the nightstand beside the bed, she produced a small whip with three long tails. Without preamble, she brought the whip down on my breasts, landing squarely across both nipples. I jerked and sucked in a breath, but the leather straps were already falling again. With my backside still tender from the first beating, my delicate flesh was even more sensitive to the strikes. She laid into me with heavy, solid blows and targeted stinging flicks. I cried and gasped, arching my back.

At the foot of the bed, Derek watched with anguish, his hands twitching as he refrained from touching himself.

Lady Jillian discarded the whip and, smirking at Derek, pulled me from my spot, lying down in my place and spreading her legs wide. Her supple skin, hairless and pale, blushing to pink and glistening, displayed before me. I stared for a moment until she barked, "Get to it, girl! And make sure you keep your pretty ass in the air."

I leaned down, resting on my elbows and spreading my knees for stability, my backside raised up. Behind me, Derek let out a long groan. I lapped at Lady Jillian's clit, ran my tongue slowly around the outer lips then flicked deeper inside before returning to give her clit a long suck. She sighed and gently stroked my hair. I began lapping steadily, pausing every so often to suck again or to flick her bud with the tip of my tongue. Since meeting Jill, I had come to discover that I liked eating her out nearly as much as I liked sucking on Derek's cock. I closed my eyes and continued licking. Her sighs turned to gasps and ragged breaths. Derek groaned and whimpered. I wanted to glance back at him, but I knew that would be a bad decision.

Lady Jillian looked up at him. "Do you have anything to say, boy?"

Derek had to clear his throat before he could speak.

"Thank you, Lady, for letting me watch."

Lady Jillian smiled. "You've been a good boy. You can touch her. You can even fuck her if you want. But don't you dare cum. You either, girl."

I felt his hands on my ass immediately, squeezing and stroking, and his dick followed swiftly, sliding easily into my wet slit. I moaned against Lady Jillian's pussy and licked harder, sucking more often now. Derek thrust into me, grabbing onto my hips and panting. After another minute, he pulled out of me with a frustrated cry.

Lady Jillian was close, I knew by her gasping. I stepped up my pace, and she bucked, letting out a long sigh. I lapped a few more times while she shuddered in the aftermath of her release, then sat back on my knees, wiping my mouth discreetly.

Lady Jillian relaxed into the mattress, closing her eyes and breathing deeply. We waited for a few moments like that, me kneeling, Derek standing behind me, still panting. Just as I began to think maybe she had drifted off to sleep, Lady Jillian stretched lazily and looked up at us, smiling contentedly.

"Well, that was fun," she commented. "About time to get on the road, I think. Get dressed, and I'll meet you by the door." She stood and stepped out of the room, disappearing down the hall.

Derek groaned and reached for me, his hands slipping around to fondle my breasts. I sighed as he stroked his thumbs over my nipples. My head fell back against his chest.

"We can't," I moaned.

"I know," came the frustrated reply. He gave me one last gentle squeeze and pulled away. I climbed off the bed and we set about getting our clothes back on, stopping to stroke each other longingly every once in a while. Once dressed, we went back into the hall to kneel by our bags.

Lady Jillian kept us waiting another ten minutes. When she appeared, she had changed into jeans and a tight t-shirt, with a duffel bag slung over a shoulder. She dropped it and stepped around us to the door.

"Come on." She beckoned to us. I picked up my bag and Derek's while he shouldered the duffel and we followed her to her car.

We drove for a few hours, listening to the radio, chatting a bit, stopping at a drive-through for food. I dozed off for a little while. It was growing dark by the time we pulled up to a motel. We waited in the car while Lady Jillian checked us in, then took the bags to our room.

I closed the door and turned around to find Lady Jillian just behind me. With a hand to my throat, she slammed me up against the door. She quickly loosened her grip to a gentle pressure but still held me securely against the door.

"You're wearing a pull-over top," she told me, glaring at my clinging t-shirt with disapproval.

"I-I'm sorry, Lady," I stammered. "I wasn't told--"

She gave me another shove into the door and tightened her hold.

"You know I like shirts that open at the front. You should have known I wouldn't be pleased. Don't you want to please me?"

"Of course I want to please you, Lady!"

"It doesn't look like it!" she snapped. She let go of my throat and I sucked in a breath. Lady Jillian grabbed the hem of my shirt and ripped it up over my head. I lifted my arms but still heard stitches tear. She discarded she shirt and gave me a critical look.

"This isn't the last of it," she warned, then gripped my hair and yanked me towards the middle of the room. I stumbled to my knees while she stalked to her bag. Derek knelt between the beds, his eyes down. I knelt next to him. While Lady Jillian rummaged through her bag, he shot me a quick look, full of excitement and hunger. Watching our mistress to be sure she wasn't looking, I reached over and caressed his crotch. He raised his eyebrows at me and I bit my lip. Sometimes it's good being bad.

I gave him another squeeze and pulled back my hand as Lady Jillian turned with a pair of blindfolds in her hand. She stopped and gave us a suspicious glare but didn't say anything. She stepped up and loomed over us, fists on her hips.

"Why are you still dressed?" she demanded.

We both jumped and began quickly removing our clothes, stammering apologies. I whipped off my bra, stood to strip off my jeans, and lost my balance, half falling on the bed. I thought I could see amusement beneath Lady Jillian's glower, but it was hard to tell.

She waited for us to kneel again, then fastened the blindfolds over our eyes. I heard her lead Derek away, murmuring quietly to him. A moment later, she returned and took my hand, gently pulling me forward. I walked with careful steps and Lady Jillian moved behind me, prodding me into position. I started when I bumped into Derek. She pressed me against his chest, spreading my legs, and lifted my arms to rest my hands on the wall behind him, outstretched. Then she left, with the unspoken command that we were not to move. I could feel Derek's breath on my cheek, his erection growing again and pressing against my belly. I wondered what she had him doing with his hands.

Behind me, I could hear Lady Jillian searching through her bag again, pulling things out, D-rings jingling, the sound of rubbing cloth. Then the sounds quieted.

I knew Lady Jillian had returned when I felt a stinging whack across my backside. I gasped and whimpered, and she grabbed a fistful of hair, yanking my head back.

"What did I tell you about being quiet?"

"I'm sorry, Lady," I whispered. "No more noise, I promise." The thin rod whistled faintly and landed again with a sharp sting and a muted slap. I stiffened against Derek and sucked in a breath, but kept quiet. She let go of my hair with a soft noise of approval and spanked me again. I jerked into Derek, flinching from the blow. She spanked me eight more times, and each time I spasmed against Derek, I felt his cock stiffen and he pressed his groin into me.

Lady Jillian took my hands from the wall and led me back, laying me gently on the bed on my back. She strapped cuffs onto my wrists and ankles, pulling them towards the corners of the bed. The stripes across my backside and legs burned exquisitely.

I soon felt Derek being lowered down on top of me and heard the rustle and clink of cuffs strapping him down too. He was slick with sweat, his breath hot on my neck and his erection hard against my thigh. A soft crack split the air and sent a jolt through Derek. His muscles tensed at each blow and with every slap, my own marks ached in sympathy. By the time I had counted ten, he was panting, biting at my shoulder to keep silent.

When the strikes subsided, Lady Jillian made soothing noises and Derek relaxed.

"You have been a very good boy," Lady Jillian purred, "unlike some pets of mine." A hand gripped my hair, pulling savagely. "I think you deserve a reward."

She deftly released our restraints. Derek moved away and I was sat up. When my blindfold was removed, I saw Derek lying back on the bed, propped up on pillows.

"You're so good with your tongue, girl," Lady Jillian murmured in my ear. "It's his turn to benefit from your skills. Give him your best." She gave me a light slap on my rear, sending a fresh spike of pain to the raw skin.

I leaned down, grasping his cock in one hand and giving it a stroke, stretching out my tongue to lick at his balls. I dragged my tongue from the base to the tip, flicking lightly over the head. Derek let out a low sigh and I kissed the tip.

I closed my eyes and slid it into my mouth, sucking and running my tongue over it. I reached up and dragged my nails lightly down his side. I forgot about my sore bottom, the motel room, even Lady Jillian, and just relished the sensations of my husband's cock in my mouth and the sound of his sighs. If I had been looking up at him, I would have seen his eyes widen in surprise. If I had been paying attention, I would have heard the straps of a harness and felt the mattress moving.

As it was, I was taken completely by surprise when the hard dildo entered me. Out of reflex, I turned my head to look. Lady Jillian knelt on the bed behind me, between my splayed legs. She was nude, save for the black straps hugging her slender hips, and her full breasts swung as she thrust into me. When she saw me looking, she pulled away and gave me a hard spank.

"Did I tell you to look at me?" she demanded. I stared wide-eyed at the jet black dildo jutting up from between her thighs. Lady Jillian reached over and grabbed a handful of my hair, yanking my head back savagely.

"I said, did I tell you to look at me?"

"No, Lady. I'm sorry."

She released me and hit my backside twice more.

"Get back to work, girl!"

I leaned down again and took Derek's dick in my mouth, and Lady Jillian entered me again, thrusting hard. She gripped my hips, pulling me against her. Derek groaned and laid a hand on my head, stroking my hair. I slid my hand under to fondle his balls, sucking down on his shaft. With my husband's cock in my mouth and Lady Jillian's in my cunt, I began to moan.

Lady Jillian slapped me.

"Don't cum, girl, don't you dare cum. You can, boy. Cum on that slut's face."

I could feel him stiffen even more at her words and he pushed my head farther down. Lady Jillian drove into me faster and harder, panting a little as she clung to my legs. Derek was getting close, his dick rock hard against my tongue and throbbing.

"Cum, boy!" Lady Jillian gasped. She grabbed my hair, pulling me off him and wrenching my head back. "Right on her whore face. Do it!"

Derek stroked himself a few times and I closed my eyes just before he finished. The warm liquid traced lines down my cheeks and Lady Jillian rammed hard into me, gasping. She bent over me, head on my back, breathing heavily. Once she had composed herself, she pulled out of me and wrenched me around by my hair. A gentle hand wiped my eyes clean so that I could look at her.

"Now, girl, how do you feel?"

I swallowed, my heart hammering in my chest.

"I feel... aroused, Lady. Frustrated. Hot."

She kissed my lips softly and smiled. "Good. Go clean your face and get some sleep. We have a big day tomorrow."

She climbed off the bed and strolled over to the other side. I suppressed a groan at the sight of her lithe, glistening body and the erotically shocking strap-on swaying gently.

Gritting my teeth, I headed to the bathroom to wash my face.

When I returned, the lights were off and Derek lay in the bed we had played on while Lady Jillian slept in the clean bed. I slipped in bed with Derek and slid my arm around him.

"Good night, Sweet," I whispered to him.

He turned and pressed a kiss to my forehead. "Good night, Sweetie. I love you."

"I love you, too."


When I woke, sunlight streamed through the window. Derek drowsed fitfully next to me, and Lady Jillian lay sprawled on her bed. I wasn't sure what she would want me to do, so I stretched and rolled over, looking at the ceiling. It wasn't too long before Lady Jillian rolled over and stared across at us, running a hand over her face.

"G'morning," she mumbled. "Girl. Go find me some coffee. And something to eat. And something for him and yourself, too."

"Yes, Lady," I replied. "Uh, what do you want me to wear?" I was still wearing my collar, and nothing but.

She waved her hand. "Oh, whatever."

I climbed out of bed and unzipped my bag as she burrowed back under the covers. I pulled on a pair of flannel pants and a sweatshirt, grabbed a key card from the nightstand, and headed out.

In the main room, a serve-yourself breakfast was still laid out. I grabbed a couple bagels, a croissant, and a banana and orange, stuffing them in my sweatshirt pocket, then filled disposable cups with coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Carrying the three cups carefully, I made my way back to the room. When I made it back inside, I found Lady Jillian and Derek cuddled on one of the beds, watching cartoons on tv.

"Oh, good, you're back," Lady Jillian said, holding out her hand for her drink. She took a sip, eyes closed, and sighed. "Mmm, good stuff."

Once Lady Jillian had taken her pick of the food and I split the rest with Derek, I snuggled up on the bed with them. We relaxed for a while, enjoying our breakfast and each other's company. As morning approached afternoon, Lady Jillian gave us each a nudge.

"We need to be going soon. You two go take a shower." She leaned over and gave Derek a lingering kiss. "And I know how important it is for you to have some time alone together, so," she turned to me and kissed behind my ear, cupping my breast, "you enjoy yourselves. But," she rolled off the bed and directed a sharp gaze at us, "not too much. And trust me, I'll know." She jerked a thumb towards the bathroom, and we scrambled out of bed.

In the bathroom with the door shut, I leaned over the tub to run the water, getting the temperature right. Derek stepped up behind me, smoothing a hand over my backside and tracing a finger across.

"You still have marks," he commented with a chuckle.

I twisted my head around and maneuvered to look in the mirror on the wall.

"Huh, a little bit, yeah."

I turned on the shower head and stepped in with my husband behind me.

"So where do you think she's taking us?" I asked him, running my hands on his chest, letting the warm water run down my shoulders.

"I have no idea."

Derek poured some shampoo into his hand and began to massage it into my scalp. I sighed in pleasure.

"She hasn't been hitting you too hard, has she?" Derek asked me after a moment.

I shook my head. "No. If it was too hard, I would use my safe word."

"Sometimes you try to take more than you should," he replied, rinsing out my hair.

"I'm fine, Derek. She's not hurting me. Well, she's not injuring me, anyway." I smiled up at him. "Don't worry about me. I'm having fun."

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