tagNonHumanThe Lady & The Centaur

The Lady & The Centaur


Robbie looked across the table at Brigid.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

He pointed at the pair of helmets, linked by dozens of wires, to each other and a machine.

"I've never tested this with another person before, let alone one I always liked."

Brigid nodded.

"If it can do what you say it can, I want to do this."

Robbie smiled, put the helmets on them both, and threw a switch.

Brigid looked around. She was in a forest. She remembered that this was a place of magic, and conducted an experiment. She imagined a apple appearing in her hand, and there was one. A bright red apple, with nothing whatsoever wrong with it. She bit into it, and the taste was perfect.

She heard clopping from a distance, and looked around.

Robbie came into view. He had his red hair still, but a lot more, it cascading down his chest in curly red locks, mingling with his body. His four legs were well muscled, and his arms were as powerful as they'd always been. He looked at Brigid.

"Like it?" He turned around, displaying his strong back and hindquarters.

Then, grinning, he looked at her as his cock dropped down. It was HUGE. About as long as her arm, reddish-brown, thick as a baseball bat, with balls as big as softballs.

"Love it." She said, running over and jumping on his back.

"Hey! Get off my back! How am I supposed to fuck you when you're up there?"

"Uh-uh. You are NOT touching my poor pussy with that monster." She said, locking her legs tight around him, and her arms around his neck

"You have much to learn, little one." He said, bucking and cantering around, then falling to his knees and throwing her off.

"OW!" Brigid said, and glared at him, then looked down at his now erect cock, and a scared look came across her face.

Robbie bent down, and, closing his eyes for a second formed a table that rose up underneath Brigid, pushing her up to the right height. He backed away a little, and her clothes disappeared in a flash of purple light. Robbie moved close and put his face down between her legs. She felt his tongue begin to gently lick her slit, then he moved up to her breasts, his forelegs straddling the bench. She began to shiver from anticipation of the event she longed for. Robbie stopped licking then, and she started spreading herself wide with anticipation and desire as he stepped up closer to their goal.

It touched.

She felt a shock when the hot, wet head of his shaft rubbed against her clit, and she reached down with one of her hands to grasp the dark member. She rubbed the tip up and down her slit, working the combination of precum and woman-juice around the lips of her passion. She wanted him so badly - she rubbed faster and faster, until she stopped, placing the head in exactly the right position to enter. One thrust and it would be in, she fantasized to herself. He pushed, gently at first, and she could feel the moist tip of him pressing against her pussy lips. Brigid used her fingers to spread herself as wide as she could, and she felt him spear her a little more. She began to feel a tingling in the pink flesh of her labia, and it felt as though his cock worked to spread her even wider. Gasping with this spectral sensation, she moved her hands away and started stroking Robbie's chest and forelegs just above her. She was being spread wider and wider, opened by the mass of flesh between her thighs, and there was no pain at all, only the stimulating tingling in her flesh. Still she was pulled even wider, a feeling that was thrilling in itself.

Then her swollen pussy lips widened a fraction of an inch more, she felt a popping and slipping, and his enormous prick-head finally forced its way inside her as Robbie thrust his hips. She looked down at herself, at her situation, and she got even wetter with the thought of what she was doing.

"But there's no way all that horse-meat will ever fit," she whispered to herself, almost disappointed with what she knew to be true.

She laid her head back and felt the tip of his hot dick deep inside her cunt, and gave it a squeeze with her muscular vagina as she began fingering her clit. She looked down again, and whether it was the thrill of her fantasy realized or something else that caused it, his huge, dark prick slid even deeper.

She moaned and started to grind a bit, but it wasn't too much for her to take, and as she started thrusting against the equine cock again, he went deeper still. A full 12 inches was inside her love hole, and she felt full and wet. She started pumping, seeking to slide his thick prick in and out of herself to stimulate them both even closer to orgasm, but he only went deeper inside. Squealing with delight and pleasure at what was happening, she writhed on his thick shaft, wondering just how much she could hold, when it went even deeper.

She was now holding a full 18 inches of huge horse-hood in her cunt, and she felt it ramming up against the back of her tunnel. She groaned and her cunt muscles started twitching by themselves, and, feeling this, Robbie pumped his dick in and out, each time going deeper and deeper still until, amazingly, she held the entire length of his huge shaft in her wet, ever-stretching pussy. When she felt his hot, velvety sheath rubbing up against her clit, she looked down again in surprise to see what had happened, and screamed with pleasure as they both started cumming.

He responded with another bout of humping thrusts. She screamed again with pleasure, and, incredibly, came even more intensely than she had thought possible.

She squeezed her eyes tightly shut, all the better to devote all her sensations to her purpose. She could feel his horse- and woman-cum slippery dick sliding in and out, in and out. Her legs sagged downward, but her swollen tunnel was still suspended on his heavenly, engorged shaft, so she continued to hang there underneath him. This change in position also angled her clit downward so that it contacted even more of his hot horseflesh than before, rubbing and tingling deliciously with every tiny movement. It felt so good deep within her, his huge shaft-head up where nothing had ever been before, back, it seemed, behind her stomach or maybe tickling her lungs, but she felt no discomfort, only the most intense, astonishing pleasure of her life.

She began swinging her legs back and forth, as if on a chair that was too tall for her, and the twisting motion it caused made them both shiver. She could feel his huge knob ripple back and forth, fucking her whole body as she squeezed the last orgasm out of herself, and what must have been a quart more hot horse jism out of Robbie.

She savored her impalement for a few minutes more, then, slowly, she guided him back to the raised, moss-covered bench and eased off of him, sad to give up the experience yet more satisfied than she had ever dreamed possible. The cum of both the lovers poured out of her onto the ground, and she gazed at him again, still marveling at what had just happened. She held him close and snuggled into his chest, wrapping ehr arms around him.

"Robbie, you never said anything about feeling THAT good in this thing." She said, taking the helmet off, and looking down at the soaked crotch of her jeans.

She looked at Robbie, who was sitting there, helmet off, with a stunned look on his face.

"I didn't know it could do that. I never thought it could... wow." He pulled her close and kissed her deeply.

"mmmmmm. Next time, lover, we'll have to be more careful." He said, looking at her.


"Liquid and electricity doesn't mix" He said, pointing at the helmet he was wearing, and then looking notably at her crotch.


"And next time I'm going to hook up something for the privates"

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