tagLoving WivesThe Lady Captains Year Ch. 02

The Lady Captains Year Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Lady Vice Captain's Year

I guess my first cause for concern was at the Drive In for the new Captain & Lady Captain.

Tradition had it the Drive in was held on the first Saturday of the New Year. The format was that Captain and Lady Captain would jointly host a mixed fun competition, followed by an evening meal and entertainment. At the end of the night, cars would be driven and parked along the sides of the first fairway illuminating much of the fairway and green. The Captain and Lady Captain would then be invited to "drive themselves in" using old hickory shafted clubs. During the day of the competition all entrants were invited to have a wager as to how far each captain would hit the ball.

Sally in her role as Vice Captain was obligated to attend and support her Lady Captain and like wise the Vice Captain was also in attendance. Unfortunately, Amy was not feeling very well that day, so I told Sally to go and play in the Fun Competition and that I would try and join her for the evening meal and drive in. She was disappointed because we were due to play together and that did not happen very often.

Amy did recover and insisted I go a join her mother for the evening meal, but I said no, I would wait until after the meal as I preferred to eat with them.

I got to the club just as the entertainment started and soon spotted Sally on the dance floor with Jerry Samuels. Sally had obviously taken a change of clothing with her as she had changed from her winter golf clothing into a very sexy little black dress.

This dress was one of my favourites, she knew I could hardly keep my hands off her when she wore it. It was a dress to designed to tease and it was clearly having an effect on Jerry Samuels. His hands were wandering a bit and Sally had to occasionally pull his hand of her bottom and return it to her waist, but that did not seem to deter him, he would pull Sally close and whisper in her ear and when he extended that whisper to sticking his tongue in her ear, I was relieved to see Sally push him away and walk off the floor with a look of anger on her face. Jerry rushed after her, grabbed her arm, spun her round and was clearly trying to apologise for his behaviour. She appeared to accept his apology, rejoined her table and started talking with Samantha and Gerry. I joined them and Sally looked relieved to see me and quickly pulled me onto the dance floor. Sally is a great dancer and whilst I can hold my own in the waltz, when it came to the tango I was useless. Our first dance was a nice easy waltz, but he next was a tango, I made to leave the floor, when I got a tap on my shoulder, I turned and to my surprise it was Bob, we had not seen him for nearly four years and now suddenly he was right there and asking:

"Excuse me, may I dance with your gorgeous wife?"

I smiled at him, gave him her hand then stood aside and watched with admiration as he easily swept Sally of her feet and into a very sexy dance routine. I was not alone in watching them perform, one by one the other couples also stopped to admire the two dancers perform this very sensual dance. I felt my cock twitch and grow from just watching their performance. Jerry who was also standing watching as the dance came to an end, sidled up to me and said loudly enough for a lot of people to hear, "You better watch out or somebody's going to fuck your wife tonight!"

Sally must have also heard as she spun round and with a twinkle in her eye said, "Well one things for sure, it won't be you Jerry, this night is reserved for my only lover, my husband."

Everyone laughed at this put down and Jerry skulked away with his face reddening in fury.

As they came off the dance floor, Bob walked up to me and shook my hand, I asked him, "Why didn't you tell us you were home?"

He replied, "Didn't get in until this morning. Listen, we have a lot of catching up to do, how about I drop in tomorrow and we can have a natter?"

Sally said immediately, "Come over for lunch, 12.30 OK?"

"It's a date." he replied, "See you then, look I gotta go, got a hot date waiting for me."

Sally and I just laughed.... some things never change.

When we got home, poured us a nightcap and asked her about her playing golf with Jerry Samuels. She explained that when she arrived earlier to play, Jerry had realised that she had no partner and quickly arranged that they played together. She said he was a gentleman all the way round the course and he only indulged in some harmless flirting with her as they played.

This was not unusual, most of the guys flirted with Sally and she was well able to handle their suggestions. I closed the conversation by reiterating my warning about Jerry Samuels. Her good humour immediately cooled and she said frostily, "Listen, you have no reason to be jealous of Jerry, you are my husband, I love you and I am perfectly capable of dealing with him, just as I did tonight!"

I replied, "Just be careful Sally, you made a fool of him tonight, he will be sure to try and get his revenge by publicly humiliating you or maybe me!"

"I told you, I can handle it."

"Ok, I believe you now can we go to bed, I have an severe case of ball ache and I think you have the right medicine to address the problem"

She smiled and just as quickly as her anger arose it evaporated and her good mood was restored. We retired to bed and I took her medicine twice that night.

The next day Bob arrived on time for lunch and immediately started to regale us with stories of his adventures since we last met. His final tour was to Afghanistan, his only comment was succinct and to the point, he said:

"It's a total balls up over there, We are under resourced in terms of manpower, equipment and combined with restrictive rules of engagement, it's an un-winnable situation. We would all be better off out of it."

"Anyway" he continued, "As of the end of the month, I am officially out of it."

I asked him what he was going to do now and he told me would be starting as bodyguard, working for an old RM mate, but that he hoped to get into the private investigations side in due course.

Within a short period we were all laughing and teasing him about his love life, he was still single and the twins relished quizzing him. He told them that he was saving himself just for them and when they were older he would start dating them. The girls lapped it up and as they continued to tease him and I suddenly realised, they were flirting with him, just as skilfully as Sally, not only that, but they were no longer children but were quickly maturing into elegant young ladies.

Bob also asked Sally about how to set about joining the golf club as he had played whenever he had the chance and wanted to get back into more regularly. Sally gave him the details and he did not waste any time, as he joined the club within the week and became one of my regular partners.

It was great to know he was coming back into our lives and little did I realise how much his friendship was to mean to me in the next two years.

The role of any Vice Captain, Captains involves attending a lot of meetings and it was inevitable that Sally and Jerry were thrown together more than I liked.

They were both involved in the club management meetings. Meetings of the Club Council were held monthly during the winter and more often in summer, as club events, social and sporting, demanded more focus. They were held between 8 and 10 on Thursday evenings. During the early months of her year as Vice Captain, Sally was usually home from these meetings by 10.30 and we had a quiet drink and discussion before retiring to bed.

As the year progressed, I slowly came to realise that her meetings were dragging on later and later. It came to a head on evening towards the end of the year, when it was after midnight when she finally appeared. She was a little tipsy and her lipstick, so carefully applied before she went out was clearly missing. When I tried to ask her how her meeting went, she became agitated and would not look me in the eye.

Instead she came up with some bullshit about the committee organising a five-day trip to the Open Golf Championship to be held in Royal Troon Golf Club during July the following year. I was aware of this trip and we had discussed it before, agreeing we would both attend. I was going to press her further, but I saw from the look in her eyes and the tone of her voice that she was itching to start an argument, something that had been happening more and more recently, so I turned away and went to bed. I knew she was unhappy that I would not be drawn into a spat with her, but I was getting to the stage where it was becoming too much effort to fight.

As I said previously, Sally and I did not play competition golf together but one night in bed, as spring started to turn into summer, she asked if I had any objections if she played with Jerry in "Mixed Open" events during her stint as Vice Captain and Captain. This, she said was a tradition started many years ago and everyone on the Council expected it to continue.

I asked her, "Do I have any need to be worried about you getting too involved with him given his reputation?"

She replied in an exasperated voice, "How many times do I have to repeat this,? I can handle him and quite frankly I am getting pissed off that every time his name comes up, you get jealous and start to turn into an inquisitor, it's got to stop!"

She continued trying to reassure me saying, "You have nothing to worry about, you are the only man I am interested in and the only one who would ever bed me."

I was in a lose/lose situation and she knew it, if I refused her request, I would be seen as a jealous prick who did not trust his own wife, but by acceding to her wishes, I would be viewed as a wimp who consented to his wife keeping company with someone I regarded as an arrogant womaniser, common knowledge as I had made no secret regarding my opinion of Jerry Samuels.

So I reluctantly approved and they soon became an established pairing in all the mixed competitions. Rumours always abound in golf clubs and I knew that their growing relationship was whispered about behind my back, never to my face.

As the months progressed, I started to realise that we seemed to be constantly bickering over trivial things. I parallel with this, our sex life was also diminishing. I gave this issue some thought and decided maybe I was at fault as I was conscious that I was spending more time at work than normal. I made an effort to cut back, delegating more of the workload to subordinates and they seemed to thrive on the added responsibility. With more time on my hands, I tried to kick start my relationship with Sally, I tried booking evenings with her to go out for a romantic dinner or the theatre, but though these nights were initially a success, they were short lived.

The matter came to a head when I booked an evening at our favourite restaurant, first having checked the house diary before hand that we were free that night. The meal was to celebrate my birthday. On the morning, I was miffed that there was no birthday cards from either Sally or the girls, I just thought they must have forgotten or maybe they were saving them for tonight. I was wrong, the twins had remembered, as I found their card in my briefcase when I got to work. I was in meetings all afternoon, so I was sorely disappointed when my secretary passed me a message from Sally that cancelling our date. I was really getting pissed off by now, it appeared that she had forgotten my birthday, but when I asked my secretary if she had given any reason, she said no. When I got home, the kids must have done something to trigger her memory as Sally was apologetic and tried to give me a kiss.

I spurned her advances and asked her, "Why have you cancelled tonight?"

She was evasive at first and tried to avoid looking me in the eye as she finally admitted, "I'm afraid I've accepted an invitation to dine with the management committee and forgot to update the diary."

I was furious and told her so, she somewhat belatedly and half heartedly offered to cancel her previous engagement and said we could still go out together, if I wanted.

Angry at her reluctant offer, I said, "No! You have already committed to your night out and heaven forbid that I should stand in your way, you have clearly made perfectly clear where your priorities are, I would have settled for a birthday card, but you could not even manage that."

I stormed off to the study and was still in there when I heard the front door slam shut. She did not come home until about 1 AM, I pretended to be asleep.

That started a pattern and our relationship seemed to spiral down from that point on. By December, our sex life had deteriorated to almost zero, our constant bickering over the slightest injudicious comment, ended in arguments. I started to question myself as to whether she was still faithful to me. It was a culmination of lots of little things, like the late committee meetings, the smudged lipstick, the lack of sex, but again decided to postpone any discussion on the issue until after Christmas.

Christmas came and went, presents were exchanged, but I knew something was going to give, things could not continue as they were.

To be continued...

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