tagLoving WivesThe Lady Captains Year Ch. 06

The Lady Captains Year Ch. 06


Chapter 6 The Lady Captain's Year –

Carried over from Chapter 5

I asked her, "Do you have any idea how long you can keep this need under control, before your lust takes over your rational mind?"

She said, "I just don't know, it has been nearly ten weeks since it happened and I feel that I can still control my base urges, but it's getting harder and harder, I feel something's going to happen soon, not tomorrow or the next day, but soon. I know what it will do to us, but the desire keeps growing and the slightest suggestive remark cause me to flood my panties. I have to go and masturbate just to relieve the tightness in my stomach!"

There was nothing I could say that would be other than platitudes, so I said, "Let's think on it. Maybe we between us we can find a solution, I still think therapy is the only way forward, two months is hardly giving it a chance to resolve our issues."

As to September turned to October, I decided to defer any decision on the subject of allowing Sally to fuck other men until the trial of Samuels and his cohorts was over.

The trial date was upon us. I escorted Sally to the court building as we were both witnesses for the prosecution. When Samuels and the others were led into the courtroom and placed in the dock, the charges were read out.

The Court Bailiff then asked each of them in turn, "How do you plead?" there was a gasp, as one by one they pleaded guilty. This was unexpected, as the prosecutor had told us all along that they all intended pleading not guilty. They were remanded for fourteen days to enable social services reports on their previous character to be collated. Following that, they would be sentenced. The judge specifically told Samuels, that as ringleader of this horrific attack, he could expect a long custodial sentence. Then they were taken down to the cells.

We were relieved but puzzled by this turn of events and as we exited the court and who should we meet but Bob and Samantha. Bob had the biggest smile on his face. Something clicked in my brain.

"Did you have anything to do with them changing their plea?" I asked suspiciously.

He just smiled and said, "Time for a celebration drink."

He never did tell me if he was responsible, he cut me off whenever I tried to quiz him about it.

As the month progressed our sex life was dominated by watching the video, followed by sex, but I could see that we were getting less and less aroused by the action on the video, while any attempt to make love as we used to, did not push Sally's buttons any more. I suspected that she faked her orgasms and she admitted as much when I challenged her. I was frustrated and so was Sally.

We had again discussed the problem with our therapist and he just kept saying, "Give yourself some time, if there is no improvement by Christmas, I will suggest you attending a specialist colleague.

Shortly after we returned home from the trial, Sally reopened the subject of broadening our sexual relationship. This time she broached it from a different angle.

She said to me rather sheepishly, "If you were to agree to letting me sleep with other men, it would have to be with strangers, I couldn't bare to do it with people we know or where we might get recognised."

I was troubled by the whole prospect, on the one hand, I found myself aroused by the erotic nature of the proposal, on the other, I was sure it would spell the end of our marriage. I tried to explain this to Sally, but she continued to work on my reluctant stance over the next few days. Finally, we reached a form of agreement in that I would consent to Sally getting sex outside of our marriage only if I was present at all times. Sally agreed and then went onto discuss how we could arrange it.

"Where were you thinking of this up then?" I asked.

She didn't hesitate in replying, "I think we should go to Blackpool, somewhere with lots of young lads out on the razzle, plenty of sites to park Betsy and no nosy neighbours. Remember that site we went to before, it was just outside of town and very quiet, so we would be unlikely to be disturbed."

She had thought it all out I thought out, I realised suddenly, so before I could change my mind, I said, "OK, we will give it a try this once, but if either of us wants to stop, we just have to say Betsy and we stop immediately, agreed?"

Sally quickly agreed and was all over me.

"Oh, thank you Jack, I promise you, I will make sure you have a weekend you will never forget!"

"We have the chance to take a long weekend approaching, how about we farm the twins out to your parents for the weekend and we go away in Betsy?" Sally suggested with a rather suggestive wink and smirk on her face.

I was taken aback by her suggestion, Betsy played a central part in her affair, she had taken her lover there on several occasions culminating in her gangbang. I had not been back to Betsy since that night, but the idea was not without it's merits, it was convenient, mobile and flexible as to where we located ourselves. Another plus was that the video cameras were still installed, so we could tape the action for our enjoyment later.

The days to our long weekend seemed to drag by. The arrangements were made and all Sally and I had to do was to fix Betsy up and repair the mess left after the gang bang party. The Police had also be tramping all over the van, trying to find evidence of drug abuse and they were not too bothered about how they left things after their search was completed. When we approached Betsy, Sally was very nervous and worried about what we would find. I was also worried, as I was not sure if Betsy had been locked properly after the police were finished, but as it turned out she was at least secure when we arrived.

It must have taken us five hours to complete the task. Betsy was in a complete shambles, we had to was strip everything out, bed, bedding and carpets included before we could start the cleaning job.

We just simply threw the bedding out. It was not only covered in semen, but there were traces of blood, presumably from Sally's abused anus. The sheets were still damp from the alcohol and drinks spilt in their passion to get at Sally. Eventually she was in pristine condition and ready for our road trip that weekend.

At last the Friday of the long weekend was upon us, I had taken the day off to make the weekend stretch to four days. It would also give us a head start on the heavy weekend traffic. We started out at 10AM, anticipating the journey would take us a good five hours. We picked up the M40 motorway and headed North. The weather forecast was poor and we started out in pouring rain, a typical English Autumn, but the weather could not dampen Sally's spirits, she was struggling to contain her excitement. It was infectious and I soon shared her anticipation of the events to come.

As we travelled, I asked her how she planned to get herself laid.

She said with a pout and sideways glance at me, "Do you think I cannot get men to notice me?"

I took my eyes off the road for a second and glanced at her seated on the swivel co-pilots chair. She turned towards me and spread her legs, she was bare under her short denim skirt. Her freshly shaved pussy was glistening with her arousal.

I almost lost it as Betsy weaved a little erratically, horns were blaring as cars took evasive action to miss colliding with me. I told Sally to behave herself or we would be spending our weekend in hospital.

She laughed and said, "Spoilsport."

I watched her out of the corner of my eye as she slowly started to unbutton her blouse, one, two then three buttons leaving her deep cleavage exposed to anyone in a position to see into the cab. Fortunately, we were a bit higher off the road than most cars, but lorries were a different proposition and quite a few drivers saw more just the road that morning.

We pulled in at a service station on the M6 for a toilet break and lunch. As we ran across the parking area in the pouring rain and towards the facilities, Sally did nothing to conceal her bulging tits as they tried to escape from her bra. She was soaking wet by the time we reached the entrance, the wet blouse plastered to her body, causing her hard nipples to be plainly visible through the material of her blouse and bra.

I watched the reaction of the men as they first clocked her tits. Many looked and just walked on, but quite a few, stopped and waited for her to approach them. Sally was fully aware of the reaction she was getting and just thrust her tits out and strutted past them and into the ladies toilets.

On returning to Betsy, Sally prepared some lunch and she had a glass on wine, whilst I made do with a Coke. She sat opposite me in the back of the van, facing the large window. She kept parting her legs exposing her pussy to my gaze, my erection was hard and painful, she noticed my predicament and said, "I better take care of that before you start driving or we may never get there!"

She dropped to her knees in front of me and took my throbbing cock into her mouth and proceeded to suck me off. I came in a matter of minutes and before she could get back up, pushed her onto the floor and delved between her legs, my tongue searching for clit. As I licked, sucked and nibbled on her drenched labia and clit, she started to moan and buck as if trying to throw me off, but I clamped myself to her pussy and she soon started her orgasm.

As we came down, I restored my cock to it's place in my trousers and with a quick kiss to Sally, I resumed the driving seat and started the last leg of our trip north. Sally remained where she was for a little while and then went and lay on the bed. I adjusted the mirror and could see her lying there. She was playing with her vibrator, slowly pushing the buzzing member in and out of her pussy. I had to move the mirror back as I was sure if I continued to be distracted, I would surely crash. She rejoined me as we peeled off the M6 onto the M55 for the final few miles into Blackpool.

The campsite we had selected was as we remembered and after checking in, we were told to park up wherever we liked. The site was quiet, but the manageress told us they were expecting more arrivals, mainly caravans but also some campers. We selected a spot near enough to the toilet block and showers to be accessible, but far enough away to be out of range of the sound of flushing toilets. Though Betsy had her own facilities, the shower and toilet was a pain to connect up, for a short stay, so we preferred to use the facilities provided where possible. Electricity was a simple plug attachment so we had mains power for all catering and entertainment needs.

Sally couldn't wait to get showered after our trip, so she took off for the shower block leaving me to connect up the services and prepare Betsy for the evening's activities. I must have sat around for about thirty minutes, thinking Sally was a long time at the shower block, so getting a little worried, I walked over to the block. I could hear the sound of laughter coming from the ladies section when I was still about 20 yards away. Curious, I walked quietly round to the side of the block where there were windows set high just under the single storey unit eaves.

One of the windows was slightly open and I could hear Sally clearly enjoying talking with another female. They were discussing where to go for a good evening's entertainment. In the course of the conversation, Sally asked the other girl, "Where would you suggest is the best pick up place for meeting some young lads?"

The girl replied, naming several pubs within easy walking distance, but she also said, the bar and entertainment in the club on-site would be heaving later on, as a group of lads from Glasgow were booked in and that they would probably just congregate there this evening, as they were going to be late arrivals. She said the food was pretty good there also, if we just wanted a bar snacks type menu.

I heard Sally say, "We will maybe see you later on then, around eight? OK?"

The other girl said, "I hope so, it will be good to let my hair down, my husband never takes me out nowadays, so this is my big chance to show off."

With that, I retreated back to Betsy to await Sally's return. When she came back, she was still dressed in her denim skirt and blouse and went to change. I walked into the bedroom as she was selecting her clothes for the evening. She made no mention of her meeting anyone, so I just held my silence, though I was curious to hear what else she had arranged for the evening.

I asked Sally, "What do you want to do tonight?"

She said simply, "I want to get fucked silly, after all that's what we came here for!"

Then she said, "Why don't we start here at the site club, I'm told the food is ok and there are some Scottish lads due in tonight, so we may just get lucky!"

I said sure, and watched her as she got dressed. She had selected a short mini skirt that revealed her long tanned legs and a tube crop top, that barely kept her braless breasts contained.

"No panties?" I asked.

"What's the point, I don't intend to keep them on for long, I want to be ready for action at the first opportunity."

We had a drink in the van before we left for the club. Sally looked me straight in the eye and asked, "Your sure about this? We can still pull out, if you want."

I said, "Just remember our safe word and make sure we don't get separated. I am nervous you may get into something that gets out of control."

"I love you Jack, I will be careful what I drink, I want to enjoy the experience to the full and not have any alcohol induced gaps in the event."

We arrived at the club and ordered some food. The place was fairly busy, even this early and Sally was drawing a fair bit of attention from the guys at the bar. There was the usual nudges and head nodding between the group of older men at the bar, but there wives, obviously sensing the focus of their husband's attention quickly moved in to claim their men's attention. By the time we had finished our food, the place had filled up.

A good looking, busty lady who looked about thirty five and stacked walked over with a harassed and unhappy looking man. She talked to Sally for a few minutes before Sally introduced me to the lady and her husband. She was called Janet and her husband Alan. Sally explained that she and Janet had met at the shower clock earlier in the day. I went over to the bar with Alan to get the girls some drinks. Alan said he could not stop long as they had left their two kids on their own and he felt guilty leaving them alone. I asked what age they were and he told me their eldest was eleven and the younger one only seven, a boy and a girl. Alan fairly gulped down his drink and made his apologies, but it was his turn to baby-sit. Janet made know attempt to follow him and just continued to talk to Sally, ignoring her husband as he left.

While they were chatting, I took the opportunity to inspect Janet. She was a good looking girl, she must have been about five foot five with a 36D bust, fairly narrow waist and pretty broad hips and slightly on the plump side. She was dressed in a skirt and v necked pull-over, that gaped a little as she stooped over to pick up her drink, she looked up to see me getting an eyeful and smiled, "This is my one chance to get out and let my hair down. Alan doesn't like going out and having some fun, but I miss the chance to be naughty!"

As predicted, around ten o'clock, a group of six Scots lads came into the bar and immediately started drinking. They wasted no time in sussing out where the good looking women were and since we had some spare seats, asked if hey could join us. Sally simply squeezed up to me to make more room on the bench seat we were parked on and the tallest of the boys squeezed in beside her. He introduced himself as James, and worked his way round the remainder of the party, Ian, Andrew, Jimmy, Pete and Colin. They were all in their twenties and they explained they were here on a golfing holiday.

Sally said, "Six is an odd number, did you have some drop outs?"

"Yes, two of the lads had to drop out today, one with work commitments and the other because his wife went into labour this morning, a bit inconsiderate of her, since the trip is all paid for." He said with a laugh.

Sally said, "Jack and I both play and have our clubs with us, if you need someone to make up the numbers."

James was a bit wary of committing the group to accepting until he heard what Sally's handicap was, then it was all smiles. So that was fixed, we made the numbers up to two fourballs and we were advised that their Tee Time at Royal Lytham GC was 09.00 so we would have to be on the road by 08.00.

The guys had a kitty and asked if we wanted to join, so I added our money to the bag handed to me and was told it was my turn to get them in. While I was at the bar, the lads took the opportunity to get closer to Sally and Janet. I watched with amusement as they all vied to get into the seat I had vacated to go to the bar. Sally was trapped between James and Ian and when I returned, they quickly moved slightly apart. A few more rounds and I was feeling no pain, Sally and Janet were well gone, but the lads, perhaps because they were later getting started, were still pretty sober.

Sally announced she had to go to the ladies and Janet went with her. Ian and James decided it was time that they paid a visit as well. I took no notice of the time as the other guys were telling golfing stories and jokes so it must have been about thirty minutes later, I realised that they had not returned. I excused myself and went looking for them. The Gents was empty and so it appeared was the Ladies as no sound was emitting from there. I went out the Fire Escape door that was propped open to allow some fresh air in, it was hot in the bar. There was the usual stuff out the back, waste skips, beer barrels and a tented gazebo that was used by smokers, as smoking is banned inside public places. There were some plastic tables & chairs located in the gazebo, but they were unoccupied. I was about to give up my search, when I heard a giggle and slap that sounded like a hand on flesh. It sounded as though the noise had come from the back of the Shower Block, so I wandered over and soon spied Sally with her arms around the neck of Ian, her skirt around her waist and legs locked around his waist.

They were not screwing at that point, but it was clear it would not take much more encouragement from Sally for Ian to start fucking her there and then. I interrupted them and they quickly broke apart, trying to act as though nothing had happened.

I told them, "It's last orders at the bar, I suggest we return to Betsy for a night cap."

They quickly agreed and collecting the others transferred the party to Betsy. It was bit crowed and somewhere along the way we lost Janet, James and Andrew. Sally wasted no time in getting some music on whilst I prepared the drinks. When I returned to lounge, Sally was already locked in a kiss with Ian and his hands were under her skirt and caressing her arse!

The others, seeing no reaction from me, moved in and started pushing up against her backside and trying to cop a feel at her tits. Sally moved slightly apart from Ian to enable them to have access to her tits and pussy. It did not take long for her dress to be stripped off and the party to move into the bedroom.

Sally was laid on the bed on her back, Ian was between her legs in an instant, sucking and licking her labia. Jimmy placed himself at her head and offered her his hard cock. Sally greedily started sucking him deep into her mouth. The two guys finished undressing and just got alongside her and played with her breasts, bringing her already aroused nipples to hard elongated points. I have never seen Sally so aroused, she was bucking against Ian's tongue and making low moaning sounds from somewhere deep in her throat.

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