tagErotic CouplingsThe Lady In Red Ch. 01

The Lady In Red Ch. 01


Raymond was lying on the bed slowly sliding his fingers up and down his cock, pretending once more that his fantasy woman was jacking him off. Since his breakup with Sue, he has not fucked anything real for over two weeks. Suddenly, he stopped and yelled, "Dam it; I cannot take this stress anymore! I need a real pussy! He wants to feel his cock sliding in and out of a sweet wet pussy. He thought for a moment looked at the clock it read 6pm. then said, "Tonight, I will find someone to fuck, before I loose my mind!"

Raymond closed his eye, and envisioned his favorite fantasy woman; he called her, the Lady in Red. She was a woman in her fifties. She was tall with a full figure, big breast, tiny waist, practically no hips, and long sexy legs. She has long brown-blonde hair, which flows freely down her back and skin the color of a soft pink rose. In his fantasy she always wore a red silk dress, split to the hips on both sides, a g-string, sheer red nylons and five inch red "fuck-me heels". He had several different scenarios, but his favorite was meeting her as a hooker, on the naughty side of town.

He grasps his cock hard and stroked slowly as he watched her undress, down to her g-string, hose and heels. God she was hot, he wished she were real. She then walked over to the bed and took charge of the situation. Usually, she grabbing him by his cheeks and kissed him deep and hard. Then ordering to quit jacking off and finger her pussy. She stood by the bed, spread her legs and ripped off her g-string showing a smooth bald pussy, glistening with wetness.

He sat up and slides his fingers into her drench pussy making her moan with desire. He slide on then two fingers deep in and out with hard fucking motion then took his thumb and rubbed her hard swollen clit. God he wanted to fuck her, now, hard and deep! She moaned and ground her hips and pushed his fingers deeper into her hot pussy, then screamed, "I'm cumming!" Then pushed him back onto the bed and straddle his hard cock riding him hard until they both climaxed. He came back to really and jacked hard, yelling, "Oooooh fuck, I'm cumming baby!"

Raymond then headed for the shower to clean up before grabbing a bite to eat. Tonight, he was going out on the town, find his, Lady in Red, and fuck her. He dressed in his best denims with a navy blue cowboy style shirt, and black cowboy hat. He then looked in the mirror and said, "Howdy partner, you ready to get laid tonight!" Then left the house, and drove toward his favorite place, The Blue Dog Bar. The establishment was on the dark side of town and there were always lady's of the night present.

He drove into the parking area, locked his car, and started walking toward his favorite place to relax and have fun. As he walked, he saw all kinds of hookers. They always paused and asked him if he wanted to have a good time. He turned them down one by one, none of the woman looked like is lady in red.

Then he stopped and lit a cigarette, took a puff the then glanced to the other side of the street. He almost dropped his cigarette; there stool a tall full figured woman wearing red. He casually crossed the street and acted as if he was not interested, but watched her intensely out of the corner of his eye. Oh god, she looked exactly like his lady in red.

He almost passed out from the fear, when he walked over to her and offered her a cigarette. She took it, and leaned over as he lit it for her. He took a deep breath, then looked into her eyes and said, "Hello, my name is Raymond. Will you like go out with me mam?"

She took a puff, and glanced at him, moving eye up and down, and then said, "My name is Kandy. Sure I will get out with you honey, but it was going to cost you. Where do you want to go?"

Raymond replied, "If you don‘t mind riding in a car, we can go to my place it is close to here."

She said, "Well, let's go then, it's your money I‘m spending. " They walked over to his car, he helped her in and they drove off towards his apartment.

He escorted her from the car into his apartment, not saying a word until they walked through the door. Raymond point to the couch and uttered, "Have a seat on the sofa, please. I will pour us a couple of drinks if you want."

He notices her looking around the room, then slowly sitting down. He hoped she would not notice how much he was quivering. He could not believe it, he not only found his fantasy woman, but she was right there in front of him. She replied, "I do not need a drink baby! All I need to know is what is your pleasure? Then, I want to make sure you have the money, I don't give fucking freebies!"

Raymond patted her ass and said, "Money is no object her baby, we can add the bill up later when I am done with you. Right now, I want to fuck you, and get off!"

She winked and touched her red lipstick covered lips and blew him a kiss. Then stood up and whispered, "Just sit there for a moment baby and watch!" She started doing a slow strip tease, sliding her dress slowly off her shoulder until it fell to the floor. She kicked it out of the way, then spread her legs and caressed her torso seductively with her long red fingernails.

Raymond, took his shirt off, then slowly unzipped his pants then took of his shorts releasing his rock hard cock. Her performance memorized him! He loved everything about her, an older woman who was still sexy as hell and had all the curves in the right places. He preferred to have woman with meat on their bones and hated the slender anorexic type. Oh god, she was beautiful, standing before him in her silky bright red teddy, along with a garter belt, red nylons, and red pumps to match. When she tossed her long hair and bent over right in front of him with her ass toward him, and he almost blew his load.

Raymond walked over to her and let her to his bedroom. Then told her to lean over and grab her knees, as he ran is hand down her back and ass. He slid his fingers between her pussy lips and said to himself, Oh fuck, she is so wet!" He spread her labia, and then ran his finger teasingly across her clit, encircling and pinching it. She quivered and moaned loudly as she let his fingers work their magic.

The Lady in Red, then said, "You know baby, you're my first customer of the night." Ooooooh fuck, I love your wonderful fingers! Keep it up please do not stop! "

Raymond felt his cock surge another inch, he loved the thought of having her before anyone else did. He took his fingers from her pussy and licked them devouring her sweet nectar. Then finger-fucked her again as she rocked back and forth on his fingers. He could tell she loved it, her juices were running down his wrist. She stopped fucking his fingers then turned and licked them clean and kissed his lips softly. Then lowered herself to her knees, and licked hungrily at his cock, before engulfing it entirely with her mouth.

Raymond, lunged forward as she took the full length of his member in her mouth. Then grabbed her hair driving his cock a few time in her mouth, then before allowing her to suck him off, stopped her. He helped her to her feet and took off her teddy and threw her on the bed, saying, "It‘s my time for fun, honey! Now, spread your legs apart, I need to taste that hot cunt!"

Raymond drove his face deep into her pussy, his tongue lapping hungrily at her juices. She squirmed so much; he had to hold her by her hips, as she moved with the rhythm of his tongue. He continued to lick at her faster and deeper until she screamed and covered his lips and chin with her cum.

She caught her breath then said, "Ooooh wow, you're one hell of a pussy eater. Now can I suck you off, cock-sucking is my specialty."

Raymond thought to himself, "My Lady in Red, I believe everything is you area of expertise. Your whole outfit said to me, look at me, I am dressed for your pleasure. Fuck me stranger! I bet she is one hell of a fuck too!"

She was about to get on her knees in front of him and he stopped her, telling her to lie on her back. Raymond then said, "Now, lay back and hold those legs open-wide for me, it time for some hard fucking! He climbed onto the bed and rammed his cock so hard into her pussy she shouted obscenities at him.

She exclaimed, "Oh yessssss ram your hot cock deep and hard in my cunt. Ahhhhh, ooooooooh, baby, fuck me, ooooooh my god, treat me like your dirty little slut!" She wrapped her legs around his waist and felt another climax surging there her body.

In reality, during the week, Kandy was a quiet homemaker all prim and proper. On the weekends, she portrays the lady in red, a hooker who walked the dark side of town. She loved being a cum-slut and fucking strange men, until they both quenched there naughty sex perversions.

Raymond rammed his cock in her, felt her shaking hard, and knew she was going to cum again. He fucked her until she came then shouted, "Get on your knees cunt, and suck my fucking cock, till your swallow my sweet cum!"

She got down and took his throbbing cock into her mouth until she engulfed it completely. Oh god, she was not lying about being good at sucking cock. She sucked him deeply and let her tongue work its magic. She trembled and moaned so loud he got the impression that she loved the taste of her own.

Raymond envisioned her masturbating, shoving two fingers inside her hot cunt, then licking them, repeatedly until she got off. Then he watched her eat her own cum and it sent him over the edge, he exclaimed, "OOOOOH FUCK, I'M CUMMING!" She swallowed hard as he shot his load deep into her throat, not missing a single drop.

Raymond sat on the bed for a few moments, both of them breathing heavily. He looked over at her and said, "Damn, you're fantastic! Added up you bill and put in a good bonus for yourself, you are worth every dime I give you."

Kandy felt great and was very pleased with Raymond. After discussing thing, the decided they would meet in the same place, at the same time, every Friday night. She would be his Lady in Red, and he would always be her first customer.

* * * *

I want to add a special thanks to Lee for being co-author of this story. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did writing it. Look for chapter 2 soon. Hugs...Babee_girl.

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