tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Lady Share Cropper Ch. 01

The Lady Share Cropper Ch. 01


A Man drives to a country area just outside the city. He had been invited to meet a woman he played in video chat truth or dare but has never seen. His interests so closely matched or complemented those of the women he played, he knew he had found something truly special. Not knowing her name or even what she looked like was almost completely insignificant.

Living in the country she is anxious to protect her preferences and interests from nosy country towns folk. She is cautious not to give the Man her real name or address, instead giving him directions using landmarks speeds and times but no street names or numbers.

A game the Man was enjoying until the final instruction. He had reached the end of the road and the Man had not seen the final landmark. A confusing sign causes the Man to mistake a driveway for a secondary road. Deep ruts hidden by long grass beach the car while he was trying the do a three point turn to go back.

The Lady who lives at the farm property comes out to investigate. She is a small, red haired woman, thin but with good muscle definition visible through her cotton shirt and jeans. She is wearing big sunglasses and a wide straw hat even though it is close to sunset.

The man thinks to himself his mystery woman must live close by, so he needs to be polite to this Lady in case they know each other.

The Lady offers to tow car out with her ride on mower but tells him he needs to push it up hill as mower starter is broken.

After several attempts pushing the heavy mower up the small grassy hill the Lady can see the Man is tired and unwilling to keep going. The Lady turns kill switch and gets off the mower, giving the Man a look over with a stern look on her face.

When the sweaty exhausted man seems reluctant to continue the Lady suggests jacking up the car and packing the wheels with logs from the barn.

Jacking up the car one wheel at a time then getting heavy logs from other side of property takes another two hours of hard work.

With all four points placed with logs in the driveway ruts he is ready to try to drive out. A short session of smoking tires wheel spinning and the Man sees the logs are too thin, the car is stuck fast.

After watching several attempts from house to call for a tow truck, the Lady returns to man and explains to him the property is out of cell range and also that she has no phone.

She tells him he can walk back to town, which is an hour by foot; but nothing will be open at 7pm or past 8pm by the time he gets there. Seeing the look of defeat on his face she tells him he can stay in the barn overnight if he wishes.

The Man accepts and Lady offers some food. They both walk up to her small weatherboard house with a big veranda on three sides, and a barn with a large annex and water tank out the back.

In the house The Lady gives the Man a small cup of Thornapple Tea and a large bowl of potato salad explaining that she is a vegetarian.

The salad contains lots of uncooked thinly sliced potato, with a small amounts of shredded potato berry, Rhubarb leaf, Azalea, Larkspur, Sweet Pea seeds and Philodendron leaves soaked in honey water and cream.

The Man slurps down the odd tasting tea and feels a little spacey but instantly in a better more relaxed mood. Sweat glistening on his face and short brown hair damp and limp stuck to his forehead with sweat.

After finishing the salad he can't stop licking his lips and notices heat building in his throat lips and face and a numb tingling is his fingertips and feet.

The Lady remarks, "You don't look well, are you feeling alright pet?"

The Man tries to answer but lips and tongue are swollen and numb, the sounds that come out are just muffled nonsense mixed with drool.

The Lady says "Oh Dear, you do look poorly pet, lets get you to the bathroom and splash your face with some water."

He tries to stand but has almost no strength in his arms or legs and is feeling sick in the stomach.

The Lady drags the Man across the hard wooden floor to the bathroom and slides him into the bathtub. "Just a minute pet, there is one last unpleasant step before we can continue..."

The conscious but mildly disoriented Man lay in the tub and suddenly felt a sharp pain in his stomach.

With a comical crackle and some squirming the Man released his bowels in his pants to giggles from the previously stern faced Lady standing in the doorway setting up a stand.

The Lady ducks out and returns, now with pink rubber gloves and a hens night novelty bottle full of weak Thornapple tea. "Drink this, it will help replace some of the lost fluids."

Through the viewfinder of the Lady's digital camera it is clear the bottle is penis shaped but the man eagerly sucks on it without noticing.

The Lady chokes back a laugh and sets the camera tripod just inside the long thin bathroom of the old country house before undoing the man's pants.

"We'll have to get you out of these soiled clothes I guess." the Lady now with a girlish glee to her voice.

After taking off his clothes and separating his keys wallet and phone she throws the clothes back in the bathtub and turns on the cold shower water.

The Man gasps making faces and squirms and shrieks under the cold blast, all captured in HD by the small camera on the tripod. While he is shocked by the chill, he does not have the strength to get out of the bath.

Tipping in some dish washing liquid and using an old broom the Lady washes away all the poop wee and turns off the shower.

The tea is making the man a little confused and dimming his awareness of what is happening, or at least reducing his will to protest. He can feel its effects but can't stop sucking on that bottle.

"Well pet, tomorrow you have a big day of farm work ahead of you but today I think I can something entertaining for you in the house tonight."

With an old glass jar and brush the lady lightly coats the man's cock and balls with a mixture of cocoa butter and small amounts of sap from Asparagus fern, Crown of thorns and Devil's Ivy. Once again The Lady and disappears down the hall this she returns with some heavy chains clanking.

The man now shivering in the fetal position still clutching his penis shaped drink bottle to his lips he starts to feel a new sensation. A prickly itchy kind of sting in his crotch.

Quickly the prickly sensation intensifies and he spreads his legs wide to stop his thighs from touching his super sensitive cock and balls.

The Lady hangs one end of the chain through a hook under the bathroom light fitting and with a cascade of tinkling sounds one central chain drops into the bath in front of the man's perky inflating pink crotch.

There is a wide metal hook one short and two long chains at the end of the thick chain and another two chains about a metre up the thick main chain. Coiled loosely in the bathtub they look like a bendy stick man figure.

"Very nice, that is even better than I had expected." Says the Lady looking at the helpless Man's crotch.

The sap mixture has swollen his dick and balls up to five times their normal size. The man was fit but not athletic, just an average male body with a larger than average swollen cock and balls, the combination of his cold wet body glistening with erect nipples make for a cheesy gay porn look.

The Lady couldn't resist giving the inflated balls a little slap as she rolled the man over and slid the plug on the wide hook into his ass with a little more dish soap. The wide hook was slightly curved and shaped like narrow bike seat with a butt plug in the middle.

After fixing the chain stirrups to his feet and looping chains around his hands the Lady turned on the winch.

The man slides up first to a sitting position in the tub and with a very surprised look on his face rises vertically out of the bath and jiggling frantically feet just above the enamel tub bottom.

His feet in wood peg stirrups at the end of chains and hands in chain loops he takes most of his body weight off the hook and butt plug.

If you didn't notice the small wooden pegs under the arches of his feet or the small amount of chain in his clenched fists he would seem to be levitating. The chains that were lifting him run up the back of each leg, met at his ass, ran up his spine and from the back of his neck down the back of his arms to his hands.

All suspended by the single thick chain hoisting him comically rocking and bouncing just off the ground.

"Hmmm... that was unexpected." Thinks the Lady out loud as she spins the suspended fleshy puppet man... "This won't do at all".

The Man felt relief as she lowered him down so his feet were touching the bathtub again.

The Lady took a safety pin and pinned it to the chain behind the man's head, with a strong hair clip and clipped the man's hair to the pin on the chain.

"That's better, we can't have you displayed so well and have your head bobbing around... your face just loves the camera."

With that quip she hit the up button on the winch and returned the man to dangling and shuddering, his weak limbs fighting to take the weight off his very soar ass and groin. Through the discomfort the man was getting turned on by the attention.

"Just hang in there a second pet." Says the Lady without realizing the pun and she gives the Man's cock a little jiggle and a spins him around with it before disappearing again.

The man's dick and balls are swollen another two sizes and bob around looking very balloon like and purple.

The man's twisting body momentum slowed to a stop as it wound up the chain and he began to rotate the other way. Chains clicking and creaking in his ears, his head spinning from the Thornapple tea and the motion of the chain harness, he was starting to loose all sense of reality.

Shaking and shivering his convulsions amplified by the chains he was dangling from.

"Oh, pet, are you cold?" The Lady asks in mock concern.

The man attempted to nod his head but the motion was hidden by the involuntary chain based movements.

"Well, we can dry you off and get you some clothes, but first how about some lotion?" Not waiting for a reply the Lady sprayed the Man all over from a can of depilatory lotion.

"Hmmm... I think I like your haircut and light brown hair so you can keep that for now... the can says 10 minutes to remove all body hair... see you in ten then pet." The Lady says walking out of the bathroom once more and going to her dress up closet to choose some outfits.

About ten minutes later the Lady returns to find a still jiggling and struggling naked puppet man, now covered with grey bubbly foam and drooling quite a lot.

Snapping her fingers a few times to get the attention of the dazed naked puppet.

"OK pet, we have some outfits that really turn me on here... I will hold them up and you tell me if you like them... ah, ...or grunt once for yes and twice for no... Understand pet?"

The man understood but did not attempt to speak through very swollen lips and tongue.

"Sorry pet, try again, ...one grunt for yes ...and two for no." The Lady gave his balls a big squeeze and the Man grunted.

"Good pet, not too dumb after all. Let's start." The Lady waited to see the Man grunt and he does.

"Oh... I was almost looking forward to helping you again... anyway what you think of this?"

The Lady first held up a matching set of black lace suspenders, seamed stockings and matching lace Bra.

"Urf!" grunted the Man.

"Good pet, I knew you could do it... I do like this one, but I'm glad to see you like it too ...more underwear?"

...another "Urf" from the man, the thought of seeing the woman in sexy lingerie beating out the extreme discomfort of being suspended by the crotch and the disorientation of Thornapple tea.

This Kinky predicament exciting the Man in between pangs of fright and discomfort.

"Great, I do love the intimates." The Lady goes through a thong g string panties and String bikini style all in one before showing the Man a see though baby doll outfit and lurex body stocking.

One after another each cliche outfit held up just inside the camera frame, all approved with an "Urf!" from the dangling foamy puppet Man.

"OK, I think we can move forward now." Says the Lady as she reaches in and redirects the shower head up and out giving the suspended man another blast of chilling water.

She uses the old broom to wipe off the depilatory lotion and all his body hair with it giving his body some unnecessary but entertaining pokes and swipes.

New deeper waves of chill and disorientation rack his body with pulses and convulsions. The cold shock stripping all sounds from the Man gasping wide mouthed.

"Whoa now pet, stay with me... this next part you will really love." Slapping the man's balls, which seemed to still be swelling under the effects of the sap mixture, the Man came back to reality with an "Urf!" at each little slap.

"Good.... Good pet. So you want all the lingerie... hmmm... ...how about something a little kinkier?"

The Lady waited for the 'Urf' and within a few seconds it came. Holding up a playboy bunny outfit, a French maid dress and cowgirl outfit all with fast approval from the Man. ...next was a bunch of straps that looked like a bondage harness and collar.

The final "Urf!" came and the Lady looked very happy.

"That's great, I was just going to dress you in one or two things, but you want to dress up in it all! ...that's really great, you are a good pet, g-o-o-d pet."

A second or two for it to sink in that HE would be dressed in these things and "Urf-Urf!" from the swollen mouth man.

"Oh, no you are a good pet, don't deny it." Mocks the Lady.

"Urf-Urf urf-Urf!" from the man.

"What's wrong now? Not clean enough to continue? Still got some nasty hair on you my pet?" The Lady turns the icy water back on and bats the man lightly with the broom to spin him in circle.

"Urf-Urf!" says the frantic man over and over between shrieks of "neefs!".

With each spin the Lady bats his cock and balls enjoying watching them bounce as he turns with water spaying and glistening all over his body.

Finally the sadistic thrill gives way to boredom and she asks "Would you like to get dried and dressed now?"

...to which a "Urf!" from the Man was the reply.

The lady uses a mop to wipe off most of the water then kitchen towels to do little circles all over the Man's body, enjoying roughing up the newly hairless pink skin as she dries him.

The twitches and shivers are thrilling to watch, but feeling the man's body as he is powerless to escape her little torments is an incredible rush.

With feet lifted off the ground, deftly the suspender belt goes on and the Bra, the stockings went on over the top of the chains and the 'slightly pink TV with raging hard-on' look was complete.

While holding him helpless suspended in the air, the chains ran close to his body allowing him to be dressed and undressed quickly without release.

After a few spins for the camera pantsless with engorged cock and balls in the suspender combo, the Lady slid on the g string and breast forms for the Bra.

The forms were a TV special silicone inserts and the g string was a "Cock sox" stretchy black cock and balls pouch, hugging the shaft and separating each ball in it's own little spherical side sleeves.

A few more slow spins for the camera he was looking for all the world like a perfect she-male mannequin human doll.

Next on was the Lurex body shocking over the top of the lingerie.

The outline of the man's muscles and lingerie shimmered with metallic purple sheen while his milky white skin completely visible through the thin body stocking.

Over the top goes the string bikini all in one, the strings pinching into the Man's skin causing little bugles of glistening purple lurex sheen to crisscross his form.

Each layer adding to the dollification. Each layer a new level of objectification.

The apprehension the Lady felt earlier... wondering if the salad would come out OK ...a little worried about forgetting something, had faded now she was exhilarated. All those weeks of planning and fantasizing... all the preparation was fun but this was incredible...

...Each step, not just increasing her control of this Man... ...The looks of confusion and discomfort on the Man's face fueled her sadistic lust. She was swimming in feelings of power lust and wonder... and pride in herself that this was going better than she dreamed it would.

The Lady started to forget herself and adjusting her jeans and shirt became a rather obvious stroke of herself, and then a firm rub feeling her erect nipples and caressing her moistening pussy.

The Lady caught herself doing it and the Man watching intently and snapped back into the plan.

Last of the lingerie was the mesh baby doll dress. The split in the front laying symmetrically either side of his massive package squashed inside the g string under the bodysuit.

"Wow.. ...I mean, ...Oh wow this is really going well... I was a bit worried when I got all this stuff from a Chinese website there would be size issues... but your size is fitting in well... umm... ...arr... ...or barely fitting in I should say. I feel like I should get some stills before we go further."

The Lady left her shiny purple TV puppet dangling and returned with an SLR camera.

A few shots of him spinning and then a few with her repositioning his weak limbs in sexy poses before slipping his package out of the cloths and getting some dick shots, the purple of the bodysuit matching his glowing purple package.

She lined up the crotch holes on the various layers and slipped his cock and balls back into the cock sox pouch and left it dangling out in front.

"These will look good on your new online profile." The Lady's voice matter of fact. "Aw, you look so great I just want to keep you this way forever... ...but I am curious to see how the rest looks... ... what do you think?"

The Lady cups his balls and looks into the man's eyes and he says" Urf!"

"Yes, quite right pet, we should continue, you said you wanted to try it all. ...and I think you might be too tired tomorrow, but I'm getting ahead of myself... OK is it the maid's dress...?"

"Urf-Urf, Urf-Urf!" From the man.

"Oh? ...the maid's dress excites you?" ...Mocks the Lady... "Well, sorry my little purple pet, I think we have one more to go before that..."

The lady slips a white mock collar and head piece on her human dress up doll and takes a moment to admire her creation a little.

Next the black playboy bunny one piece. The chain running up the back spoils the look somewhat she thinks as she fluffs the bunny tail and pats the Man's round butt cheeks taught and shiny under purple lurex.

"Hmmm... I think we need to get you down?" Ponders the Lady out loud.

"Urf!" says the Man responding enthusiastically.

"That was rhetorical my pet.... OK so once you are down you have to behave." Warns the Lady.

"Urf!" replies the man.

"Ow, I know you will, I am just making sure you know." The Lady cautions with a wry smile.

Putting a pair of wedges at the man's feet she pops the stirrups off and the Man strains to take the weight off the butt plug with his arms.

The Lady does up the buckles and then uses two thin cat collars in a figure 8 around the wedges to padlock the shoes on before lowering the winch just enough for him to stand.

He rocks forward quickly clutching at the chain for balance, the souls on the very high wedge sandals have been cut at and angle to make him walk almost tip toed.

"Now my little bunny pet, we need to get that chain out before we can take a little stroll"

The butt-plug makes a kind of pop-slurp sound and the outline of the metal hook seat slides up the Man's back.

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