tagFetishThe Lake

The Lake


As I lay there on the dock watching her swim underwater I felt a warm feeling wash over me. She looked sexy underwater as she swam around the fat wooden dock posts below in the clear water. She surfaced in front of me. With a wink, she asked me to jump in and join her. I was too relaxed watching her (and feeling the hot sun on my back) and declined.

She said if I didn't come in, she would come up and get me and she would be very disappointed. She sort of pouted so I of laughed it off. The sun sparked her long blond hair as she started to climb out of the water. The ladder was old and craggy so it took her a minute to get to the edge of the dock just six feet above the surface of the water. Her body was fantastic! As the water dripped off her petite but modestly contained breasts I admired the tanned body that nicely flattered her tight little bikini.

Bending over me she dripped water on my scorching back. I rolled over and faced her. Taking my hand, she pulled me to my feet and tried to shove me in. The wood on the dock was now hot but the traction was good. She put her arms around me and tried to life me up. Her firm breasts pushed into my chest and I could feel my cock stiffening.

I resisted as she struggled to push me in the water but she got even more determined. She managed to hook her leg around behind my knees and got me off balance. She was slippery and she fought like a tiger. Why was this so important? We were at the edge now and I made the mistake of looking over my shoulder. I lost my footing and locked together, we fell into the lake with a gigantic splash. The shock of the cool lake water surprised me but she was already used to it.

We sank down a few feet but she turned and took the back of my swimsuit and she pulled me deeper. I let her kick and struggle as she pulled me to the bottom in about 10 feet of water. We landed gently on the white sandy silt with her underneath me. She was determined to get the upper hand! I tried to push away from as she regained body-hug, but she held me tight! I hadn't gulped in a big breath and so I already felt the need for air. I struggled against her iron grip. After about 15 seconds, I managed to escape her arms and swam to the top and took in fresh air.

As I treaded water I could see her coming up below me. She wasn't done with me yet! I felt her hand on the front of my swimsuit so I took a deep breath. She yanked me down again for the second time! She had not even come up for air! She must have been under for almost a minute but I had seen her hold her breath underwater for longer that that.

Swimming backwards pulling me, she forced us to the bottom. This time we were near a brown, but recently replaced, dock post. It had several metal rings in that could be used to tie off boats or other fishing gear. I grabbed at her yellow bikini top and pulled at the thin strings. Her breasts popped out from behind the trivial fabric triangles and bobbed freely in the lake water.

She in turn yanked down my form-fitting swimsuit. She pulled and twisted with her legs above her and soon had it down around my ankles. Pulling with my arms I tried to reach the surface but she held me down by my Speedo in one hand and her fingers wrapped around a metal ring in the other. She was really determined. She needed air now desperately so she released us and we both struggled to the top together. She sputtered that she was going to drown me. I laughed and kicked my swimsuit free so I could swim better. Lunging at me she grabbed around my waist and again pulled me under again!

I was getting a huge hard-on during all this wrestling and she saw my stiff dick and used it to her advantage. Grabbing hold of my penis and testicles she squeezed as she drug me under forcing us to the bottom.

I let free some of my breath as her hand clenched my nuts. I reached for her churning tits. Grabbing her left nipple - I pinched it between my fingers. She jumped back and I felt her hand loosen her grip on my cock. She blew bubbles in surprise and we BOTH had to surface for air. Catching our breaths, she dove down by my feet and grabbing my ankles, pulled me under to face her. Our heads were just a foot under the surface and I smiled at her mermaid-like face with her long hair swirling around her head and shoulders.

She had me in a strong grip. With one hand, she reached for the post and pulled us over. I did not resist and could see that she was holding us down by her right leg around the dock post. I reached down and thrust my hand in her bikini bottoms and found her submerged cunt. I grabbed a few of her trimmed blond pussy hairs and pulled. She let loose a mouthful of air and let me go again. I swam up just a bit but continued to hold my breath on the surface looking down at her. She tried to surface past me but I grabbed her upper arm as she rose and gently pulled her back down.

Her eyes were wide and I knew SHE needed air but I had the upper hand now! At least I thought so until she made a quick reach for my exposed balls and squeezed hard again. I felt my breath escape my mouth and nose as I yelled underwater. I nearly drowned! The pain was exquisite! She released my nuts and we both swam up to get air.

I was resolute now and gulped air as I watched her warily. She took a big breath as she prepared to go under. I lunged at her and grabbed her around the chest facing me. I put my fee hand on the rings and pulled us to the bottom with her held tightly. She was struggled all the way. Since my Speedo had long since fallen off I was completely naked and my stiff shaft was nestled up against her flat belly. She twisted in my grasp but I held her firmly as we reached the sand around our toes again. I clamped my mouth shut tried to keep us both on the bottom of the lake for as long as possible!

She bucked back and forth - her pelvis pushing back against my hard dick. I was getting really turned on. With one hand I reached down and tore her string bikini panties off and exposed her white triangle of a pussy highlighted by her deep tan. This gave her a moment to wiggle free since my one arm could not hold her thrashing body. She turned to away from me and pushed away with her feet on the bottom and swam to the surface.

She surfaced before me and dove down as I was coming up. I did note get air! She attacked me and got me in a scissor hold around my waist. She had brought up a rope that was attached to the dock and she easily overpowered my swimming ability. She twisted with me in her vice-like grip and swam with me back down towards the bottom of the lake. I struggled against her lock on my waist and couldn't get free! Within seconds we were on the bottom next to the dock post. I looked up at the surface so close and yet so far. I could feel the weight of the water pressing down on me. I looked over my shoulder at her and could see that she was calmly holding on to the bottom of the dock post and wasn't letting either of us up!

My cheeks began to expand with my held breath and I felt my heart pounding. I had to get air! Trying to pry her thighs apart was impossible so I reached under her ass and snaked my hand inside of her suit leg. I stuck my finger in her butt-hole. This shocked her and loosened her legs. Pulling away, I shot for the surface. Gulping in air I knew she meant business so I prepared for an epic underwater fight!

She surfaced 6 feet away and watched me carefully. Moving away from the dock, we both floated there in the water as we caught our breath, ready for another round. She put her head underwater and I could see her tugging her bikini bottoms off and kicking them free. They floated to the bottom in the bright sunlight. Now we were both naked and I was getting horny as hell! My dick was rock hard and ready and I noticed her nipples were the same.

She studied me as she swam slowly forward. Soon she had her hands on my shoulders and I held her the same way and with the same grip. Looking in each other's eyes we submerged and sank. We landed on the soft bottom standing up and still holding on to each other at arms length. As we looked at each other through the clear water, her lips tightly holding her precious breath, we began our contest to see who could stay under the longest. Reaching out to keeping from rising we used the post for an anchor as we held ourselves under. The sun glistened down and rippled on our naked bodies.

Her tits seemed to mock me as we held our breaths. I reached out with one free hand and rubbed her left nipple. She in turn reached down and began to slowly stroke on my hard cock. My pulse was racing. I assumed that hers was the same as I reached down and turned my attention to the sweet place between her long legs. I began to caress her hot pussy. We continued to hold each other down and played with each other as the seconds passed.

After a much longer time than before, I felt a need for air. I watched her closely as each of my strokes on her stiff clit took effect. I sped up the tempo on her most sensitive area. I hoped she was going to give in first. She in turn began jacking me off a bit quicker. We both seemed to be building towards an orgasm at the bottom of the lake.

I started to let some air escape my nose. I could feel my cum starting to rise. She stepped up her hand-job. She was also losing breath out her mouth. We both seemed to be cumming and drowning at the same time but she was not giving up! Neither would I!

Abruptly I shot my load in hard spasms. Her hand held my dick tight and was tugged on it milking me empty. I rubbed her clit in fast small circles. She let loose a burst of bubbles as she came within a few seconds of my orgasm. Now desperately out of air, I pushed off the sandy bottom. I shot for the surface with my dick still having small spasms and spewing white streams into the clear water. I was almost to the top as I was finishing my underwater orgasm. She surfaced right behind me and gulped in fresh air.

"You ... are ... so ... selfish!" she croaked at me.

Getting her breath back, she was a little more forceful. "I 'm not done with YOU yet!" she sputtered as her hand was busy rubbing her pussy. She was mad because she had to finish her own aching orgasm. Taking a deep breath, and still with her hand between her legs, she dove and disappeared beneath the splashing water. Her feet kicked wildly as she went under.

Looking down I could only wonder what she was up to. She had gone pretty deep so I was safe from her menacing grip – at least for a few more seconds. I saw a few bubbles rising up as she swam under the dock out of sight. She was gone a loooong time and I was beginning to get worried. I couldn't figure out what she was doing down there for so long alone in the shadows.

She surfaced behind me. She seemed much calmer now and she swam up and started caressing my chest with her arms around me under the surface. I could feel her firm tits pressing against my back. Spreading her legs her hot pussy ground against my ass. She told me to take a deep breath and hold it. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me under again.

I couldn't see what she was up to but I felt her pulling my arms behind my back. Suddenly she had my hands tied together with the string from bikini and I was helpless! My legs were loose and I tried to kick back to the top but she held me down easily. Pulling on the same rope as before, she wrestled me to the bottom and soon had my ankles joined with her string panties. They were in a terrible knot and very secure!

Lying on my back on the bottom with air leaking out of my nose and water filling it, I was starting to panic! I twisted and turned and eventually as she let me loose. All I could do was squirm as I rose on my full lungs to the surface. It too a long time! She swam up past me, smiling, and I watched as her legs dangled down kicking gently. She was already breathing in fresh air and alternately putting her face in the water to look at me. I finally struggled to the top and she held my head up as I lay on my back and gulped in air. She let me breathe for a few seconds but not long enough! She submerged and then tugged me below again. She pulled me so quickly that the water closed over my face with forming a hole in the water for an instant. God, I was totally at her mercy!

As she pulled me down to the bottom she started to run her hands down my belly to my spent dick. Her fingers traced an outline around my crotch. My nose filled up with water again but I started to feel myself getting hard again in spite of the distraction. She turned me over and held my body against the sandy bottom and started to rub my ass cheeks. She reached down between my legs and grabbed my balls from the back.

This got me rock hard again. My cock was poking uncomfortably into the sand. She pulled her hand out and with her feet, pushed off my body propelling herself towards the surface. The force of her feet pushing against me forced some air out of my lungs. I tried to thrust off the bottom and on to the surface but without a lot of air in my lungs for buoyancy, I had a hard time reaching ascending.

I kicked upwards sort of dolphin style and finally managed to breathe with my head just breaking the surface for brief seconds at a time. She was already waiting for me and she giggled and dove for my feet. Grabbing hold of my tied ankles - she yanked me under and we headed for the bottom again. She had to swim hard this time because I did get a chance to fill my lungs and I was quite buoyant.

I wasn't sure how long I could last like this. We arrived at the base of the dock post. Using the post she held on to it with her hands and stood on my chest pinning me on the sand. I looked up at her sexy body above me. I took in her soft hairy pussy, her smooth firm belly, and the underside of her round tits. I did not need air yet but it was a long way to the surface – especially if you are all tied up.

I tried to squirm free but her feet held me down. She began lowering herself slowly and while looking down at me smiled and sat on my face! With my arms still tied behind my back and my ankles still bound I couldn't escape. She ground her pussy against my mouth and nose. I started to get turned on again to satisfy her. I held on and would not need air too soon this time. She moved her hips back and forth over my face - she was fucking my face underwater. She turned around and I now was facing her ass and she was playing with my cock.

I stuck my tongue out and licked at her clit as she began jacking me off again. Her strokes on my dick quickened and I sped up my eating on her wet cunt. She bent forward and I felt her hot mouth on the head of my prick as she started to swallow me. Her head bobbed up and down. Each time she sucked me deeper inside her mouth and soon she had me all the way into her tight throat! No woman had ever done this to me and I was starting to cum in her mouth as she deep-throated me.

I exploded in her mouth but to my surprise, I couldn't hold my breath any longer. As I licked her clit I started to release my air and sent bursts of bubbles into her pussy. She swallowed the last drop of my cum and she removed her mouth from my cock. She was still jerking on my prick tried to pull us up to the surface. I could only last a few more seconds. I was almost out of air!

I accidentally tried to breathe too soon and got a mouthful of pussy juice and lake water. I could see light on the surface as she was pulled me up by my cock to the sweet air. Just a few inches short of the top she kissed me on my lips, smiled, and grabbing me by my hips pushing me down again!

I watched above as she was treading water and rubbing her cunt. I exhaled my last bit of breath and as I squirmed around down underwater. With little warning, I inhaled a lungful of water and started to black-out. I was a goner. She finally got her way and I felt myself drowning.

I came to and looked around. She was smiling her sexy smile. "I told you not to make me frustrated!" she said as I coughed out lake water. She had revived me but I noticed I was still bound. Somehow she had gotten me on the silt covered shore and saved me.

"I'm not done with you quite yet. I wanted to play with you some more underwater while I have you safely tied up!" she whispered.

She had gotten a piece of cord from her bag and showed me her mini SCUBA tank. "This will be your only air supply since you seem to drown so easy. I'm going to tie you to the post at the bottom with this cord and you can breathe with this tank. Let's see if this works".

Pulling me into the water I felt the bottom move away as I floated on my back on the surface. She swam us out to the end of the dock pulling on my leg binding. I could breathe by putting my face up but she told me to try the tank. Clinching the mouthpiece in my mouth I could breathe easily and she waited for me to get used to it. I had to breathe through my mouth carefully since I did not have a mask to keep water out of my nose. Seeing me breathing ok, she gulped air and pushed me down to the bottom before her.

This time we took longer to descend and I admired her naked body as she swam with me. At the bottom of the post she used the cord to loop my waist and secured it around a lower dock post ring. She tightened it and I was held securely standing up facing out into the deep blue lake behind her. Now was really at her mercy! Floating in front of me she examined her work and swam around to check my hands. Moving in front of me again she smiled at me as I was sucked air from the little tank.

She looked sexy as she floated in front of me - her tits bobbing and her hair floating about her face. She saw me looking over her body and she began to massage her boobs. She put on a show for me as she was rubbed her breasts and ran one hand down her belly to between her open legs.

I started to get hard as she played with herself. With her eyes closed she slowly floated up to the surface still masturbating. I watched her as she rose up and away from me. I could see her outline above me as she was taking another breath, and dove down to me again. She knelt in front of me and began to play with my dick with her long delicate fingers.

My breathing was getting quicker and it was a little difficult to hang on to the mouthpiece with just my teeth. I watched her as she was stroked my cock from the balls to the tip slowly and sexily. Her other hand was between her legs no doubt fingering her clit. I was rock hard now and aching to get fucked.

She put her lips to my balls and blew bubbles under my cock. The bubbles felt like tiny fingers tickling me and the feeling was intense! She finished her air-job on me and pushed off with her long legs up again to air. This time she had been underwater for at least a minute and a half – maybe longer!

She was gone for almost a minute. She dove down again but this time she sank down to with a cement block! She landed with it in front of her and stirred up some sand on the bottom. She used it to hold herself underwater. I was still hard and my dick was pointing out to her like a pole. She swam to me and held onto my waist and wrapped her legs around me and drew her body to mine.

She was still smiling at me as she positioned her cunt on the tip of my cock. She used her legs as she purposefully drew my dick inside her hot pussy. She was all the way and began to slowly fuck me still tied against the submerged pole. Her tits pressed hard against my chest and I could feel her hard nipples. God she felt tight, as her pussy began working me over underwater.

I was having a little trouble breathing as the air ran out of the 6 cubic foot tank but was enjoying every thrust of her cunt. She was keeping a slow steady pace and I watched her as she was enjoying our underwater fuck. Her cheeks began puffing in and out and I saw she needed air but she continued her action on my cock.

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