tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Landlord Cumeth

The Landlord Cumeth


Too say money was tight would be a massive understatement. Rent, bus fares, food, the list was endless. I'd lived alone since I was 16, no one for support or help, just getting by the best I could. The rent fell behind, I couldn't always scrape the money together for the daily bus fares which resulted in skipping a few days from work a month. A viscous circle – if I didn't work I didn't get full pay. I seemed to be under a constant black cloud. I didn't think things could get worse, but I was to be proved wrong.

I'd managed to befriend a woman I had recently discovered worked for the same company as I did, and lived just down the road, so was able to beg a lift. I had just locked the door to go get my lift and walked straight into my landlord.

"Finally managed to catch up with you" he said "your rent is 3 months late, when were you thinking of paying lady? I stood there, looking at my feet, not wanting to make eye contact and mumbled that I had been meaning to come see him and ask if I would catch it up over the next few months. It was a total lie of course but I couldn't think of anything else to say. I had a month's rent upstairs but if I went back for it I would miss my lift, and with my job being on a bit of a sticky wicket with all the "sick days", I couldn't risk another day off. I told him if he came back when I got back home from work I could pay some of the rent then. He nodded and said he would be round at 6pm, turned and walked away.

The day dragged in, boring office stuff, but it was a job. Alice, my kind lift lady dropped me off at 5.30pm and I headed for home. I'd almost forgotten about my landlords impending visit when a sharp knock on the door reminded me, right on 6 pm.

Arthur Robertson, my landlord walked straight passed me when I opened the door and straight to the seat next to the fake fire place.

"So Kathy" he said "rent money. You owe 3 months' rent. How much do you propose to pay just now?" I went over to the shabby side board, opened the drawer and took out a small bundle of notes that I had managed to save. "One month's rent Mr Robertson" I said, "I haven't been well and been off work quite a bit but I'm fine now and I was hoping you would let me pay a little extra every month until I catch up. Would that be OK"?

He looked down at the tatty notes, counting them slowly. "How old are you Kathy?" he asked. "18, almost 19 Mr Robertson, so my wages will go up soon and that will help me pay you the money back quicker" I said with a nervous smile.

"18... still a child really" he said, still looking at the money. "Do you have a boyfriend?"

I had had a few boyfriends but nothing serious. "No, not right now" I answered. He put the money in his pocket and started tapping his pen on his little notebook which I knew he kept his rent records in. "I'm surprised to hear that" he said "your a pretty girl and far too young to be on your own". He looked up at me then and smiled. I'd never really paid attention to him before and how he looked but now I could see he was a smallish man, slicked back dark hair and teeth that looked too small to be in the mouth of a grown man. His slightly crooked smile gave him the appearance of a weasel. I began to feel uncomfortable under his gaze and hoped he would just agree to my request and leave, but still he sat.

"How would you like to not pay rent for a while, just till you get back on your feet?" he said.

"That would be nice but it's just all the more to pay back so if it's ok with you can I pay back a little extra every month till I catch up?" I asked.

He gave a little cough and smiled again "no, it's really not alright. You owe me 2 months' rent, if you can't give me it right now we'll have to come to some other arrangement". He said leaning down and putting his note book on the floor as he did. "Come over here" he said. I was frozen on the spot. I might have been, as he suggested, still only a child, but I knew where this was leading. "Come here" he said again with more force, or do you want me to throw you out in the street tonight? Come on girl, I don't have all night!"

I could feel the panic rising in me as I slowly moved towards where he was sitting. It was pointless trying to run out the door. Run where? What then? Homeless?

"Good girl" he said, still sitting on the chair as I stood in front of him. "Take your shirt off". I looked at him, panicked and horrified but began to unbutton my shirt and letting it fall to the floor leaving me standing in my bra. "Now the bra" he said. I felt my face flush and the tears begin to sting in my eyes.

"Please Mr Robertson, please don't do this" I whispered, finding it hard to keep the fear from my voice. He fixed me with a cold stare "bra off" he said emphasizing each word.

The tears began to spill as I reached round to unfasten my bra and let it slip from my shoulders. I began to shake as I stood in front of him, naked from the waist up, a mixture of cool air and fear.

"Very nice tits, perky hard nipples" he said "I can see you like showing me your tits Kathy, your nipples are hard". I stood motionless and nodded. It seemed to be what was expected. He rose from his seat and started to touch my breasts, softly at first, then began to squeeze them harder, pinching and pulling on my nipples. I winced with the discomfort, not exactly painful but close to it. I watched as his head dropped and felt his tongue on my now hard and extended nipple. He licked each in turn then began sucking hard, each in turn, kneading the breast that was void of his mouth.

He lifted his head and looked at my tear stained face, still squeezing and pinching my tender breasts "that's wasn't so bad now was it?" he said. I shook my head gently. I hoped that would be enough for him and he would leave, but he had other ideas. "Take your trousers off" he ordered. I knew it would be pointless fighting him so I unbuttoned my trousers and let them fall to my feet. He stepped back slightly, to look at me, his hands never leaving my breasts, but the pressure and speed increased as he looked at me standing in little lacey pants... as did his breathing.

"Very nice, very sexy, I bet your pussy's wet" he hissed and with that he slipped his hand into my pants "open your legs". I did his bidding and felt his thick stubby finger push between my legs and straight for my clitoris. "could do with some lubricant" he leered as he pushed his finger further down finding the entrance to my sex. "Oh my, what a dirty little girl you are Kathy, your pussy is gushing" he grinned as he pushed the fat finger further into my hole.

He withdrew his hand, "take your pants of and get on the bed" he said "legs wide open".

I lay on the bed, legs apart as he began to rub himself through his trousers. I could see the bulge through the taught material. I wasn't a virgin, but even I could see that he was a big man and it scared me. "Touch yourself" he said, his eyes never leaving my pussy. "I want to see you rub or cunt, get your fingers really wet and rub your clitoris".

I was no stranger to masturbation but lying here doing it in front of a stranger was disconcerting and humiliating, but I did as I was told and pushed my finger into my wet hole, coating my fingers with my juice and began rubbing my clitoris – small circles above the nub and harder as I found my rhythm. To my shame I could feel my body respond. He stood watching, as if in a trance, his hand still rubbing his cock through his trousers, growing ever bigger.

He walked towards me and pushed one fat finger straight into my pussy as far as it would go and started to finger me, slowly at first then faster as he muttered how tight my cunt felt, how wet I was, how hard I had make his cock while I rubbed myself for him to watch. He pulled his finger out and lifted it to his mouth and licked the pussy juice that had started to run down his hand. "Hmmm what a sweet little honey pot you have" he said. He pushed his finger back inside me then added a second. I groaned with the pressure as my pussy stretched to accommodate the extra finger and rubbed harder as I felt myself building to an orgasm.

"Stop touching yourself" he said, his fingers never slowing as they pounded my cunt. My back arched trying to take more of them and trying to find some release "don't let yourself cum, you can only cum when I say you can" and with that proceeded to try to pushing a third finger into my squelching hole. I cried out with the pain, begging him to take it out but he ignored my pleas and forced the third digit into me deep and held it there, not moving "please take it out, it hurts so much" I said through the sobs but he kept it there smirking at me all the time, loving my pain and his power.

He started to lower his head towards my pussy and began to lick my clitoris, soft flicks at first then long sweeping strokes of his tongue from the hood of my nub to my finger filled hole, sucking and biting my puffy pussy lips. He looked up and said "you can cum now" and with that he sucked hard on my swollen clitoris. My body jolted with this new sensation as I started to grind into his face. So caught up in my search for release I barely noticed his fingers pumping me, all three of them.

The first wave of my orgasm exploded in a burst of light. Wave upon wave of pleasure washed over me, sucking his fingers deeper inside me with a greedy need to prolong the pleasure. His mouth clamped hard on my clitoris milking every last sensation.

He lifted his face, glistening with my cum, to look at me and withdrew his fingers and started to unzip his trousers and pushed them down to the floor, pushing his pants down to follow, his cock sprung out. It was huge, the thick purple knob glistening with precum. He started to stoke himself with one hand as the other reached to pull me into a sitting position. "My turn" he said as he pulled my head towards his cock, "show me what a good little cocksucker you are". I could smell him, a mixture of sweat and sex. I could feel my stomach rise and wanted to gag but didn't dare defy him. Tentatively I stuck out my tongue and began licking the bulbous purple head. I licked round the head, back to lap at the oozing precum and to open the hole slightly with my tongue to lap more. I licked the length of his thick veiny shaft and he groaned loudly "suck it" as he forced my lips apart pushing his cock into my mouth. He was so big I couldn't take much but still he pushed filling and stretching my mouth just as he had my pussy. He began pumping his hips, pushing his cock deeper. I started to gag as he hit the back of my throat but stayed with it as his hand pumped the shaft, feeding me with his meat. Finally he stopped and pushed me back onto the bed, pushing my legs up and my knees apart and lowered himself onto me. His cock stabbed at my pussy, rubbing my clitoris and spreading my swollen love lips wider. "Put it in" he said as he panted, still thrusting at me. I reached between us and grabbed his cock, positioning it at the entrance to my hole as he lunged forward, pushing more than half his length into my tight cunt with the first thrust. I thought for a fraction of a second I would tear, and then it was inside me.

He fucked me hard and fast, his face contorted into something close to pain and rage. Pure lust driving him on at the thought of having his big cock buried deep inside this fresh tight cunt and stretching her to breaking point, spitting obscenities at me, telling me he was going to fuck my tight cunt inside out. He grunted and slowed his strokes, making them deeper and somewhere deep inside me I felt the warmth and tingle of another orgasm build. I started to buck up to meet his strokes; his face broke into a sneering smile.

"you like that Kathy? You like how my cock feels inside you? You want to cum on my cock? You want me to shoot my load into your belly, fill your greedy hole with hot spunk? "he hissed, the glee obvious on his face at my arousal. "Tell me, tell me what you want, say the words"

I couldn't hold back and I didn't care "fuck me hard and fast" I panted, "bury your cock in my cunt and make me cum".

He started pounding me fast and hard "Oh fuck yeah, oh yeah, like that, keep fucking me like that, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum on your cock, fuck me, fuck me" I screamed, as I felt the walls of my cunt tighten round his pounding cock and came with a power that almost stopping me breathing. My cunt milked his cock deep inside me and with a final grunt he tensed and shot his seed deep inside me.

He lay on top of me slowly pumping the last of his hot cum into me then raised himself onto his elbows.

"Let's say that's this month's rent paid" he said with a grin. "and... you're going to make me a lot of money, I have plenty friends who will pay good money to fuck a hot little bitch like you".

He pulled out of me and began to dress as I lay there with my legs still open, too sore to close, cum dripping onto the bed sheets, trying to understand what he had just said. "You want me to do that with other men?" I said bemused.

"Yup, and maybe even women" he said chuckling to himself. He turned round and pushed two fingers straight into my cum soaked pussy "this little hot box is going to make me a lot of money, you're my new business" he smirked as he started to finger me again "don't worry I'll make sure you get some of the money, and this" he said as he pushed a third finger into me "will never be empty for long, I'll make sure of that"

He pulled his fingers out and offered then to me to lick clean. "That's it baby girl, you get used to the taste of cum" he said as I licked his fingers clean.

The door closed softly as he left but I couldn't help but feel another was opening on a new chapter in my life.

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