tagGroup SexThe Last Boy Scout Ch. 02

The Last Boy Scout Ch. 02

byTx Tall Tales©


The Camp Savior, and hotel Alex

This story could fall under so many categories. Group sex, Mature, First Time, Romance. I'm going with Group sex, although it's more a series of one-on-ones then a full blown orgy. I hope you enjoy the second installment of The Last Boy Scout.

I've been holding on to this series for a while, and am releasing it in celebration of my 3000th favorite. Thank you all.


The storm was in full force, rain and occasionally hail pelting the campground. I was warm and dry, but wondered if that would be true for everyone else, if the storm continued for long.

I lay back down, closing my eyes and concentrating on images of Julie doing what her sister had done, while wearing less clothing. Much less. Back to stroking my hardness. I needed relief, after the exquisite torture Lisa had subjected me to.

Maybe Lisa wouldn't be against us. Hell, maybe she'd even play along. Sisters? How cool would that be? The image in my brain became the two of them, their mouths on my hardness, taking turns pleasuring me.

The storm was so loud and noisy, I didn't hear her until she repeated herself. "Alex, can we come in please? Please?"

I retrieved my penlight and peered outside. Teri and Heather stood there, soaked to the bone. I grabbed my towels, and unzipped the entrance. "What happened?" I asked, passing the girls both my towels, one still slightly wet.

"Our tent collapsed. It's filling with water."

"Crap. Dry off, and I'll get you something to wear, OK?"

I grabbed two of my t-shirts and held them out to my visitors. "Take everything off, and put these on."

Teri took the shirts, shivering. She leaned over, whispering, "You're naked Alex, and putting on quite a show."

Whoops. My dick was still hard, and waving in the wind. I ducked back into my tent, searching for my boxers. A little more presentable, I moved the sleeping bag and unfolded the pad underneath, so it would cover more area. I found a garbage bag, and handed it out the door, into the darkness. "Here's a bag. Put your wet stuff in it."

"Can we have a flashlight?" Teri asked.

Damn. I was supposed to be the prepared outdoorsman. Here I was doing everything wrong. I passed her my penlight, and waited in the dark. A couple of minutes later Teri entered the tent. "We're going to get dressed in here. We would just have gotten the shirts wet outside. Don't look, OK?"

I laughed. The darkness was complete. "I wish I could, but it's too damned dark."

Heather spoke up for the first time. "Is it OK if I come in too, Alex?"

"Of course. Plenty of room."

I heard the rustling, and the girls whispering. The light turned on, and they were standing by the entrance. "Where should we go?" Teri asked.

They were both shivering uncontrollably. The temperature outside must have dropped 20 degrees in the last hour. "Get in the sleeping bag before you freeze."

She handed me the penlight, and I waited until they were in the bag before I went to the doorway. I checked on their wet clothing, moving the bag where it wouldn't blow away or fill up with water, and hung up the towels inside the tent, so they could dry a bit. I zipped the entrance closed, keeping out any stray rain. The vestibule roof was snapping in the wind, but it was doing a decent job of keeping the water out. I flashed the light over the bag, and the girls were at each end, looking back at me nervously. I climbed in between them, reaching out for Teri. "You alright?" I felt her skin and she was chilled to the bone.

"Cold," she admitted.

I pulled her closer, and she leaned into me, her body and legs icy. "You're warm," she said.

I looked over at Heather who was shivering silently. "Come over here and warm up," I told her. She didn't hesitate, moving in close. I wrapped my arm around her, and held them both, until the shivering stopped.

Teri rested her head on my chest. She giggled. "He's like a furnace."

Heather, nodded. "Thank God. I thought we were going to freeze to death."

"I'm going to turn off the light now, save the batteries." I twisted the top and tucked it into the pocket on the side of the tent behind my head. Heather lifted up while I did it, but snuggled into my side as soon as I was done. I'd never have predicted that, not from her, but she was wonderful to hold.

We were quiet while I held them, letting them warm up. The only sound was the beating of the rain on the tent, until the silence was broken by Heather's sobs.

I gave her a squeeze. "Shh. Everything's cool, Ok? You're warm and safe now." She hugged me tightly, burying her face into my chest.

Teri ran her hand down my chest. "I feel like an idiot. I'm so sorry that I didn't believe you about who you'd slept with. I should have trusted you. Should have known better."

I felt Heather tense up next to me. I rubbed my hand over her back. "Relax, it's no big deal. Don't worry about it." I said to her.

"What did you tell her?" Heather asked eventually, hesitantly.

"The truth. As much as I wish otherwise, nothing happened between us that summer."

"It was an accident," she said, and I felt her trembling again.

"It's OK. Really." I held her tight, still rubbing her back briskly, trying to get her warm.

"No it's not. I shouldn't have said it. I was telling someone about my summer wildness, and when they asked who it was, I was too embarrassed to say it was my cousins. You were the first person who came to mind, since you were there. I'm sorry, Alex."

"Your cousins? As in plural? Cousins?" Teri asked.

"Don't tease her Teri. We've all done things we'd rather not see the light of day."

Heather sighed. "No kidding. What a screw up."

"All's forgiven," I told her. "Water under the bridge."

Teri giggled, and I felt her lips pressed against my chest. "How many girls do you think he's been with, Heather?"

"Teri," I warned, smacking her rear loud enough to hear it. "What happened to keeping our talk secret?"

"Sorry," she said, leaning into me and throwing her leg over mine. I leaned down and gave her a soft kiss which she returned nicely.

"Eight? Ten?" Heather asked, curiosity getting the better of her.

"You can tell her, Alex. It's just us. You won't tell, right Heather?"

"Hell no. I owe him big time. First for not calling me out when I lied about us, and now for saving my freezing butt." She gave me a squeeze, tucking her head into my neck. "I promise, Alex. I'll be good."

"Alex?" Teri pleaded, her hand moving across my stomach, her leg moving back and forth across mine. Heather wasn't behaving any better, her leg draped over mine as well.

I surrendered. "You can tell her."

"Three," Teri said quickly.

"Three? Angela, Maria and who else?"

I chuckled. "Since when is my love life so important?"

"Since you only date older girls, leaving your classmates wanting," Teri quipped. "What's with that anyway? Aren't we good enough for you?"

I gave her a kiss. I kind of liked all this kissing in the dark. I missed the lips as often as not, but a little seeking around did the job. "Haven't you learned anything tonight? You've always been more than good enough for me."

Heather snuggled in closer. If that was possible. My hand was stroking her back, all the way down to her back side. I pulled the back of her shirt up a bit, feeling her smooth skin underneath. I was hard as a rock. I knew they were bound to notice soon.

"Who else?" Heather asked again.

"Kaitlyn Thomas," Teri said. She was kissing my neck and I was having a hard time keeping it together.

"Wow. Not Denise?"

"Nope, another liar," she said with a fair amount of animosity. "Like Erin. And Naomi."

Heather got quiet. "I said I was sorry."

"No more sorries, OK? Denise never had a chance anyway. I don't mind you saying we were together. Believe me, given half-a-chance, it would have been true."

I felt her moving against me, her hand wandering down my body. "For real?"

I reached over, felt for her face, and brought my lips to hers. "Of course. You're pretty amazing, when you're not pretending to be pissed at me for dumping you."

Teri giggled. "Would she make your list?"

"Solid top 5 last year," I admitted. "One of two from our class."

"List?" Heather asked.

I jumped a bit when I felt a hand settle over my cock. It took me a couple of seconds to realize it was Teri. I stifled a moan, feeling her grip me.

"His favorite girls. The girls he'd date if he could."

"Shit. And I kicked myself off your list, huh?"

"Temporarily." I kissed her again, a little longer. "I think if everything was cool between us, you'd be back in the running."

She giggled. "Don't make me grovel, Alex. As of now, you're my hero." She pressed her lips to my ear, barely whispering. "Let me show you."

Teri's hand left my cock, and reached for my head, turning me toward her for a kiss. Things got quiet after that, and I spent several minutes alternating between kissing the cuties lying with me. It was getting more intense, each of the girls practically crawling on me when it was their turn. Hands were moving all over me, commonly landing on my cock, giving me soft squeezes and light strokes.

The extra large t-shirts didn't offer a lot of protection. The girls were practically swimming in them. I had access to both of their bare asses under the bottom of their borrowed tees. Quite nice asses, if still a bit cool to the touch. I was bad, pulling up their shirts higher, sliding my hand inside, fondling their soft breasts. I was in heaven

Heather was lying fully on top of me, my cock trapped between her closed legs, my hand cupping her butt cheek, while we quietly kissed and learned about each other. A guy could get used to this.

"Alex!" I heard Lisa shout from the entrance.

Heather slid off of me, and I scrambled out of the sleeping bag, grabbing for my light.

I heard Teri whisper "Shit," making me smile.

The rain had not let up a bit. I opened the doorway and flashed the light around to find Lisa and Julie standing there, thoroughly waterlogged. The water was pouring off of them.

"A stream filled our tent!" Lisa sobbed.

They looked even worse off than my first two guests. I passed her the penlight, and the wetter of the two towels. "Strip down, dry off, and then come in. I'll get you something to wear." I stumbled over the girls in the bag, moving to the back of the tent, searching through my stuff. I had one shirt left, and the one I had been wearing which was still wet. The one drying outside couldn't be in good shape. "Crap."

"What?" Teri asked.

"I'm out of shirts. I only have one left."

I felt her moving then she was pressing her shirt into my hand. "I'm warm enough. You can use mine."

"Thanks baby. Mine from today will be drier by morning. I'll make sure you're taken care of."

"I know."

I moved toward the entrance, and had a short glimpse of the naked sisters before they turned off the light and entered the tent. I reached forward and felt a leg. "Here's a couple of shirts. Put 'em on." I was kneeling in front of them, grabbed the nearest towel, and dried the legs in front of me. "Sit down here, and let me get your feet," I told her.

The girls struggled into their shirts. "Decent?" I asked.

"Ye-e-e-s," I heard Lisa manage through chattering teeth.

"Give me the light."

She found my hand and pressed the penlight into it. I turned on the light, illuminating the sleeping bag. Heather and Teri were looking back at us.

Lisa almost leaped out of the tent. "You're not alone?"

"No, their tent collapsed half-an-hour ago."

She just stood there shaking.

"Jesus, Lisa. Take a seat so I can dry your feet. You too Julie, sit down."

Both girls sat down on the sleeping bag. Lisa's legs were trembling badly. I held them in my lap and dried her calves and feet as well as I could. "In the bag with you." I scooted over to Julie and pulled her legs into my lap. The angle of the penlight on the sleeping bag was pointed toward her, and when I looked up, I had a breathtaking view between her legs. If she had any hair there, it was so blonde and fine as to be almost invisible. I dried between her toes, then moved to the second leg. She bent the leg I'd finished with, moving it out of the way, spreading her legs open. Pretty pink slice screaming out to me for attention. Jesus, I was blessed.

"Done, get in there and warm-up, Angel."

Julie crawled into the bag, and I got a brief view of her bare ass pointed my way before she struggled into the middle of the bag. I looked for my blanket, sitting near the entrance. It was still dry, and 100% wool; it would keep me warm even if it got wet. I wrapped it around my shoulders, sitting by the entrance.

"What are you doing?" Teri asked.

"I'll be fine. You guys warm up and get some sleep."

"No way. There's plenty of room in here for all of us."

I smiled. "No there's not. It's a two man bag. Four people is already pushing it."

The sisters were huddled together in the middle, shivering.

Heather apparently was on Teri's side. "Try. Besides, they'll still freeze to death without our 'furnace' in here."

I watched Teri and Heather move to the very outside edges of the bag, and then they were pulling the girls apart, snuggling up to them. "See?" Teri said.

I moved to the middle, and with a little effort I was able to wiggle my way in. I pulled each of the sisters close, Lisa on Teri's side, and Julie with Heather toward the front of the tent. They clung to me, their bodies shaking all over, teeth still chattering. Within moments they were sandwiched between our warm bodies, and starting to warm up.

Julie was the first to speak. "Everything was fine. It was cold, and the rain was loud, but the tent was holding up. Then all of a sudden it filled up with water, at least three or four inches deep. Everything got soaked."

Bad location. I'd tried to warn most of them. No need rubbing it in. "You're safe now. This tent isn't going anywhere, and we're high enough that we shouldn't get any runoff."

I was keenly aware of Teri's bare breasts pressed against the arm I was holding Lisa with.

Lisa finally spoke. "He is a furnace, isn't he?"

Heather giggled. "Told you so."

Both of the sisters were leaning over me, clinging to me for warmth. "Lights going out, OK?"

"OK," Lisa answered, while Julie nodded.

I held them in the dark, my mind going nuts with the crazy situation. Eventually the shivering stopped. "Feeling a little better?" I asked Julie.

She kissed my neck. "A lot better."

Lisa squeezed me tight. "Me too, thanks."

"How was it out there?"

"A couple of tents down, but I think there were people still in them. One other tent was full of water, but empty. I don't know where they went." Lisa explained.

I heard the zipper on the end of the sleeping bag. "What are you doing, Heather?"

"I'm going to open the side, and use your blanket doubled up on the end to give us a little more room."

"Make sure you tuck lots of it under the sleeping bag, or you'll be freezing in a while." It wasn't a bad idea. At the moment we were cocooned, with barely room to breathe.

"Alright." I heard her moving around, and my arm was no longer trapped against Julie's back. I stroked her softly, and hugged her close. She moved up to kiss me, and I let my hand caress her hip while she did. When I turned toward Lisa, I found her face next to mine, bumping our heads with a giggle before kissing her as well. She climbed on top of me, letting Teri scoot in closer, and freeing up my hand to do a little wandering of its own.

"See," she whispered. "Plenty of room."

We kissed long and deep, and I felt her hips grinding against my hardness. I loved the feel of her, and could smell a hint of her shampoo in her hair. She was an aggressive kisser, but I wasn't complaining.

"Share, sissy," Julie whispered plaintively.

With a sigh, she started sliding off of me, and I scooted toward Julie, before she took over her sister's place. I straightened her out on me, and was very aware of her legs opening, and my hard cock pressing against her. Fucking incredible. A few minutes of kissing and bare bottom fondling later, I was a little surprised to hear Teri whisper, "Share?"

Julie gave me a last deep kiss, nibbling on my lip, and moved off of me. Teri climbed over Lisa and on top of me.

"Are you naked?" Lisa whispered.

I thought it was funny everyone was whispering. The storm was still pounding outside, the rain was like drumsticks against the skin of tent.

"He ran out of shirts. I gave you guys mine, so you could warm up."

No more talk after that. Just more delightful kissing, touching and rubbing. Her bare skin encouraged me to reach for her soft tits, feeling her hard little nipples. Teri's nipples. It was a long time fantasy of mine, and I was wallowing in it.

"OK," she mumbled, and I realized someone must have tapped her or something to get her to move. She slid down between Lisa and me, and then Heather was mounting me, dressed only in her birthday suit.

I didn't say anything, accepting her generous offer.

It was amazing, total silence in the pitch black darkness and girls moving on top of me switching off every couple of minutes. Soft flesh pressing against me. Pillowy tits mashed against my body. Full ass cheeks bared to my touch. It was difficult to keep track of who was who, even more so when they started switching sides. I don't know how long it went on, before I realized they were all naked. Not a shred of clothing anywhere. I felt hands at my waist, pushing my boxers down. It came from my right side, but I had no inkling of who it was. My hands were getting braver, naughtier, exploring between their legs, feeling warm moistness in contrast to their cool skin.

The movement was often awkward, knees, elbows and hips bumping against each other, heads butting together, toe nails scraping. I heard the occasional whisper, but never directed to me. I felt they were scheming, but under the decadent avalanche of teen flesh, who was I to complain?

During the movement, hands would frequently grasp for my cock, tugging on it, stroking me, squeezing. Fucking incredible.

Whoever was on top of me opened her legs and reached for my cock. "Who..." I started to ask, and I was hushed from all sides. Soft lips closed over mine from the side, efficiently quieting me. I felt myself entering a tight warmth and I groaned.

She settled over me with exquisite slowness. My arms were pinned down by the young angels parked on each side of me, their taut bodies immobilizing me. The girl kissing me slowed down, her mouth barely covering mine. I could feel her lips turn back in a smile, as I gasped, my cock completely enveloped in velvety moist sweetness.

I was balls deep in one of these amazing girls. She rose up to the very limit, and I felt naughty questing fingers searching out where we were joined, a curious fingernail stroking my length in advance of that fantastic feeling pussy descending over me with torturous slowness. Another mouth moved over mine, and I groaned at the sensory overload while two tongues, side by side, explored my mouth.

The girls kissing me pulled back, and the new love of my life gave my cock one long stroke inside of her before lowering herself to my body and delivering a sweet kiss which I welcomed. The teasing hands were still roaming around our lower connection, adding an unimaginably magical sensation to this perfect moment.

My new lover settled into an exquisite rhythm, riding my full length with a slow inexorable motion. She eased back and forth for only a minute or so, and moved off before it got to be too much. When she pulled off of me I wanted to cry. It was a good thing my arms were trapped beneath the girls at my side, or I would have grabbed her and pulled her back onto my cock until I achieved my desperately needed release.

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