The Last Christmas Present


Brylyn rolled to face him, giving him a shy smile. They had slept with each other for years, but something about a wife sleeping with her new husband made it all seem new and exciting. She ran her hands up and down his arms and chest, avoiding any leads that were attached to him.

He angled forward and began kissing her gently on her lips. He ran his fingers through her hair as he deepened their kiss. Their tongues mingled, causing tingles to run through Brylyn to her core. She loved this man.

She broke the kiss, gently pushing Ryan onto his back. She reached down and ran her hands across the boxers he wore. He groaned and laid back into the pillows.

"Are you okay?" She stopped, alarmed.

"Don't stop, Bry." He reached down and replaced her hand where it had been.

She resumed her massage on his groin until he was half hard. She pulled the boxers down his hips, leaving them resting around his knees. Her hands wrapped around his penis, gently stroking it. She used one hand to continue her stroking, and used the other to cup and fondle his balls. He moaned and clenched his eyes shut.

She couldn't say why she did it, maybe it had to do with the fact that this night may be the last time they would ever have sex. She suddenly leaned down and for the first time in their relationship she took his hard member into her mouth.

"Bry!" Ryan groaned in surprise, his hands flying to hold her head.

She began lightly sucking on him, while moving up and down. She had never done it before, so it took her a moment to gain enough knowledge to do it properly. Ryan guided her, breathing hard and thrashing about as she went.

"Stop, Bry." He gasped. "Come here!"

She crawled up to him and he kissed her fiercely and whispered, "My god Woman, you are trying to kill me."

His hand delved into her pants and underneath her panties. He fingered her slit, running his hand up and down her pussy before dipping his index finger into her wetness.

It was her turn to moan as he teased her nether parts. He circled his hand around her sensitive clit, causing her to produce even more lubrication for them. Ryan nipped at her neck, using his free hand to massage a breast.

Brylyn pulled away from him to take her pants and underwear off. She hoped like hell the doctors or nurses wouldn't come waltzing in; they hadn't come in yet. In the back of her mind, she wondered if he'd told them they were going to sleep together. She clambered over him and straddled him. She reached down and gently rubbed his penis a few times.

"You ready?" She questioned breathlessly.

He nodded as she sank down on to him. They both moaned in unison. Brylyn didn't dare move, afraid of hurting Ryan. She glanced down, watching his face in the Christmas lights glow. His eyes were wide with desire, and full of love for her. It was a perfect moment.

She leaned down, careful not to put her weight on him fully. She intertwined her fingers with his and began slowly raising and lowering herself. When he didn't break into a million pieces, she picked up her pace. She slid across him, pushing forward to angle his hard penis on her clitoris.

Ryan grabbed her, roughly dragging her on to his chest. He hugged her so tight she thought her head was going to pop off at any time. "I love you, Bry. So much." He began thrusting up into her with all the strength he could muster up.

It didn't take long before he grew tired and had to let go. He froze as it hit him, she could feel his semen jetting out of him and into her. It went on for what felt like forever, until he relaxed and looked up at her.

"Who are you?" He said with a strange look on his face.

Brylyn's eyes grew as big as saucers in horror. She climbed off him and quickly reached for her pants.

"I'm just kidding Bry." He grinned at her with a yawn. "I'm sleepy."

"You brat!" She glared at him as she put her pants back on. "That wasn't funny."

"Sure it was, now come here my Christmas present and sleep with me." He promptly fell asleep.

'Like a typical man.' She thought.

She climbed in bed with him, resting her head against his chest. His lungs sounded wheezy to her. She would have to let the nurse know in the morning. For the time being, she was content to lie in her husband's arms for the night.


It had been a week since they had spent Christmas in the hospital. Against Brylyn's wishes, Ryan insisted on returning home. His cough had worsened, he wheezed audibly when he breathed. The doctors had confirmed he had caught a cold, and had prescribed him heavy antibiotics. His body seemed to be losing its will to fight.

Brylyn was scared to death of losing him. She tried not to show that to him, telling him he would be okay. He wasn't going to be okay, there wasn't anything she could do to help him. All she could do was be there for him. It scared her that the hospice nurse had quietly moved in to be available to help day or night.

"Bry, I'm scared." Ryan grasped her hand one night during a particularly hard coughing fit.

"Don't be. Everything will be okay." She soothed, knowing she was lying. "You just have to kick this cold."

"I don't want to die." He choked as tears fell down his face.

"Everything will be okay." Tears blurred her own vision. She reached over and wiped his tears away. As she did, she noticed he seemed to be rather cold. "You'll be okay. Just hush and try to rest."

Brylyn crawled into bed with him and hugged him tightly to her. She simply held him while he cried himself to sleep. She extricated herself from his arms, alerting the nurse to his lack of body heat. She took a hot shower, letting her cries be drowned out by the rush of water.

She came back into their bedroom to find Ryan peacefully sleeping on the bed. She sat in the chair and watched him sleep. He looked so peaceful when he wasn't awake. His face relaxed, the tight lines disappearing. After a while, she too fell asleep.


A few days had passed and Ryan continued to show signs of not being able to fight the bacteria in his body. He was sleeping all the time. He was delirious when he was awake. Brylyn watched him day and night, afraid one breath might be his last. She found herself holding her breath when he did.

One morning, he was making horrible moaning noises. Brylyn moved closer to him, reaching out to let him know she was there. He looked at her for what seemed like forever. Something was wrong; she could see it in his eyes. Before she could ask, he gasped one last breath and then the heart monitor began its terrible wail.

Brylyn screamed for the nurse to come in. "Do something!" She yelled, watching the nurse feel for a pulse.

"Please, Ryan! Wake up. Don't do this." She pleaded with him, knowing in her heart that he was not going to wake up. "Please."

"I'm sorry." The nurse turned to her with sad green eyes.

"No! Save him." She shrieked. She didn't know how to do CPR but she could try. She tried to get closer to him to try, but the worker stopped her by grabbing her in a hug.

"He's gone, Brylyn. I am sorry." She said in a voice that sounded tired and old. It occurred to Brylyn that she had seen this before. It was part of her job, to make the patient comfortable until they passed away. She slumped against the nurse in defeat as the tears streamed down her face.

"I told him he'd be okay." She chanted over and over through her sobs.

"Dear, let me call the hospital and then we'll get you something warm to drink." The nurse gently nudged her towards the door.

"I told him he'd be okay."


Nine months later

"It's a healthy boy!" A bouncy nurse squeezed her hand. "Aren't you so lucky? He's adorable!"

They wrapped the baby boy up and laid him on her chest. Her heart swelled with pride and love when she saw not only did the screaming bundle have a brown dusting of hair, but his eyes were golden brown.

Brylyn had gone through so much in the last nine months after Ryan's death. Her family had feared for her safety, after a few botched suicide attempts and had her committed to a psychiatric hospital. She didn't want to live without Ryan. It didn't seem fair to her. Wherever he was, she wanted to be too.

She started feeling weird and after a few tests, she learned that she was pregnant. It was to her and the entire Danner family's shock. The doctors had said the tradeoff for chemo was that it would be very unlikely to have any children afterwards.

Not only was this baby boy a miracle baby, he looked like his father. He had saved her life, and he was a piece of Ryan she could hold forever. Brylyn gazed down at her newborn son, knowing that he had one proud daddy in Heaven.

"Do you know what name you are going to use?" The nurse asked smiling at the new mom and baby.

For the first time since Ryan had passed away, Brylyn smiled. "Yes, Bryan. His father was a great man named Ryan, so I thought since he's part of us both I'd combine our names. It may be kind of cheesy."

"Not at all!" She assured her. "I bet if his daddy could see how adorable this little guy is, he'd be one happy dad."

Her smiled widened and she let out a short laugh as the baby let out a huge belch. "He sure would be, the boy is just like him!"

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