tagNonHumanThe Last Night Out

The Last Night Out


Our eyes meet. A heat spills over my body as she stares at me. I turn my eyes, out of embarrassment, and look at my steak and fries.

Looking over at the bar again, I see she isn't there anymore, a little upset at myself for not keeping eye contact with her. But I can still see her in my mind.

Her tight brown, almost dirty blonde hair is flowing over her shoulders. Her high cheekbones keep an exquisite grin on those luscious lips. The crowd blocks my view of the rest of her. I hate crowded places.

Surprisingly, she slides into the chair next to mine, and her breasts look delicious in the tight shiny blouse she is wearing. I also see her bare, perfect legs before she slides them under the table, hiding what the black leather skirt doesn't.

Her left leg quickly drapes itself over my right, and she takes my hand and puts it on the inner part of her thigh. The heat from before spreads through my crotch as she moves my hand up her skirt. As my hand slides closer to her crotch, our mouths move closer to each other. I begin to drown in her dark eyes when our lips touch each other.

Her tongue invades my mouth before I can even react with my own assault. When she pulls away, which seems like it's been forever but not long enough, she finally speaks with a sweet, breathy and erotic voice. "Take me to your place," she purrs, causing my loins to jump. I had to have her.

At my front door, she reaches and caresses my crotch again, just as she was doing in the car all the way home.

When I open the door and walk in to cut the lights on, she spoke for the second time that evening. "Aren't you going to invite me in?"

"You are welcome to come in anytime you want," I reply, not believing her sudden change in attitude.

When she enters my home, I felt the air change. It becomes stifling hot. I watch her undo her blouse as she walks toward me. I slowly move away from her, a slight fear coming over me. The heat intensifies when I saw her breasts, bare and beautiful. I have to kiss them, but that fear keeps me distant.

As I back away from her, I kick off my shoes and remove my shirt. The heat is causing me to sweat bullets. Before I know it, I am backed into the bedroom with my pants and underwear at my ankles. Her skirt lay in the hallway. My eyes wander over her body as my erection grows to a length that rarely existed, even when touched the right way.

Her arms reach for me, to pull me into her wanting grasp. My body needs to give into her embrace, but that biting fear causes me to step backwards, away from the wanton needs this woman has for me.

The back of my knees hit the side of my bed and buckles. I sit on the edge of the bed, knowing that I'm cornered right where she wanted me in the first place. Her fingers reach my bare shoulders first, sliding around them me and engulfing me in a wanted heat.

The fear screams in my mind again and I lurch backward to remove myself from this pleasurable flesh, only to fall back completely on the bed. With her arms wrapped around my body, I only end up pulling her onto the bed, covering me with her heat and sweet scent.

Her hair, with the smell of incense and roses, covers my face as her lips press against mine. I resist the urge to give in, but only so feebly. Her tongue slips past my lips and caresses my tongue. Her hands slide down my chest and scratch my belly on their way to my groin.

Her mouth follows those caressing fingers, stopping only when she reaches the cuts she has made. She licks the wounds, delicately at first, as those smooth hands tickle my crotch and glide all around my inner thighs.

Suddenly, her head jumps from my belly to my crotch and swallows me whole. I feel my hard dick being pulled on with tremendous suction, while surrounded by a heat that is flowing inside me.

"Take me," I finally groan, giving this succubus the ultimate invitation she needed. I feel her mouth release my cock, and I suddenly feel alone and in dire need to be used again.

Her legs quickly replace her arms that were around my thighs as her arms glide up my body. Her nipples tickle my chest hair as she slithers over me. Her arms pin mine to my side as her legs tighten around me.

Looking into her eyes, I see a lust I can never fulfill. My cock is suddenly forced into her with a hard pelvic thrust. An inferno ignites inside me. A fire of lust that only she can extinguish.

She lays her head next to mine and moans with each push. My body rocks under her, with her. My hands, barely able to move, grab her waist, which is now soaked with sweat. My hands push her up and down with the motion, betraying my minds will to escape.

"I will have you many more times, and anytime I want," she growls into my ear, as if she were reading my mind.

She rises on top of me, like a goddess. Her hands slide down my chest as she sits up, still rocking in perfect motion a top my dick. As she rises higher, I feel myself going deeper and her thrust becoming harder. My cock is about to explode inside her and her moans of pleasure let me know she can tell.

I decide to give one hard drive deep inside her, and then quickly pull out. But, again reading my mind, she wraps her ankles under my thighs, holding me inside her. My thrust was already in motion, and it was all that was needed to cause my release. I can feel my fluids shooting inside her as she keeps moving up and down on my rigid body.

She lowers her warm body back onto mine, wrapping her arms around my shoulders, caressing the nape of my neck. "Sleep, now, my lover," she soothes. "Sleep!"

I awake the next morning alone. I check the apartment and find nothing of this woman's presence to be found, except the scratches on my body.

I spend the day like any other, going to work, coming home and checking the mail, watching TV. As the evening wears on, I hear her voice speaking in my head, repeating her promise. "I will have you many more times, and anytime I want."

I turn off the lights in the house and walk through the darkness to my room, turning the heat down. It felt like a furnace in the house.

I strip down to nothing and glide under the sheets. Rolling on my side, I feel her body touch mine. Her waiting arms slither around my neck as her legs pull me between them. I was enveloped in her heat.

My hands betray my thoughts and pull her on top of me. They slide up her belly to her breasts, kneading them with a nipple between my finger and thumb.

"You're mine now," she whispers in my ear. "You will always belong to me."

Her words sink into my mind as her breasts sink into my mouth. She wraps herself around me like a cocoon, giving me no chance of escape. Her body rocks back and forth, pulling her nipple from my nibbling teeth. Her moans grow more passionate as does her insatiable sex drive.

I give my fluids with an explosion, but she keeps rocking back and forth. Her legs grip tighter and fingers rake my back.

The pleasure of her heat keeps me hard. The rocking motion keeps my semen flowing. Then a quick, intense, but short-lived, bolt of pain hits my neck. I feel her sucking that same area the next second. Then ecstasy flows through my body. I jerk with convulsions of such pleasure, causing her to moan with the stronger and deeper pushes I was giving her.

I awake again the next morning alone. At least, until I looked at the clock, I think it is morning. I quickly grab the phone to call work when it rang in my hand. "Hello?" I ask.

"Oh, good, you're able to talk," comes the voice of my boss. "I called earlier this morning and your sister said that you were too ill to come in today. Do you think that you can make it in tomorrow?"

"No, I think I've got a touch of the flu," I lie. "Now that the fever's down, I plan on going to the doctor tomorrow."

"All right," he says, not quite convinced. "Take care of yourself."

I drink a lot of liquids that afternoon, in expectation for that nights assault. Then, I suddenly got a plan. I invite a friend over that night, a female friend that, at first sight, I wanted but became good friends with instead. Her name is Angel.

About 30 minutes before sunset, Angel shows up. I figure with someone here, especially a woman, I could put off this nightly sexual assault. Enjoyable as it is, I still resist the attacks.

Angel and I talk and start to watch a movie together when I feel the heat rise. At first, I don't think she notices until she starts to unbutton her blouse from the top down.

Angel keeps looking at me, a need in her eyes, almost like the succubus from that first night. "It's hot, I'm horny, and I really need you," she says in a sultry voice.

She pulls off her blouse as she stood up, wearing only a bra underneath. Her jeans were skin tight as she saunters towards me, kicking off her shoes and socks. "I don't know what's come over me, but I do know that I want you do cum in me," Angel growls as she kneels before me and takes off her bra.

It falls to the floor as she starts to stroke my inner thighs, staying just short of my crotch. That's when I feel her hands on my shoulders and the lust come upon me. My dick grows to its full length and is starting to hurt in my pants. Angel reaches up, released it from its prison of cloth, and starts kissing and licking it from the top to the bottom of my balls.

"Please, stop me before I take this too far," Angel says.

"I just love new play things," whispers the succubus in my ear. "Thank you, lover, for bringing her to me. Let's see what fun we can have with her."

She then leaves me and goes around to Angel, showing off her completely nude form. Angel leaves my dick and immediately rose to face this new woman. The succubus touches Angel's face in a gentle caress, sliding down her face to her neck then intertwining her fingers in her jet-black hair. I barely hear the words; "kiss me," as she pulls Angel's face to hers. I watch, helpless, as Angel becomes her slave with the deep kiss.

Their hands glide over each other's bodies, the succubus undoing and pulling off Angel's final articles of clothing. At the same time, I do the same as the woman's voice in my head commands me to do so. Angel's back is then turned to me and she begins to lower her kisses down the succubus' body, inching herself on to my dick.

The same voice then told me to lie on my back. When I follow these directions, Angel follows me, her strawberry scented hair flowing into my face. Her moans grow as my hands begin pinching her nipples and my dick rides in and out of her pussy.

The succubus then straddles the both of us, in a 69 position with Angel. Angel licks, nibbles, and sucks at the pussy lips placed in her mouth while the legs wrap around my head. My mouth is pushed up against Angel's neck, now meant for nothing more than licking, kissing, nibbling, and biting.

Suddenly, a tongue is caressing between my balls and sliding up my shaft to where it enters Angel's pussy. Arms reach around my thighs as fingers with long nails begin tickling my testicles and the spot between them and the asshole.

Angel's body shudders with a strong orgasm as the succubus licks her clit and I pound away at her. The touches and the orgasm bring me to my climax. My cum explodes into Angel as she cums all over me.

The orgasm causes me to bite down harder than I intend to, however, and I begin to taste Angel's blood. Angel's orgasm has done the same to her and she is drinking the blood and juices from the succubus' pussy. The succubus is too busy draining us by lapping up our juices as we kept cumming and rocking together.

Copyright 2001 by Jason Morris, mjm202036@hotmail.com. All rights reserved.

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