tagBDSMThe Last of His Stuff

The Last of His Stuff


It had been months since the last time Boise saw his ex-wife, but here he was knocking on her door. Charlotte had contacted him over a month ago, letting him know that she had a box of his stuff. While he could have made the time to come by and grab it over the course of the last few weeks, he couldn't find the nerve to face his ex-wife. But here he was, out of excuses and standing at the door waiting for her to answer.

Boise stood impatiently shuffling his feet as he heard a shuffling on the other side of the door and a jingle of the chain. The door opened and Charlotte stood in front of him; the setting sunlight shining on her face brought out the bright hue of her green eyes. Did she cut her hair since the last time? Her thick hair was in a cute bob, resting level with her chin. Without being too obvious, he took in her figure. She was wearing a tight blue tank top that hugged her breasts and a pair of equally tight yoga pants.

Charlotte had a voluptuous figure with curves that always caught the eyes of men when the two of them were out. Boise always took it as a compliment, knowing that he was the proud man who was able to go home with her.

She stood a petite 5'3" which made her 34DD breasts stand out all that much more. Boise was no slouch either. Since the two of them parted ways, he lost a few pounds himself, and started putting on a bit of muscle onto his 5'10" frame. He stood proud these days, letting his beard grow in thicker, and letting his hair grow longer than Charlotte ever liked.

Boise nearly forgot why he was here, as his eyes continued to linger. The two exchanged smiles and Charlotte simply moved to the side, letting Boise enter the old apartment.

The last time he stepped foot inside their old place, the two of them began fighting within the hour. That was nearly six months ago. Something felt different this time around, though. The place no longer looked like their place. She had moved furniture around entirely and purchased some new artwork for the walls. It was an odd sensation seeing the mix of old and new, the sense of what belonged and what did not.

After a moment of silence, he asked, "Do you mind if I get some water, Char? I'm parched."

"Oh yeah. Go ahead." Char smiled as she sat down on the couch in the living room, folding her legs Indian style to rest underneath her ass. Boise went into the kitchen and opened the cupboard to grab a glass but found it full of spices.

"Oh, sorry. I moved the glasses. Try the one on the far left."

Boise grabbed a glass and filled it up. He took a long cool sip before letting out a sigh. He looked up at Charlotte to find her eyes running up his body.

She blushed at being caught staring. "You are uh, looking good these days."

"Likewise. Did you do something with your hair?"

"Decided to chop it off. I needed the change. Do you like it?" Char began playing with her hair, tossing it up from the side, giving Boise a coy smile in the process.

"You should have done it a year ago," he chuckled back. "It looks amazing. You are looking amazing."

The two of them smiled at each other, trying to avoid the awkwardness of the situation. Despite their grievances, the two always made for a dynamic pair. There was no denying the potential chemistry between the two when everything aligned.

"I like what you have done to the place," Boise commented, trying to avoid the silence that had crept between the two of them. "Did you do anything beyond the living room and kitchen?"

"The art down the hall is new, and I changed the decor in the bathroom. And the -- oh hell, let me just give you a tour."

She stood up quickly, leaning forward in the process. Boise couldn't help but stare at her exposed cleavage as she got to her feet.

Once on her feet she grabbed his hand and led him down the narrow hall. Her light touch felt electrifying as her fingers crossed between his. She pointed out the two new pieces before rounding the corner to the bathroom.

Boise was stunned by the changes she made. The walls were painted a dark blue that felt confining and comforting in the small bathroom. The shower curtain and bathmats were new, and new towels hung on the rack against the wall. Charlotte laughed and smiled as she watched Boise's expression in the mirror. She smirked as she walked past him, her fingers grazing against his tight abs and then along his side.

"If you think this is a shock, wait until you see the bedroom."

The alluring presence of his ex mystified Boise. She always had this way of intoxicating him when she wanted to, and he could tell this was one of those times. His heart beat faster as Charlotte reached for the hem of his shirt and hooked it with her index finger. She turned her back to him and with her finger pulling on his shirt, she slowly led him back down the hall to the closed bedroom door. Boise couldn't keep his eyes off her ass as she walked the 10 paces to the door. He also couldn't keep from feeling the sensation of blood flow coursing through his veins.

Charlotte's hand reached for the doorknob and slowly wrapped her fingers around it. She gripped it tightly as she turned slowly to face Boise. Boise looked her in the eyes as she pulled him by the hem of his shirt closer to her. She was wearing the scent that always drove him crazy when they would go out dancing. He felt her hand beneath his shirt, exploring the curves of his firm abs. Boise never let his eyes off hers, despite the fact that she never stopped staring at the work her hands were doing. Her hand slid around his side and pulled him in close to her.

Still unsure of himself and the situation, he hesitantly put both hands on her waist. Their bodies now pressed firmly against each other as she dug her nails into his lower back.

She slowly stepped on tip-toe, and leaning up, whispered in his ear. "I want to give you a night you will never forget."

The vibration of her soft voice shot straight through him, setting him ablaze with passion. He felt his cock aching to grow, pressing firmly against his boxers.

"When we step through this door," she continued, "I am not going to be the woman you married. Do you think you are ready for that?"

All he could do was nod. She had her hooks in him from the second she grabbed his hand, but now he had completely succumbed to the sultry ways of his ex. Boise shut his eyes for a moment, wrapped up in the moment. With his eyes shut, he heard the light creak of the doorknob turning then the touch of Charlotte removing his hands from her hips.

"I like that your eyes are closed," Charlotte said in a sultry tone. "Keep them that way." And with that she disappeared. As badly as Boise wanted to open his eyes, he knew it was in his best interest to do what she said. When Charlotte had her mind set on something there was nothing that would stop her.

He heard her rustling around the room as he stood still near the bedroom door. Her light footsteps took her to their, to her walk-in closet then stopped for a length of time long enough for Boise to question if he was doing the right thing. Despite any misgivings he may have, he knew he wasn't going anywhere. He heard the muffled sounds of soft cloth followed by the sound of boxes being rummaged through then a loud metal clang followed by silence. As she walked out of the closet, he could hear her footsteps were more pronounced on the carpet than when she entered. She walked toward the bed, or at least what he assumed was the bed.

"I can see you are just as excited by this as I am," she said.

His eyes were shut tight, but she must have been staring at his growing cock. His face turned red as he heard her footsteps approach him. Boise felt her body press against his back and her hands wrap around his side and up to his chest.

"Keep those pretty eyes of yours close. I don't want you ruining all my fun."

He let out a deep sigh as her fingers slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Her hands slid beneath the fabric and up to his shoulders then pulled it off him. Char continued exploring his bare chest while squeezing her body against his. With his back now bare, Boise could feel her hard nipples pressing against him.

She ran her fingers along his shoulders and down his arms, feeling his muscles along the way. Charlotte slid around to Boise's front as she continued to explore down his forearms with her hands. As she reached his wrists, one of her hands left him while the other cupped his hands together. He heard what sounded like tape, then felt the cold touch of something against his wrists, wrapping them together in a swift motion.

"Wait, what the—" Boise started but was quickly silenced by the sharp pain of a heel pressing against the top of his foot.

"Uh, uh, uh," Char coyly spoke. "I like it better when you don't speak. Like I said, I want to give you a night you won't forget."

Boise was about to open his eyes when he realized it would only cause him more pain. When the hell did she put heels on?! Despite the pain surging from his foot and the fact he couldn't separate his wrists, he found the whole moment enthralling in a way he had never experienced before.

Her fingers ran down to his abs. "I like what you have been doing with yourself." She moaned into his back then kissed it lightly.

The touch of her soft lips and hands against his skin caused his cock to pulsate beneath his jeans. Her fingers teased his abs as they continued sliding further south, finally resting against his tight pants. She leaned against his right side, her right hand exploring atop his jeans gripping his bulge through the heavy fabric.

Boise let out a moan as she began stroking his hard cock through the denim. Her other hand started unbuttoning his jeans, releasing his manhood from the confines of the restraining fabric.

"Mmm..." She moaned as both her hands wrapped around his full member, stroking him lightly through the thin cloth of his boxers. "I see you got some new boxers."

Boise only nodded. A week ago he decided to buy a new pair of performance boxer briefs for working out. They hugged tightly against his hips and thighs as she stripped him of his pants.

Boise felt her on the floor behind him, helping him out of his shoes, socks and jeans. He wondered what this must have looked like; his eyes shut tightly with his hands bound in front of him, his ex-wife on the floor helping him step out of his clothes. Boise didn't have much time to think about it as Char's fingernails started running up his calves, along the back of his thighs, and finally squeezing the flesh of his firm ass. She stood behind him again, pressing herself against his back as she continued teasing his ass.

"I want you to open your eyes and crawl onto the bed, but don't you dare turn around." She said it with confidence as she slapped his ass hard.

He opened his eyes for the first time and adjusted to his surroundings. Everything about the room was different from the last time he was there. The walls were painted, the art was new, and all the furniture was completely rearranged. Char even replaced their old lamps, not that any of them were on.

Throughout the room dozens of candles of various shapes, sizes and colors were lit, giving off a warm and inviting hue. When did she light the candles? The most drastic change though was the addition of a new four post bed-frame. While the two of them were together the mattress sat on a simple Hollywood frame. Surprisingly, their old sheet set still covered the bed. It took him a moment to notice atop the corner of the bed rested a length of restraining rope, a pink g-spot vibrator, and a thick black butt plug.

Boise's eyes grew large as he took everything in. Part of him wanted to run, but he knew he wouldn't. Who was this woman? Certainly not the person he married...

His head started to tilt over his shoulder, when he felt a sharp pain across his left ass cheek. The loud cracking sound told him it was a riding crop. The stinging pain told him he better obey.

Once on the bed, he crawled awkwardly on his hands and knees to the head of the bed, his hands still bound in red bondage tape.

"You can turn over now, oh and keep your eyes open. You are going to want to see this."

Boise flipped over onto his back and looked at his ex-wife for the first time since entering the bedroom. Charlotte was wearing a black piece of lingerie he had purchased her right before they decided to separate. She had never worn it for him before, but it was exactly how he imagined it would be. Charlotte stood at the end of the bed in her 4" stilettos wearing a pair of black thigh highs that connected to a garter. Beneath the frilly garter was a pair of sheer black panties. Her sheer top pressed her large breasts together, making him salivate at her amazing cleavage. Her nipples were poking through the fabric as she stood there, her black whip held to her side.

Driven by lust he inched toward her on the bed.

"Don't you dare come any closer," she stated sternly. "You don't get to touch this unless I ask you to. You don't get to breathe on this unless I want you to. You don't get to cum unless I tell you to. Do I make myself clear?"

He nodded.

"Good. But I don't trust you." Charlotte reached for the restraining rope. "I want to make sure you don't try to touch me, or yourself, for this next part. Let me see your wrists."

Boise followed her instructions and presented his wrists to her. She undid the red tape and massaged his wrists for a moment before securing a length of restraining rope to each hand. She then wrapped them around the posts at the head of the bed and secured them tightly, his hands splayed to the top corners of the bed.

"I should have done this a long time ago. God you look sexy tied down like that. And I can see you are enjoying it too."

Boise tilted his head down to see a large wet spot from where his hard cock was pressing against his tight boxers. His cock twitched up and down beneath the confining fabric. She stared at it, devouring it with her eyes.

"I always loved the way your cock did that. I want you to keep doing that for me. Pretend you are inside me as you pulsate your prick for me."

She got on the edge of the bed and leaned over it, her head propped up on her hands between his legs. She was inches from his covered cock, watching him press it up and down, over and over. He watched as she licked her lips as more precum wetted his boxers.

"Keep pulsing that cock inside me," she moaned. He felt her hot breath against his inner thighs as she spoke. For the next five minutes, Boise kept this up for her amusement. As he continued he picked up on the sweet aroma he was all too familiar with. It seemed he wasn't the only one whose arousal was permeating the room.

With a final lick of her lips, Charlotte parted her lips, leaned forward and ran her soft tongue along his fabric covered balls. Boise's cock was on fire as he felt her tongue circling his balls. He pulsed his cock hard as her tongue slowly ran along the length of his shaft and stopped at the pool of precum that had built up. Her tongue swirled the tip of his prick, and despite the layer between them, she took the head of his cock into her mouth. He wasn't one for cumming quickly but just her light touch and the seductive look in her eyes was putting him on edge. Instinctively, she eased up as his balls began to tighten.

"Uh, uh, uh... remember the rules," wagging her finger as she spoke. "Me on the other hand, I have no rules." And with that Char grabbed the vibrator resting on the edge of the bed.

All Boise could do was watch while Charlotte crawled on top of him. Despite his desire to touch her, the restraints held him back. She sat on top of his chest with her knees nestled into his armpits. As Char rested her ass against his chest, he could feel her wetness seeping through her thin sheer panties onto his chest. She watched as Boise's eyes stayed locked on her covered pussy. Slowly she began grinding her hips against him, his chest glistening from her wetness. With her toy in one hand, her free hand grabbed him by the chin, opening his mouth with her fingers.

"Suck," she demanded.

Eagerly he began sucking on her index finger. Char pulled the finger from his mouth and ran it along his bottom lip while biting her own. Boise watched her let out a light moan as she slid another finger between his lips, twirling both around his tongue while grinding her hips hard against him.

Boise matched her slow methodic rhythm, grinding his hips in time with hers. Char slapped him firmly against the cheek and shook her finger as she looked over her shoulder at his moving hips. "Did I say you could do that?"

Boise abruptly stopped, despite all his urges to continue moving his hips along with hers. Once Char was satisfied that he obeyed, she went back to having him suck her fingers while running her toy along her bare skin. Charlotte always loved having her nipples played with and this was no exception. She began running the toy over her hard left nipple, feeling the vibrations course across her skin. Boise had never seen his ex-wife so worked up by just stimulating her nipple before. She took her wet fingers from his mouth and started squeezing her right breast, twisting her nipple hard through the thin fabric.

Her head tilted back as she continued grinding against his chest, her back arched as she played with her breasts atop him. Her hand with the toy moved down further until the toy was resting against her clit.

"You like watching me pleasure myself, don't you?" She moaned as she pressed the toy harder against herself. "Does my little man-whore want to watch me cum?"

The way she was in total control, the desire in her eyes. Where did this all come from? She had never once spoken to him this way, but something about it really set him off.

Charlotte stood up, stripped out of her soaking wet panties, and lowered herself back onto his chest. With the panties in hand, she smiled and stuffed them into his open mouth. Her nectar filled his mouth, his cock throbbing in response.

She grabbed a large pillow and rested it on Boise's crotch then leaned back, spreading her legs wide for him to see. His face was only inches away from her slit. Her pussy was perfectly manicured, with completely smooth lips and ass and a trimmed tuft resting on top. No matter how hard he would have tried, she kept it just out of reach of his pining tongue. Her scent filled the room as she started grinding her hips against him once again.

Boise could tell Char knew this was a game, and she was the better player.

She shifted her weight on him and slowly lowered the toy against her hard clit. She ran it down the length of her lips and then inched it back up, the bulbous head parting them along the way. For minutes she continued teasing herself like this. Running the toy up, then back down. Each time she let it explore just a bit deeper inside her. Each time her sweet juices flowed more and more, dripping from her pussy, down her ass to finally rest on his chest. After what felt like an eternity, he watched as she slipped the length of the pink toy deep inside her wet pussy. As she pulled it out, her slit leaked more of its clear nectar. Boise let out a muffled moan as we watched her slide the toy deep inside.

Boise ached for her release, knowing it was soon to come. She moved a few inches lower on his chest, giving her room to slide the toy in and out fully. Char began pressing the toy hard against her g-spot and then fucking it ruthlessly while bouncing against his bare chest. Her other hand was pinching her nipple hard, twisting it between her index finger and thumb.

"Oh god! I'm going to cummm!!!"

Char arched her back and let loose as she pulled toy out, releasing her juices all over Boise's face. She didn't hold back, driving the toy deep inside herself again and back out. Char flooded his face over and over, soaking the sheets and pillows behind him. She had always been a squirter, but this was taking it to a new level. His chin was dripping with her sex, and he could barely open his eyes. She didn't stop though. With the toy still deep inside her, she flipped around and pulled the soaking panties out of his mouth.

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