tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Last of Them

The Last of Them


I remember waking up, my eyes opening slowly and the light from the window hurting my eyes, my hand instinctively rising to block some of the glare. I was laid on the bed with my feet on the floor, my head hurt and I was shirtless for some reason, the shirt from the night before hung on a hangar perched on my wardrobe opposite.

I sat up causing dizziness and a slight sense of nausea in my stomach. I stood up but fell back to the bed. I sat there for what seemed like an age as I tried to recollect what had happened the night before. I remember getting dressed for a night out, putting on my best shirt (now hung up), my best jeans, which were still on me, although they were unbuttoned.

I tried rising once more and managed to stay there on the second attempt. I became aware of how full my bladder was and decided to go empty it. I grabbed a towel, figuring I may as well shower while I was in the bathroom. My bladder now empty, I peeled off my jeans and boxers and jumped under the wonderfully hot water, feeling it envelope me in its steamy embrace, washing the remnants of sleep from my system.

I hopped out of the shower grabbing my towel from the rail as I did so, wrapping it and tying it around my waist. I headed back through to the bedroom, the remainder of the boxes of my possessions evidence of my recent moving in. I'd managed to put my clothes and kitchen stuff away when I'd got the call from Alec the night before that pulled me away from unpacking.

I grabbed boxers and socks from the drawers by the bed. I went to the wardrobe and grabbed an old pair of well worn jeans and a t-shirt. Now respectably dressed I headed downstairs to make some breakfast or at least that was the plan until I saw it was gone 12 then making breakfast became making lunch.

I jumped the last two steps of the stairs, pleased that my hangover symptoms seemed to be abating. I crossed the threshold into the kitchen and froze at the sight in front of me. Leaning over the counter and reaching up for something on the top shelf was a gorgeous slender brunette, her long brown hair flowing down to her shoulder blades, which she had wrapped in one of my work shirts which, stretching as she was, only covered half of her pert arse leaving her long toned legs well exposed. I gawped at the realisation she wasn't wearing any underwear.

She turned, apparently aware she was being watched, her beautiful blue eyes pierced me as she smiled a smile that was straight out of a toothpaste advert. Her flawless skin completing the image of her on some billboard somewhere, in my head advertising lingerie. She gave up on the item from the top shelf and turned and my cock sprang to attention as I saw that she hadn't buttoned the front of the shirt she had on, the front of it flapping open to reveal a flat stomach and just the hint of the curve of her breasts.

She sauntered around the kitchen counter, her bare feet seemingly gliding effortlessly over the linoleum floor. She approached me, her 5 foot 5 frame now centimetres from me.

"See anything you like, James?" she grinned wickedly.

I racked my brains as I tried to remember the events from the night before, desperately trying to remember her name so I could reply.

"Absolutely, gorgeous" was apparently the best I could manage.

"Oh dear, you don't remember my name, do you?" her tone and frown made her disapproval obvious. I'd just blown it.

"I'm really sorry, honestly I am. I'm normally so good with names but I'm struggling to remember anything from last night, please let me make it up to you?" I pleaded, aiming for the pity vote. I had nothing else.

"Well, seeing how much I like you, what say we play a little game of Hangman?" she asked, her hands buttoning up the shirt she was wearing as she walked back over to the counter to perch on it.

"Okay. What are the rules?"

"Well there's a twist. I've buttoned 6 buttons on this shirt as my name has 6 letters in it. Every time you get a letter right, I unbutton one and where the button is will tell you where the letter is in my name. You have three lives. But you can only guess my name once so be very sure. On the fourth letter you get wrong or if you guess wrong, I go upstairs get dressed and leave and you'll never see me again. I know you don't want to lose" she grinned that wicked grin again, this time with a hint of mischief. I could tell this girl was going to be trouble.

"Deal." We shook on it. It seemed the right thing to do.

"Okay then. First letter?"

"This is going to be obvious but A. I'm going with A first."

"Yeah it was very predictable. Predictable but correct." Her hands slid down the shirt and unbuttoned the second button.

My head scrambled for 6 letter girl's names with the second letter A. It couldn't be as simple as Rachel could it? That'd be too easy.

"Second letter?" She asked, playing with the buttons, teasing me.

"E. Second letter is E"

"Very good James. You get another letter right in a row I'm going to have to reward you somehow." She smiled that toothpaste ad smile again as her hands found the 2nd button from last and undid it.

I was sure of what it was now but I wanted the game to continue. I wanted to draw it out, make it last. I mean let's face it, win or lose there was no way I'd be seeing this girl again, she was way out of my league.

"Third letter? Come on get the hat trick James. I want a reason to reward you."

"Third letter is C."

"Very good." Was all she said as sauntered over to me from the counter, her hands seeking the third button down as I knew they would. She leaned in close as she whispered gently in my ear.

"That's the hat trick James. Would you like your reward now?"

I nodded dumbly. My tongue wasn't co-operating.

She pulled me down into a long sensuous kiss, my tongue suddenly remembering how to work. Then she broke the kiss and went back to perching on the counter.

"Fourth letter?"

It took me a minute to regain my composure before I managed to get out "H".

"Four from six. Impressive. Are you sure you don't remember my name?"

"Nope. I still haven't remembered anything from last night" Which was a small lie. I was starting to get flashes, the club where I met her, my friends daring me to go talk to her...

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to force your hand. You've got 10 seconds to guess"


Of course I knew her name by now. It was Rachel. It couldn't be anything else given the letters. I was just bloody glad she had two of the first two vowels in her name. This might have gone a different way if she'd had a less common name.



I was just dragging out it now. I could see she didn't want me to lose.



"5 4 3 2..."

"It's Rachel." She'd tried to catch me out by doing the last 5 numbers all at once. I was right, This girl was going to be trouble. The kind of trouble no men mind having.

"Claim your prize James, take me now." She whispered, her hands undoing the remaining buttons on the shirt. The last causing the shirt to fall open and hint at the bounty beneath. My hands slid over the soft skin of her shoulders and under the collar of the shirt as she whimpered. My hands slid sideways down her shoulders, the shirt following as it slipped down her arms, exposing the remaining taut flesh concealed within. I took a second to admire her form, her slender, toned stomach, the large firm breasts with their perfect fifty pence sized nipples. My eyes now satiated, I approached her, my mouth lowering itself to hers as our tongues entwined as before, quickly becoming more passionate and wanton with every second. Her hands grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head before she went for my jeans. Before I knew they were off too leaving me standing there in boxers alone.

She broke the kiss and stepped back, her finger beckoning me all the way until her arse hit the kitchen counter. I strode over to her quickly, the suddenness of movement causing her to elicit a squeal of delight. I grabbed her ass and lifted her onto the counter top. I pushed her down so she was laying prone and spread her legs as I kissed my way up her inner thigh. I approached my target and as I did I inhaled, smiling as I noticed she smelled as good as she looked. My lips caressed the top of her pussy causing a sigh of pleasure followed quickly by a groan as my tongue slid down her dripping wet cunt, her hands finding the back of my head, grasping chunks of hair as what my tongue was doing to her overwhelmed her senses. My tongue slid up her cunt lips, found her clit and began slowly circling it, applying just enough pressure so she'd feel it but not enough that it drove her to climax. Her grip on my hair tightened and my tongue stopped circling and began flicking her clit like it was a bumper button on a pinball machine, she cried out as her muscles tensed up, nearly ripping two hand sized chunks of hair from my scalp.

Her cries became louder as my tongue continued its assault on her clit, occasionally sliding down her cunt to lap her juices. Her legs wrapped around my head like a vice as her climax approached and with one last cry I pushed her over the edge into ecstasy. My tongue continued to slowly circle her clit, causing twinges and moans.

I slid my boxers down my legs and dragged her the counter, her legs automatically wrapping themselves around me, my erect cock pressing against her well lubricated opening.

"Take me upstairs and screw my brains out James, please?" she whispered in my ear, her breathing still ragged from the orgasm.

I didn't need another invitation. I strode towards the stairs, careful not to bang her head on the ceiling, all the while she was kissing and nuzzling my neck, occasionally whispering in my ear all the things she wanted me to do to her, how she couldn't wait to scream my name. It's a wonder I didn't blow my load while carrying her upstairs...

We crossed the landing and entered the bedroom and her legs loosened, her body started sliding down my torso down on to my cock which was still aimed between her thighs. I made to drop her away from my body but she smiled and shook her head.

"This is how it has to be." She said. Although I had no idea what she meant at the time.

Her face took on the look of concentration as my started sliding into her, her legs splayed to accommodate it. Her mouth opened wide as she enveloped the last two inches. I'm not the tallest person at 6ft but impaled on my dick as she was, her feet barely touched the floor. If my arms hadn't been around her she might have done one of us a serious injury.

A couple of seconds went past and she started murmuring in another language. It wasn't one I recognised. Then I became aware of a voice, it seemed to be speaking to me but I couldn't quite hear what it was saying, it was like I was underwater but I wasn't. It was very strange.

The voice then stopped and my bedroom filling with steam. It was scented with something sweet, evoking every memory I had of being in love, I felt my heart beat race and I became very dizzy. I looked into Rachel's eyes and she seemed to be dissolving, becoming part of the steam and then all of a sudden she was gone.

The voice from earlier came back, clearly this time.

"She is now yours. Love her, protect her and she will do the same for you. She is the last of us. You have been given a great gift, make the most of her." There was a sadness in the voice and an undertone of regret, I don't know how but I felt it.

That's the last thing I can remember before blacking out.

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