The Last Wave Goodbye


She stepped up behind me and settled down, wrapping naked arms and legs about my body. She was still sleepy, I could tell, by the way she lay her head against the back of my shoulder. "I woke up and you weren't there," she said. "I almost panicked. Didn't know where I was."

I touched one of her arms, kissed it. "Sorry," I said. "Just doing some soul-searching."

"Did you find it?" she asked dreamily.

I smiled. "Yeah. I think I did."

* * * *

"Vincent! How's paradise?"

I chuckled into the phone. "Still nice, Mom. In fact, it's gotten a little nicer."

"Oh? Did you meet someone?"

"In fact, I have."

"Oh, good for you," she sighed raggedly. "You've gone too long without. So, what's her name? Is she Mexican, American, what?"

I gave my mother the basics on what I knew of Nina. I knew she would have been happy for me that I had found someone to spend time with. It was what my mother needed to hear, I knew.

We had to cut the conversation short because of yet another coughing fit on her behalf. She was sounding worse and worse. I hung up feeling a slight sense of dread. There was something telling me I would never hear from my mother again. Not in this life, at any rate.

* * * *

Nina and I spent every day together following that splendidly satisfying evening. It was as if all we needed was that first consummation to allow us to be open, free, and honest with one another. Now that we had given ourselves to each other, we were like a honeymooning couple. Everything we did seemed centered around the idea of "how can we have sex while . . .?"

As an example, I rented a small sailing boat for the day. Nina climbed aboard clad in nothing more than a long T-shirt, such as that which she might wear to bed. Not even a hundred yards from the dock, and the shirt came off, revealing her beautiful, ebony body. She applied some sunscreen as I watched and hitched the sail, giving me coquettish looks of promise.

Once far enough out that we were in no danger of drifting into sand bars, reefs, or other vessels, I crawled across the boat and pushed her legs apart. Nina gave me a sultry grin, telling me with her eyes that I was free to do whatever I wished.

"You like me like this?" she asked.

I smiled up at her as I settled between her toned thighs. The aroma of her excited sex wafted to my senses. "I think I'd like you any way you want to give me," I said.

Her eyes blazed with a mixture of arousal and . . . something else. "God, everything you do to me makes me feel so good," she whispered hoarsely as she cupped and squeezed her breasts. Her dark nipples were like thick baubles of chocolate between her fingers.

I kissed along her inner thigh, from just above the knee to just inches from her pussy, before doing the same to the other. Nina squirmed, watching me, eyes heavy with passion, dark skin glimmering. The lips of her sex swelled and parted, opening to reveal the brilliant pink just beyond her dark labia. Her aroma intensified.

"Everything?" I asked teasingly, as I brushed my lips against her swollen pussy.

She hissed, pushing her hips toward me. "Oh, God, now you're teasing," she bemoaned. "Just do it, baby."

I grinned from between her spread thighs, my mouth poised over her smooth-shaved pussy. "Do what?" I asked with feigned innocence.

She expelled a sigh of sexual frustration, but even with that her face glowed with appreciation for my antics. "Do me," she responded heatedly. "Eat me. Eat my pussy."

I nipped at the juncture of her thigh and pelvis, keeping my eyes on hers. "Oh, well, since you put it that way . . ." I punctuated my words by finally and fully pressing my mouth to Nina's delectable, succulent sex. I drew her lips into my mouth, along with her engorged, needy clit, and sucked deeply, swirling my tongue all around the sensitive nerve bundles there. Nina gasped loudly and arched her back, grinding against my mouth as I gave her, at last, the sensation she desired.

Our little boat rocked upon the water as Nina and I made waves within. I devoured her ceaselessly, coaxing her to first one orgasm, then another, and finally a third. Each climactic eruption made her shudder and shake and groan and cry in increasing volume and sexual joy, until she all but screamed for the third time and pushed my head away.

She doubled up, rolling forward upon the hard planks of the sailboat's seat to cup my face and kiss and suck her own essence from my lips. She whispered things like "oh God" and "incredible" as she did so, and other praises which were much more jumbled and chaotic.

Afterward, as we held one another upon the boat, Nina stroked her fingers through my hair and gave me blissful, wondering smiles.

"This is going to be over soon, isn't it?" she asked at last, as clarity returned to her mind.

I nodded. "Vacations can't last forever."

"True, but there can be more," she said, giving me a heartfelt look. "It would be easy as hell for me to arrange a trip back to Chicago. My kids have cousins they haven't seen in years. They'd love to go back. So would I . . . now."

I shushed her with a finger to her lips, giving her a placating look. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves," I cautioned.

Nina studied my face a moment, fingers passing over my cheeks, my lips. "I told myself I'd never rush into anything ever again," she declared. Her face blossomed with a smile. "But, Jesus, Vincent, every day with you is like a fantasy. I don't want to stop wondering what you'll do to me tomorrow. Or what I can do for you. It goes both ways, you know."

I pulled back, gently pushing her hands down. "This has been the most incredible vacation I could ever hope for," I said to her. "But when life goes back to being normal, things change."

Her brow furrowed. "You saying you wouldn't be like this once we got back to the real world?"

I laughed wanly. "It just wouldn't be the same," I said. "We're living out fantasies here."

Her eyes dipped, and some of the elation fled. But she gave me a hopeful smile. "I wouldn't mind living out a few more."

I smiled back. "Neither would I."

* * * *

The phone call came just two days before I was due to fly back home, in the late morning. I was making breakfast for Nina and I, while my lover languished in post-coital bliss in the bed of my hacienda. The air was filled with the scents of pan-seared chorizo, pineapple, and scrambled eggs when I heard the trill of my phone.

The little device told me it was my mother calling, but I knew she was not on the other end. "Hello," I said.

"Mr. Paterac?"


There was a long pause on the other end. I could hear strained breathing, of the sort people make when they aren't sure what to say. "It's me, Lily. You know, your mother's nurse?"

I nodded into the phone and stepped away from the stove. "She's passed away, hasn't she?"

The response was a choked sob. ". . . yes."

I chewed my lip, staring out through the hacienda's windows at a beautiful, calm tropical ocean. "Did she die in her sleep?"

I heard Lily sniffle on the other end. "I'm pretty sure she did. I went in this morning, and she was just lying there, eyes closed. She was holding her bible."

I managed a smile. "She always wanted to die in her sleep," I said. "I'm glad she got that wish fulfilled."

Lily sniffled again. "Mr. Paterac, I'm not sure who to call, or--"

"Look in the drawer by her bed," In instructed. "There's an envelope with everything you need to know. It's just a matter of making a few phone calls."

The nurse's next words were tinted with incredulity. "Did she know this was going to happen?"

I held the phone for a moment, considering my words. "I think we both did," I answered.

". . . when will you be coming home?"

I hesitated before answering. "I'll be with my mother soon," I said.

* * * *

I didn't immediately tell Nina about my mother's passing. Truth be told, I was not particularly depressed. We had both known the end was coming, ever since the initial diagnosis of cancer which revealed how far it had already spread. It was just a matter of time before my mother succumbed to the body-wracking disease. It did not dawn on me, not until I had come to terms with my own grief, that my mother had simply been waiting for me to be happy again. And now that I was . . . .

Well, it was just one more chapter over.

So, instead of mourning my mother's passing -- and feeling more relieved than anything else, as I knew she was, as well -- after breakfast, I took Nina down to the market and bought her a new bikini and sarong. Upon returning to the beach outside our haciendas, she proceeded to strip out of her clothing to don the new attire, much to my enjoyment, before dashing off into the lightly-rolling surf. I chased after, feeling half my age -- a common feeling, I had come to realize since meeting Nina -- and we played and frolicked in the water before our "play" became more intimate and lustful.

As we had never seen another soul upon the beach, Nina and I had no qualms about stripping down and settling upon the beach blanket in a sixty-nine.

"I'm not going to stop sucking you until you come," she declared as she swung her leg over my head, presenting her moist and and ready pussy to me. "That's if I stop at all . . . ."

We whole-heartedly devoured each other until the air rang with Nina's hoarse orgasmic cries and I ejaculated like a canon within her mouth. As she had implied, Nina did not release me, extending the exquisite torture in a way that only a mature lover could, keeping me erect with her lips and tongue and fingers so that I was swiftly -- for my age, anyway -- ready yet again.

It had been quite a few years since I had enjoyed more than a single orgasm during lovemaking. But Nina's sexual insistence could not be denied, and she stroked and sucked me to yet another eruption, this time pulling her mouth off my cock just as I began to spasm, pumping me furiously with her hand. I shook and convulsed beneath her as if in the throes of a seizure.

Finally, she lifted off me and turned about, giving me an almost demure look as rivulets of semen dribbled down her face. Globs of my fluid clung to her cheeks and chin; one dollop had even landed on her forehead.

"What do you think?" she asked.

I laughed. "You look like you lost a fight with a can of whipped cream," I said.

She chuckled and touched her face, wiping off a smear of fluid. "Forty-one years old, and this is the first time I have ever let a man come on my face," she declared.

"I'm honored," I said flippantly.

She gave me a look. "And I need to wash up," she announced, before hopping up to run, naked, down to the water.

I propped myself up on my elbows, watching her in the surf as she splashed her face. There was a part of me that felt I could have been happy to spend more time with Nina. Crazy, simplistic extrapolations had me thinking of sharing the next several decades with her. Perhaps her children would accept me, perhaps they wouldn't. And what would my friends think? Would they accept her? Would it matter?

Nina returned, face and body glowing and glistening in the Mexican sun. Damn, but she was truly beautiful, a suitably exotic beauty for such an exotic place.

She stopped a few paces away, giving me a curious look. "What are you thinking?"

I smiled and shook my head. "Nothing. Just looking at you," I said. "And the water. Put it all together and I think I've found my particular version of paradise."

Her eyes smoldered. "There you go again," she said.

I frowned. "There I go again what?"

She dropped onto the blanket beside me. "Nothing," she said. "It's just . . . sometimes you say some really romantic things. Things that make a girl wonder."

"Wonder about what?"

She tilted her head with a placating smile. I liked the fact that she had no problem being casually naked. "Don't read too much into it, baby. Let a girl have her fantasies."

I decided not to push the subject. I didn't want to spoil the mood, nor did I want to give Nina any false hopes. So we lay in comfortable silence, watching the sea lick the sandy shore. My eyes were drawn to the way the ultima ola smacked against the distant sandbar, resulting in some impressive displays of salty spray.

"You're staring at the water like you want to go out there," Nina remarked.

I smiled blushingly. "I've always loved the water. Maybe I should have been in the Navy or something. You know, I was born at sea."


I chuckled at her response. "Seriously. I was born on a boat."

"Now that is a story I've got hear."

I sighed nostalgically, sitting up. "I don't know how many times I heard the story," I said, staring out at the waves. "My parents were living in Virginia Beach. The due date for my arrival to the world had already come and gone by a week. There was no telling when I would decide to come out. Anyway, my father had a friend, who had a boat, and they sometimes went deep-sea fishing. On this particular day, my mother decided to come along."

"Could have been a bad choice," Nina remarked.

I nodded. "Could have been," I agreed. "Anyway, they were only supposed to be out for a few hours. But, the motor died."


I chuckled. "Yep. But that wasn't it. Not only did the motor die, but a storm was coming in. The sea was getting choppy. Thankfully, the boat was a fairly good size, with a cabin in the front. Well, with all the rocking back and forth, and my mother getting panicked because she had never been in a storm at sea . . . ."

Nina looked amused. "Poof! Instant labor?"

"Yup," I confirmed. "The way my mother tells it, I made a great big mess coming into the world. But everything turned out fine in the end. They got the boat back to shore, drove to a hospital, and voila! Vincent Eugene Paterac!"

Nina arched an eyebrow as she looked at me. "'Eugene?'" she asked.

I shot a look back. "It's a family name," I said. "Anyway, as soon as all the documents were signed, my mother was ready to go home. Walked out of the hospital carrying me."

Nina laughed. "A real trooper," she said. "I think I'd like to meet your mother."

I sighed again, but this time, the mirth drained away from my face. I could actually feel it. "That would take some doing."

"Why? Where does she live?"

My head fell. I stared at the sand. "She doesn't."

Nina was silent for a moment. Then she rolled up beside me, sliding an arm across my torso. "I'm sorry, Vincent," she said softly.

I shrugged with a sad smile. "Don't be. She had cancer. The best thing that could have happened was when she passed away."

Nina kissed my neck tenderly. "I don't know what that's like," she said. "Both my parents are alive. Grandparents, too. Longevity runs in my family, I guess. But you . . . Jesus. You've lost your mother . . . and your wife."

Those last words were spoken in a very pointed tone. I pulled back just enough to see Nina's face. It was full of compassion. I studied her eyes, assessing her, making up my mind about how she would handle the truth of my life.

She reared back slightly, obviously noting something different about the way I looked at her. "What's wrong?" she asked.

I shook my head with a small smile. "Nothing."

Her brow furrowed. "You look so serious."

I didn't respond right away. I carefully organized my thoughts, coalescing them into a form that I could share with Nina. I pushed back, folded my legs together. Nina sat up as well, apparently understanding that I was about to share something of personal importance. She gave me all of her attention.

"I'd been having a hell of a day," I said. As I spoke, memories more than two years old flashed disjointedly in my mind. "I was in for twenty-five thousand on a business property I had picked up, and had finally lined up a buyer. I had to close the deal, so I wined and dined them, gave them my best spiel. I tried my damnedest not look desperate. But I was.

"And up through the middle of it, my wife was texting me. 'When are you going to be home?' Soon, I told her, over and over and over. She finally got fed up. The kids were hungry. It was after six when they decided to go for burgers.

"Anyway, I closed the deal, after playing games with the bank's loan officer. By the time the whole thing was over and done with, it was after seven. I sent a text to Jesse saying I was on my way home."

I met Nina's eyes with my own. "They weren't home when I got there."

She swallowed thickly, looking fearful. But she didn't speak.

I glanced away, my eyes drifting across the beach and looking at nothing in particular. I watched the Last Wave crash against the distant breach. "Maybe five minutes after I walked through the door, I got a call from the emergency dispatch service. I don't really remember much after that. I think I've blocked it out, or something."

Nina tentatively reached a hand to touch me. "Oh, God, Vincent."

I managed an unconvincing smile. "At least the accident hadn't been her fault," I said. "They got rear-ended by a truck going way too fast. It . . . shoved my wife's car against the back of a dump truck. They all died pretty much instantly. At least, I hope so, anyway."

There was a long silence between us. I could just make out the constrained sobbing sounds Nina made. They clashed with the roiling surf.

She touched my knee. "I'm so sorry, Vincent," she said at last, voice choked.

I looked to her. "So am I."

* * * *

Nina did not object when I told her I wanted to be alone for the night. We kissed, we hugged, but the actions were almost automatic, as if made for effect only. She gathered up the scattered scraps of the bikini I had purchased for her and strode down the beach to her bungalow. I watched her until she stepped out of sight, a smile on my face the entire time.

Then I stood and headed to my hacienda, and to the laptop within, to pen the last chapter of my life, a story which you have been reading.

There is no grater love in my life than that which I harbor for my wife and children. Nothing could ever take their place in my heart. That simple and mortal realization was what compelled me to come to this place, this little tropical hideaway. I had been born at sea, and to the sea I shall return.

So, early tomorrow morning, when the retreating tide is at its strongest, I will wade out to the ocean, and step onto the sandbar against which the Last Wave buffets. I will jump in, and let the tide carry me away to the sea forevermore.

And I will finally be with my family once again.


(Thanks for reading this romantic little fantasy. Don't forget to vote, and if you wish, leave me a comment to let me know what you think. Please make sure to read all the other contest entries as well. There's some serious talent on Literotica.)

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