tagLoving WivesThe Lazy 7E Ranch

The Lazy 7E Ranch

byDr. Bull©


The Lazy 7E Ranch was a long way from their home, but it was exciting that they were going to get to be Honest to God COWBOYS! Well for the week they were spending on a working ranch they would be working with and riding along side the real thing anyway.

Their trip to the United States had been fun with time in New York then down to see the American's Capitol Washington DC, but now they were headed toward the Wild West, with apprehension and excitement, would it be like the movies where John Wayne and Clint Eastwood came to the rescue when the Indians attacked? Would it be safe or would they lose their hair to the savage Indians?

They flew from DC to Denver in a wide body jet, and then hurried across the terminal to jump on a small jet headed to Wyoming. Two rows of seats one on the left and one on the right, it was the smallest plane Tuula and Tim had ever been on. Tuula had watched the vastness of America pass beneath them on their way west, the farms an fields had been pretty the squares and circles in the crops were beautiful in this 'Land of the Free'. But since leaving Denver headed north into Wyoming she saw nothing just a road here and there but few signs that any one lived there, browns, greens and grays were the colors she saw a rough land as she looked at her husband he looked excited the new cowboy hat perched on his head and shiny new boots on his feet, he was ready for anything. The other passengers on the plain seemed like normal folks, a young girl listening to her I-pod and a businessman that had watched her out of the corner of his eye at the terminal was now watching her breasts bounce as the plane hit some turbulence. Tuula had decided on comfort for the 8 hours they would spend in the air, the sweatshirt was comfy and some what hid her bra-less bust, but as the plane lurched up and down the show was a bit more than she had hoped for. As the fabric rubbed across her nipples they became erect and the business man had noticed.

It had been warm in the Denver airport and in Laramie where they dropped the young girl off. As they headed towards their final destination of Worland Wyoming the Pilot announces the current temperature in Worland was 97 degrees with a high of 108 expected. Tuula couldn't imagine, having been raised in Finland and now living in Sweden that anyplace could be so hot. There was a half an hour left in the flight, so she decided to have a bit of fun and change into something better suited for the weather. She winked and gave Tim one of her 'Watch this Honey,' looks and grabbed her carry on bag setting in the seat as she stood in the isle. She pulled out a pair of shorts and a white cotton tee shirt, and setting them on the back of the seat in front of the businessman who was becoming intrigued with the events.

"It is hot where we are going? No?" Tuula asked with a heavy accent.

"Yes, it is very hot," he answered, his mind racing what is this girl going to do? He thought Is it true what the say about Swedish girls? No, that is just a high school myth... "OH MY GOD!"

Tuula had reached down and pulled her sweatshirt off, and then ignoring his remark unbuttoned her pants and stepped out of them, standing there naked in the middle of the plane. The roar of the engines kept the sound of his exclamation from carrying up to the pilots, so she stood in the isle carefully folding her pants and then her top and stuffed them into her bag. The man was amazed he gazed upon the vision before him a girl, not much over 25, red brown hair, fair complexion, breasts not too big yet not to small, a comfortable handful plus, jiggling ever so slightly as the plane bounced along it's course. Her thin belly had carried a child or two but she was in great shape, then his eyes fell to her full bush, yes! This girl doesn't shave it like many American girls her age, this was a real bush the reddish brown mound was a sight to see along with her shapely ass this girl was a true MILF. She was saying something focus now focus...FOCUS!

"It is OK, I change here?" she asked with a grin. All he could do was nod yes and stare at her, she seemed to be having problems with her shirt because she kept playing with it and not putting it on. His pants were tenting out; he glanced towards the woman's husband he appeared to be asleep or at least oblivious to his wife's state of dress. Then it happened as small planes will do, they hit an air pocket and the plane dipped to the right tossing Tuula into the man's lap. She giggled and kissed him, "Thank you for catching me." She ground her warm moist pussy on to his tent pole. His hands trying to steady her in the turbulent air found her breasts, the orbs were the size of a large orange with hard nipples, and they felt nice.

Her juices were flowing and moistening the front of his pants when over the PA came the Captain's Voice, "Please fasten your seat belts for the final approach into Worland."

Tuula was crushed, the tease had gone far enough that she was horny big time and wanted somebody to fuck her! The business man helped her to her feet and she slipped her shorts on sat down across the isle and strapped herself in. Her breasts still bare she watched the ground come up as the plane went down, feeling the eyes of her husband and the business man on her as they landed. She slipped on her shirt as they came to a stop in front of the terminal.

The door no more than opened, and the businessman now red faced hurried off the plane with his briefcase strategically placed in front. Tim and Tuula giggled as they gathered their carry on and headed for the door. Like a blast furnace the hot air from the tarmac hit them, a hundred degree heat in a high mountain desert will take your breath away and sweat forms and dries almost instantly.

CHAPTER 2 - THE COWBOY Mitch was leaning up against the counter talking to Officer Andy when the plane landed, he looked up to see Lee a local business owner charge off the plane in the door and out the front with out even saying hi. "That was strange," Andy commented, and then added "those two must be yours."

Now Mitchell Williams and his father owned the Lazy 7E it had been in the family since the late 1800's passed on father to son for five generations and had done well up till about five years ago as Mitch was taking over cattle prices fell and feed prices sky rocketed. Mitch came up with a great idea let folks become cow hands for a week or two and pay the ranch to let them work as cowboys or cowgirls. It kept the ranch alive and was now a full third of their annual income. They figured out the easterners and folks from over seas will pay big bucks just to be a cowboy for a day or a week.

Mitch looked towards the door and watched his latest clients walk through the door, Tim was just about what Mitch had expected, the new hat, new jeans and boots along with a flashy western cut shirt he stuck out like a sore thumb with "dude" written all over. Tuula made up for her husband, her white tee shirt and her shorts left little to your imagination, she looked a bit flushed but the heat will do that to you if your not used to it. The short walk across the tarmac had heated her up enough to get her sweating and the AC in the terminal brought her nipples to Mitch's full attention. "Yep they must be mine," Mitch headed over, "Pardon me, are you folks Tim and Tuula?"

"That is us," said Tim as they reached for the hand Mitch extended towards them.

Then back into the blast furnace heat they went. Mitch helped carry the couples baggage, the tourism experts had said folks wanted realism so the 7E crew did their best, starting with their airport 'limo' 85 dodge 4x4 pickup had seen better days but still ran well, the AC quit working and the bed was pretty well beat up, but it was what a lot of tourists expected. Mitch threw their bags in the back and had them load up in the truck with Tuula in the middle.

Tuula had noticed the Cowboy at the counter, 40 something but in terrific shape, faded jeans cotton shirt and a beat up old straw cowboy hat. As he headed their way she knew he would be a wild ride. She and Tim had a deal when on holiday she would fuck as many men as she could, if he did not watch, then she would tell him about it. Even though this would drive Tim crazy with lust, only on the last day they were in a town or an area would she make love to him. In the last week she had fucked 3 strange men and Tim twice, but now they were to spend a week on a ranch.

The Cowboy introduced himself and helped carry their luggage to the truck outside, it was rough looking but they crawled in with Tuula in the middle next to Mitch, he was giving a tour of the area and what they could expect, his background and how the ranch came to be. Tuula nonchalantly placed her hand on Mitch's leg as he spoke, he paused then continued her hand traced farther towards his midline awakening his manhood.

Mitch glanced at Tim who was looking out the window asking questions in fact doing about anything but notice his wife's actions. Tuula slid her hand back rubbing the growing bulge as they turned east and headed out of town. Mitch sucked in a deep breath dropped the old Dodge into fourth gear and let his hand drop into her lap, two can play this game.

His rough callused fingers slid up against her shorts sliding them to one side slid his finger deep into her moist pussy. The road flew past and about 10 miles out into the desert, Mitch who was by this time about to explode pulled the truck off the highway and up on what was known locally as Sand Creek Divide as he pulled up Tim and Tuula saw an amazing site the entire Basin opened up before them, mountains on all side ranging from 30 to 200 miles away with desert between. He growled "Mister, I hope you got no objections, but I gotta fuck your wife!"

Tim just smiled as Mitch roughly pulled Tuula from the cab of the truck, she slipped out of her shorts and tossed them back to her husband, she had needed a good lay since she changed clothes in the airplane. Mitch popped the tail gate down on the truck and set Tuula's bare ass on the hot metal she squealed a bit and opened her legs. His pants around his boot tops Mitch slid her onto his ten inches of thick manhood and proceeded to find his rhythm. Tuula was in heaven this big rough cowboy was giving her a ride, the hot metal under her ass added to the pleasure along with the musky odor of the hay on the bed of the truck. She pulled her sweaty tee shirt off and let the afternoon sun shine all on her. Tim was taking pictures, of the mountains, the desert, but mostly of the cowboy and his wife fucking.

Tuula pulled her self up to the cowboy as he pounded her cunt "I have no baby protection, please not cum inside." She cooed in his ear. Then she fell back wrapping her legs around him pulling her self deeper onto his shaft her pussy clamping hard on to him.

Mitch was getting ready to explode when he realized what she meant "no birth control" he pulled out at the last second his dick sliding between the cheeks of her ass shooting his load between her cheeks and onto the ground. Tuula lay there with a smile and for the first time Mitch noticed Tim with a grin and camera in hand was snapping photos of her. Mitch looked at the beauty before him and realized this beauty was not only hot but would be a handful around the ranch for the next week.

As they pulled back onto the highway Tuula was still half dressed, not wanting to put more clothing on than she had to, fanning herself with her shirt she asked, "Is it always so hot?"

"During the day yes but it cools off in the evenings" Mitch replied "that's why when we get the cattle on the trail we start at 5 in the morning and quit about 11 have lunch and relax till 4 then go until dark.

He paused for a moment then asked "Do you fuck a lot of men you don't know?"

"I like to watch my wife with other men" Tim answered for her. He squeezed her leg "She does it for me."

"But I like it too Husband" she defended.

"Then later when we pleasure each other," he continued "she tells me everything"

"So let me get this straight, you sleep with other men then get your husband off later that day?" Mitch asked

"Yes, but not this week" Tim and Tuula explained the Holiday rules and asked if their fantasies of Tuula with other partners could happen at the Ranch.

"I suppose." Mitch replied as he thought with a mostly male crew she might get more than she bargained for.


The Lazy 7E Ranch was one of the older places around, part of what had been a British owned ranch back in the day when the ranches were financed by European money in the early to mid 1800's, then came the blizzard of 72, when half the livestock died from the over grazing and poor management of the foreign management. Mitch's great grandfather came through it in much better shape, surviving with the hay he had put up and when spring came he was able to purchase the 7E from the departing capitalists at a bargain. It lay at the bottom of a small valley with a number of the original buildings kept up and polished for the benefit of the ranch visitor business. In fact the Hunting Lodge was fixed up special for their guests, it sat at the top of a small rise that overlooked the corrals and the valley spreading to the north. 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, indoor bath and a large living/dining room made up the log one level structure. It had a tremendous view and a hot tub on the back porch.

The main ranch house was located south down the hill closer to the corral, the barn and the bunk house. Its two stories had been the family's home for 3 generations with a bath on both floors, bed rooms up stairs and a big kitchen and a dining room that could seat 20, the cook's quarters was just off the kitchen.

The bunkhouse was a small long building built to handle 20 men but currently only 6 full time ranch hands lived there now. A good sized living area with a community shower, half dozen rooms had been partitioned off for privacy, but for the most part it was much as it had been for a hundred years.

As they dropped into this picturesque setting Mitch stopped the truck at the top of the rise over looking it. "My great Grandfather helped create this, his son and in turn his son, my father, have each placed their mark on this ranch." He explained, "I started inviting folks like yourselves to join us about five years ago." Giving them the layout of the land and the area they could wander through from their location, he finished with "... you will be staying there in the lodge, but have free run of the whole place. Make yourselves to home while you're here, but please remember this is our home. Oh and you might want to put your shirt back on before we roll in, give the crew a chance to get to know you."

Tim stepped out of the truck to take a photo while Tuula slipped her shirt back on over her hard nipples. "It is so beautiful," she cooed at Mitch, "it is all yours?"

"Mine and the bank," remarked, his western humor not far off the mark. Tim slipped back into the truck and they headed down the hill, pulling up in front of the lodge. He pulled their luggage out of the back of the truck and carried them into the living area. "You folks get settled in them feel free to wander down to the ranch house, Laura will be fixin' dinner should be ready in half an hour to forty five minutes. Just listen for the bell."

"Thank You for the tour and your wonderful penis!" Tuula said as she looked around the place, "I hope to play with you again."

"Yes," Tim pumped Mitch's hand, "Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to be come cowboys!"

Laura was pulling biscuits out of the oven as Mitch walked in to the kitchen; he admired her 42dd's that nearly fell out of the shirt she was wearing. The low cut sleeveless shirt did little to keep her braless girls in place, but who was Mitch to complain. She was a great cook, nice lady and put on a show either intentionally or unintentionally depending upon your point of view. "SHIT! OUCH! SON OF A BITCH!!" She yelled as Mitch let the screen door slam behind him, "You scared the HELL out of me and got me burnt Mitch!"

"Sorry Hon, I was enjoying the view"

"Hey," her voice softening, "all you got to do is ask." She pulled the sides of her shirt together letting those monster tits out in the air. They sagged a bit, but not too bad and her nipples and areolas sat hi pointing out to greet you.

Mitch gave the left one a gentile squeeze, rubbing his thumb over her nipple, "Better put them away, for now, but I think you'll like this couple."

Laura leaned towards being a nudist, once the hands left for the day's work she would often strip down to little or nothing to work around the place. Topless while she cleaned the big house, the lodge and prepped for dinner, then she would sunbath nude for an hour or so in the yard. This far off the track seldom did any strangers come around and if one of the hands came back early and caught her... well she didn't have a problem as long as they minded their manners. Most of the guys had been here long enough to know better; "Just keep your mouth shut and enjoy the view!" was the rule. Except when the ranch had visitors, then even Laura had to be on her best behavior, unless the visitors were into nudity and that became readily apparent, then she could go back to doing what she wanted.

"Oh?" Laura asked as she went back to prepping dinner, "they nice enough are they?"

"She rode topless from Sand Creek to the ranch, so I'm guessing nudity ain't a problem for them." Mitch was staring out the window into the yard, "The boys are back."

Coming down the valley the crew club pickup was coming in from the upper pasture and into the yard; Red, Shorty and Milt got out and headed towards the bunkhouse to clean up. Red is lean and tough built a lot like Mitch and headed the crew when Mitch was busy. His fiery red mustache curled up on the ends that would remind you of Yosemite Sam, but don't mention it or the fight was on. Shorty is 5'5 and square built, tough as nails and once he got on a horse he could out ride the best of them. Milt is a fellow, pretty slow in his thoughts, his movements and round. Mitch had sort of inherited Milt from his Dad, the elder Williams had been friends with Milt's father and when he passed away, Pa Williams brought Milt to the ranch. He was just part of the place.

"I best go let the folks know about the dinner bell and how dinner works around here" Mitch opened the door and started out.

"Mitch," Laura giggled from behind him.

"Yes" he turned to find her right breast once again sticking out of her shirt.

"Just thought you might like another look," she giggled again and pulled her shirt back over it, she just loved teasing that man.

Mitch walked across the dusty yard towards the lodge, 'Yep' he chuckled to himself 'it is going to be an interesting week' he stepped onto the porch and knocked on the door.

"Come in," came the voice from within, he opened the door and stepped across the threshold "We're back here in the kitchen." He headed towards the kitchen and the voice, Tuula was nude with her hair wet from a recent shower, a cup of coffee in her hand. Tim also had made it through the shower and was photographing Tuula in the old style kitchen. "I hope, it bothers you not, that I dress this way," Tuula smiled at him. Her comfort level and smile conveyed that this was a very normal state of dress in her everyday life.

"Not at all, in fact that is why I came by," Mitch's easy going attitude put most of his clients at ease and made them feel welcome. "The ranch is a bit from the road and it has been our custom to allow our visitors to set the dress code. Understand that as a working ranch many of us will be fully clothed the entire time you are here, but if you are wearing little or nothing you may find others here doing the same thing. The hands have been trained not to bother you unless you ask for assistance, beyond that if you ask... it is their choice as to whether they join in." He paused to see if there was a question, and then continued "You will hear the dinner bell in a few minutes, five minutes later we serve the meal, and we do ask that you join us this first night so you can be introduced to the crew. After that it is your choice if you join us or not for any of the meals. Your kitchen has been stocked and we will do our best to accommodate any special foods you would like." The dinner bell started ringing in the background "Any Questions?"

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