tagErotic HorrorThe Lesbian Vampire Wars Ch. 01-03

The Lesbian Vampire Wars Ch. 01-03


Author's note: although this is the beginning of a new, stand-alone series, it is based on events from my previous story, "The Prey."

Chapter 1: Quinn and Vanessa

Biff could scarcely believe his luck. Here he was, walking out of the bar with not one, but two beautiful young women on his arms! They were both a bit too Goth for his taste, with their jet black hair and dresses and lipstick, but they were still sexy as hell. Vanessa, taller and thinner, was hanging on his left arm, and Quinn, shorter and plumper, on his right. Together, they all walked down the side street, with Biff stumbling slightly from the effects of his drinks.

"How far did you guys say you live from here?" he asked, looking back and forth at his two conquests.

"Not far," said Vanessa, holding him up by his elbow. "It's right down this way." She guided them all into an alley. The slightest traces of streetlight filtered in, casting long shadows on the brick walls and the dumpsters.

"Wait," said Quinn. "I want a taste of you before we go any further." She whirled Biff around into her arms, and tilted her head back, mouth parted, for a kiss.

Biff planted his mouth on hers eagerly. Her lips were cool, but her tongue was hot as it snaked into his mouth. They sucked noisily at each other. Biff could feel the press of her large, soft breasts against his chest as his tongue explored the secret caverns of her mouth.

"Hey, I want some too," said Vanessa, and wrapped her arms around Biff's waist from behind. She began nibbling wetly on the back of his neck and his ear, her body pressed up against his spine.

Biff was in heaven. Not only was he sandwiched between these two beautiful, sexy women, with Quinn's breasts mashed into his ribcage, but he could feel Vanessa's hands wrap around his hips and begin to massage his crotch. His erection swelled within his trousers and his head swirled. His hips began to buck involuntarily. He raised one hand to fondle Quinn's left breast, and pressed his growing hard-on against her abdomen, hoping she would notice it.

After several moments, Quinn drew her mouth back a fraction of an inch from his. "I think we've got him all excited, Nessy," she said softly.

"Yes, darling," Vanessa replied, her mouth nuzzling the nape of his neck. "His heart is pounding quite loudly. Now!"

Biff opened his eyes in surprise at Vanessa's raised voice. Quinn's mouth had sprouted two sets of long, bone-white fangs, and the pupils of her eyes had morphed into vertical slits. She stared at him briefly, a crazed look on her face, and then sank her teeth into his jugular vein. Yanking her head sideways, she ripped out a great chunk of flesh from his throat.

Vanessa, her own fangs now deployed, bit savagely into Biff's cervical vertebrae, instantly severing his spinal cord before he could even scream. Then she turned his limp head in her hands, and bit into his other jugular. Both women sucked and swallowed noisily as Biff's heart, pumping on pure instinct, continued to propel his blood into their throats in strong, swift spurts.

When they had drunk their fill, they dropped the lifeless corpse to the stones of the alley. They stood there, hands on knees, panting in their blood-lust, gore dripping down their chins. They stared at each other with their bloodshot eyes and pupils like vertical slits. Finally, Quinn leapt into Vanessa's arms and mashed her blood-soaked mouth into hers. They kissed messily, snowballing the final drops of blood back and forth between their mouths and embracing lustfully.

"He was a good kisser," Quinn said, between gasps. "And now I'm all horned up. Just wait till I get you back home." Vanessa just held her tighter and kissed her back all the harder.

"It will have to wait until after the Council," Vanessa replied. "Lenore wants everyone at the meeting room at midnight." She glanced at the rising moon. "We'd better get going."

They cleaned each others' mouths and faces with their tongues, swallowed the remaining drops of blood and chunks of gore, and then stalked silently into the night, hand in hand.

Chapter 2: Ruthven Manor

Ruthven Manor sat on the edge of town, on many acres of land. Its towers and parapets, balconies and balustrades, and impressive lawns and hedges made it sufficiently imposing that it was rarely disturbed by the townsfolk. Lady Ruthven, ancient and venerable, was well known and well respected among the humans. None of the locals knew that she was a vampire. The lady vampires found it convenient to have one of their own who was capable of existing in human society when necessary. And they found Lady Ruthven's sprawling mansion a convenient headquarters for their coven.

At midnight, all of the members of the coven had converged in the basement meeting hall of Ruthven Manor, as commanded by Lenore, their queen. They milled about, gossiping amongst themselves, waiting for the meeting to be called to order.

At the stroke of twelve, Queen Lenore stood and cleared her throat. She approached the podium at the front of the room. Silence fell. The thirty-odd assembled vampires of the coven fell silent, and all eyes were upon her.

Lenore was the most ancient vampire of the coven. None could remember how old she was. Even Lenore herself was no longer sure. She was tall and dark, with long, lithe limbs, and deep hollow cheeks. Her fangs, when deployed, were longer and sharper than any others of her kind. Her eyes alone could drain the will of a lesser vampire, and could drink the very life out of a mortal. All the members of the coven loved her, and feared her.

"Friends, Ladies, Lovers; thank you for coming," Lenore announced to the group. "I do not request your presence lightly. We have a problem." She glanced about the room.

A murmur ran through the assemblage. Lenore let it run its course before she continued.

"One of our own has been killed," she said. The murmur began again, louder and more urgent. Lenore again waited patiently for it to subside.

"You all know our sister Raven. Her lifeless body was discovered last night in a churchyard. It was completely eviscerated."

Again, the wave of murmurs in the crowd. Someone yelled, "Was it the sun? Was she out after daybreak?"

"No," said Lenore firmly. "She was not desiccated; she was eviscerated. Her flesh and organs were sucked out of her. Very little was left to even identify her remains. We only knew her by her jewelry."

The group was stunned. None of their number had met their doom in many a year; certainly none by evisceration. The implication was obvious.

"Was it... was it a Feeder?" asked a timid voice from the back.

"That is the current hypothesis," said Lenore. "But until our investigation is complete, we cannot be sure. That is why I have called you here."

"The Feeders must pay!" shouted a voice from the crowd.

"No!" said Lenore firmly, slamming her fist on the podium. "We do not want a war with the Feeders!" She glanced sternly around the room, catching each member of her coven with her eyes. "We cannot afford a war that can have no winners. We must find out what really happened, and take steps to ensure that doom does not take us all.

"I have brought you all here so that you will know what happened and be careful. And even more importantly, so that you will not react rashly. I cannot emphasize this more strongly: we cannot afford a war!" She again glanced from face to face. Some turned aside, unwilling to meet her gaze. Lenore was shrewd enough to know that not all of her coven would agree with her. "We have been at peace with the Feeders for centuries. That must continue. We must first determine the facts, and then proceed cautiously. I beg all of you to respond to this news with temperance and patience."

Reluctant nods, and then hushed agreement, and finally enthusiastic assent, ran through the room. Lenore had bought herself some time. But answers would still be needed. "Go, be about your business. Respond not to this threat until we have some answers. And give me time. Dismissed!"

But then she added, "Vanessa! Quinn! See me in my chambers." She turned and left the meeting hall.

Vanessa and Quinn, hand in hand, met with Lenore in her private chambers down the hall from the meeting room. Vanessa spoke first.

"What would you have us do, Your Grace?" she said.

Lenore looked tired. "First of all, cut that 'Your Grace' crap, okay?" She rubbed her eyes. "This could be bad. A war with the Feeders would be the death of us all."

Vanessa and Quinn looked at each other, and then back at Lenore. They waited.

"I want you to find out what really happened. You two are sharp, clever, and have very keen senses. All we have is Raven's eviscerated body and the address of the churchyard where she was found. There isn't much to go on there, except that it looks like it could be the work of a Feeder."

"But a Feeder has not killed a Vampire in decades; maybe longer!" said Quinn, nervously looking back and forth between Lenore and Vanessa. "Why would they start now?"

"We don't know that they did," said Lenore. "Maybe it was something else entirely. Or maybe it was a renegade Feeder, acting alone. Or, just maybe, it was the first salvo in a war of genocide intended ultimately to wipe us out. At this point, we don't know anything. And until we do know, I won't know how to react. Therefore, we need facts."

Vanessa and Quinn squeezed hands even tighter. They waited.

"Vanessa, you have the sharpest sense of smell in the entire coven. And Quinn, you are excellent at solving puzzles. I want you both to gather all the information you can before the scents go cold, and come up with some reasonable explanations as quickly as possible. Report your findings directly to me, as soon as you have them. Time is of the essence."

Vanessa glanced at a wall clock. "It's close to dawn," she said.

"Yes. Rest for now. You can start at the crack of dusk. I'll expect a report before the next sunrise." And with that, Lenore turned away, a clear dismissal. Vanessa and Quinn left her chambers.

"We have one day cycle to rest," Vanessa said to Quinn. "Are you still horny?"

Chapter 3: The Remains

Quinn and Vanessa made their home in an abandoned subway tunnel in the city. They had sufficient time to return before sunrise. Back home, they sealed themselves into their chamber and locked all the windows and trap doors. They stripped and settled down into their satin-lined bed chamber.

"Yes," said Quinn.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, I'm still horny," said Quinn, and gently stroked Vanessa's white cheek with her hand.

Vanessa smiled and kissed the palm of Quinn's hand. "Me, too," she said softly. They wrapped their arms around each other with the easy grace of long-time lovers, Vanessa's arm under Quinn's neck, and Quinn's arm beneath Vanessa's slim waist. Their mouths met, their legs intertwined, and their hips squirmed against each other. Vanessa traced her other arm, long and lean, up and down the length of Quinn's spine. Quinn shuddered with pleasure, and traced her free hand along Vanessa's thigh. Their mouths met, their tongues intertwined, and their souls danced.

Vanessa pressed her knee between Quinn's short, plump thighs. She felt the heat of her sex. Quinn ground herself on the offered knee, feeling the friction and moisture of her arousal mix with Vanessa's sweat. Their kisses became more frantic, their gasping breaths shorter. Quinn was soon swept up in sexual arousal, and her flesh blushed redly. Her pupils turned to vertical slits, and her fangs emerged slightly. She threw back her head and howled, grinding her sex ever more urgently on Vanessa's slim white leg until her orgasm shook her. Her howl turned to a scream of pleasure, and then she collapsed, limp, into Vanessa's embrace.

They dozed briefly, each harboring secret dreams of love, and death, and possible war with the Feeders. They awoke, cuddled, dozed again. The sun slowly crossed the arc of the sky outside, as they alternately dozed and cuddled, snoozed and smooched, and squirmed in each others' tender embraces.

An hour before sundown, Quinn was awake and alert. She gazed at her lover, breathing deeply, peacefully, beautifully. She gently stroked her hair. She tenderly kissed her cheek. She lightly traced a finger between her legs, prodding her lover's sex. It was dry. She brought her finger to her mouth, moistened it, and returned it to Vanessa's labia. Again, she traced it along the soft puffy lips, and this time felt them part slightly. Up and down she traced her finger, and eventually felt Vanessa open for her. Quinn's finger gently slipped inside, feeling the soft tender folds fall apart and welcome her. The wet squishy flesh sucked her loving digit inside, and she beckoned it up and down. After a time, she brought it up higher, to her lover's clit, and continued her loving ministrations.

Vanessa, still more than half asleep, began to respond. Her body squirmed, her hips rolled, and her voice began to moan deep within her throat. Quinn massaged Vanessa's breasts with her other hand, and kissed her mouth. Then she bent down and licked between her lover's legs, tasting the sweet nectar of her sex. Stronger and faster, up and down, her tongue danced. Vanessa wriggled and squirmed harder and faster, and ever more frantic. Her pupils, behind her closed eyelids, were vertical slits. Her gasping mouth showed her slightly elongated fangs grazing her swollen lips. Finally, she clenched her long slim thighs about Quinn's head, bit into her own lip, and cried out in pleasure!

Quinn held her close, patted her back, and waited for her reactions to subside. Vanessa never fully awoke. She fell back into a deep sleep, still in Quinn's arms. Quinn slept too, as well as she could, silently awaiting the sunset.

"Quinn! Wake up!" hissed Vanessa, already slipping on her gauzy black dress. "The sun is setting! It's time to go."

Quinn rubbed her eyes. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm coming," she said. Together, they finished dressing, and watched out the window for the sun to finish its descent.

A half hour later, they were in the city. "Raven liked to find her prey at the bars in the wharf district," said Vanessa. "The sailors were never missed when they disappeared without a trace."

"Yes, but her remains were found in a churchyard downtown, miles from the wharf. We should probably start there."

"Right. Let's fan out from the churchyard, and check the bars nearest the spot where she was found."

Quinn and Vanessa made their way to the ancient churchyard where Raven's remains had been found, and started circling the neighborhood, looking for a likely tavern. The first one they found was called The Purple Pony.

Moments later, they were seated at stools at the bar. A bored looking bartender turned his eye toward them.

"What can I get for you ladies?" he asked.

"We're trying to find a friend," said Vanessa. "She would have been here a couple of nights ago at the most. She looks a lot like us, you know?" Quinn nodded in agreement.

The bartender looked them over. Black dresses, black hair, black lipstick, pale skin. Typical Goth chicks, like he doesn't get enough of those! But he thought back. "Yeah, there was a girl like that here two nights ago," he said. "She left with some dyke-looking chick, all blonde and butch. Denim and flannel and all that. Not her type at all. But they paid their bill." He shrugged. "Last I saw of them." He turned away.

Quinn and Vanessa looked at each other. "Okay," said Quinn. "So they hooked up here, left, and went to the churchyard. We already knew that."

"So let's pretend we're them, head toward the church, and see what we can find." The two lady vampires hooked their arms together, and strolled out the door. The seedy streets stretched out in all four directions. "The quickest way to the church is down there," said Vanessa, indicating the proper street. "Let's assume that they went that way." They meandered down the street, around a corner, and suddenly found themselves back again in the ancient churchyard where they had started.

Quinn looked around, imagining that she was Raven, first setting eyes on the eerie yard. "I can certainly believe that this is it. It's sure creepy enough." The moonlight cast long, bone-white shadows on the old brick and stone walls. The tombstones in the nearby graveyard jutted up like broken teeth. "Look!" she pointed at the ground near the church wall. "The ground over there is all trampled."

On the ground, a faint discoloration stained the dirt and stones of the alley. Vanessa dropped to her hands and knees, and began sniffing the ground. Her nostrils dilated and her head tilted back. Her heightened vampire sense of smell kicked in. Her pupils became vertical slits. "She was here!" she hissed. "And they went that way!"

Vanessa crawled, on all fours, down the alley. After only a few feet of travel, however, she stood, swayed, and collapsed, as if punched in the gut, moaning.

"What is it, Nessy?" said Quinn, running to her side, horrified. "Are you alright?"

"Ohhh, they were here, they were here!" moaned Vanessa. "I can smell the death, the feeding. The Feeder took her, eviscerated her, right here!" Her eyes rolled up in her head. She clutched her sides and rolled on the ground.

"It's okay, darling, it's okay," said Quinn, patting Vanessa's forehead. "It's okay, baby." Eventually Vanessa crawled to her feet.

"It was horrible," she said, her face a mask of pain. "I could smell the death, the fear, the decay. It was a Feeder, and it killed her, right here!" She shuddered.

"Can you tell what happened next?" asked Quinn, her eyes wide.

"Let's see," said Vanessa, getting back down on her hands and knees, and sniffing the ground. "She went this way, I think," she said, as she followed the scent down the alley. "Just the Feeder, though. I don't smell Raven at all anymore." As they passed under the moon shadow of the ancient church bell tower, Vanessa suddenly jerked her head up. "This is it! This is as far as she got!" She looked around. There was a low hedge on the other side of the alley. Vanessa shook uncontrollably as she stared at the hedge. "Over there, Quinn. Over there. Please check it out. I don't think I can."

Quinn walked slowly over to the hedge, her senses heightened. It was waist high and poorly trimmed. She peered into it, rustled the branches, but it gave up no secrets. She walked around the back of the hedge, and suddenly retched. Doubling over, she clamped a hand to her mouth, and came running back to the alley.

"What is it? What did you see?" asked Vanessa.

Quinn vomited for several minutes before she could answer. "A Feeder," she said. "What's left of a Feeder." The spasms continued to shake her body.

Continued in Chapter 4...

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