tagRomanceThe Letter: Preparations Ch. 01

The Letter: Preparations Ch. 01


Dedicated to Mac. Thank you for believing.

Thank you to drksideofthemoon and AsylumSeeker for helping me edit and pointing me in the right direction.


I am preparing for my date with you tonight, just a casual dinner and a movie kind of date. It won't be anything too formal or fancy, just allowing us time out to relax and enjoy each other's company. We have been dating for quite a while now, around six months. I think you might be the one. Am I one hundred percent positive? Well not yet, but do you ever really know for sure? Is it an innate knowledge? Some instinct that we are born with that says, 'Yes, you are the one!'

The fact is we haven't slept together yet. There is no doubt that we both want to take the next step. Our scorching hot glances at each other and our searing kisses leave little doubt. Sometimes when you hold me close, I can feel your erection straining against me, a testament that you want me as much as I want you. So why haven't we had sex? What are we waiting for, some divine sign? To be honest I think we both feel that this is the real thing. We don't want to rush and make a mistake, or do anything that could be jeopardise this thing growing between us.

We want a lot of the same things; companionship, trust, fidelity, a home to fill with children's laughter somewhere down the line. We hold a lot of the same values and beliefs. We mesh so well together. Don't get me wrong, we don't agree on everything. Wouldn't that be dull? We agree to disagree on the small stuff and work out the big things together. We try to work out any disagreements as fast as possible, not allowing petty resentments to grow.

I am so sure of you. I hope you feel the same about me. You are the man I think... No, I know I could spend the rest of my life with. I want a life with you. It's your babies I want to carry when the time is right.

Anyway I am a bit off track here my love. You are coming here after you finish work. I have already finished for the day. I was lucky to be given a paid half day today. There was an occupational health and safety workshop, and as I had already done this particular course, I got to leave early.

I thought a little retail therapy would take my mind off my ever-present urge to rip your clothes off as soon as you walk through my door. I want something pretty and feminine, sexy, just like the way I feel when you look at me.

I shopped until I found the one that had 'buy me' written all over it. A delightful chiffon top that ties around the neck, leaving my shoulders bare. Gathered and moulded to my breasts, the material covering them is lined. Flowing down from there are two layers of fluttering chiffon that in the right light become seductively see though. Worn with a formal skirt the top would not look out of place in the most expensive restaurant. Teamed with a casual pair of jeans like I plan to wear tonight will give an equally casual but, no less striking effect.

With my outfit chosen for our date tonight all picked out it's time for me to go home and pamper myself. I turn my stereo on softly and run an aromatic bubble bath in my favourite fragrance, grab a book, immerse myself in the steaming hot water and luminous white frothy bubbles. I lose myself in the story, letting the heat of the water soothe and relax me as I read. As my mind wanders from the happy ending in the book, I start to think about tonight. Will tonight be the night we make love at last?

The doubts come then, the ones that ask me if I will be good enough for you. I push these thoughts to the back of my head. I love you and you love me, these doubts are unworthy of us both. I don't want a single thought like this in my head when we do join our bodies together.

I am driven to remind myself of all the positive things you says to me. How you love the curves of my body, and how to you I am absolutely perfect. Even the things I don't like you love. You say I am all woman to you and that you love everything about me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. You tell me I am beautiful inside and out. The heat in your eyes when you look at me gives testament to your words. I think I am passably pretty, not stunningly beautiful or anything like that, but pretty. I have my ugly days, but don't we all?

To me, you are everything a man should be. Most people would call you an average Joe, but you're not to me. I love how the few inches in height you have on me allows us to fit together in a nice way. I love how safe and secure I feel in your arms. I know that you love it when I wear heels; that it turns you on and also that you like us being almost eye to eye.

I love the contour of your lips and your gorgeous eyes. Every time I see you I could gaze into them forever or devour your mouth with mine. I adore your hands. I spend large amounts of time dreaming about them gliding over my body, imagining how each caress would feel.

I love to run my fingers through your hair. Sometimes when you forget to get it cut, it flops down over your eyes in and adorable manner. You pout a little and say, "Ah hell, I forgot to get it cut again!" You in turn love to run your fingers through the silken strands of my hair.

Feeling the water cool, I grab my big fluffy towel. With a gentle motion I rub it over me, absorbing the water droplets rolling down my body. My breasts tingle as I run the towel over my nipples one at a time. I feel the heat zing all the way to my womb. After drying everywhere else I run the cloth between my legs. Sensations rock through me as it passes over my clit.

I remind myself that you will be here soon and I had better start getting ready. Wrapping the towel around myself I pad to my bedroom. I grab some body lotion, one of your favourite scents of course. Letting the towel fall to the floor, I begin to massage it into my body, all the while wishing it was your hands caressing me instead of my own. I select a perfume off my dresser that matches my lotion and spray it in the air, letting the soft, subtle, floral scent drift over me.

I am feeling very sexy today. So as I search through my underwear drawer, I pull out a tiny scrap of black lace. Sliding it up over my legs I check in the mirror to see if it looks okay. I figure no matter how it looks you will love it if you get to see it.

I look through my cosmetics for the right combination to get a light and subtle but sexy look. Nothing too full on for tonight being that it's just dinner and the movies. I pull my hair back, leaving a few wisps free to frame my face.

Searching through my closet I find just the right pair of jeans to wear. After I tug them on I pick up my new top off the bed and slide it over my head, zip up, and tie it firmly behind my neck.

Once I am finished dressing for our date I grab my towel off the floor and toss it in the clothes hamper. I do a quick walk-through of my place to make sure everything is where it should be. I head back to my room to find some shoes when my phone rings.

It's you!

"Babe, I 'm stuck in traffic," you say. "There's been an accident! I'm not sure how long I'll be. Some fool jack-knifed his truck across the road and, with this being peak rush hour traffic, I could be a while. But I'll be there as soon as I can."

"I say, "Okay Hun, not much you can do about it. I'll see you when you get here." As I hang up the phone a sigh of disappointment escapes me. I know it will be a fair while before you get here.

In need of something to occupy the time until you get here I turn the stereo on to my favourite radio station and wander from room to room. I decide to write you a letter, telling you how ready I am for the next step. I grab some stationery from my bedside drawers and curl up on my bed.

Pen in hand I start to write; all the words that I have been keeping inside flowing on to the paper. As I am writing to you my head grows heavy, the pen slips from my fingers and I fall asleep.

When you get to my home you knock several times. After receiving no answer you grab my hidden key and let yourself in. Pulling the door shut behind you, you move from room to room softly calling out my name.

You find me in my room curled up asleep on my bed, pen lying forgotten near my hand. As you pick up the paper and pen to move them to my bedside drawers, your name jumps out at you. As you read my words, you realise I am as ready for the next step as you are. You decide tonight will be the night. The suddenness of the decision leaves no room for doubts, to do anything but feel.

My letter goes something like this.....

I think about you all the time. I wonder how it would feel to have your hands on my body, how you would react to the feel of my hands on yours. I dream about you all the time...

I dream about you cupping my cheek in the palm of your hand, caressing softly before sliding your hand around to the nape of my neck and tugging me gently closer.

I dream about the feel of your lips as you ever so lightly touch them to my forehead my eyes, my nose. I want so much to feel your lips on mine. Can you feel the want, the need radiating from me?

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