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The Librarian


My college career was fast coming to an end as most students left campus for Spring break. Another six weeks and it would be all over and I would be on my way to Florida to begin my teaching career. I hurried up the steps of the library for my evening shift as a librarian assistant. I had to supplement my G I Bill income with a student work job and working at the library was way better than the construction job I had during my junior year. Miss Hamm, the head librarian, checked her watch as I entered the building to verify that I was on time for my shift.

Miss Hamm had been the head librarian at the university for as long as anyone could remember. If you saw her you would surely say that she must be a librarian. She was in her forties, a spinster who only wore clothes that were some shade of black, white, or gray. Her hair was always done in some fashion of a bun on top of her head.

She wore black framed horn-rimmed glasses on a chain around her neck, no make-up or perfume. She was probably the most non-descript person I have ever known, she was neither pretty nor ugly, she was just plain. The only adornment she wore was a single strand of pearls. She loved reading the poetry of Keats, Byron, and Shelley but I also found a number of well read trashy novels like Tobacco Road and Peyton Place in the bottom drawer of her desk.

On one occasion she showed me to the room where "sensitive" materials were kept and could only be accessed by special permission for research. Once in the room I saw a number of first edition books, original maps and manuscripts, and private letters from historical people in North Carolina. Among the items was a beautiful book containing, Kama Sutra prints. She put on a pair of gloves and opened several prints of men with engorged cocks entering women's exposed cunts in various sexual positions. I could easily see that she was turned on by the pictures and showing them to me. Her face was flushed and her breasts heaved as she tried to breathe. She attempted to tell me how rare and valuable they were but I knew she was getting off on the experience. I told her about my seeing the paintings of more than ninety sexual positions on the walls of bordellos in Pompey, Italy. Still flushed and breathing heavily she could only comment, "Oh my!" I brought the topic back to the Kama Sutra by asking if she had a favorite one. She didn't answer but said, "We need to get back to the front desk." As we left the small room I made sure she had to brush against me going out the door.

There were very few students in the library that evening so I took a cart of books into the stacks to put them back on the shelves. Miss Hamm would usually remind me to pay attention to the correct order so the next person would be able to find the right book in a timely manner. I knew the Dewy Decimal System but more and more I was finding that Miss Hamm would show up to "check" my filing and that she would often end up close to me.

She seemed to enjoy me sharing my pictures and stories of the time I spent overseas with the Army. I had traveled to England and Scotland and could describe the areas where her favorite poets had lived, wrote many of their poems, and romanced many women of the time. She would hook a finger in the single strand of pearls and would move them back and forth as I told her of my travels. I noticed that her forearm would frequently move lightly across her breasts and she would blush as I reminded her of their reputation for womanizing.

I heard the elevator doors open as I finished putting the last books on the shelf. Miss Hamm rolled out an empty cart to start pulling books to put on reference for one of the professors. The first books were on the top shelf so she called my name and asked if I could help her reach some of the books she needed.

Instead of moving to her side and reaching the books she needed I moved directly behind her and reached over her shoulder to remove the books from the top shelf and hand them to her to put on the cart. The front of my body was against her back. I could feel her girdle clad firm round bottom against my thighs. I lowered my face close to her neck so she could feel my breath. When she shivered from my breath on her skin I asked if it made her nipples hard. She scolded me but it was half hearted scolding at best. I lowered my hands to her hips and pulled her closer against me. I whispered, "I often think about my lips on your hard nipples." She took a deep breath as I lowered my lips to her neck. She didn't move.

My hands began pulling her skirt up to explorer her secrets only to find that she was wearing a full girdle that went from the top of her stockings to her waist. It was almost like armor plating, less for support and more for protection. My lips worked up and down her neck. One hand moved under her sweater as the other one tried to find even a small opening in her armor. Both attempts were unsuccessful in finding bare skin. My left hand massaged her breasts through her bra and my right hand found a crease in the material covering her crotch. My fingers worked in the warmth and wetness of the crease as she melted against me and began to moan and sigh. I whispered my desire to taste her nectar and inhale her aroma. Her body shuddered and almost went limp. Her chest heaved trying to catch her breath then she sighed before pushing my hand from under her skirt. Again she made a half hearted attempt at scolding me as I lifted my finger to my nose for a hint of her scent.

We heard a door open to the stacks but before letting go I told her, "I work tomorrow night too so wear a garter belt instead of that damn girdle." I took the list of books to be pulled from her hand and kissed her neck again then moved off to get back to work. She stood there for several minutes collecting herself before leaving the stacks. She remained in her office the rest of the evening and thanked me for finishing the pull list and putting them into the reference section before we said "Good night".

The next night was also slow with most of the students gone for the long weekend. I worked the front desk and Miss Hamm stayed in her office. The two other students on duty worked the stacks pulling books or putting them back on the shelves. I was wondering what was going to happen when she came out to the front desk and sent the others home asking if I would stay and put a few new books on the shelf when we locked up. Of course I agreed.

When the last student left Miss Hamm and I moved out to the front. She locked the door as I returned several chairs to under the tables. She turned off the main lights and headed back to her office. As she passed me I reached out and pulled her close and kissed her passionately. My hands moved to cup the cheeks of her ass pulling her against me. I found her soft round ass unencumbered by the girdle she usually wore. After several minutes I broke away and placed her hands on the table beside us and moved behind her. I dropped to my knees and lifted her skirt up to her waist before lowering my head to kiss the backs of her thighs above her stockings then up to her panty covered ass.

My hands moved to the waistband of her panties and pulled them downward over her garter belt. I kissed the soft smooth skin as her panties move over her full hips and cheeks and down her legs. She lifted each foot out and I stood up and faced her as I raised them to my nose to inhale her aroma. "I'm sure Lord Byron could have written a sonnet about your intoxicating aroma and juicy sweet nectar."

We kissed more before I lifted her to the table and pulled up a chair so I could sit between her legs. The look on her face told me that she had no idea what I was going to do but there was no doubt in my mind. I guided her back onto the table and took my seat lifting each of her feet to my shoulders.

The night-lights gave off just enough light for me to see the wet, glistening, pink slit hidden in her thick dark pubic hair. I leaned forward and started licking and kissing her outer lips then working my way inward. My tongue flickered along the bridge that separated her tightly puckered ass from the deep hole where all her sweet juices flowed. I slipped two fingers into her ass just before my tongue settled into licking her clit. Her moaning increased along with the movement of her hips. My lips sucked her clit into my mouth and her hands moved to the back of my head pulling me into her crotch. As the wave of her orgasm subsided my fingers slipped out of her ass. I stood up and dropped my jeans and boxers to the floor before moving onto the table and mounting her.

The feeling of her warmth and wetness was incredible as I moved into her. I was on my knees watching her face and freeing her breasts from the protective bra she wore as I slowly slid my hard cock in and out of her. My fingers and thumbs rolled her hard nipples between them then pulled and pinched them to see what sensation pleased her most. I lowered my faced and suckled her nipples into my lips and teeth. Her hips moved upward to meet each of my thrusts. Her moans got louder as she moved her hips faster and faster. She bit into my shoulder to muffle her sounds and I dumped a load of hot cum into her cunt. We collapsed on the table trying to get our breath. We were soaked with our sweat and bodily fluids as we tried to pull ourselves together before the security patrol made its next round.

"Since the library will be closed tomorrow meet me at the Mountain View Motel early afternoon. I'll get us a room and we will spend the rest of the weekend doing more research." She didn't give a response but as we walked out the door the night security guard approached and greeted us. I walked away as she turned to lock the door. When I turned to look back the security officer was walking her to her car. I thought about my now cold creamy liquid oozing out of her warmth and soaking her panties and wondered if she would meet me at the motel.

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