tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Life of Desiree Ch. 03

The Life of Desiree Ch. 03


Chapter 3 -- A Reward for good service.

Desiree got off work and headed home, it was a good day and she planned to go out and celebrate. When she got home she drew a bath and relaxed in the soapy bubbles, the whirlpool jets stimulating her skin.

Feeling relaxed she leans her head back and starts massaging her soapy breasts lightly with her fingertips, smiling to herself as the pleasure of the jets against her skin and her own fingers relaxed her further.

Desiree's, daughter of the Goddess of Love, surrendered to the pleasurable sensations her body was feeling, giving herself over to it, as is pleasing in the eyes of her goddess.

She continued to manipulate one of her breasts as she moved her pussy in front of one of the jets, gasping softly she turns her head to the side and arches her back as she runs that other hand down her stomach to her warming core. She slightly parts her labia with her fore and middle fingers, just enough for the water jet to slam against her sensitive nub.

When the shock of the water hits she gasps at the sensation of it and twists a nipple slightly setting off the feeling of lightning running strait back down to her heating core. She moaned in pleasure and delight as she slid her finger inside herself, passing off the job of holding herself open to her ring finger now. Gasping hot breaths and mewling sounds of enjoyment filled the bathroom as she worked her middle finger up and down between her lips before slipping it into her sweet honey pot.

Body squirming, she started to have trouble keeping her clit aligned to the pleasurable spray of the water jet. Her clit now enduring short strikes against it, as her tingling body squirmed against her will back and forth. With her middle finger curling and pleasuring her insides she reaches across to her other breast and twists her other nipple causing her core to contract in its now volcanic heat.

Her body is filled with tingling sensation, and her hands become unwieldy as her molten core explodes. She screams out, "Oh Goddess!" as she feels her honey juice flow past her middle finger and through her pussy lips into the warm bath water. Gasping sighs of pleasure inundate the bathroom as she feels a single tear flow down her face at the intensity of the pleasure wracking her half divine nubile body.

As her gasping and twitches slowly stopped, she finished her bath with light strokes of the loofah sponge against her creamy white porcelain sensitive skin. She dried off her body then brushed out her long silken strawberry blonde curls, her bright sparkling jade green eyes looked back at her from the mirror.

It is still early in the evening to go out so she put on a silk robe and headed into the kitchen for a light meal while trying to decide what club to go to. She was fairly sure she had a free night and she would not let it would not go to waste. Finishing dinner she headed back to the bedroom and disrobed.

She decided on a club so heads over to her closet to put on a mini-skirt and a half shirt she knew would leave her tight stomach on display. That is when she felt the call from her Goddess. She found herself moving across the large closet from the mini-skirts and pulling down a fresh pristine white dress that would hug her figure.

It was a beautiful dress with little adornment on it, as she slipped it on it caressed her body going down. It was strapless with built in support so she went without a bra, it was also long enough to go down to her knees so she skipped the panties as well. She stepped into a pair of 4 inch heels that were a creamy white.

She knew this dress, what it meant. Some human had pleased her mother, and she would be the reward. At least, that is what happened the last 2 times she had worn it. Smiling in fond memory of those 2 encounters she put her hair up in an elaborate bun at her vanity desk. She did not feel the urge to wear makeup. Her perfect natural skin was what the situation called for.

She would go in lieu of the Goddess, in a pure dress and a clean unadorned body to match. No perfume either as her natural scents would be more than enough to ensnare the chosen mortal. Unlike most nights she would not be hiding what she was and she would go as who she was. This mortal would be trusted, at least as far as seeing her true appearance.

She did not get upset about her plans being interrupted. She was here to serve her Goddess and was looking forward to her encounter tonight. She grinned as she thought that her Goddesses and her aims for the night weren't different at all. Her mother's plans just took priority. She took care of some normal every day things, like paying bills and straightening up while waiting for guidance to tell her it was time to go.

She felt it and headed for the front door and was led down to her car. She was guided through the streets of Chicago until she came up to a new upscale club. It took her a minute to find a parking spot about a block away and she walked back to the door.

Simple white dress, no makeup, no earrings or other jewelry, Desiree still just simply walked in the front door unchallenged. The bouncer may have unhooked the rope a little slowly, but only so he could check her out a little longer. Surprised at her reception again due to her nature, though she shouldn't be, knowing how her beauty affected the mortals around her even without aura.

She was just not designed to be arrogant and snobbish. No matter how often she was favored with good service most others couldn't get. Smiling her thanks she swept past gracefully and entered the club. She felt no urge or prompting within so she headed to the bar and ordered a drink.

It made sense that she would find a follower of Aphrodite here. She knew that such a person would be in this club to spread love and pleasure to their fellow mortals. She decided to just enjoy the atmosphere and wait for guidance so she settled down, relaxed, and sipped her drink.

Before she could finish her first drink, a mortal walked up to her which was surprising. Not to say she was never hit on, but it was rare a man took a shot at her. They would usually think she was either out of their league, which wasn't true, or that she had to be already taken.

What was even more surprising is when she saw him walking up her mouth went dry and she felt flush. He was about 6'2" and 200 pounds, broad shoulders, short blonde hair and blue eyes. He was staring right at her as he closed in, a hint of a smile at the corner of his lips.

He said while holding his hand out, "I'm Mike and I need to be dancing with the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, so how about it?"

It was the one of the cheesiest lines she had ever heard, and she was waiting for guidance, so she started to look up into his eyes to say no but two things happened at the same time. Her pussy twitched as she looked into them and immediately after she felt guidance to go dance with him.

Desiree said, "Yes," realizing as it came out that she sounded like a confused schoolgirl. She put her hand in the one he held out and said more firmly with a twinkle in her eyes, "Lets."

She felt him squeeze her hand lightly and she checked out his aura. She had felt the guidance but her immediate lust and the fact he put her off her normal poise surprised her. So much that she had to check and make sure he wasn't a demon or demi-god even though she already knew he couldn't be. Her mother would never lead her to one unless it was to counter them.

She also wondered why she didn't get the signal until he had asked her to dance. One last test before the reward perhaps? He read human, nothing supernatural about him, but he was the mortal she was here for, a reward for him. She wanted to take him right there but firmly reminded herself she didn't want to spend a night in the pokey, so she danced.

He had a strength and surety in dancing that made it feel effortless. She was normally a very good dancer anyway, but it usually took effort, with him it was an easy grace. They did flips and carries and she was enjoying herself immensely. She usually did on missions and even on her personal nights on the town, but this felt like another level of attraction.

He apparently had stamina as well. It was not until after the fourth song that he asked if she wanted a drink.

"Sounds good, love one."

He led her over to a table and pulled out a chair for her then flagged down a waitress and ordered them drinks.

They started chatting, she learned that he was new in Chicago and had heard about this place from one of the guys he works with. He is a new foreman on a couple of the larger projects going on around the city. That explains how in shape he is she thought as they simply enjoyed each other's company while sharing some drinks.

After 2 drinks they danced some more for a while and then returned to the table. The more Desiree talked with and learned about this man, the more powerful the unusually intense attraction was. She was actually a little concerned about it. She usually fell in love with her mission target for the night. But in this case it felt like it would be more than that, which shouldn't be, right?

As the club wound down they decided to dance a few more songs before heading out. He had already invited her to come see his home and she had accepted a little breathlessly, thinking of getting this man alone. She did not think she was wrong that he seemed to be as into her as she was into him.

After the dances they were breathless and smiling as they walked out, she discovered he took the El to get here so she let him drive her car to his home. He lived in a nice two story house right outside of Chicago close to a Metra line, it was definitely upper middle class.

Not that it mattered to her, she was ridiculously wealthy, she may have looked 19 but she was 32 and had accumulated a lot due to her sales expertise at her job. She wondered why she was even thinking about that. She was the reward for this mortal who had impressed the gods. She was here for one night, right?

She was a demi-goddess of Love, Beauty, Pleasure and Procreation. That was her life, and she spent it spreading the joys of her Goddess one night at a time, falling in love for a night at a time to spread her blessings. She didn't need more in her life, she was complete as she was, wasn't she?

He opened the car door for her and helped her out with a hand, this kind of over the top chivalry usually annoyed her, but for some reason she wanted to swoon to get inside those strong arms. She privately poked fun at herself as she followed him into the house.

He actually gave her a short tour of the house, she thought it was cute, but when they made it to the hot tub out by the back porch he suggested they go in. He said he would be right back so she looked around. The yard was huge and had a privacy thicket or high privacy fence covering the sides. The back led to some woods, so unless some teens were around it was very private.

The hot tub looked like it could hold at least 8 people. Steam was rising from the clear water until Mike came back and hit the switch on the way out the door, filling it with bubbles. Turning around she saw he had a robe on, a spare robe over his arm, two wine glasses and a freshly opened bottle of white.

She smiled and while looking into his eyes she loosened her dress and let it fall to the floor. She was completely naked as she stepped out of her shoes. She was gratified to see his reaction, filled with lust as he took in her form but not leering. She felt as if her body was being caressed by his eyes as he placed the wine and glasses next to the hot tub without looking away and removed his own robe.

Desiree's pussy twitched as she took in his form, he was extremely muscular and in shape. More about the definition of muscles though, they were not huge. She almost gasped when she saw his tool. It was large already but still flaccid, hanging down from his middle.

She turned and walked for the hot tub, moving slowly. She smiled as his eyes devoured her naked flesh. She was in no hurry to hide from his eyes, so instead of sitting down right away she lingered, her nipples tightening in the slightly cool air under his gaze. She poured wine into the two glasses and only sat down after handing the second glass to Mike as he got in beside her.

There was no speech, no banter as this went on, just two people admiring the other's flesh. When she sat down she sighed in pleasure at the heat of the water against her nubile flesh, her breasts floating on the water, the tops peaking out of the swirling bubbles.

She smiled and said with enthusiasm, "This is wonderful, you must be out here a lot. It's quiet and relaxing."

He sat down close to her, their bodies almost touching. Her heart beat faster.

He said, "Except in the winter I imagine, when there is 2 feet of snow, I spend a lot of time out here so far. It seems like a good neighborhood and no one bothers me."

She felt his hand rest on her thigh as they took a sip of wine. Normally at this point she would make a move. It was what she did after all. Lean into him a bit and start kissing, or simply grabbing his cock and start pleasuring him. Although her pussy twitched at this thought, strangely that idea did not feel right, he had been taking the lead all night from the moment he held out his hand. She was content for that to continue.

She restrained herself and enjoyed the feel of his hand on her thigh and took another sip of wine. She did however reciprocate at the level he set by putting her hand over his and squeezing, then leaving it there, content to wait. She was in no way nervous just content to let him set the pace.

It didn't take long for him to lean into her and claim her lips. He moaned into her mouth as their lips touched. They found their rhythm quickly for a first kiss and she felt him deepen it. When she felt him tease her lips with light swipes of his tongue she eagerly parted her lips accepting his tongue inside. The taste of him made her whimper into his mouth and her legs spread unconsciously in silent invitation.

He ran his hand to her inner thigh and teased her flesh with his fingertips, so close to her core but she was denied. Lust ignited within her and she silently begged him with her increasingly desperate kiss to take her with his fingers. He gasped into her mouth as she slipped her hand off his and ran it along his inner thigh, returning the teasing caresses and strokes.

She needed him to claim her, she wanted to surrender her body to him and she couldn't do that if she took charge. She was bursting with lust however and not taking him was getting painful. Seconds before she would have given up to the lust and taken him instead, he broke the kiss away from her lips and trailed kisses across her neck. He nipped her earlobe as he finally claimed her core with his fingertips.

His large finger slid into her easily despite her tightness which made her gasp out, "Oh Goddess thank you."

She slid her hand up his inner thigh and stopped to tease his balls lightly with her long nails, drawing a gasp and a nip of her neck before taking his now rock hard member in her hand. She lovingly stroked it up and down under the water, enjoying the feel of it against her palm as he fed her pussy with another finger and started to slide his fingers in and out.

She gasped out, "Oh that's so good, don't stop, please don't stop."

He didn't stop, in fact he started to manipulate her clit with his thumb, grazing it lightly each time he buried his fingers into her core.

She heard him moan out, "OH Desiree, I can't hold it anymore."

She felt his cock swell in her hand as she brought him off under the water. His gasps drove her over the edge and her honey pot tightened down on his fingers as she gasped out in pleasure. The water jets felt over stimulating as they massaged her now tingling body throwing her over the edge into bliss.

Returning to reality from the paradise of her orgasm, Desiree sidled up to him and gave him a kiss and a sigh of contentment. Goddess she loved this man and his body was definitely worthy of her lust, hoping this was just an appetizer she caressed the back of his neck with her fingernails while kissing his neck.

When she was done with that and went to kiss him she noticed she had somehow jumped onto his lap and straddled him without remembering doing it at all.

She grinned impishly and said, "Hi there."

His return smile hit her heart like an avalanche.

He said in a low soft voice, "Let me show you my bedroom."

She nodded to him and was going to get off of him so they could get out, but he just lifted her up in his arms as he stood up, and then kissed her senseless before carrying her out of the hot tub. They got into the robes which were thick and would dry them quickly.

Seeming determined not to let her out of his arms he swept her back up for more kissing and caressing while they waited to be dry enough to go in. She sat in his lap sideways her left breast crushed against his chest as they exchanged kisses. They were passionate but with less urgency than earlier. Their recent release had her anticipation for the rest of the night purring like a kitten in her core.

When they were dry enough he got up then set her down carefully on feet. Taking her hand he led her into the house and up the stairs. She hadn't gotten to see the upstairs yet, the earlier tour only encompassing the lower level. She could feel it as they neared the master bedroom down the hallway, there was an altar dedicated to her goddess in that room.

Goddess she loved this man.

That thought brought her up short. She hadn't meant that in a divine way, a way to give her Divine Love, Beauty and Lust that sprung from Aphrodite for a night with a mortal. That thought came from her mortal half, and it frightened her, she had never in her 32 years felt this type of love. She lived and breathed the Love of her goddess, but, not this kind, not the permanent mark on her soul kind.

She must be mistaken, confused. She was his, but only for tonight. That is how it worked.

Luckily he was facing forward or he would have seen the expression of confusion and fear on her face as he led her to the bedroom, she covered it up quickly and decided to deal with it later. Either way, Love or love, she was his for the night, and that was enough right now for her to come to grips with herself.

They walked through the door and she took his room in. There was a king size bed across the room a little to the left against the center of the wall, strait ahead against the wall on her right was an antique oak dresser that spanned half the length of the wall. To the left there were two doors, probably the closet and bathroom, but they were closed.

She took a couple of steps in and looked over her left shoulder at the wall across from the bed. There was a large armoire directly across from the foot of the bed, the doors were open. On the bottom she saw numerous unused candles and other paraphernalia. On a shelf about waist high there was a beautiful 2 foot high statue of Aphrodite surrounded by smaller statues of people getting it on.

When she turned back Mike looked nervous since the first time she ever saw him, so she tilted her head wondering why.

He said, "Yeah, some girls go running thinking I'm a psycho about now because I have an altar in my bedroom. But I am not. Psycho that is. This is for the Goddess Aphrodite, who is the goddess of love. Nothing crazy in that."

Desiree now understood, she never even gave that a second thought considering who she was, but she guessed for a mortal woman who doesn't believe in the gods? That could be strange, or even scary if you have an overactive imagination. No wonder he looks nervous. The fact he won't hide it despite the bad reactions and he was faithful to the Goddess got her wet.

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