tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Life of the Party

The Life of the Party


I was twenty, in the Navy and on liberty in a sleazy porn theater.

I was watching fucking and sucking on the big screen and I was really getting horny. My cock was straining against my Navy blues, longing to be free.

I looked around the dark theater and several of the patrons were jacking off so I thought, "What the Hell," and quickly popped open enough buttons to ensure my cock's freedom.

I quickly grabbed it and pointed in downward, scooting down in my seat in an effort to be discreet.

I was so turned on that cum immediately started shooting out of my cock, on the floor and my pants. Then it happened. Click, the camera and the flash exploded in my face.

I was blinded by the light and when my eyes adjusted I saw a big Asian guy who resembled a Sumo Wrestler smiling down at me.

He grabbed me by my collar and pulled me from my seat. I could hear sighs of relief and zippers zipping up, all over the theater. He dragged me up the aisle, into the lobby, and into the manager's office.

"Caught another one," he explained to the beautiful, middle-aged lady sitting behind the manager's desk.

"When will these assholes ever learn?" he asked her, sitting me down in a chair and taking my identification.

She had a cruel smile on her face. Her hair was black and she had steel blue eyes. She was full-figured and her ample breasts spilled out over her low cut blouse.

"Well, cutie-pie," We've got you good, committing an indecent act in public, a photo of you with your fly unbuttoned, cock hanging out, dripping with cum, naughty, naughty!" She said mockingly.

"Listen," I protested, "almost every guy in that theater was jacking off. What's the big deal and why me?"

"Because I want you," She replied. "Those other jack-offs don't interest me but I noticed you the minute you walked into the theater. Handsome, well built. Just the kind of guy I was looking for!"

"I don't get it," I replied. "A woman like you could have her pick of a dozen men. Why go to all this trouble?"

"You don't understand sweetie," She answered. "I didn't choose you for a quick fuck.

I wanted to threaten you, so you would do anything I wanted to avoid scandal, court martial, dishonorable discharge and imprisonment, not to mention being labeled a sex offender and having to register and get your neighbors' permission to live on their street."

My head was spinning. She was right. I was in a whole lot of trouble. She had me just where she wanted me and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it.

"What do you want from me?" I asked.

"All in good time, honey," She chided. "Let's just do this on a need to know basis. Don't think you can run away. I have your ID, where you are stationed, and the incriminating photograph."

The first thing I want you to do," she continued, "is to come to my home next Saturday evening at exactly 8pm. You are to wear civilian clothing and bring two large pizzas, one with everything, the other with pepperoni and sausage. Here is my address. Do I make myself clear?"

"Y-yes," I stammered.

Whack! I felt her hand slap my face.

"That's yes Mistress," She calmly instructed.

"Yes Mistress," I repeated.

"Very good," she replied. "Now get the fuck out of here and remember, I have a copy of your identification and the picture.

Should you fail to show up next Saturday, I will notify the police and your commanding officer."

My wallet was returned to me and I was allowed to leave with her home address in my pocket. I returned to the base.

I spent the whole week trying to figure out how to get myself out of this predicament.

There was no way out. She could ruin my life and she knew it. I decided to go along with whatever she had in mind.

Finally Saturday evening arrived. I put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, picked up two pizzas as ordered and caught a cab to her place.

I rang the doorbell and she answered.

"Eight pm on the dot, good boy," She stated. "Now drop your pants and underwear, grab hold of your cock and pump it till it's hard, pick up the pizza and follow me."

It was difficult walking with my pants down around my ankles, sporting a hard on and balancing two pizzas at once but somehow I managed it.

She led me to an outside patio and my eyes bulged when I noticed six girls skinny dipping in the pool.

"Look what I found ladies!" she announced to the group of girls. "Looks like we have a peeping pizza boy. I caught him looking out the window at you and playing with himself. What shall we do with this pervert?"

The girls laughed and giggled when they saw my ridiculousness. Some pointed and whispered to their girlfriends, others squealed with excitement.

"Let's call the police!" one girl shouted.

"No, let's teach him a lesson!" another screamed.

"Teach him a lesson?" my mistress asked, "What shall we do?"

"I know, "said one of the young girls, "Let's show him what it's like to be a girl!"

"Yes, yes," they all agreed.

"Let's turn him into a sissy. Shave him, dress him in frilly clothes, and then apply makeup and a wig." A forth girl giggled.

They all laughed and attacked me.

Soon I was stripped completely naked, and shaved from my eyebrows down.

Next sweet smelling lotions were rubbed into my freshly shaven skin. They fondled and teased me, squeezing my throbbing cock and pinching my ass and nipples.

I felt completely humiliated. I was being emasculated by a group of young girls and there was nothing I could do about it. I knew any resistance would lead to my arrest and worse.

Next came the nylons and garter belt, then the matching bra and panties.

I felt like a complete fool, but strangely enough, I was also terribly aroused.

I noticed my mistress smiled at me. She had set this whole thing up. Why?

Now the makeup was being applied and a blond wig was fastened in place.

The girls were laughing and verbally teasing me by saying things like; "Oh, isn't she pretty!" or "Look at this sissy, isn't she adorable?"

"Now what shall we do with him?" one of the girls asked.

At this point my mistress interrupted and said, "Well, he kind of looks likes a girl, but he needs to know how it feels to be a girl. Shelly, in the top drawer of my dresser you will find a strap on dildo, go get it.

We will let him know what it feels like to suck a cock and get fucked!"

All the girls laughed and screamed at this remark as Shelly ran upstairs to find the dildo. I was then laid across a large hassock, on my stomach to await my fate.

I felt so helpless! These girls were having the time of their lives at my expense. They hadn't bothered to put their clothes on after getting out of the pool and their jiggling tits and sweet butts were keeping me in a continual state of arousal!

They would tease me until a little pre-cum would form at the tip of my cock, and then they would stop and scoop it up with their fingers and wipe it across my painted lips.

"All good girls should learn to like the taste of cum" they would chide.

Shelly had returned with the strap on and handed it to my mistress.

"Now watch carefully girls," My mistress told them. "Watch and learn how to properly break a man's will and make him your plaything!"

All of the girls were laughing and giggling as my mistress prepared to do me.

After strapping the dildo in place, she walked around in front of me, dangling the dildo in my face.

"I recommend you suck this cock real good. You don't want to take it in your little man-pussy dry." She told me.

I realized I still had no choice. I opened my mouth and began to suck, while the girls laughed and encouraged me with words like: "Oh yes, suck it faggot," and "Gee, she's good at this, I'll bet she's sucked cock before!"

I was mortified but I knew the final insult was yet to come.

After slobbering as much as I could on the rubber dildo, I felt it withdraw from my mouth, my jaws aching, as my mistress slowly inserted it into my ass.

God it hurt! My screams and protests only brought laughter from my audience.

"Come on now, such a fuss, girls do this all the time. Don't be such a sissy," they teased.

I kept trying to relax and not fight the ten inch dildo that was now more than half way up my ass. Then a strange thing happened. The pain was gone. It was replaced with a very pleasurable feeling.

"What the fuck?" I thought to myself. "Am I queer? This feels good?" I could feel the tip of the dildo massaging my prostate. "Oh my god!" I thought, "I'm cumming!" And cum I did, all over my stomach and the hassock.

My moans of pleasure brought clapping and cheering from the girls.

Then, after sucking each girl's pussy and thanking them for teaching me a lesson, I was allowed to leave.

My mistress pulled me aside and said, "Don't worry about the police or the photograph. I got what I wanted. Thank you for making my niece's eighteenth birthday party such a success. I though just an ordinary male stripper would be so "last year".

I headed back to the base, jaw and ass aching, but relieved that I had avoided the threat of arrest and prosecution. Now my only problem was how to explain my feminine attire to the guys at the main gate.

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