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The Lingerie Shop


I wanted to go shopping for something special, So I visited a small boutique I won't say where , somewhere I've never been to before. I browsed the racks and other displays, and selected several appealing items. I found a very sexy matching sheer bra, thong, and suspender belt, black silk stockings, 4-inch black heels with ankle straps, a sexy light blouse that really displays my cleavage and a tight black skirt with a 5-inch rear slit. The skirt covers about 2 inches below the stocking lace when I'm standing but anyone can tell I'm wearing stockings from the rear when I walk and when I sit I feel very dangerous!

I was so excited and nervous as I shopped that I couldn't hide it from the sales girl. She assisted me with my selections and said to let her know if I needed any help. I went to the dressing room to try everything on, but it was occupied. She saw me standing impatiently and asked if I needed help. I told her that the dressing room was occupied...and that I had to use the ladies room and maybe I should go. She asked if I'd mind using the employee's dressing room/toilets in the back of the store. I had to go pretty bad so I agreed. The dressing room had an adjoining washroom and I felt much relieved after using it. Only one problem the dressing room didn't lock and the washroom was too cramped, so I hurried to undress and try on my things. There was a large triple-mirror where I could see how my things fit. I undressed, hanging my clothes on a hook and piling my lingerie on top. I tried on the thong and it fit a bit snug. It rode high on the hips and dipped low in the front and back. I turned to check the back strip and admired the way it separated my buttocks. Turning again to the front, I pulled up the side straps, looked at my pussy bulge and was so pleased that I had shaved.

Next I tried on the bra. It hooks in the front and the shoulder straps are attached wide and the sheer underwire cups lift and push my breasts together to accentuate their fullness and show off my cleavage. I looked in the mirror and was glad that it didn't fit too tight or create any unattractive bulges. My nipples were visible through the sheer material.

I wasn't sure what to try on next. I put on the stockings, sat on The bench and unrolled each stocking past my knees and up my thighs, enjoying the silky feeling. The lace tops stopped a couple inches below my panties. I put on the suspender belt and slipped on my heels, fastened the ankle straps, and stood in front of the mirror to make sure my stockings were straight. I took it all in...How the bra displayed my breasts, the Y of the thong, and how the heels and stockings made my legs look so sexy. I began to readjust the length of each garter and they were giving me so much trouble!

Just then the sales girl peeked in the door behind me and asked how I was doing! Here I was, half bent over fiddling with the garters, and on display for this young lady. Flustered and embarrassed, I asked if she would help me adjust the garters. She said she'd be more than happy to help and her name was Jenny. I watched her reflection in the mirrors as she walked over. She smiled as she told me her name and started making small talk as she began to help me. I fidgeted as she tried to adjust the straps, feeling a strange woman touching me. She told me to stand still and let her do the adjustments, and she smiled as I obeyed.

Jenny complimented me on my selections and told me how sexy I looked. She asked if I was buying these for my husband or boyfriend and when I replied for a friend, she gave me a mischievous smile. When she finished adjusting the garter belt, she told me how she liked the way my lingerie enhanced my figure and placed her hands on my waist and then slid them down the outside of my hips. She could feel Goosebumps on my skin.

Then she had me turn away from the mirror so she could look at my rear reflection in the mirror. She moved around me and I watched as she slipped her finger under the back garter to emphasize how it flattered my buttocks. I looked in the mirror and liked how the thong and garter belt divided my butt and thighs into appetizing sections.

She turned me toward the mirror again. I watched as she stood behind me and slipped her fingers beneath the side straps of the thong and pulled it up beneath the garter belt and tighter into my pussy. Then she moved her fingertips lower...just until she could feel the heat of my pussy! My body reacted to her subtle touches, perfume, and soft voice. She felt me tremble...and I knew she could feel my wetness growing.

She then reached up and adjusted the bra straps. Her boldness really surprised me as she continued sliding her fingertips beneath the elastic and around my breasts. Her fingertips circled my nipples, feeling my nipples becoming erect, I looked into the mirror...watching my involuntary reactions to her touch. When my eyes met hers, she smiled and stepped back saying that I looked perfect for my lover!

Smiling, she asked if there was anything else that she could help me with. Feeling uncomfortable in these surroundings and not sure what to say, I thanked her for her help. She told me to let her know if I change my mind, then she left. I almost immediately regretted my decision because I was so turned on. I stood there for a moment, gazing at my erect excited nipples and damp pussy in the mirror.

I couldn't resist my need! I went inside the washroom to get out of view and began to squeeze my aching nipples with one hand, while my other hand slid inside my panties!! My pussy was so hot and wet!! I stood inside the small room and fingered my oozing cunt...relishing the sensations that surged through my body! I tried vainly not to make any noise, but knew that several moans escaped my throat. I leaned against the wall for support as I felt my knees go weak!! My gasp echoed through the room as I orgasmed...my juices squirting from me and soaking my hand and panties!

My body trembled as small spasms shook me...my heart beating rapidly and my breathing ragged!! I waited silently until I almost fully recovered, then decided to get dressed and head home.

I removed my new clothes and got dressed. As I was folding everything, I checked the thong and felt my wet juices soaking them. I put them in the middle of the pile, hoping that it would go unnoticed when I paid.

Not only did the sales girl help me in the dressing room, but she was also my cashier. I gave her my credit card and as she took my things, I looked at the candles, perfumes, and potpourri. She put everything in a pretty box, and put the box in a bag. She told me to stop by again and then I left and drove towards home.

Those moments ran through my mind, and my thoughts turned to how enticing I would look in my new clothes...and to the woman who excited me so. I took my things to the bedroom and put them away. My heart almost stopped when I realized that the sales girl replaced the panties I tried on with new ones...and I smiled. And new straight away I would go back there soon, and as soon as the wages were Paid in to my account I returned to the shop where my adventures continued on Several further visits until jenny left the shop to return to her studies.

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