tagLoving WivesThe Literotica Annual Summer Lovin' Story Contest!

The Literotica Annual Summer Lovin' Story Contest!


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The Literotica Annual National Summer Lovin' Story Contest is the fourth of six special annual Lit contests. Unlike the monthly contests, these special competitions challenge writers to create compelling, sexy, and fun tales on a theme - this time, Summer Lovin'.

This special themed contest was the brainstorm of Lit authors - so get ready for fun reads!

-- If you'd like to participate in this contest, please read this entire post. If you don't read the whole thing, you may miss out on important rules, rendering your story ineligible for the contest! --

You can begin submitting on (or a week before): August 21
The last day to submit is: September 6 at 11:59EST
Winners will be announced on: September 13

This contest will coexist with the usual monthly contest. Stories may only win one or the other, not both contests simultaneously. The prizes for the top 3 stories will be the same as those awarded in the monthly contests:

First Place: $150 Cash Prize
Second Place: $100 Cash Prize
Third Place: $75 Cash Prize

You can discuss this special contest at Ogg's Summer Lovin' Contest Support Thread.

All rules for the monthly contests are in place. Like the Monthly contests, you can submit as many entries as you like. And like the Monthly contests, only one of your stories can place in the contest - that is, if you author the top two highest voted stories, only the top one will be eligible.

The only exceptions to the rules are:

- All submissions must be stand-alone stories created for this contest theme. We will not accept individual chapters of a larger work submitted separately. If you have a multi-chaptered contest-themed submission, please submit all chapters together as one story submission.

- We will allow authors who have won in our monthly contests within the last 6 months to win in this special contest. However, if you have won a prize in the previous special contest, you are not eligible to win in this one. In other words, you cannot win a prize in two consecutive special contests.

- A story has only to accrue 25 votes to be eligible, rather than the 50 required for the monthly contest.

The following guidelines also apply:

- Author must copy and paste the phrase "SUMMER LOVIN CONTEST 2018" in the "Notes" field of the submission. You can submit any time from now on, so long as you put this message in the NOTES field. We will not post the contest stories until the contest start date.

Again -- PLEASE do not forget to put the EXACT phrase "SUMMER LOVIN CONTEST 2018" IN THE NOTES FIELD - NOT the description field or anywhere else. In fact, we recommend that you COPY & PASTE it into the NOTES field to avoid typos. If it is not in the NOTES field – or if it's typoed - we cannot easily find your story and it may not be approved in a timely manner to be entered into the contest!!

- Submissions must have a summer theme: i.e. summer weather, vacations, beaches, bathing suits, summer activities. Be creative! Please don't just submit a normal story in which all the characters wear bikinis. That would not be in the spirit of the contest, and readers (aka voters) will likely punish you for your trickiness.

Any story that meets the above criteria will be automatically entered into the contest. Winners will be decided by reader input (aka votes).

Important Note: Once your story is submitted, it may take over 72 hours for it to be posted, or may be sent back to you for clarification/mending. We strongly suggest that you do not wait till the last day of the contest to submit your story. The sooner you submit, the better chance your story has of accruing the votes necessary to be eligible.

The next contest is Halloween. The full 2018 Contest Schedule is here.

Good luck, and have fun! ;)


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by Anonymous

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by WOLVERINE1209/12/18

Please add story rating

Please add story rating alongside the contest entries in the contest story list page. I have to go to the authors page to check out the rating of the stories. It will be of much help.... thanks

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by 26thNC09/05/18


You only know that because you've been looking for 53 years.

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by 26thNC09/04/18


Just read the story list. Not one author that I have ever read.

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by 26thNC09/04/18


Hope for the best, but expect the worst. Hope for some decent stories to ease the drought LW has been in.

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