tagChain StoriesThe Literotica Olympics Day 09

The Literotica Olympics Day 09

byColleen Thomas©

Authors note:

Nordic combined is a combination of a cross-country event and a Ski jumping event. This event includes two jumps off one of the hills and one cross country race. The distance traveled in the two jumps is added together. The skier with farthest distance in the two jumps starts first on the second day in the cross country portion of the race. The other racers follow, depending on how far they jumped. The first person to cross the finish line wins. There are individual events and team events.

For my regular readers, this story is part of a fun chain story among lit’s authors. It’s nothing like my regular works.


Raphy looked to his left, rolled his eyes and looked back to the playing field. I don’t get paid nearly enough for this shit, he thought disgustedly. He glanced again at his guest commentator, the tall man in a ten gallon hat, cool-hand-Luke-man-with-no-eyes sunglasses and rattlesnake skin cowboy boots, with his own cooler sitting under his chair. God, he only needs a hayseed and gun to get a part in any low class American movie that needs a small town idiot sheriff, the veteran commentator thought.

A glance to his right revealed a much more welcome sight. A dark hared woman with flashing eyes, a lush body and an excited, he had to admit, even a seductive smile on her face. She wore tight shorts, knee high suede boots and an almost indecently tight tube top. Tatelou was quite a dish to be sure, but the thing that actually caused the proper Englishman to give her a second glace was her status as a world champion caliber fellatrix.

In his ear piece he could hear that bitch Minsue droning on and on with Crimson Maiden the winner of the pentathlon. Another of these ex-athletes looking to turn her Olympic gold in the last games into real dollars as a broadcaster. She should have stuck with endurance twat licking, he thought. She sure seems to have an endless supply of energy to run her mouth, no wonder she was a world champ, he thought wryly.

“And that wraps it up here at the modern pentathlon Don, we now take you to the indoor arena for the Nordic Combined” she said with a huge phony smile.

“Welcome everyone to the premier event, here at the indoor arena, the prestigious Nordic Combined. I’m Raphy and here in the booth with me today are the reigning champions Rumpled Foreskin and Tatelou,” he said in his best clipped British accent. This was the part he hated most, having to work rank armatures into the broadcast, but he was a professional and steeled himself, before turning to the rube on his left.

“Rumple, this is one of the premier events of the games, but how did it become known as the Nordic combined?” he asked, hoping the guy could at least tell him something useful.

“Well Raph, before the introduction of the blindfold the event was always taken by the Swedes. Them hot gals were all tits and ass, let me tell ya, with flowing blonde hair and the cutest faces. The rest of the world just couldn’t compete. I mean, you are standing there trying to think of Aunt Jane’s suspenders or granny & her chewing tobacco. Meanwhile a girl whose panties you couldn’t get into with a Ferrari & a sack full of cash is slobbin on your knob. Just plain weren’t fair. After the introduction of the blindfold they don’t dominate like they used too, but the name stuck.”

“Thank you for that far too in-depth answer,” Raphy said before turning to Tatelou.

“I understand this year’s favorites are a Nordic couple,” Raphy said to Lou.

“Most definitely, the favorites are Svenskaflicka and Liar. Her technique is flawless and once the freestyle portion of the program comes up and she can use her tits, it’s generally lights out. That was my patented maneuver and if you have the cleavage, I say use it, but I wouldn’t go handing out medals just yet. I’ve done extensive training in the work out rooms these last two weeks and there is going to be some stiff competition,” she said, laughing at her own pun. He was saved from further embarrassment by the competition getting underway.

“The athletes are now making their way into the arena. Six pairs of hopefuls, all dreaming of gold. The favorites are Liar and Svenskaflicka, both truly exceptional talents. What makes them the favorites Rumple?”

“Well, can’t say much for ole Liar, but I have competed against Flicka before and let me tell you, she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. She just wraps those tig ole bittys around your shaft and unless you’re queerer than a football bat, it’s all over but the crying,” Rumple said enthusiastically, as Raphy grimaced at the colloquialisms.


“Liar has great mind control. What he thinks about is a trade secret, but it’s been rumored he trains by watching Brittany Spear’s videos and has the lyrics memorized. Whatever his training regimen, his opponent will have to be really good to break his concentration,” She said as she unbuttoned the fly on her shorts and eased her hand into them.

“Cloudy & Belegon are next, this will be their first Olympic competition together won’t it?” the flustered broadcaster asked.

“Yup. Cloudy took home the silver in the last games in the Individual Cocksucking. Belegon won the Jr. Worlds out of college in Endurance Fucking, but he hasn’t competed on this level yet.” Rumple replied, even though Raphy had his back to the man and had addressed the question to Lou, who was now masturbating in a most distracting display.

“Interesting,” Raphy said, tearing his eyes away from Lou and looking back to the arena, “Lauren-Hynde and Carl East are already warming up , their chances for gold are really dependant her artistry aren’t they, Lou?”

“Hmmmm? Oh, yes, she’s very talented, but this is her first Nordic Combined, look for her to play a more conservative game than either of the favorites,” the sexy woman replied as she bit back a moan.

“Yes, well, the field then is rounded out by the dark horse pairing of Boxlicker and Wishfulthinking. Honey and Cantdog will be competing in this their third Olympics together, they took Silver in the Stockholm games as you no doubt remember. Black Tulip and Mcfbridge are longshots, Black Tulip’s normal partner, the great Pops54, having withdrawn only last night. So there’s the field and as the couples finish their final preparations for this year’s Nordic Combined we take you now to Luck-e-leven, who is standing by live on the floor, Lucky?”

“Hello Raphy, Lou and Rumple, the atmosphere down here is so thick you could cut it with a knife. The fans have been waiting since the door opened at sunup. The contestants are now stripping and I have to say the men must be very happy with the blind fold rule. I have never seen such a collection of feminine beauty and the crowd seems to agree, the flash bulbs haven’t stopped since Flicka first removed her top. Back up to you Raphy.”

“Thank you lucky. The men are now proceeding to the racks where they will be strapped in. In first position is Liar, this year’s odds on favorite. In second position the Californian, Belegon. Third position is occupied by the dark horse of these games Boxlicker. In forth position the ever contentious Cantdog. Rounding out the field in fifth position is Mcfbridge and in sixth position is the hard luck but tenacious Carl East. Rumple, you’ve been where these men are now, what’s it like?”

“Ain’t much to it really. Got your arms locked above your head and yer feet held open enough so the girl has unimpeded access to yer pecker. The waist belt & thigh straps hold yer ass tight up against the rack, so you can’t use yer hips to throw off her timing. When the blindfold goes on, you come up with the least erotic thing you can imagine and try to keep your mind off what’s coming. When they hit you with the stay hard, you bone up and hope to hold out longer than the other bastards.”

“It seems very weighted against the males, is that true Tatelou?” Raphy said as he turned to her. He immediately wished he hadn’t, the fly of her shorts was still open and her hand was now wedged into them, gently stroking herself.

“Not really. During the forms part of the competition the women can’t use their hands at all. Deep throat without gagging, five minutes of bobbing without using teeth, proper tongue technique, etc. It only gets…awwww, shit…unfair when the freestyle part of the competition comes up, the poor guys have already been getting technically correct head for twenty minutes and the girl’s can use whatever technique they want, provided their mouth’s stay in contact with his genitals more or less.”

“More or less?” Raphy asked, trying to keep his eyes off her hand, but having little success.

“Ohhhh, fuck yes!..I mean yes, more or less. There are no really hard and fast rules, except the woman has to stay on her knees. Theoretically in the freestyle you could just give him a handjob, but you have to remember it’s a team competition and her time in getting her opponent off, is subtracted from how long her partner lasts against his opponent, so you go with whatever you think is most enjoyable to him. All the guys are going to come. If they didn’t what would be the point? So in that sense it is weighted against them,”

“And how is score determined?” Raphy asked, feeling his mouth going dry and a twitch in his trousers as Lou continued to stare excitedly into the arena and stroke her pussy. He could see the dark tuft of pubic hair and the red of her panties as she spread her legs more and became more vigorous in her motions. Her dark nipples were clearly visible behind the silk top and it was obvious she was well on her way to orgasm.

“It’s complicated and a lot of people don’t realize what all goes into it. That’s why it’s such a contentious sport. They just see which guy cums first and which girl brought him off and assume there are your winners. But it isn’t like that. Each guy is timed from the start of freestyle till he shoots. Each girl is timed from the start of freestyle until her opponent shoots. You then subtract the girl’s time in getting her opponent off from how long her counterpart was able to hold out. That just gives you a starting point. Then there are penalties in time for the basic forms and an aggregate award from the…Christ, that feels good…judges from the freestyle.”

“Well, the men are ready and the ladies are now taking their positions. Cloudy has drawn the toughest assignment, she will be in first position working against the formidable Liar, current world’s record holder. Svenskaflicka, the sweetheart of these games, has drawn a tough assignment as well in the stoic Californian, Belegon, in second position. The multi-talented Lauren-Hynde will be working on Boxlicker in position three while the epervescent and always smiling Black Tulip will be matched up against Cantdog in forth position. In fifth position the superb all around athlete Wishfulthinking should have little problem with Mcfbridge, a late substitution for the great competitor Pops54, who had to withdraw from this competition to be with his ailing parrot. And in sixth position honey 123 should have little problem with Carl East.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that Raphy,” Lou interjected, “Carl is a survivor and Honey may find him more than a mouthful,”

“The officials are now applying the instant erect,” Raphy said, trying to ignore Lou, “And…they’re all up, the officials have signaled ready and the forms part of the program is under way,”

On the floor, the beautiful blonde Svenskaflicka parted her lips and engulfed Belegon’s stiff cock. She relaxed the muscles in her throat and eased forward until his pubes were tickling her nose, holding still until the official behind him raised the green flag. Sliding off, she used her tongue as much as possible, a little extra stimulation during forms could only help. She glanced to her left to see Cloudy sliding off Liar’s stiff dick. She too was still sucking and using her tongue. In sixth position Honey was having trouble. She hadn’t counted on the immense girth of Carl’s cock and gagged on it, causing the official to raise the red flag.

“Hard luck for that little filly,” Rumple observed.

“Quite, what went wrong Lou?”

“It happens every year Raphy. With this high level of competition it’s so hard to relax and just be natural. And in first form if you can’t relax you’re in trouble,”

“Speaking of relaxing darling, why don’t you come over here and give the Raphster a demonstration of how a champion does it,”

“Thought you’d never ask,” Lou said, shucking her shorts and panties as she moved to kneel between Rumple’s legs. She quickly undid his fly and helped him out of the tight jeans, freeing his immense cock. The dark haired woman grasped the base and sucked the head into her mouth, with relative ease she slid down, until all ten inches were nestled in her mouth and throat.

“That’s how a champion does it boy,” Rumple said as he punched Raphy on the arm.

“I knew I should have stuck to playing the guitar,” the Englishman muttered.

He returned his attention to the arena where the women were finishing up with first form. He felt very much like a pervert in a peep show as he provided commentary on the various forms.

“Oh, a deduction for Black tulip in basic bobbing, what went wrong Lou?” Raphy asked, instantly regretting it.


“Thank you for that, highly intellectual reply,” Raphy replied while rubbing his eyes.

I guess it isn’t too bad, he thought. He was unable to ask Lou’s opinion on anything, since her mouth was full. On the upside Rumple seemed too involved in enjoying her skill to say anything inane. He was actually quite happy when the forms were coming to an end and he hadn’t been interrupted once by his guest commentators.

Flicka, Lauren, Wishfulthinking and Cloudy had a perfect score in forms. Honey had managed to shake off her first mistake and made no others. Black Tulip had earned a pair of deductions, but it didn’t seem to bother her as she licked her lips and prepared for the free style.

“And that concludes the forms portion of the program. In just moments the bell will sound and the freestyle portion of the program will begin. This is what we’ve all been waiting for, all the majesty and glamour of six of the world’s finest fellatrixes showing what they can do, for a worldwide audience.”

“Might be six great cocksuckers down there, but the best is right here,” Rumple grunted as he twined his big hands in Tatelou’s hair and guided her head as it bobbed in his lap. He groaned when she raised up off his wet cock and licked from the base to the tip, dusting her pink tongue over the underside of the fluted head.

“Glad you were on my team, darling” he said, causing her to smile wickedly before sucking his head back into the warm cavern of her mouth. Raphy shook his head in disbelief, not only at their actions, but at the three green transmit lights that showed the technical crew hadn’t taken them off mic. What the hell was the producer doing? Probably too busy watching that cute blonde, Flicka to notice. On the repeater he had seen more close ups of her tits than low angle crotch shots of the cheerleaders at an America football game. At least the camera boys were on the ball, he thought.

Back on the floor each of the women waited, tense and poised to go all out. When the bell sounded they each leapt forward.

Flicka leaned forward and trapped Belegon’s cock between her huge breasts. Holding them tight she began to bounce up and down. She bowed her head and swirled her tongue over the already purplish head. He grunted, but made no other sound. She didn’t need any, she knew the soft skin of her breasts was something most men couldn’t ignore and her tongue swirling over the head of his cock was just making it worse on him.

Soon she could feel the tenseness in his hard body and his cock twitched on its own. She could taste the salty flavor on her tongue and knew he was getting close. Releasing her breasts, she grasped the base of the shaft and began to stroke it while she sucked the head into her mouth. He grimaced, his face a mask as he fought his orgasm, but it was a loosing battle. When the first blast of cum exploded into her mouth she pulled off and continued to stroke. The second blast spattered over her breasts as the clock behind her stopped.

When she heard the bell Cloudy grabbed Liar’s cock and began to stroke it. With her free hand she quickly inserted a finger into her wet pussy and pumped it in and out a few times. She glanced to her right and saw Flicka giving Belegon a titty fuck.

“Bitch,” the girl spat. Her own technique had nothing to do with her breasts. She used her chin to pin Liar’s large cock to his belly and began to dust the underside of the head with her tongue. Her long fingers slipped out of her pussy and she quickly found his asshole. She pressed the slick finger against the tight ring of muscle.

“What the fuck?” he gasped, caught completely off guard. That was part of her master plan, getting his mind away from whatever horrible things he had trained himself to imagine. She pressed hard and felt the ring of muscle give, allowing her finger to slide into the tight opening. She quickly found his prostate and began to massage it.

“Oh shit,” he groaned.

The determined girl sucked his head into her mouth and began to bob, while her free hand cupped and gently massaged his balls. She felt them tighten and retract. His body was tense and she knew the signs. She pulled off, quickly releasing his balls and grabbing the shaft. A few strokes and his cock erupted, sending a blast of cum into the air. Behind her the clock stopped.

“Amazing, both position one and two have identical times,” Raphy observed.

“What? Oh, yeah amazing. Whatever. Slow down Lou, I haven’t been in training for a couple of years now,” Rumple admonished. If she heard she gave no sign. Her cheeks were hollowed as she sucked and one hand slowly stoked the shaft. Her free hand was between her legs, rubbing her pussy in a slow circular motion.

Raphy did his best to ignore his guest commentators and kept his eyes on the arena. Mcfbridge was shooting his load onto Wishfulthinking’s breasts. As predicted he had been overmatched and she had managed to finish third in the time, while earning brownie points from the judges for technique.

Black tulip was deepthroating Cantdog’s thick cock, her head moving in a very languid manner while she held his hips with her hands. Her mistakes in the forms portion had forced her to change her strategy. Getting him off quickly wasn’t as important now as picking up style points. Thus she was using only her mouth and while it wasn’t her favorite she was doing the deepthroat thing as well. She could feel his hips tensing, trying to fuck her mouth, but she held to the same steady rhythm. Soon he was grunting and making growling noises in his throat, it was only then that she picked up the pace.

She pulled off, allowing a blast to be seen by the judges, but quickly covered the head with her mouth and gently sucked, swirling her tongue around it and swallowing his load. It might help, she thought, it might not, but with judges you could never tell and she needed all the points she could get.

Lauren too, had gone for style over speed. A seasoned competitor she knew her opponent’s strengths & weaknesses. She had studied films of Boxlicker in the qualifiers and knew he was a dangerous opponent with more stamina than most gave him credit for. Realizing he would last longer than some of the other contestants she had adopted the same strategy as Black Tulip, using her mouth only. But, where the other girl went for swallowing points, Lauren went for the porno flick points.

When Box began to cum she pulled off and jerked him off, aiming his cock at her face. She knew he produced a copious amount of cum and she was counting on the “money shot” mentality to pick up points. The judges were, after all, men.

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