tagNonHumanThe Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf


Authors Note: This is an offshoot of the Bachelorette series, so if you haven't read those you may want to to catch up with a few of the characters.


Valerie was shocked when she turned and saw the woman standing behind her. It was the image of her mother Emilia, but only blonde. The woman before her screamed family, but she was unable to make her heart understand that she did not know this woman. She could feel her wolf pacing in her mind, but knew that the woman in front of her was not the reason.

"You look very familiar dear, have we met?" Valerie heard the woman ask her and knew she had to say something.

"No Ma'am, I'm Valerie Smith, nice to meet you." She muttered quietly as she grabbed a cup off the counter and stood behind the women who were eating.

"Alright ladies, My name is Juliette Comeaux, I am here to get your measurements and your clothes preference. Alana dear, what are you doing here?" Val didn't notice the small brunette, or anything else for that matter after she had said her name. Juliette was her mother's sisters name. Her heart broke as she remembered all the things her mother had told her about her charming sister.

"...Many wolves from neighboring packs will be coming down for a visit, along with their Alpha's to discuss what has happened to you women and to make sure it is stopped." Valerie was only half listening as Juliette discussed what was happening. She couldn't help but notice how much this woman looked like her mother and how much she wished her mother were here with her.

"What if they don't want a mate?" Halea cut in, and Sam rolled her eyes, and Val was keen on listening to the conversation. "Those women should be free to go back to their lives."

"That is something we cannot do. They know too much and have seen and been through too much to return to their lives." Pierre said gravely. "They would tell people what happened and one of two things would occur. There would be a massive man hunt for wolves, which we cannot allow, or the women would be sent to live in a mental institution, which is simply barbaric. We do not want these women hurt any more than they already are, so we are trying to find them mates."

"Who needs a mate?" Halea growled. "Some of us are just fine, alone."

"This is true, and some may not find their mate at the gathering, but I don't think you understand how mating works, Halea. Listen to them. They have been around a while and might know what they are talking about." Sam spoke softly, but she put a reprimand in her voice. Val could feel it, and she knew that Sam would be mated to an Alpha. Her heart broke again for Jake, one of her best friends and the man Sam was supposed to marry. Jake would never be an Alpha.

"Sam is correct. Not all the females will find mates, and vice versa. Mating is sacred, the ceremony that wolves do to mate is ancient and full of great power. When a wolf recognizes their mate, they are filled with the need to be with that person, to love, protect, and provide for that person, and that person alone. There will never be another for them." Val listened as Pierre spoke, and nodded her head knowing that this was truth.

"Wolves mate for life, and we live a very long time. Mating is one of the basic instincts of the wolf, they seek their other half." Juliette nodded and slid her arm around her mate's waist. The wolf raised her head at this statement and huffed.

"Let's just say we are looking for our mate, how would we find him?" The woman with wavy black hair looked up at couple. Val knew her as Estelene, and she could here her wolf chuffing in her head.

"You will find him by scent. When a wolf reached the age of 21 they have their mating scent established. Between the ages of 16 and 21 wolves go through great hormonal changes, they are almost constantly in the state of arousal, which is due in part because of the shifting. At the age of 16 wolves can shift for the first time. This triggers their hormones, and by the time they reach 21 their hormones have leveled enough for their bonding scent to become clear." Pierre added softly.

"So what, you are going to thrust us into a room with a bunch of male wolves and we are supposed to what? Sniff their butts? I don't think so." Halea said with a snort. Val choked on her coffee in an attempt to hide her laughter. Halea really knew how to cut to the quick.

"Not exactly, the gathering won't be formal and it will be more like a large BBQ, out in the open where we can see how the males react. Many of the wolves coming will be the older wolves that have been searching for their mates for a long time. They will be eager to mingle. Once they scent the woman, they will be unable to keep away from her, and will need to constantly keep her in sight until they are mated." Val noticed Juliette staring at Halea and wondered what was going through the woman's head. Her wolf was pushing at her again, she wanted to go out side, but she wasn't sure why.

"So when will this gathering take place?" Sam asked breaking the uneasy silence.

"It will start within the week, and with the added Alpha presence here, there will be plenty of men to help take down these rouges." Juliette nodded at Sam in thanks. "Now, who wants to go first?" She asked holding up a pen and small notepad in one hand and a measuring tape in the other.

Val did not want to be the first one to volunteer for that, so she grabbed a plate and started to fill it with the goodies laid out before her. Almost at once her wolf stood up in her mind and growled. Val had to look around to see what was going on, and what was causing the problem. She noticed the little brunette for the first time and her eyes narrowed as a male scent hit her nose, coming from the small girl. Her hands clenched down hard on the cup and she fought the urge to growl out loud. She has been with our mate! The wolf in her head barked at her, and Val had to close her eyes and bite her lip to keep from giving over to the wolf and letting her at this small woman.

The wolf paced restlessly in her mind as she ate, watching the small brunette help her mother catalog everyone's measurements. She watched the girl approach and knew that she didn't stop the growl in time, as her eyes got real wide. Sam stepped in and pulled Val up the stairs, and into her room. "What's gotten into you?" Sam whispered as she closed the door.

"She was all over my Mate" Val growled out. She knew that her wolf was controlling her at that moment and she needed to clear her head. She sat down on Sam's bed and desperately wanted to cry. "Sam, I'm so sorry. My wolf is just very angry right now." Sam sat down and hugged Val to her.

"You think Alana was with your mate?" Could there be a reasonable explanation?" Sam wanted to go talk to the woman and see what was going on, but she needed to help her friend first.

"It doesn't matter, how she got the scent but she smells like him and my wolf wants blood. I can't..."Val started to tremble, she knew her friend was trying to help her, but it wasn't working. If anything she was just getting Val's wolf more angry.

"Go take a shower, and relax, I'm going to get to the bottom of this." Val nodded and headed into the bathroom. She stripped off her clothes and started the hot water. Instead of a shower, she wanted a soak, she wanted to relax her muscles. She put the stopper in the drain and added a bit of spearmint bath oil and waited for the tub to fill. She locked the bathroom door, and grabbed two of the big, fluffy white towels from the closet. As she passed the mirror, she looked at her self, and really looked hard for the first time since her abduction.

When they were first taken, she knew right away that they were wolves. Her nose told her that much, and she knew that soon they would know she was a wolf too. As luck would have it, they never found out. By the time her little potions started to wear off, she was covered in an effective coat of grime that even the wolves noses couldn't penetrate. She wasn't one of the women selected by those brutes, but she felt bad for the women that were. Each time they brought a new selection of women to the dungeon her heart broke, and she knew their pain.

She had lost weight, weight that she could ill afford to loose. Her once vibrant red hair seemed dulled and lifeless. She was tan once, but she looked like a very pale resemblance of the woman she once was. She sighed and walked over to the tub and turned off the tap, and immersed herself in the hot water. The mint in the water helped relax her sore muscles, and she closed her eyes.

She could see the woman, Juliette and it made her heart hurt. The woman looked just like her mother, and wouldn't be surprised if this Juliette turned out to be her mother's sister. She remembered the stories her mother told her of her pack, and of her sister and their wild ways. She wished her mother could be here to meet her sister, but she never would get the chance to meet up with her long lost family. Death during child birth could do that.

Valerie sighed again, and dunked her head under the water to wet her hair, as she surfaced, she laid her head back against the rim of the tub and closed her eyes again. This time she saw beautiful green eyes dancing with mischief, and a sinfully delicious smile. Her eyes shot open as a wave of heat flashed through her body, and centered at her core. She glanced around the bathroom trying to see if there was anyone there with her, but she didn't see anyone. She closed her eyes again, and this time the green eyes were staring back at her from the face of a beautiful black wolf.

She jerked up in the tub and heard the water splash out of the tub. She quickly washed herself and then her hair. She kept peaking around making sure she was alone. She knew she was, she had locked the door, but she couldn't shake the feeling that someone was in the room. Those green eyes danced in her minds eye, and she could hear her wolf growling in pleasure.

She stepped out of the tub and wrapped the towel around her wet body, and the other towel she twisted up in her hair. She scuttled across the hall into her room and closed & locked the door behind her. She rested her head back against the door and felt the wariness of the day seep into her body. 'So much for a relaxing bath...' she thought to herself as she sprawled across her bed. She felt sleep take her.

She was walking in the woods, and she didn't know where she was. Up ahead of her she could see a clearing with a small pond. Standing near the edge of the pond, an old weeping willow drooped. She walked over to it, the willow being one of her favorite trees, and walked under the sun dappled branches. She felt like a little girl again, sitting with her mother and brother under the willow tree at home, reading books and having a picnic. She turned her face up to the sun, and breathed in the warm fresh air. There was a noise behind her and she scrambled behind the tree, pressing her back into the rough bark.

She peaked around the side of the tree to see a tall, broad man with gloriously long unruly black hair walking towards the pond. She watched with bated breath as he stripped off his shirt, and then his shoes and pants and walked into the water. She watched the sunlight play across his bulging muscles, and felt her mouth salivate with the need to taste all that succulent flesh. She almost moaned as the water covered his sinful backside and he hunkered down in the water, and then disappeared from view. She licked her lips in anticipation of seeing him surface, and was rewarded when he did. His broad torso was in view and she watched small droplets of water cascade off his form, and slide down his abs.

Her eyes took in his naked, wet form and slid from his waist up to his face. His long hair was plastered against his features, but soon that was remedied as he brought his hands up to slick his hair back. His eyes opened and stared straight at her. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw his green eyes. "It's not every day I catch someone spying on me." His deep voice rumbled over to her and she felt the shiver of excitement course through her. "Who are you little one?" She closed her eyes to saver that voice and looked down at her feet. She suddenly realized that she was naked, and that jolted her gaze back to him. He was slowly stepping up and out of the pond, and getting closer to her.

"No, please don't...: She told him, and she frowned as she heard the pleading whine in her voice. She could feel her wolf in her mind whimpering in pleasure. He stopped and frowned at her. She stepped around the willow and looked at him from the other side, knowing that this side was more in shadow, and he might not be able to see her nakedness.

"It's not often that a woman tells me no, especially in my dreams, and yet you do." His head cocked to the side and s sudden breeze shifted. She held her breath knowing that the breeze was headed straight to him. She heard his growl and saw his eyes widen. "You are mine, you little vixen, and you think to deny me?" She could see him stalk closer, and now he was out of the water, and his nude body was draped in the sunlight. Her mouth watered at the sight in front of her. Her wolf practically running in circles in her head.

He bent down under the branches, and stood in front of her. "Please...." She whimpered as he grabbed her arm, and she felt the electricity shoot through her. She suddenly found herself pressed against his wet, naked body. She moaned at the contact, and tilted her face up to look into his sparkling green eyes. His hand came up to cup her jaw, and she placed her hands on his shoulders. His other arm snaked around her waist and held her tight to him. His face came closer to hers, and she could feel his breath on her face. His erection digging into her hip.

Her wolf howled in triumph as she scented her mate. His lips descended and right before they reached hers she heard him growl "Mine". When his lips touched hers, her brain short circuited. She clung to him as if her life depended on it. He growled deeply again and it shot heat straight to her core. He turned them around and pressed her into the rough bark of the tree as he ravaged her mouth. His nips and licks at her lips made her arch into him, wanting him closer. One of his hand squeezed the flesh of her ass and she gasped into the kiss, allowing him entrance. His tongue swirled in her mouth, leaving no space untouched. When he finally broke the kiss, they were both gasping for air. "You are mine little one, and no one denies me what is mine..." he growled, pressing light kisses all over her face and down her neck.

"Please," she whispered, knowing now that she wanted more. "Please." she clutched at his shoulders as he licked the space where her shoulder met her neck. She could feel his smile against her shoulder as he bit down. She cried out in pleasure and wiggled against him, ripping a groan from his throat.

"Who are you, my little red haired vixen?" He whispered against her ear as he nibbled on her lobe.
She never did get the chance to answer as a crash outside her door startled her awake.


"Fuck!" Erik Dawson yelled into the empty forest as he came awake. He knew that he should be up and prepping the Zeta's that were about to launch another attack tonight, but his wolf had been on edge all week, and he just wanted to run. So, he did. He told his brother his plan, and stripped and ran into the woods, heading to his favorite willow tree by the pond. He normally came here to cool off and relax, and it was the place where his wolf liked to relax. Almost as soon as he got there he fell asleep, and fell into a dream about a red haired beauty.

He didn't get to see much of her body, but he had felt it, and it had felt damn good pressed up against him. Her voice was soft, and sweet and made him think about sex, even though she only spoke a few words. His mouth watered remembering her taste, and his wolf howled in his head remembering her scent. She was it, she was the one. His mate. She was close. His wolf chuffed, in laughter, and he finally understood why he had been anxious. She was close, and he could sense her. He thought about her scent and knew that he hadn't smelt it around the compound, yet, and wondered how his wolf knew she was there.

How was the run brother?' Ayden laughed at him through their bond.

'Better than I had hoped. I know why I am so anxious brother, my mate. She's close. A little fiery redhead.' Erik heard his brother's laughter inside his head. He growled, but shifted back into his wolf form and headed back to the compound. Once he was within sight of home, he ran. He spotted where he had stripped and picked up his clothes. He shifted back and dressed behind the privacy of a tree and stepped back out. He spotted his brother talking to Dayna another Beta and headed for them.

"Feel better Erik?" Dayna laughed at him as he got close.

"A bit, I could be a little better." He smiled and wiggled his eyebrows at his friend. They had been litter mates, He and his twin Ayden grew up with Dayna and her twin Sam. The four had been almost inseparable.

"I bet. I have to go find Lisa and make sure all those women are taken care of. Talk to you boys later." She slapped Erik on his shoulder and headed back to the main house.

"So brother, mine A redhead?" Ayden looked at his mirror image. "You have dreamt of her?" At Erik's nod he paused. "I have dreamt of my mate." Erik looked up sharply at his brother and cocked his head. This was news to him. "She started coming to me in my dreams a few years ago, but only recently have I figured out she was my mate."

"You never told me about this." Erik looked out onto the training field and watched as the Zetas ran through their drills. "Do you know if she is close?"

"She feels close, I can feel the pull, but I do not think she is a wolf, I think she is human. " Ayden watched the drills as well and waved to Charles as he walked by. "I haven't gone to see the humans we brought back in fear that she might be with them. I do not like to think of her being hurt and abused and I wasn't there to protect her." He growled and he saw one of the Zetas cringe under his scrutiny.

"You do realize that if she is there, and this gathering takes place... some one could try to run off with her. If she is human, she might not even know that you are her mate and you are here." Erik looked over at his brother and saw the stormy expression in his eyes, and knew that he needed to talk to his Alpha. "Leon wants all the unmated males here to meet all the women first, that's why so many of the mated males went with him to rescue those women. He didn't want fighting to break out." Ayden nodded and walked a bit further away to instruct one of the Zetas.

Erik sighed and looked over at the buildings he knew the women they rescued resided in. He wondered if his little redhead lived in one of the, and wanted to find out. He went to take a step closer to them when a warm body was pressed into his back. He mentally sighed as her scent washed over him. "Danielle..."

"Erik." she whispered seductively as she nibbled on his neck. At one time he would have found this incredibly arousing, but knowing his mate might be here... not so much. "I was looking for you earlier, I wanted to sneak away and have some fun." Wolves are very sexual creatures, and look to slake their lusty nature when they can, but Erik knew his mate was close and she was the only one he wanted, not this woman.

"Sorry Danni, I was busy." Erik replied stepping out of her grasp and walking over to some Zetas who were having trouble. "Come on Erik," She said stopping him and pulling him into the privacy of the woods. "We don't have to be long, baby." She whispered pulling his head down and kissing him.

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