tagMatureThe Lonely Housewife

The Lonely Housewife


Mrs. Adams was waiting today for all the handymen to arrive to do work on the house. She took some time off work so that it could all get done quicker.

It was a beautiful summer day, not too hot or humid! However she was anxious to get into the swimming pool to do her laps. Unfortunately that wasn't done either.

Mr. Adams had left early this morning for a business trip and wouldn't be back until the weekend. What a shame! She was craving cock so bad last night but he said he needed to focus on his portfolio. Oh well his loss is all she kept thinking, with men filling up her house over the next few days she should be able to satisfy that urge.

The appointments were scheduled for every hour 9-12 and then 1-5, lucky her she managed the building inspector to come by at 7 in the evening. She had to strategize but with the house being so big hopefully no one would hear her moans and groans.

The first guy was for the pool; he was a bit late but arrived within 15 minutes. Mrs. Adams opened the door wearing her white summer dress, she wore no bra and at times you could see her nipples hardened when the summer breeze touched upon her.

'Hi, I am here to see the pool. You must be Mrs. Adams, I am Henry'. Her mouth was already starting to water, tight jeans and a black t-shirt. You could tell he did this for a while; his muscles were nice and ripped.

'Call me Ella. Come through here and I will show you where the pool is.' She smiled at him and took him through the sunroom to get out onto the deck.

'Oh wow. What happened here?' he asked.

'As you can see, it's not done. I fired the other guys they were taking too long, they started this back in March and it's now June. I was unhappy with their skills so that is why you are here. Let's walk inside the pool and maybe you can get a better picture of what I want.' Ella took off her shoes and started to lead the way.

'Be careful ma'am there is some water and debris' Henry said.

It was too late she had slipped and started to fall backwards but Henry caught her in time. A moment of strong young hands at her waist to catch her felt good. Her nipples hardened just a bit more now. She could feel a reaction from Henry too. This was looking pretty promising, Ella thought.

'Are you okay, did you get hurt?' he asked as he pulled her upright to face him.

'I am good, thanks for the catch' she had to whisper it because he was so close and didn't seem to let his hands go.

Then she kissed him, she just had too and he was quite receptive to it. She could feel him getting harder, oh he felt so good she thought. Should she fuck him? Right here, now? She could the pool was empty and there was a section down by the deep end that was perfect.

'Henry, I ....' before she could even finish he started apologizing profusely.

'So sorry ma'am, I know you are married. Don't know what I was thinking. Oh I ...'

'Just stop and listen Henry. I want you so bad to fuck me right here and now.' Ella grabbed to feel his cock through his jeans, it felt really nice.

He scooped her up and she motioned to go to the end of the pool. He gently put her down and they started to kiss violently. His mouth was all over her neck and he gently pushed down the top of her dress and out popped her breasts. He took in one nipple at a time and gently kissed then licked them, he started to bit them too; his other hand was massaging her pussy through the dress. Ella decided to shimmy down her dress and lucky for her she was wearing nothing underneath. Mmmmm this is working out nicely she thought. She was now naked and he continued to suck and then he started to trail down. She had to stop him she needed to see his cock. She put him up against the wall and started to unbuckle his pants and she was eager to find his cock. Out if came, it was semi hard, she was playing with it and Henry started to kiss her again. If he kept this up she might come right here and now.

'I want to suck you Mrs. Adams, Ella I mean so bad. Will you let me?' Henry asked but did not wait for the response since he knew what it was going to be.

Up against the wall he started to kiss and pinch her nipples, the more she moaned the more he kept going. She put her hands on his head and started to guide him to her pussy. He started to suck and lick her clit, he put his hands on either side of her ass and licked and sucked some more. Ella was breathing heavily now, she only wished that she was laying down for this one. Henry was one step ahead of her and found a tarp folded up and he gently laid her down. Ella was grateful for that little move. With her legs spread open for him, he had better access. His tongue was absolutely amazing, it was going up and down, around and around, in and out. Then he inserted two fingers and continued to lick. Ella started to play with her breasts as she knew she was about to cum.

It was now Ella's turn, Henry stood up Ella finished taking off the rest of his clothes. Now it was her turn to suck, she started to kiss him and could feel a rise out of him. She knelt down and took his cock in her mouth. Up and down she went, between her lips and hands he was getting hard. Henry enjoyed watching her do this. She kept sucking and licking until he could no longer take it, he was hard now and laid Ella on her back. He laid on top of her and started to kiss her again.

'Oh Henry, fuck I can't take it anymore, fuck me please' Ella said in between her sighs. She had no shame at this point.

'Do you want me to fuck you hard? Or slow? Does it matter Ella? Should I just enter you now and do with you what I want?' asked Henry

'Oohh, It doesn't matter, just hurry I need your cock' Ella almost screamed saying it.

Then Henry slipped it in nice and slow, it was so wet and juicy it just slid right in. Now Henry started to fuck her slow and then picked up the pace. Ella was enjoying this; he put her legs in front of his chest and started to fuck her faster.

'Do you like it Ella? What else do you want me to do?' Henry was sweating and panting now and beads of sweat were dripping on to Ella now. Henry was about to cum himself and she started to rock with him and grabbed his ass. He came and she loved it, this is what she was craving last night.

'Mmmmm, Henry that was good.' Ella was not quite satisfied but knew that Henry needed a break.

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