tagMind ControlThe Long and Winding Road

The Long and Winding Road


"Trance is like a journey. We all have worlds inside our heads; worlds of peace, worlds of relaxation, worlds of pleasure. Hypnosis is like a trip into those worlds, and the hypnotist is like a guide, showing you the path to those worlds of relaxation and dreamy bliss. Sometimes, that journey is almost instantaneous; the hypnotist says a secret phrase known only to the two of you, or makes a certain gesture, or even just looks at you in that special way, and you're right there at your destination before you even realize you've left.

"But other times, you want to experience the journey. You want to walk along every step of the long and winding road within your mind, knowing that with every moment, you find yourself sinking deeper and deeper into warm, pleasant relaxation. It's not like any other kind of journey; when you go into trance, the sensations of heaviness and sleepiness aren't frustrating or unpleasant. They're just signs that you're getting closer to your destination. Because in the end, the destination is wherever you feel most relaxed and comfortable. It's wherever you want to stop and rest, safe and secure in the knowledge that you're exactly where you want to be.

"And of course, talking about the peaceful bliss of deeper trance might make you feel a little bit like you've already arrived at your destination, but that's just the way a journey into trance begins. It always starts with the destination clear in your mind, the understanding that you're going to a warm, peaceful place and that you will have nothing but good experiences there. And because it is a journey into your mind, you know once you see the destination that a part of you is already there. A part of your mind has already ventured all the way to the soft, comfortable heart of the trance, and it's just waiting for the rest of you to join it.

"But the journey is almost as important as the destination. It's certainly every bit as enjoyable. Every step along the long, winding path feels soft on your bare feet, perhaps as though you're walking through the lush, green grass at the edge of a road. And the air feels warm against your skin, with maybe just a hint of a breeze to keep you cool as you walk. Although you know this journey isn't about exertion. It's just the opposite, really. The further you travel, the more relaxed you feel.

"And that sets your feet into motion almost of their own will. You don't need to think about it; that's the wonderful thing about having a guide here. I can take you down the path easily and effortlessly, allowing you the freedom to focus on your surroundings. You're journeying into your own mind, into your own imagination, and so the path into trance is exactly what you make of it. Perhaps you picture birdsong and the swift scurrying of small animals; perhaps you see farmland all around you, being gently tended in preparation for the new life it will bring forth. Perhaps you see something entirely different. Remember, this is your journey, your mind, your peace and your relaxation. There are no wrong answers here.

"One thing you do notice, though, as your feet move ever onwards along the side of the road, is that the path always takes you downwards. That's why hypnotists talk about descending into trance, really. It's because the gentle slope of descent is the easiest way to travel, and going into trance is always so easy. It's easier to walk because gravity assists you in moving forward, just like it's easier to go deeper into trance because it's what your mind and your body naturally want to do. You don't need to work at going deeper; it's so nice to relax, it's so nice to let go and sink further into trance, and your guide is right there to show you the way to go. It makes everything so effortless, and isn't that just wonderful?

"And always, in your mind's eye, you can see the destination up ahead. It's not hard to see; it's not that far away, really. If you decided to walk directly to it, you could probably be there in moments. But you're in no hurry. Time doesn't mean as much when you're walking the paths inside your own mind, and you've got time for this. Instead, you just travel the winding road, approaching slowly and easily closer to the depths of trance and enjoying every step of the trip. You breathe slowly and easily, not at all tired from walking but feeling so deliciously sleepy nonetheless.

"And your mind might decide to put up any number of signs along the way, things that it's been wanting to tell you but you just haven't quite been open and relaxed enough to listen. That can happen, sometimes. If it doesn't, there's no need to worry. If it does, you needn't feel surprised. Just go ahead, read the sign, and know that it's a message from your deeper self. It might be about friends and loved ones, about things you've forgotten and want to remember, or things that you remember and your deep self is telling you it's time to let go of. Whatever it is, it's just a part of yourself talking, so you can relax and listen to it. You don't need to share it with anyone you don't want to, not when it's a message from you to you.

"And the path continues just as long as you want it to, just as long as you need it to. Perhaps for you it's a long, winding road around a hill, one that curves and curves but never has any turns. Perhaps it's a series of slow, lazy switchbacks, each one taking you closer and closer to the bottom and to the complete peace and relaxation that await. However it looks, that's exactly what it's supposed to look like. This journey takes place inside your head, after all, and whatever you see is exactly what you're meant to see. I am only your guide; you are the one that travels.

"And now your travels have almost reached their end, as you round the last turn and see nothing but a straight path before you to the warm, embracing heart of your trance. And again, that destination is exactly what you want it to be. Perhaps it's a tall, shady tree, with soft ground beneath its branches that you can rest upon. Perhaps it's an inn with a warm fire, a soft chair, and a cool drink waiting for you. Perhaps it's something entirely different. Whatever it is, you know that it's exactly what you want it to be and exactly what you need it to be. It is a place of rest and relaxation, a place of peace and comfort. And very soon, you know that you will find yourself there. Your feet drift along those last few steps without you even needing to think about it, without you even needing to think about anything at all, and you find yourself taking them easily and effortlessly. Just three steps left, then two, then one...

"And then you are there. Completely relaxed, completely open, completely at peace. Resting so perfectly, so happily. There's no need to think, no need to worry; you have all the time in the world. I am your guide, and I will watch over you while we are here together in this place. My words can drift in and out of your sleepy mind, and you can notice them if you want or simply relax and let them flow past you until it's time to return. The decision is entirely yours.

"But I hope that you want to be here with me, as well as to simply be here. I enjoy spending this time with you, here in the deepest heart of your warm, happy trance, and I believe that you enjoy spending time with me as well. The two of us are sharing a beautiful, intimate experience and that's just fine. That's everything you want it to be, just as I am everything you need me to be right now. We are together, and as happy as you are to be drifting and floating in the depths of trance, it's even nicer to share it with someone, isn't it?

"Of course it is. Here, in the depths of trance, you can experience everything you want with me--in your mind alone, if that's what feels best to you, or with your body as well, if the time and place permit it. You can imagine the two of us together, or you can move without ever stirring from the perfect relaxation you're experiencing. You can touch yourself, if you want and if you feel safe doing so, imagining that it's my fingers against your skin and my breath upon your body. In a way, it's true. We are here together, inside your mind, and everything is as real as you want it to be here. Everything feels as good as you need it to feel here. Everything you want me to do, I will do.

"That's such an enticing thought, isn't it? But you know, even as I say it, that it's absolutely true. I am your guide, and now that we have arrived at the heart of your trance, I am your guide into pleasure just as surely as I was your guide into hypnosis. I guide your sleepy mind into bliss, and if you want it to happen, I guide your relaxed body into the best, the most exciting, the most wonderful ways to feel. You feel the heat building, slow and dreamy just like the rest of this experience. There's no need to hurry it along, any more than there was a need to hurry the journey into trance along. You're enjoying the experiences that your body is feeling, and they build at their own pace, at their own speed.

"And that feels so good. Those soft, warm tingles of pleasure are always welcome, whether felt entirely in your mind, or with the gentle touching of sensitized flesh. The heat is alluring, the sensation exquisite, and there's no need to build it any faster or any slower than it's building already. You and I are enjoying this experience together, creating something warm and wonderful with each other that can take as long as it needs to. That's the beauty of trance; time becomes exactly what we need it to be so that we can enjoy each other perfectly.

"But even this journey has a destination, and we're approaching yours. Silently if you need to, joyfully if you want to, but we are approaching the heart of your pleasure. The motion of your fingers quickens, the pace of your breathing speeds up, the heat of your arousal builds with a momentum all its own now. It's like your need, too, is traveling downhill, moving faster and faster until you couldn't stop it if you wanted to and you know you don't want to. The arousal becomes ecstasy, the ecstasy quickens to a single gathering moment of bliss, and that moment approaches...

"Now. That's right, that's right, let your mind feel all that pleasure, let your body feel everything you've allowed it to feel as the bliss courses through every single part of you. Feel me holding you, feel the warmth and joy of this time we share together, feel every moment of it and let it all happen just the way you've dreamed of. Just the way you want it to. Just the way you need it to. Feel it all come out now. That's right. That's right.

"And now, happy in the heart of pleasure within the heart of trance, you can let yourself drift for a while. Time is exactly what you need it to be, here. Sensation is exactly what you need it to be, here. I am exactly what you need me to be, here. And isn't that absolutely wonderful?

"Of course, there does come a point where you know it's time to wake. And when that time comes, you can imagine me guiding you back as well. You can imagine yourself invigorated with newfound energy, energy that comes from the complete peace in the heart of the trance. You can imagine us running back up, ignoring the path in our enthusiasm, cutting across fields and through forests and feeling stronger with every leaping step. You can imagine the laughter in our voices, knowing that we only leave the beautiful heart of trance behind until it's time for us to return. You can imagine us feeling more alive and alert and filled with joy as we see the waking world approaching, until...

"Until we wake. Just like this. Thank you for traveling with me. I hope we can journey again together soon."


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