tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Long Road to Ruin Ch. 10

The Long Road to Ruin Ch. 10


Disclaimer: This fanfic is based off the Neverwinter Nights community module by the name of "A Dance with Rogues" created by Valine. I fell in love with this story and felt compelled to write something that compliments it. This story is rated Mature (NC-17) for explicit content and graphic violence. All characters except Shiloh, Bastian, Rhys, Nicca, Narev and Essex are property of Valine.

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Finding Comfort

She left the warehouse behind and pulled the hood of her cloak up over her head. The rain had slowed to a light drizzle. She stopped on the short pier across from The Swordfish Tavern and looked around for Rhys. When she didn't see him, she headed further down the docks. She spotted him and Ashur. They stood at the end of another short pier. They seemed to be talking quietly amongst themselves while drinking from a shared flask. She skipped over to them, smiling brightly.

"Hey sweetie," Rhys returned her smile until he caught sight of her face. His face darkened dangerously, his eyes flashing angrily. "Who hit you?"

Shiloh lowered her eyes as she closed the distance. "I'd rather not talk about it, Rhys. Can we go somewhere private?"

"Sure, honey," he cocked an eye at Ashur. "Cover for me?"

"Only if you save me some," he guffawed and winked at Shiloh.

"I think that can be arranged," Shiloh replied and turned on her heel. Rhys followed her to the dockhouse and together they made their way down through the trapdoor and into The Wildcat. He led her to the upstairs bedroom he'd taken her to before.

"Talk to me, sweetie. How can I protect you if you don't tell me who has hurt you?" Rhys' brow furrowed with concern as he cupped her face in his hands.

"It was Vico. We got into a fight of sorts. It was stupid. I hate the way the bastard toys with me. One minute he's a rude asshole and the next he has me willing to do anything he wants me to and I can't help but want to do it. He seems to know everything I do and worst yet, he's done everything he can to warn off any other man who is interested in me. He acts like he owns me and it makes me so mad. But the worst thing about it is...." she broke off and began to cry.

"Shhh, honey, let it all out. Rhys will make it all better for you. Just talk to me, my sweet."

Shiloh sobbed until her eyes burned. She hiccupped and wiped her nose then buried her face into Rhys' neck. He tenderly held her, rocking her in his arms. "That's it, sweetness, let it all out."

With tears staining her cheeks, she pulled back and looked him in the eyes. "The worst thing is I can't stay away from him. Part of me craves his touch. I must be crazy. He raped me yet I can't help wanting him to do it again. He has been so cruel to me. The bruises on my ass are all from him. He takes pleasure in spanking me and I'm actually starting to like it. I don't want to like it, but I do. Every time I see him, I want to pull my clothes off and beg him to fuck me. I've tried substituting other guys, but it's not the same, Rhys. You have been the only exception to that. What is wrong with me?"

"Sounds like you both have a mutual obsession stemming from a traumatic experience," he surmised thoughtfully.

Shiloh buried her face into a pillow and screamed into her voice gave out. He gathered her in his arms and held her gently, soothing her softly.

"Sweetie, things will get worse before they get better," he cautioned. "I would love nothing more than to take you away from here and him, but I can not do so without tipping my hat, so to speak. But if you find yourself in need of a place to go, you can come to me. I am here for you."

Shiloh sniffled, drying her eyes on the bed sheet. "Some bald headed guy on the docks today told me you had a wife and a passel of kids tucked away in the western part of the city. Is that true? If so, how can I come to you?"

Rhys chuckled, "She's not my wife. It's a cover, is all. She's an old friend from way back. Her husband used to be my partner. Some Dhorn general caught him snooping around and killed him. Ever since then, I've done all I can to take care of her. She's recovering from losing him and is sweet on Ashur. I wouldn't be surprised if by the end of this investigation that he ends up marrying her."

She let out a sigh of relief. "Then I am relieved to hear that you aren't taken."

"No, not ol' Rhys. I scare most women. My height is more than they can handle and well, so isn't my cock. Most girls I've met want to touch it, play with it, stroke it, but say it's far too big for them to have inside them."

"I love the size of it," she smiled.

"I am aware of that. I don't think they realize that pussies are made to stretch," he chuckled then turned a serious look at her. "So tell me what all happened with Vico."

She took a deep breath. "It'll take a while."

"I have time."

"Alrighty then. There is this guy named Caron that I like. He's been working around The Bear Pit and he's rather fond of me. We flirt with each other and it escalated to the point where I coaxed him to go somewhere private with me. Caron is so sweet. Well, Vico interrupted our tryst and told Caron to never let him catch him with me again. I got mad at him and made a scene at The Bear Pit. I tried talking to Master Nathan, but all he told me to do was leave well enough alone where Caron is involved. They don't want me to see him. Master Nathan said that I was off limits. That made me so mad. I tried to pack my things and leave but Chella stopped me. Then today I was working on my stealth lesson and found my way to the thieves' guild hideout in the sewers. I ran into Vico there. Things got out of hand and I told him I'd make him pay for the way he'd been treating me. He cut my face with his blade and told me not to announce my intentions out loud and that he could kill me before I ever knew what had happened to me if he ever considered me a threat. Like I could be a threat to big bad Vico.

"Something snapped inside my brain and I kissed him on the mouth. I don't know why I did it. I should hate him. I kissed him then I walked away. I left the hideout and he followed me. He caught me on the stairs and pressed me against a wall. He shoved his fingers inside me and played with me until I exploded. It felt so good. Then he dragged me into a secret room and tossed me on the bed. I wanted him to fuck me. I would have begged him to fuck me, but he didn't. So I thought if I did something for him, he would fuck me."

"Did he fuck you, sweetie?"

"No, I..... sucked..... his dick and let him cum in my mouth. He asked me where I learned to do that and he taunted me, accusing me of fucking sailors for money. He made me so mad and I admitted that you'd never paid me, that you were giving me lessons. He slapped my face and knocked me to the floor. He told me he was through with me. But before that, I was so ready to be fucked. He made my pussy ache to be filled. What is wrong with me, Rhys? Am I crazy?"

"You are not crazy, sweetie. And there is nothing wrong with you that spending a few hours in my arms can't fix. You'll see, honey. I'll make you forget that asshole." Rhys chuckled as he nuzzled her. "Now why don't you clean up and get out of those clothes?"

Shiloh beamed at him and dashed off the bed. It took only a few paces to reach the steps of the marble bathing basin. She climbed to the top of it, overlooking the room. Rhys approached her curiously. Despite the fact she was elevated on the basin wall, he still towered over her by well over a head, and he looked down at her, capturing her eyes with his own, deep blue eyes that seemed both warm and concerned at the same time. She reached for his hands, pulling him a little closer, reveling in the pungent odor of his body, not at all unpleasant despite the tang of sweat and musk.

Shiloh's heart fluttered wildly in her breast as his hands clasped hers, despite the fact that she knew she could trust him implicitly. For a moment, she drowned in his eyes, and then very gently he bent to kiss her, tenderly at first, then as she responded, he plied her with a firmer kiss, warm and sweet, long and skillful. Shiloh slipped hers hands from his and allowed them to brush upwards, tracking the contours of his arms and shoulders until she could wrap her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss even more.

She flickered her tongue against his, and was rewarded by the feel of those strong arms tightening around her back, pulling her body against him, making her more aware than ever just how firmly muscled he was, how powerful the shoulders, how flat the belly, and how her thinly clad body could feel every muscle of his as though they were already naked. She knew him so intimately, had reveled in his strength, and found it to be to her liking. She couldn't resist him. She craved his touch upon her skin.

Rhys let loose a groan from somewhere deep in his throat as his cock swelled to full aching life. His leather breeches did little to disguise the raging bulge. His hands slipped down her back to lightly clasp her buttocks, discovering what he must already knew, that she wore nothing beneath her blue dress.

He pulled back from her and skillfully worked the levers that filled the bathing basin with heated water. It puzzled Shiloh how that was possible, but she did not question it. Obviously Rhys knew its secrets and for that she was thankful. She waited until he lifted her into his arms and stepped into the water, submerging her beneath the surface.

Kicking and spluttering, she surfaced and made a wild grab for him, and received a splash for her trouble. Rhys kissed her again, waist deep as they knelt in the water, then ran his hands over her soaked dress, skillfully brushing her nipples with his thumbs to make them stand even tighter and higher than before, then peeling the ruined garment from her so that she was naked before him. She heard him moan as his gaze swept over her, his eyes alight with passion. She was so beautiful and he knew how lucky he was to know her as intimately as he did.

Shiloh stroked his chest, loving the contrast of the powerful muscles and the supple skin, his own small nipples tightened too as she slid her wet hands over them, and her heart flipped again, even as she felt a warmth grow between her legs.

She ran her hands across his belly, savoring the tight musculature under his skin, and followed the trail of fine blond hair below his navel, until she reached the fastening of his leathers.

The bulge in his trousers seemed larger than normal, and for a moment, she hesitated as she started to peel the cloth away from his body. As she rolled down his clothing his engorged cock sprang into view, thick and long, standing erect amongst a dense thatch of hair.

He finished stripping off the trousers and they knelt together, naked in the water whilst their clothes lay forgotten in the floor. Seeking hands caressed each other, the slowly cooling water tempering their ardor long enough for them to enjoy washing each others bodies. She delighted in the curve of his buttocks, the feel of his lightly haired thighs under her hand, and shivered delightedly as his own hands pinched her nipples in just the way to make them tighten impossibly, then swept down her flanks to refamiliarize himself with her thighs, buttocks, and the narrow thatch of hair between her legs.

Shiloh lightly ran her hand along his cock and felt its heat through the water, amazingly, it increased in size with her touch, and she briefly feared its girth until his own exploring hands made her realize once more how hot her juices were flowing. One hand cupped her mound whilst his strong, clever fingers explored her, one dipped gently inside her, making her cry out softly with desire, and she felt another hot rush of fluid as her body prepared itself for him.

He bent his head to her breast and sucked hard on her nipple, rolling it with his tongue, sensing just how much she could take then teasing her just a little further. She had never felt sensations quite like this, the cooling water, his hands finding more and more warmth in her, the blazing heat of his cock pressing against her and the insistent tug of his mouth and tongue, she felt as though her jelly legs would no longer hold her, and as if on cue he swept her up in his arms and carried her out of the marble basin, laying her down on the bed.

Rhys knelt above her, savoring the moment, taking in every inch of her body with his eyes and then with his hands. He kissed her again, this time using some of his weight to hold her down so that she had to wrap her arms around him tightly and press every inch of her body against his. Their skin felt exquisite pressed together, the water was drying fast and clean skin and damp hair tangled together as they lay entwined. The heat from his cock burned her skin. Shiloh wanted to feel him inside her and tried to part her thighs for him, but he was not yet ready for the final act.

Slowly, he knelt over her, kissing her breast, belly, and thighs, in a daze she felt him spread her legs and nuzzle between them. She was so wet now that his fingers slipped easily into her, two this time, as his tongue gently probed my engorged clit, flicking it lightly, teasing it whist his fingers massaged deep within her, making her cry out in amazed rapture when the first spasm rolled over her and she felt her inner muscles clench and squeeze around his skilled fingers.

Rhys brought his hand up dripping with her juices and encouraged her to taste herself. Amazed at her own daring, she was pleasantly surprised at the taste, and emboldened, moved to return the favor, pushing him onto his back so that she could straddle him and kiss her own way along his jawline, nibbling an ear in passing, and grazing her teeth lightly over his firm shoulder.

Shiloh traced a line down his belly with her tongue, circling his navel and following that tantalizing trail of hair to the base of his thick cock. Pausing for a second, she breathed the scent of him deeply into her lungs, loving the clean musk of him.

Lightly trailing her tongue along his cock, she tasted the salty pre-cum at the tip, and suddenly greedy, enfolded him in her mouth and feasted on the texture and size of him. She could barely fit him all in her mouth and used her hands as well to manipulate the satiny skin and massage the heavy balls and the delicate skin around them. For all her skill, it was not enough at that moment. He pulled her mouth off his cock and looked her in the eye.

Rhys rolled her onto her back and spread her legs wide apart with his strong hands. She loved the feel of his callused palms, evidence of the hours of work he did, and how soft the skin of her inner thighs felt under them. His cock brushed against her and was immediately coated in her own slick juices, her belly tightened with need. She cried out as he thrust strongly into her, in one quick, decisive movement that left her gasping for breath and amazed at how snugly that he fit within her.

His arms were tight about her as they started to move together, her abdominal muscles tightening as she thrust against him, his strong, steady strokes hammering her into the mattress. His muscles gleamed with a slight sweat as they labored together, matching their bodies one against the other.

It seemed for a short, delirious time as though they would continue forever, but she soon felt the fluttering sensations becoming more insistent and she thrust against him with increased ardor. His breathing was hoarse now, his hands urgent on her skin and his cock so impossibly large that her universe filled with nothing more that the awareness of his body joined with hers. A few longer, delicious strokes and she felt his balls tighten and his seed shoot hot and abundant into her body. The spasms rolled over her again, her muscles clenching him over and over again, until she was too weak to do more than collapse beneath him, feeling safe in his strong arms.

"Ya done with her yet, old man?" A silky voice purred from the doorway.

Rhys rolled over and looked back, catching sight of Ashur. He guffawed loudly and bounded up off the bed. "She's all yours, my friend."

"Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!" Ashur whooped as he approached the bed. He caught sight of Shiloh's blissfully rosy skin. "Mmm mmm mmmmmmmm...."

It took him mere seconds to push his trousers down his hips and kick them off. Shiloh spread herself delightfully for him, inviting him to sample her passion. Her eyes caught sight of his bobbing erection. She licked her lips at the thought of feeling it within her once more.

"You are so hot," Ashur purred. She grinned wickedly. He found her passionate fervor to be endearing and incredibly inviting.

"Ya gonna fuck me..."

Ashur raked his eyes over her, noting her passion flushed skin, her taut nipples and swollen pussy lips. He joined her on the bed and reached out to touch her. He cupped her luscious breasts in his hands, teasing her nipples into tighter peaks with his thumbs, causing her to cry out and squirm. He smiled and pressed her nipples tightly between his fingers and she moaned out, her body trembling. She was amazing. He ran his hands lower, over her flat stomach to her mound. He parted her legs gently and she willingly opening herself for him, begging for his touch. He obliged and found her soaked.

She moaned, arching her hips up to meet his fingers, overcome with need. She let out a soft dreamy sigh as his fingers gently ran along her sensitive pussy lips, his index finger teasing her aching clit. Shiloh couldn't stand much more of this torture and ran her hands back along his body, pulling his mouth down to hers, kissing him hungrily, wanting to make him feel the way she felt. He moaned into her mouth and she smiled, running her nails down his back, and this drove him wild. She moved to bite on his neck and the instant she did he drove two fingers into her wanting pussy, making her arch in surprise and pleasure.

She felt so good around his now dripping fingers, her moans and responses driving him crazy. Ashur moaned as her hands found his cock again, stroking it with purpose now, her lips merciless on his tender ear. He moved his fingers in and out of her pussy slowly, teasingly, until she started to whimper and scream out in frustration before he lay over her, thrusting his fingers in and out of her fast and deep, fucking her with his fingers, and she wasn't complaining.

"Ooooohhhhhhh gods Ashur!"

He paused a moment at the sound of his name, pleasure coursing through his body at her breathy gasp. He wanted to hear it again, needed to hear his name falling from her lips. He placed his lips near her ear and thrust his fingers into her hard and fast once more, curling his fingers inside of her and rubbing against her inner pleasure spot, causing her pussy to tremble around his fingers, tightening around them. He knew she was close to orgasm and rubbed hard on her tender clit. She surprised him by biting hard on his shoulder before throwing her head back against the bed, her chest pressed deliciously high in the air. He leaned down and sucked one of her amazing nipples into his mouth, biting on it gently with his tongue and she cried out.

"Oh gods Ashur! I'm going to --- ohhhhh my gods!!"

Her mind was blank with pleasure as his fingers threw her into one of the most intense orgasm she had ever felt, her pussy tightening completely around his fingers, drawing them deeper inside of her, her cum dripping all over his hand. Ashur slowed his rhythm to gently stroking her, letting her come down from her high before he knelt between her legs, wanting to be inside of her tight pussy so bad it almost hurt. Her eyes flew open as she felt the tip of his cock brush her pussy lips, hearing his moan and she flashed the sexiest smile he had ever seen.

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