tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Long Road to Ruin Ch. 29

The Long Road to Ruin Ch. 29


Disclaimer: This fanfic is based off the Neverwinter Nights community module by the name of "A Dance with Rogues" created by Valine. I fell in love with this story and felt compelled to write something that compliments it. This story contains explicit content and graphic violence. All characters except Shiloh, Bastian, Rhys, Nicca, Ni'as, Narev and Essex are property of Valine.

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Shiloh watched Rhys' departing form as the paladin and his lady neared them. She glanced over the water and took in the sight of a few dock workers loading another ship and a few commoners strolling dockside nearby The Swordfish. She hadn't been near that rowdy tavern since the night Arto Benthur had saved her from the drunken patrons. She fumed inwardly at the thought of that wretched Dhorn Commander and the hell he'd made of her life. She desperately hoped that her divulging their plans for the next shipment would foil their attempt to catch the pirates and would net them the loot. Better to have in the hands of pirates than in the hands of the Emperor. She didn't mind that so much, especially if it would improve the life of someone who could use the money that the goods would bring. She closed her eyes for a moment and took in a deep breath. She knew that Sir Christano was nearby. She could sense his eyes upon her. Opening them, she plastered on a smile.

Christano guided Myra over to them and motioned at the ship, "Greetings again, Shiloh. All ready to sail off?"

"Quite so," she beamed as she boarded the ship ahead of him with Shanna at her side. "But how do you know my name? I don't recall ever mentioning it to you."

"Innkeeper Kelten was nice enough to tell Lady Myra. You see, we had to do some checking into your character since you were going to be accompanying us. It was merely a precaution. He didn't know your sister's name, though."

"I'm Shanna," she spoke up.

"It's very nice to meet you as well, lovely Shanna. If we are all ready to depart, I shall inform the captain," he nodded, leading Lady Myra with him to the captain's quarters.

Shiloh noticed that his eyes rested upon Shanna's chest a bit longer than she felt was appropriate, but she held her tongue and headed up to the bow of the ship. Shanna seemed content to find a nice spot on the starboard side, though Shiloh noticed her gaze rested upon one of the sailors quite contently. Soon they were off, making good speed downriver. Shiloh remained on the bow. She watched the landscape move by slowly, listening to Christano give orders to the sailors, though clearly it seemed that they already knew what to do. Her thoughts began to consume her and she recalled her last foray into the wilderness. It admittedly left a profound mark upon her. A feeling of uneasiness crept into her. Somehow the city seemed so much safer. At least she knew what to expect most of the time. Watching the stillness of the passing trees and hills was nice, though. She knew she needed this break from the city and everyone within it. She needed time for tempers to cool and for suspicions to find rest.

From Christano she had learned that they'd reach their destination by noon the next day. Shiloh had never been to the Summer Islands, but knew the weather down there was much nicer than in Betancuria. The rain may even stop for a minute or two. Though at the moment, there was the brisk scent of...snow?... in the air. She shivered and wrapped her arms around herself, wishing that Rhys were with her. She knew she would be cuddled into his warmth and after a while of watching the scenery would allow him to lead her to their cabin and assigned beds. But she knew they wouldn't sleep, at least not for a while. The thought warmed her through and through. She fervently wished he'd been able to come with her. She wanted him desperately at her side.

But I'm with you, little one, a familiar voice whispered, is your need so great?

"Bastian," she sighed.

I can take care of you, little one. Just say the word and thy will shall be done.

"No, Bastian. I hunger for Rhys."

I can give you Rhys.

"Don't toy with my affections."

But you're such a pleasant toy to play with, little one. You owe me and I will collect, one way or another.

"I'll bring my sister over and perhaps one other," Shiloh whispered as her gaze rested upon Myra, who stood near the captain. "I believe she is trained in the ways of the priesthood. Would you like that?"

How very delicious. It's been awhile since I've had a dedicated high priestess. Bring her to me. All you have to do is find an altar, call to me and tie her to it. I shall do the rest. She'll come over to my side and she'll love it. Just as you do and just as your sister will as well. I'm pleased with you, little one. The only thing that would please me more would be when you sacrifice that blackguard's blood to me.

"Kill Vico!" Shiloh hissed under her breath.

That would be an unpleasant side effect, yes, but you're capable of luring him in. I have faith in you, faith that you'll not let me down.


He's a threat to my bond with you. He could ruin everything, but I shan't allow it. You must be the one to drive your blade into his black heart. Or is it that you don't want to kill him? Do you love him more than you're willing to admit, my precious? Have your emotions made you weak? Your sister would gladly take up this task for me and see that it is done. She sees the blackguard for what he is with eyes wide open, a user, a liar and a cheat. She knows he'll keep stringing the two of you along until he tires of both of you, and then he'll throw you aside and never look back. He'll betray you. Heed me well, little one. I would not steer you wrong.

"I'll think on it. I can do nothing at the moment."

You do so, but don't keep me waiting.

Shiloh sighed heavily when no more was forthcoming from Bastian. Could she kill Vico? And furthermore, did she really want to? Being left alone with her thoughts was a dangerous thing and she knew when the time came, she'd have a decision to make that would affect the lives of so many. She shivered against the cold, wrapping her arms around herself tighter in attempt to warm herself. It was hopeless, standing out here in the pouring rain. With a sigh, she stepped away from the rail and left the bow, making her way over to Shanna who'd moved to stand near the mainmast. An auburn haired sailor with sun darkened skin stood nearby, coiling a rope. Shiloh could tell by their body language that there was a potent attraction between the two. Good for her, Shiloh thought, perhaps it'll get Vico off her mind. She touched Shanna's shoulder lightly, "I'm going below deck to get some sleep. Don't do anything I wouldn't do." She winked and giggled playfully.

"Good night then, Shiloh. Sleep tight," Shanna replied as she reached out and hugged her sister. Then her voice dropped to a whisper, "He has a friend who'd love to warm you up, if you're interested."

Shiloh shook her head, "No, I'd rather wait 'til I see Rhys again."

"Your loss," Shanna quipped as she turned back to the sailor with a wicked grin on her face. "My older sister's a cold fish and doesn't fool around like that. Your friend's dick might freeze and fall off if he tried to stick it in her."

Shiloh scornfully glared at Shanna, but walked away without saying a word. Cold fish, she scoffed inwardly. She knew what Shanna was trying to do and wouldn't fall for it. She wouldn't give her the satisfaction. Locating her cabin, she entered it and tossed her pack onto the bunkbed the captain had assigned her. She quickly undressed and used some water from her waterskin to bathe. Then she brushed out her long blonde locks and crawled in between the rough woolen sheets. She made herself comfortable and drifted off to sleep with a smile on her face and a particularly pleasant memory of her blond giant filling her thoughts.


Hours later during the deepest night, loud sensual noises stirred her from a sound sleep. She sat up and rubbed her eyes, slowly coming back to her senses. Various moans and groans could be heard from either side of her cabin. She let out a soft curse and stumbled out of her bunk. She could feel the gentle rocking motion of the ship beneath her feet. She stopped for a moment and listened intently. On one side she knew was Shanna's cabin and from the sounds of it, her younger sister was enjoying her sailor's attentions quite thoroughly. She moved to the other side and recognized the voices that made those carnal noises. It was Christano and Myra and from the sounds of it, they were getting it on very hot and heavy and they were obviously enjoying themselves immensely. Shiloh certainly couldn't fault them. After all, it's what she would be doing if Rhys were here with her. Oh, Rhys, she moaned to herself as she leaned against the wall and ran her hand down the front of her body. How she longed for him.

I can give him to you, little one, Bastian's voice interrupted her thoughts. Just a tiny flare of my power and he shall be with you as you please. Don't deny yourself. You know you want him.

Shiloh groaned as she ran her fingers over her swollen peaks, plucking them gingerly. Stopping momentarily, she envisioned that Rhys was knelt before her, his lips brushing her hands away, taking their place as he took the pink point and suckled softly. She arched her back, offering more of her lusciousness to his seeking mouth. And he did not disappoint her. A moan of pleasure slipped from her lips as he caressed her softly, running his hands over her body. Shiloh slowly rocked her hips against him. He caressed her tenderly, his fingers gingerly plucking her nipples. She let out a sigh of pleasure and guided his hand to the juncture of her thighs. With her hand on his, she directed him to her swollen clit, gently rubbing. Her small moans turned into rapid pants. His finger flicked over the mass of nerves centered on her nub. Shiloh cried out as intense pleasure zipped through all her nerve ending, firing from one synapse to the next. She slammed herself down upon the fingers that invaded her wet channel, the tips grazing her inner sweet spot. Shiloh exploded upon him, tightening her wet walls around him. She gasped loudly, riding the waves of her orgasm.

That's only a small taste of the pleasure I can bring you, little one. Just say the word. You know you want it, Bastian chided her mentally.

"NO! Stop it!" She cried aloud, hitting the wall behind her. The noises coming from Christano and Myra ceased immediately save for what sounded like a hushed argument between them. Still shaking from what Bastian had done to her, she returned to her bunk and crawled into it, pulling the sheet up over her head. Maybe now she could get back to sleep!


The sun was shining ever so brightly as it made its ascent into the eastern sky. It filled Shiloh with warmth as she walked along the deck of the ship. It'd been so long since she'd glimpsed the sun. The constant rain made Betancuria so gloomy. It made her smile to be here right now. She knew they'd be docking soon. She stopped and watched the captain expertly steer the ship to the shore while the small crew of sailors prepared for the landing. Shiloh drank in the sight of the island itself. It looked very peaceful, covered with trees that gave way to a tall mountain. And the only signs of civilization she could see was here on the ship.

Shanna joined her, her skin flushed with a rosy glow. Shiloh raised an eyebrow at her, "I take it you had a good night."

"The best," she beamed brightly. "I never thought I'd find someone who could do what Vico could, but Mero did and it was even better."

"Good for you, then. I'm happy for you, sis, but you know if Vico finds out, there'll be the hells to pay. Don't worry, I won't say a thing," Shiloh promised as she hugged her sister tightly.

"After the way he's acted lately and how he's jerked me around, I'm not too worried about him. He can justify it however he wants, but it doesn't change the fact that he says one thing and does another. I won't take second place behind you or anyone. He's changed and I don't really know him anymore. I don't like what he's become. Therefore, I have news for that bastard. I'll do as I please and I'm not afraid to tell him that." Shanna sounded fairly determined to stick to what she'd said.

"Good for you, sis. I think he's going to find himself alone because I'm sticking with Rhys," she replied, proud of Shanna's resolve to move on.

Shanna scoffed, "I really don't know why a good looking man like Rhys wants to stick with you. You don't deserve him. He's far too good for you." A nasty sneer crossed the younger girl's face.

Shiloh felt the urge to slap Shanna, but held back, fighting it. "Yes, he is, but it's where he wants to be." She sensed Shanna's animosity, but wasn't sure what had brought it on. Was it because of Vico and the whole twisted fiasco? "And I'm not going to pass that up."

"It isn't any wonder why Vico is enamored with you. You and he are so much alike."

"He made me this way," Shiloh replied, vehemently. "His treatment of me has done this to me."

Shanna shook her head, her expression one of pure disbelief. "You've always been an arrogant, spoiled brat. Shira used to tell me things. That the Royal pain in the ass... you... would get mad if things weren't exactly like you wanted them. She admitted that you stuck her with a hairbrush before when she accidentally pulled your hair while combing the tangles out of it. You threw a cup of tea on her clothes because it was cold after you lingered in the bathing pool for too long. And you thought you could pass off your hand me downs to her when you outgrew a dress. She wouldn't wear your cast-offs. Our mother saw to it that we were very well dressed. If she were here, she'd tell you what hell you put her through, so don't put the blame all on Vico. You were rotten to begin with."

Tears gathered in Shiloh's eyes. Had she really been so harsh or was Shanna blowing things out of proportion just to be purposely nasty? She honestly couldn't answer that. A ragged sigh slipped from her lips. Perhaps Shanna was right. In that moment a pang of regret pierced her heart. Regret that she couldn't change things or take it all back. And mostly regret that Vico might be right.... She swallowed the lump in her throat and turned away. It was all too much. Shiloh sought momentary solace as she dashed away from her sister, finding a place to sit out of the way of the busy sailors on the bow of the ship. She cleared her head of her disastrous thoughts and watched as the men placed the gangplank firmly on land while another tied the ship off to a fairly large tree. Once the sailors finished, she noticed Christano was the first to depart, leading his lady with him. He was in an all fire need to get under way, to accomplish the task of recovering the sacred chalice. Shiloh noticed how his gaze rested upon Myra. An image formed in her head, as if she were channeling his thoughts. It was clearly an intimate moment, perhaps even from the night before. His eyes drank in the sight of her before him, her lean slender body in all its naked glory. He liked the way her dark hair tumbled over her shoulders, her deep hazel eyes glazed with need. He focused upon her full plump soft lips, remembering how they felt as she wrapped them around his cock. Her mouth had been hot and steamy while her tongue performed teasing licks along the sides of his shaft. In that moment Myra was when she was at her most beautiful to him, on her knees before him, serving him.

His gaze dropped lower still, sweeping over her neck and shoulders until his eyes rested upon her breasts, the perky round orange sized mounds of succulent flesh. How luscious they looked as tiny drops of perspiration dripped over the hardened little nipples and ran down over her tight toned slender waist. He was glad she kept her body in tiptop shape. A slight flare of her hips flowed delicately into her small rounded bottom and lean shapely thighs. Thighs that concealed her greatest treasure of all.

The neatly trimmed dark brown bush perched at the apex of her plump nether lips, nestling her swollen clit inside which peeked out from its hood. He thoroughly enjoyed how she felt as she rode him, her slick walls gripping him tightly. Fucking her was always a pleasurable experience.

But one thing that made Shiloh stop and frown deeply. His apparent appraisal of her, clearly exhibiting pride, not for her accomplishments, but as his... his possession. Nothing more than a beautiful vessel.

Shanna descended the gangplank next. She bounded down it, her youthful body lithe and sinuous. Christano's greedy eyes automatically took stock in her, his eyes raking from her bouncing breasts, only to linger upon the swell of her hips and the slenderness of her thighs. It reaffirmed her earlier conclusion that he was indeed a dangerous man. Shiloh followed, her eyes firmly affixed upon the paladin. She watched his every move like a hawk as she joined her sister.

Christano smiled as if on cue, his eyes warmly raking over her. "Good morning, ladies. I trust you slept well. It was a pleasant night for the Lady and I. The air is so much fresher here."

"I tried to sleep, but certain people kept waking me with their nocturnal activities. You two were fairly loud last night," Shiloh scoffed scathingly, her glaring eyes resting upon him sharply.

Christano raised an eyebrow at her brashness. "Eavesdropping, eh?"

Shiloh laughed snidely. "The WHOLE boat heard you. Even the sailors were complaining. They thought a holy revival was going in your cabin with all the screaming out to the Gods."

A furious red blush colored Myra's cheeks while her eyes shot daggers at Shiloh. Christano stepped between the two females, clearing his throat. "We are not paying you to eavesdrop into our private moments. You are strictly here for picking locks and disabling traps and that is all. Understood? Have I made myself clear?"


"Then I suggest you concentrate on that. Women, like children, should be seen and not heard and considering your dubious profession, I should hope you wouldn't be seen nor heard at all." Christano replied, "Now shall we focus on the task at hand? The temple we seek is a day's journey up the mountain. Before it was cleansed by my order about twenty years ago, it was dedicated to some dark deity. Though I suspect its long since been thoroughly looted. Ever since then, this god's forsaken place has been deserted. I doubt even rangers have trod upon its unhallowed grounds."

"If the temple has been looted, then do you really expect to find that chalice here? Wouldn't it have been hauled away with everything else of value?" Shanna asked as she joined them, standing at Christano's side.

"It is here. I am certain of it. The thieves never breached the tombs area of the temple. Lady Myra and I discovered a secret door that I am faithful will lead into the depths of the temple. I expect to find the Chalice in the sarcophagus of the Temple's last high priest. Who knows, we may even find a treasure or two as well."

"Are we also on a treasure hunt? Are you seeking riches to tithe to the Church and increase your standing?" Shiloh sneered at him. This holy man sets my blood afire. I'd rather see his boiling. You should kill him and sacrifice his blood to me. After you help me convert his Lady. She is very pleasing to the eye, Bastian's voice grated in her head, his mental taunts turning her sneer into a wicked grin.

"And I thought one in your trade would relish the thought of a treasure or two?"

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